Phantasy Star Online 2 Closed Beta Coming Next Week From Asiasoft

By Eugene . April 1, 2014 . 3:02pm


Over on Asiasoft’s Phantasy Star Online 2 Facebook page, they’ve already dropped a note on the dates for their first English closed beta test for the game. Asiasoft’s English beta for PSO2 will take place next week, from April 10th to the 13th.


More details will be shared in the future on where to get beta keys, and the community managers from Asiasoft will also be giving away keys on their pages.


Phantasy Star Online 2 will be available for PC in English in South East Asia in 2014. As mentioned earlier, a US and Europe release was announced previously, but no further word on that front to report as yet.

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  • ClaireBeare

    Does anyone still remember Blade and Soul? I don’t.

    • Atwa

      I-i do.

    • Brion Valkerion

      At least Blade and Soul updated their english site in the past 2 years ……….

      • Takane Shijou

        Well, it’ll be two years this December anyways. And I’m fairly certain it’ll hit that milestone pretty easily.

        Both games went the route of no communication to the West with their releases. Not really caring for it, especially if it starts becoming a trend as well. Heck, BnS even took down their Facebook for the Western release, so that’s a pretty big hint that NCSoft doesn’t quite see Eye to Eye with a release over here. That, and WS is what they deem ‘correct’ for the Western audience.

        • Crimson_Cloud

          That makes me very sad as it was my most anticipated MMO of the year. Err… years actually…

    • Zenthos

      Guess im one of the only ones who plays the Chinese version….

    • I’m still waiting on it lol

  • thaKingRocka

    I celebrate the good news … for someone else … as the knife twists in these American ribs.

    • tubers

      Mmmm… American ribs..


      • thaKingRocka

        All this delicious sauce and they still won’t even look our way.

  • Alex Sargeant

    Really interested to see how they roll out the content. The current game is insanely good.

  • Byron Kerrison II

    You guys think this is funny, don’t you?
    Is this how you get your kicks?

    • AshSatoshi

      Actually, it’s not a joke. I would know because I’m participating in the Closed Beta so I’d know.

    • darke

      Yes, on both counts. Clearly people who are masochistic enough to play MMO F2P games must enjoy this sort of inhumane torture as well. ;)

  • Etrius Ballard

    April fools joke? Because it took 2 yrs to them to say that.

    • AshSatoshi

      No joke. I got my beta key earlier so I know.

      • Crimson_Cloud

        What needs to be sacrificed to obtain that?

  • Senka

    I honestly do hope Asiasoft does a good job. I know I criticized the SEA MMO area before, but this game deserves the best treatment. My personal experience hasn’t been good with them, and I’ve heard bad stories, but there’s always an opportunity for them to shape up. This is that opportunity.

    Besides, even during RO2’s troubles, I could tell they really did care about doing a good job, but I think they just lack the resources so they turn to game-corrupting stuff like Pay to Win in their other games.

  • Renaldi Saputra

    no vita=no

  • Alphabet Soup

    (reaches out as far as she can) I want this game… T_T

    • You’re still alive!

      • Alphabet Soup

        Haha! Indeed, I live…or perhaps I’m commenting from beyooooond the graaaave!

  • Seven of The Scions

    hey, don’t forget for Vita too, my Vita waiting for it:)

  • Kornelious

    I REALLY hope this isn’t an April Fools joke, cuz I’ve had about enough of those >:(

    • AshSatoshi

      It ain’t. It’s happening. I would know because I myself am gonna be participating in the Closed Beta.

      • Kornelious

        Oh good, so how do you enter? And is it for Vita too?

        • AshSatoshi

          Only PC version and you need to be in SEA to be able to play this game and you have to be following the CMs in charge of the game to get a chance at getting a beta key.

          • we shall see wether they do or not. Asiasoft barely ever ipblocks and if they do they do it poorly

  • Crimson_Cloud

    This and Blade&Soul in English and I can shut my self in a room for years. :3

  • I cant wait

  • Travis Frazier

    Just do yourself a favor and play the JP version with the english patch. It’ll be far better than a version the isn’t even being done by Sega.

