A New Wild Arms Has Been In The Works, But It’s Still A Ways Off

By Sato . April 4, 2014 . 3:41am


This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine featured a special column where fans got to voice their opinions on what sequels and remakes they’d like to see most.


The Final Fantasy series placed 1st, but surprisingly in 2nd place was the Wild Arms series. Akifumi Kaneko who worked on designs and scenario for the Wild Arms series talked about it in a recent blog post. Here’s what Kaneko had to say:


I read this week’s Famitsu.


It really brings me pleasure to hear that there are people who will always be waiting for the next title.


And the results from this week’s special article is thanks to all of you guys who submitted your votes…


I want to let you know that, it’s been six years and eight months since the release of Wild Arms XF, and since then, I’ve been working behind the scenes, together with Nishijima (Taku Nishijima) and Motomura (Kentaro), two great friends from SCE, to whom I’m very grateful.


While we were able to get very nice results this time [from the Famitsu ballot,] this is just the beginning. We barely just stepped off the start line, and the actual finish line is a little farther ahead.


So for now, please continue supporting us with your “Arc Impulse” support. Thank you!

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  • Zenthos

    Oh man, this is sure to be one hell of a game.

  • William Carpenter

    This is what my whole life is about now. Hype INTENSIFYING.

  • crimsonidol

    Siliconera is quite in the WA-mood lately. I hope that one day we will be able to fight against Ragu O Ragula again…

  • XypherCode


  • Crimson_Cloud

    Eh, no hype from me until I learn for what ”console” this is gonna be…

    • nyobzoo

      Seeing how Sony is pushing everything for “nextgen,” it’ll be either ps4 or vita

    • Kenny Loh

      for recently moments, vita having the most biggest possible, since now Japan studio is working more games for boosting Vita markets in Japan and also Media Vision recently is working on a new Digimon Story in Vita.

  • SaveTheQueenIV

    Hopefully for PS4! ^^

  • Kioku


  • MrTyrant

    I’ve been wating for this *akihiko quote”

  • Masa

    if this comes out for mobile devices i will RAGE!!!
    Huge fan of Wild Arms, still own every title in the series, might go back and play 5 as i don’t remember finishing it.

    • MagisterXII

      I still need to get the second game. Love 5, the only problems I have with it is the non-anime opening which is still good and the terrible ending. Still disappointed with that.

      • Crimson_Cloud

        That was kick in a face, yeah. Every game had an anime opening right when you load a game and they just forgot about it in fifth. That was pretty unique in it’s time though. Well hope you enjoy the second game, it’s one of my favorites. Superb OST as well. ˇˇ

    • meiam

      Meh 5 was exceedingly average, if its between 5 or replaying 1-4, replay 1-4.

    • Sydney Losstarot

      I love Wild Arms 5. WA1 and WA5 were my favorite of the series.

  • Virevolte

    It’d be great to see new episodes of games like Wild Arms…
    (…I’m dying for a new Suikoden or Breath of Fire.)

    • Masa

      A new Suikoden would the greatest thing ever!
      Really want a game to follow the story of the first and second game.

    • dragoon_slayer12

      BoF III is one of my favorite rpg’s ever, I want a new one so bad. VI looks good, but I fear it will never come this way and won’t be any good.

    • ocaritna

      If you haven’t heard, BoF6 is for iOS and android devices.

      • Testsubject909

        There is no BoF6.

        That isn’t a BoF game.

        • ocaritna

          Ain’t this a cruel world.

    • Lumina

      I’m still hoping for a closure to the main Suikoden series.

      Something like the final game involving a greater enemy that would require all 27 True Runes. So it’ll be up to Viki and some form of help from the Jeannes to somehow gather all the known True Rune bearers and find suitable owners for the others.

      • Eilanzer

        Nah…There is too much true runes to appear in a single game…Actually…We can have ten more suikoden games (With Viki and Jeane as always) ^^

        • Lumina

          27 Runes in a game that has 108+ characters.

          How is that too much?

          • Eilanzer

            because the true runes are RLY RLY rare, and one single true rune can control an entire continent.
            Because of this the true runes are scattered…And just a few of them appear in a era…The true runes are like gods (they have own will) or even the nature itself of the suikoden world…

          • Lumina

            You do realize that the True Runes make their wielders stop aging, and some rune bearers have been shown to break or stop the True Rune’s will.

            A few of them in an era? Are you just saying that because only a few have been featured in every game? Did you even think about the small scope of the setting in each game and how it could well be possible that the other runes are active somewhere else but they just didn’t show up in other games?

          • Firekitty

            They’re not all that rare, considering there’s only 27 of them, but True Rune bearers seem to pop up like daisies wherever something major’s going down.

            In fact, I’d go so far as to say that True Runes are attracted to conflict, or possibly that conflict is attracted to True Runes…So logically, if a threat to a single country or a group of countries is enough to draw out four or five of them, then a threat to the WHOLE WORLD would draw out all or most of them.

