A Glimpse Of Atelier Shallie

By Spencer . April 1, 2014 . 1:34am

Gust’s next major game in the Atelier series is Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea. The teaser video shows Shallistera aka Shallie, a 16 year old alchemist charged with the task of protecting a sacred alchemical relic. Since her family is ill, Shallie takes the responsibility and heads out on a quest to save her village.


Shallotte (not seen in the video, but shown here!) is the second protagonist in the game. She sounds like your typical Atelier heroine who has been managing an Atelier after her father passed away.


Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea is slated for release on June 26 for PlayStation 3.

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  • Utterly beautiful.

  • DyLaN

    But Shallotte is in the video…… As a silhouette reflected on Shallie eyes.

    Isn’t this the same teaser but posted officially though?

    • Jesse

      Yeah, plus it’s a bit higher quality. ^^

  • Kornelious

    Pretty much the same trailer just presented better, but I will admit that this game looks awesome. I can’t wait :)

  • Death Metal

    I never played any of the Atelier titles (they look too girlish for me, honestly), but the amount of entries in the series seriously reminds me of Assassin’s Creed already in terms of how to milk a franchise dry…

    • DyLaN

      Because commenting on games they never experienced nor familiar with by judging the amount of titles alone is OK.

      • Death Metal

        But what’s the difference in this case? Genuine question.

        • DyLaN

          I am of the mindset that if one isn’t familiar with a media/series they should refrain frm mindlessly judging it based on some quick impression. Sure, the amount of titles a company churned out is concerning, but I won’t quickly label them as “series Y is milked to death, see you never”. I would at the very least play/research into the series more if I am interested in it to find out more abt it be4 giving the final sentence.

        • Every title tends to play in significantly different fashion. They completely redo the game’s mechanics every 2-3 entries, too. (Compare Meruru to Escha & Logy. I had to relearn everything, and am lucky I’d played Ayesha in between those to make the transition easier.)

          Japan’s yearly game entries put a lot more into changing the mechanics than CoD does, in my experience.

      • natchu96

        But has he actually judged anything about the games though? (aside from the femininity of it all, but lets face it we have an improbably female cast on our hands here)

        The fact it’s even milkable says a lot about the quality of the stuff being milked.

        • Wtv

          Improbably female cast? There is as many male characters in Atelier series as there is females. You can’t even say that women wouldn’t be in that situation because it’s a situation that doesn’t even exist.

          I don’t understand why it’s a improbably female cast.

          • Kajillion123

            It seems to be common on the internet for people to use middle school vocabulary willy-nilly without necessarily knowing what they mean.

          • natchu96

            And we’ve had an actual male protagonist all of once :/

            idk, maybe the constant spamming of improbably male casts has skewed my counting, but it feels like the most important person is always female.

          • Wtv

            Every character has a ending and it’s important in it. You can even ignore any character completely if you want. Well, I only played Totori, but I think that this don’t change much.

            The most popular characters are almost always female. That’s a differente matter. But even so, there are characters like Sterk that are really popular. And maybe the reason that some japanese girls started to play the series.

            We don’t really need a male protagonist. Almost every game already have those. I don’t care about having one male protagonist one time or something like Logy. But I wouldn’t like having one in every game.

          • natchu96

            I don’t see the problem with an ignorable alternate option’s existence, but then again opinions are strange like that.

            *goes back to saving money*

    • Flandre Scarlet

      Atelier has ALWAYS released their titles on a yearly basis. Always.

    • natchu96

      I haven’t either, but the girlishness is not my main issue . . . I’m willing to put that aside, but damn the backlog I’ve managed to build within the last 3 months T_T

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      Because they keep making new entries with different characters and new settings? What?

      How do you milk a series dry?By adding new games in, doesn’t matter if they are connected, the same or completely different.

    • Shippoyasha

      Atelier games are very cute and charming and you should try one. You may get hooked. Also, the release of these games are pretty timely considering Atelier games are serial stories. As in the story usually arcs over 3 games directly. Assassin’s Creed tries to do that themselves but the way stories interconnect in that series is more haphazard and chaotic than it is in Atelier. And I don’t see a huge problem with consistent releases. It can be an issue if a franchise seems to be relying on brand name like a crutch. But it’s not a bad thing if gamers get more of what they love.

