JRPG Maker Kemco Is Bringing One Of Their RPGs To Wii U

By Spencer . April 2, 2014 . 12:57am


Just last year Siliconera was talking to Kemco’s Mobile Business Development manager Masaomi Kurokawa about bringing Alphadia Genesis to consoles. Their 3D JRPG was made with Unity, which made it easy to port. Kurokawa said to Siliconera that they would consider a port after testing it.


I guess the test went well because Alphadia Genesis is out for Wii U in Japan now. The console version costs 1,944 yen (roughly $19), quite a bit more than the usual $9.99 price on Android.


Right now, the console version of Alphadia Genesis is just for Japan, but Natsume localized Mystic Chronicles for PSP. Perhaps, Natsume will pick this up later on?


aphgen4 aphgen7 aphgen6 aphgen5 aphgen1 aphgen2

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  • Go2hell66

    just realised i still dont have a single jrpg for my wii u… if this gets localised it will be the 1st one i get for wii u

    • Serge

      i’m starving for rpgs on my Wii u.
      X and SMTXFE can’t come soon enough.

      • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

        SMT X FE only be in development a few month when announced it would be over 1.5 year at E3. That why we didn’t see much plus Sega Sammy adding Atlus under them.

        • Haganeren

          And during the time, there is PIer Solar which will be here. I can’t wait for this one either !

  • leeorv

    if it was made with Unity, why aren’t you also suggesting that they bring it to PS3/PSVita/PS4? I’m sure there’s demand for the genre :)

    • Chris Evan Jonance Ingeniero

      Because Nintendo is spearheading the Unity WiiU support and strongly promoting Indie Developers to make games for the WiiU~ which Sony havent done yet/Isnt doing yet (the promoting indie strongly part)

      • leeorv

        Are you seriously saying that? Sony has been courting Indies and promoting them for a while now, in fact, Indie games on the PS4 far outnumber non-indie games at the moment.

        Just look at this crazy list of things (many of them indie) coming 2014 to PS4


        A few of the notable ones:
        Binding of Isaac Rebirth
        Rogue Legacy
        Hotline Miami & Hotline Miami 2
        Velocity 2x
        1001 Spikes
        Mercenary Kings (I think it’s indie?)

        and others.

        • Haganeren

          Same with Wii U really. But of course they have less success than the PS4. But it’s already quite effective. (More than 50 games to comes and increasing for the Wii U in 2014)

          They even offer their devkit for the first years now ! ( I myself, took advantages of this offer) They really want games and support indie a lot but… That’s strange, nobody really talk about it and they don’t split out their advantageous deal like Sony do.

          Oh well, they announced a version of Unity for 3DS. It will be really cool !

          • PreyMantis

            Are you working on a Wii U game right now?

          • Haganeren

            It’s on a prototype phase so nobody know about this game (he doesn’t even have a name) but yes !

          • PreyMantis

            Cool! Have a great luck completing that game.

          • Haganeren

            Thanks !

        • Chris Evan Jonance Ingeniero

          Are all of those games using the UNITY engine?

          • leeorv

            Many of them are :)

        • Eder García

          i heard Sony demands timed exclusivity which in some point is bad for an indie game, same with Microsoft.

          • DanielGearSolid

            You didn’t hear that, because it isn’t true…

            Look up the many indie devs praising Sony’s self publishing ease

          • Eder García

            i remember the Guacamelee developers saying something like that, but going to believe your words.

          • DanielGearSolid

            Only thing you could possibly be talking about is the MS launch parity clause.

            Which forces devs to launch first or at the same time on Xbox in order to self publish.

            Indie devs usually launch on Steam first, and use the revenue from that to develop and launch on consoles. But with that clause they can’t.

      • Death Metal

        Sorry, but Nintendo is actually the latest one to jump on the indie bandwagon. Sony has been there (and Microsoft as well) for long now.

        • Chris Evan Jonance Ingeniero

          Sony and Microsoft yes, but Nintendo is introducing WiiU UNITY Engine support. which is typically used by indies

          • JonathanisPrimus

            Unity Engine supports Vita, PS3, PSM and PS4 export. I don’t know if that update has gone live though.

      • DanielGearSolid


        Sony arent promoting indies yet?

        Are you OK in the head?

  • E.T.993

    Hope it gets localized.

  • fyi1191

    Well, one of Kemco games already invaded JPN PSN store. Title “End of Aspiration”.

  • NegativeZero

    I’m not sure I’d call Kemco ‘masters’ of anything to do with JRPGs except number of titles published…

    • NeptuniasBeard

      But it says ‘maker’. Or did they change title in the past 20 minutes lol

  • Death Metal

    Is this Kemco still the very same developer of the Top Gear series on the SNES?

  • Ladius

    Good to see Kemco expand on other platform, I wonder if they will do the same for other consoles too since porting their games is probably rather simple.

    • 3PointDecoupage

      3DS is supposed to get one. And PSP got one a while ago.

  • 3PointDecoupage

    Whoa, look out PS4! Wii U is getting a Kemco RPG!

  • Kornelious

    A JRPG for my Wii U is a happry JRPG :P

  • Zer0faith

    RPG. Check
    Wii U. Check (Love its remote play like feature.)

  • Kumiko Akimoto

    Please bring this over my poor heart

  • Eder García

    dat Bravely Default effect

    • ClaireBeare


      • I’m guessing they mean chibi on the world map, but full models on the battle screen?

        • Suicunesol

          They’re chibi on both the world map and the battle screen in Bravely Default.

          I think he’s referring to the traditional JRPGness with the random battles and world map.

          • Well, chibi/full was not the right word. But how tiny it is on the map and then zoomed in/larger for battle; but yeah, that would also make sense.

  • Hinataharem

    I wish they would have updated the models just a smidge

  • That’s kind of interesting. If it gets localized, I’ll have to remember to get it when we get a Wii U.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Wii-u does need alot more RPGs.

  • Wait what ? *faint*

  • Yan Zhao

    Wii U needs more games, and a JRPG will help. So I hope it gets localized.

  • souio

    Considering I have the game in english on my android, I’d say there is a pretty good chance that it will be localized

  • Zero_Destiny

    Hopefully Natsume or Kemco themselves, or somebody else, steps up and gives it a release over here too. I’m just the kinda guy to totally buy it. lol Honestly would be nice to see more indies and mobile games, make the transition to the eShop. Even the simpler mobile stuff, honestly, be nice to have something. ;)

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