    • Rob Toohey

      Players like you are the reason Sega is hesitant to release anything.

      • Travis Frazier

        No we aren’t. What a stupid thing to say. Players like me exist because we’ve long since grown sick of the way Sega treats us. Did you play previous Phantasy Star games? They always lack support in the west and the always lag far behind in updates. The Japanese version is always superior and in this case after a year of complete silence from Sega (because they refuse to give any details about what their plans are for PSO in the west) I got sick of their crap and started playing the only version that matters to sega and the only version that will receive decent support.

        So don’t try to blame the players. We have been betrayed by Sega and are simply making the best of the situation.

        • Rob Toohey

          What is there to gain by hacking a FREE game anyway?

          from a corporate viewpoint, there’s even less interest to release an official version if people are hacking something that’s free to play.

          you like what a company does? support them. I was a part of the then ‘bring the current version of VF to console campaign’ that was VFDC held. the letter was delivered to Sega of Japan’s main office, and it showed them that people wanted the game. there was enough interest.

          sometimes, you have to show that you’re interested, and do something about it. not just talk. getting a campaign done in a traditional sense(a signed letter, not internet) is the best way to do things.

          • Travis Frazier

            “What is there to gain by hacking a FREE game anyway?”

            The only thing we gain is a translated and playable version of said game. This translation took a mere few weeks. How long has Sega taken to port it over again? Over two years and not a word.

            “from a corporate viewpoint, there’s even less interest to release an official version if people are hacking something that’s free to play.”

            From a player viewpoint theres even less interest to play an inferior version that doesn’t get supported. I say you ignored my point about how all previous Phantasy Star games have been poorly handled in the West.

            “you like what a company does? support them.”
            You mean like the money I give them while playing the only version Sega has decided to make? Like I said, what a stupid thing to say. We play their game and fight with the language barrier for a game that Sega wont even confirm that its been canceled in the west and at this point why would I want to play a Western version that has less content and will always have less content until the day that it shuts down leaving only the Japanese server anyways. If you don’t believe this then look up what happened with PSU.

            “sometimes, you have to show that you’re interested, and do something
            about it. not just talk. getting a campaign done in a traditional
            sense(a signed letter, not internet) is the best way to do things.”

            Empty rhetoric that shows a complete lack of understanding about this situation.

          • Rob Toohey

            You don’t seem to really understand how to show a company you’re interested in something.

            people like you make me sick. you hack a game within weeks, and you don’t even give a company proper time to prepare for something. Is it even worth it?

            I did play a few of the previous releases and i found nothing wrong with them.

            I’ll say again. Players like you are the reason they went ahead and decided not to do anything. if all you’re going to do is hack a game, it isn’t worth it to release anything.

          • Travis Frazier

            DId you not read the part where I said I waited a YEAR. Of course you didn’t. Acknowledging that I give Sega chance after chance would completely undermine your posts.

            You are an idealist that knows nothing about the reality of this issue. And dont give me that BS that there was nothing wrong with them. If you truly played them then you would know how much content was lacking from the NA release.

            Furthermore you are talking out your ass by saying that we are the reason Sega isn’t releasing the game. THEY NEVER TALK ABOUT THE GAME. If you have some kind of inside knowledge that would be amazing but I doubt it as they wont even confirm that its been cancelled.

            Try doing some research before talking next time buddy.

          • Rob Toohey

            Companies don’t always need to confirm a cancellation. it’s happened many times before where a certain company would just quietly cancel a project without saying anything.

          • Travis Frazier

            “Companies don’t always need to confirm a cancellation.”

            They do if they have any respect for their fans and they certainly shouldn’t continue to lie saying that its merely “delayed”

  • Captain Levi

    Asiasoft… I have a bad foreboding.

  • Dan Lieo

    Closed down PSU for a future release that we never even got and all this now too really Sad because i really like PSO Guess il have to stick with tera
    Hopefully we will get blade & soul soon

    • Travis Frazier

      You can always play the Japanese version of PSO2. Theres an english patch for it.

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