            Or if it’s really the other way around, then if something conspired to gather all the True Runes in one place, they might well attract world-threatening trouble on their own.

            Really, the only logistical problem with it would be the fact that several Bearers share Stars of Destiny (all the Tenkai stars but Thomas, and I think a few others), but I’m sure they could get around that.

    • klkAlexar

      Well, there’s BoF6.

  • kroufonz

    thank god!

  • Raze

    Aaaaw yeaaaaah!!!

    Bring it to me!!

    Give it to my vein right now!!!

    At least make it console/portable

  • Kenyah
  • Wild Arms, are those game good? I downloaded the first one (i think?) when they gave them out for free for PS Vita along with Patapon but I never really got into it.

    • Sav

      it’s one of the best.

      i remember playing in 1997.

      classic series, but the first 2 were the best.

  • disgaea36

    surprisingly? it’s fricken wild arms. even tho they changed the battle system in 4 and 5 the series was still great. I’m excited hopefully they can make some hd ports also that would be awesome.

  • Espoir


  • dragoon_slayer12

    I’ll admit, I’ve only played part 3, but that was such an amazing experience. Definitely looking forward to a new release. Just to find time to play the titles I own. Opinions, I believe xf is a remake of 1, which I own, should I skip the ps1 version for xf or it makes no difference?

    • Raze

      XF is isn’t a remake of WA1
      It’s a spin-off SRPG game

      Wild Arms Alter Code F is the remake of WA1 for PS2….

      • dragoon_slayer12

        Thanks for the correction, obviously I was too lazy to find out. Regardless, is it worth skipping the ps1 version in favor of Alter Code F? My ps3 is backward compatible, so getting a copy is my only issue.

        • Raze

          Well yeah….
          If you have Alter Code F, then play that one….
          But I think there’s some bug too in that version….
          I didn’t remember much tho….

  • I still hope the new wild arms is for Vita, while i never managed to finish most of the title, i would say Wild Arms music scores are some of the finest in JRPG history. I don’t even mind HD remake for the PS2 titles for Vita either

  • Please make a return on home consoles! Can’t stand playing JRPGs on handhelds!

    • Eilanzer

      …why not both?! o/

      • Both would be the best option, but if a choice has to be made, they unfortunately tend to prefer handhelds :/ Home market is reserved for AAA action titles I guess.

    • Space_Ghost

      I enjoy playing JRPGs on handhelds, but I have to agree with you in that I hope this comes out for PS3 or PS4 when it’s released. We need more home console JRPG love!

  • DarkWaterClone

    It’s nice to see Sony working on first party RPGs again. The Wild Arms series was always a good one. I also would like to see from Sony making a new Alundra, Arc the Lad, Drakan, Dark Cloud, the Legend of Dragoon & Demon’s Soul’s. Sony has so many great RPGs and I really hope they start bring them back.

  • Nanaki

    AMAZING NEWS!! I’m so glad I can experience a new WA title in my lifetime again.

  • PoweredByHentai

    Yessssss!!! New Wild ARMS! If it comes out on both Vita and PS4, I’ll just grab both. That was what I did with Dragon’s Crown and what I plan to do with DW8 XL.

    • Testsubject909

      I’ll buy two of each if it comes out on Vita/PS4.

      Hell I’ll buy two of each no matter what console it comes out on.

  • Sav

    this will be for vita ps3 or p4 or maybe all of them.

    i’ll take it on either of them.

    hope we get some details/screens about the game.

    post seems very vague.

  • Guest

    We need a Suikoden in the period of the Sindar and their advanced technology…Or in the much older period of the Armes Dynasty…Explain Jeane past (or WHAT she is)…
    God soo much lore in suikoden *o*

    • Masa

      the original writer of the first 2 games left the company :(

      • brian

        What about 3 and 5?

      • MrTyrant

        Well but the company continued with the games even after the second and went as far as creating the visual novels that were the brindge between the second and third. At least give us more explanation of that universe instead of creating new ones like the last two.

  • Uverdaze

    They never released the ps2 games in europe so it would great if we could get them on psn at some stage

    • Masa

      All 5 wild arms games were released in Europe……….what titles are you talking about?

      • Uverdaze

        Not the remakes

        • brian

          Alter Code F?
          That was the only remake.

      • yellowmage

        WA2 wasn’t. Nor was Alter Code F.

  • neo_firenze

    Interesting timing, I was just looking longingly at my Wild Arms collection last night… alllllmost popped WA5 in the PS2 since I never finished it. But I went for Shadow Hearts: From the New World instead ;) Perhaps this is proper motivation for me to switch to WA5!

    • DanielGearSolid

      Wild Arms 5 was my favorite in the series

      Liked the characters, like the cutscenes, liked the platforming, even the English voice overs weren’t bad

  • brian

    To me this seems like a tease opposed to a confirmation.
    He’s talked with people at Sony about it, but they may have just now told him to go ahead with it, or that it seemed likely to get greenlit.