      Besides, vigorous game releases is nothing new with JRPGs. The genre has more experience and history with serial releases than Western gaming.

    • They do have a girlish trait to them certainly (and more games need that), but if that’s a concern that keeps you from playing, you probably shouldn’t try (versus researching gameplay, story, etc).

      Since its early days the title has been yearly, as others stated. It had a bit of milking in some of the early porting/remaking, I’m sure, but it’s hardly “milked.” There’s a lot of variety between story, characters and setting at least. (And some evolving and changing in game mechanics.)

    • Demeanor

      Nothing wrong in milking a franchise if every game is better than the last :D I’ll buy all the Atelier, Neptunia and Project Diva they’ll throw at me if they can keep this up, just to name a few series I’m fond of.

  • Silent

    Geez, they release Ateliers faster than Assassin’s Creeds :’) This one looks beautiful though.

    • Hikari Langley

      They are welcome anytime~

  • pekikuubik

    Not sure where my post in yesterday’s thread disappeared to, but there’s more of that awesome music on the official site, including an awesome battle theme featuring Toshinori Hiramatsu on guitar.

  • Kumiko Akimoto

    Her name looks hard to say

  • Ryumoau

    i loved both Ayesha and Escha/Logy, so i’m excited for this new game to come to NA next year. :)

  • Guest

    Found a cool piece of music from Shallie over at Tecmo Kouei´s channel:


    There are two more there as well, but… dat battle music.

    Edit: Playlist-mechanics don´t allow me to directly link the one I had in mind, apparently. But it is in there.

    • grevlinghore

      I deleted this because of typos that I couldn´t correct. I couldn´t delete it either, apparently.

  • grevlinghore


    Some of Shallie´s soundtrack is in this playlist.

  • harmonyworld

    I have been meaning to ignore the overly moe look of some games these days just be able to play a fun game, should I pick up this series??

    • grevlinghore

      Not unless you´re up for 50/50 talk to gameplay. If you can bear that and can also “ignore” / accept the overly moe look and feel of it, then it might be worth checking out. The music is definitely worth it.

      I don´t even know if it´s fair to call these games solely “RPG”, as they´re just as much visual novel – something I wasn´t personally prepared for going blind into Atelier Ayesha.

      Those are my two cents anyway.

    • Shippoyasha

      I don’t think it’s overly moe in Atelier considering they do a good job of making the atmosphere of the game feel very relaxed. Plus, Gust have been doing it since late 90s.

  • Hau To

    This is the first one I will play if it comes out to the US

  • ShootThatWay

    The gaming industry is moving too fast for me. I still need to finish Meruru and then backtrack to Rorona(still waiting for the new one). Then I’ll go in order to Ayesha, E&L, and then this game.
    I also need to finish Mana Khemia sometime in the middle of all of this(them loading screens).

    I’ll probably be behind on Gust games by 5+ years by then. I’m too distracted/busy.

    • Demeanor

      The Land of Dusk games are really something when it comes to scenery, atmosphere and music!
      There are also quite a number of smart changes to the alchemy system, can’t wait for you to experience them! Just started Escha myself, but a lot of bad boys are preventing me from playing it XD (Delsin, hollows, Noel, Miku, Marie Rose etc XD)

  • Aqua King

    I’m confused. Was this not Shari/Chari? Why do they change the names so often…

    • aquagon

      That was just unofficial speculation from the katakana forms of the names. The official logo wasn’t revealed until around one or two days after the game was first revealed.

  • awat

    Atelier Escha&Logy is great, the gameplay is quite fun< I believe this will be good too

  • Dan Lieo

    Great forced to be underage girls again just like
    Ar no surge Finally get a boy character then his gone again
    And ar tonelico never even got boy singers that just shows how dirty minded
    This company is talk about Fan service for straight guys to the max
    cannot belive people can actually play this crap knowing its focus is on little girls touching each other yes two boys or any boys is out of the question…

    • darke


      I won’t even offer cheese, your whine is stale and of poor quality.

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