  • Rogerrmark

    This is a day to celebrate!

  • Ryuukishi

    I would love a new Wild ARMs, but this sounds like a lot less than a solid confirmation…

  • I would love a new Wild ARMs. It would be a day one pick up for me.

  • Vinny hawj

    Console please

  • klkAlexar

    What a coincidence, I just bought XF. I guess it’s a good time to get into WA.

  • Callonia

    I am liking the news :O

  • Audie Bakerson

    I liked WA, but number 2? Never thought it could ever get that high.

  • Refresh220

    I still wish there would be a new Suikoden game, but I’m glad for this too.

  • 3PointDecoupage

    As long as it is nothing like XF.

  • Testsubject909

    *clears throat* My initial reaction to seeing the title of this article. Excuse me as I attempt to be as clear as I can with this. Ahem.


    And after reading the article.

    Just… Just re-read the previous larger paragraph. I’m gonna go cry in happiness somewhere now.

    • DuskSharkEX

      Ignore this comment. Stupid me thought this was the OT.

  • NimbusStev

    I’d love to see that list. My vote would have totally went to the Chrono series. :3

  • Aci

    Yes please! This is crazy though. This all happened when the poll was released, the 20th and 15th anniversary of playstation and toro and kuro’s game crossover art and the SCE producer started blogging.


  • Fen Y


    Just…don’t include “adults and kids are a different species” this time…

  • SolarisSpell

    I enjoy Wild Arms games (specially 1, 3 and 5).

    I have Wild Arms 4… but somehow I’ve been unable to get into it. I don’t know, it felt clunky (maybe it was the dash thing) and the battle system felt lacking (but I greatly enjoyed WildArms5 battle system).

    I have actually played less than an hour, so I clearly have no idea about the game, and I’d like to play seriously. Could someone advice me what mood should I have when playing this game? What can I expect and what I shouldn’t?

    Thanks ^_^

    • Harken-Tempest

      Wild ARMs 4 is very divisive among the (small) WA fanbase.

      I really enjoyed it. The battle system may feel a little off after
      playing 5, but it’s got a few good things in exchange. For instance
      characters are way more unique, having their own originals, force
      specials and passives. Boss battles present more interesting
      challenges to overcome (like I dunno, Belial’s Space Distortion and 4D
      Pocket, Hugo’s superspeed, Enil’s Dark Whisper, Jeremy’s Inertia
      Canceller, etc etc) that make each boss unlike any other. Dungeon
      exploration tends to be more fluid and plataformish (but less puzzle-ish

      People tend to not like the story, or at least
      the constant “adults suck” message behind it. I didn’t mind it. I feel
      like the story, while somewhat cliche has its compelling points and
      twists. Then again I haven’t played this in a long time, so my memory is

      • SolarisSpell

        Thanks for the answer.

        The game is in my backlog and hope to one day play it.

  • Raoni Marques

    What?! One of my favorite series coming back sometime in the future?? Fucking anxious already.

  • Zakk Williams


  • Oversoul

    This just means that they’ve inquired but the bigwigs don’t see the benefit of funding it
    It ain’t coming, and if it does it’ll be a mobile pachinko offshoot or some garbage likevthe recent suikoden

  • prettygoodbandname

    Wild Arms XF 2, Please?

  • Zind Keeper

    You guys better do this right. Do not make a crappy cellphone game.

  • Nicholas Allen Cotner

    Please be on a console

  • Nicholas Allen Cotner

    Please happen

  • Adam Rivera

    I’m all for a revamped Wild Arms XF but what I would throw a puppy into space for is a beautifully redesigned and feature-expanded WILD ARMS 3… Aside from Wild Arms 1, with Rudy, Jack, & Cecilia’s epic original story, Wild Arms 3 was my favorite WA title as I felt they developers finally decided to lose the lovable sprites and mock 3D realms but still gave us BEAUTIFUL and Real 3D characters that looked alive no matter what angle the camera caught them in. Also the Battle System a Final Fantasy XIII feel but still includes the Encounter Fight or Flight based system which always made every step count when exploring the world and subsequent dungeons. Please… Give us WILD ARMS 3 new and improved and deliver it to us dedicated fans who you know will be lined up outside our local game stores or already have a digital preorder waiting to be downloaded!! PS4 and its companion PS Vita NEED some of that Media Vision LOVE AND WONDER!!

    • Michelle Mc Clenan

      I completely agree with Adam, Wild Arms 3 needs a remake like they did with Alter Code F, but with better, un-recycled animations and cohesion of plot. And as much of an otaku I am, I’d rather they didn’t go crazy with the cheesy anime themes like they did with Vanguard this time. Wild Arms pretty much raised me, and it’s amazingly heartwarming, and heartwarmingly amazing, to see how many fellow Wild Arms fans are here :)

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