Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Shows Its Take On Etrian Odyssey’s Battle System

By Sato . April 4, 2014 . 3:10am


Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth will be borrowing several dungeon crawling elements from the Etrian Odyssey series, such as dungeon mapping and F.O.E. enemies. In Atlus’ latest trailer, we get to see some of the combat action in upcoming Persona game.


The video starts out with a look at the field navigation, which seems to have a striking resemblance to the Etrian Odyssey series with a touch of Persona. One difference from Persona 3 and Persona 4, is it looks like the battles will be done through random encounters.


The battle starts out with a brief line from Fuuka indicating that there are three Shadows. At this point, you can take your time and decide on what skills and strategies you’ll be using to defeat the monsters.


Yukiko is shown hitting the enemy’s weakness, followed by an All-Out Attack called out by Aigis, which has a higher chance of happening with the Boost feature. Additionally, by leveling up the Personas, their skills and abilities will also upgrade into higher ranked versions.


Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth will be released in North America in fall 2014 for Nintendo 3DS.

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  • awesome!

  • Abysswalker90

    Yet another great Atlus game on the 3DS which I would never be able to play.

    • Get a part-time job and sacrifice a handful of your sleeptime (or free time, if you have some) and you’ll be able to.

      • Abysswalker90

        I’m going to need a lot more than that to get myself a plane ticket to the United States.

        • natchu96

          Buy a bigger memory card and hope it comes on eshop?

          • Abysswalker90

            I have no 3DS. There isn’t a single good title on EU region.
            I’ll get one whenever they realize there actually are gamers outside Japan and USA. Which is never.

        • Lol! I read the first comment thinking the you’d need to buy a 3DS, then saw this comment and laughed my ass off. As an Australian, I agree with you, but this is Persona. It should come out faster than SMT IV.

    • Hexodious

      I actually blame Nintendo for this. I could be playing SMT IV with satisfaction feeling if it wasn’t for that bloody region lock.

  • Ethan_Twain

    Still not sure how I feel about this. When I’m playing Etrian Odyssey (or any sort of first person dungeon crawler), I don’t really want a bunch of repeated voice clips and extended attack animations. If you’re gonna strip the JRPG down to it’s mechanical essentials, just own that and don’t try to gussy it up.

    It plays like Etrian Odyssey, it looks like Persona. Maybe I just need to have it in my hands to understand it. From the outside I feel like the Persona presentation makes the most sense for Persona, and the super fast no-nonsense presentation of Etrian Odyssey makes sense for Etrian Odyssey.

    • KnightWalker

      Ethan, Something tells me that you never really played Strange Journey.

    • hng qtr

      Eh, you could turn off the voices and make the animations go really fast(TOO fast, I’d say) in EO Untold so I’m not worried about that.

  • Abel_Nightroad

    The screen is a bit charged with the command window hiding the enemy in the left. What’s the other screen showing meanwhile ? The map ?

  • NorthernPatches

    Etrian Odyssey: Persona Edition and I have no problem with this.

  • Son of a Smooosh

    Dat all-out Kanji face though.

  • Just amazing art style :)

  • Roll Caskett

    Why did they have to make it FPRPG !!!! I was hoping it would play out like Persona 3 or 4. Oh well i gonna skip this game and wait for Persona 5.

    • hng qtr

      Probably to use the EO IV engine and cut costs.

    • Ethan_Twain

      This is definitely more of an Etrian Odyssey game than a Persona game, first person perspective was a given. Don’t worry, if you look a little further down I’ve got my panties in a bunch about the Persona bit ruining the Etrian Odyssey bit. Too much superfluous combat animation, says I!

      That’s just crossovers I guess. You get some from each franchise, so anyone who’s intolerant of one franchise or the other won’t be entirely satisfied.

    • Etrian Odyssey is the greatest RPG series of all time tho be open minded and you won’t be disappointed

    • Hexodious


  • Oh wow. It seems the gods at ATLUS have managed to perfectly merge these two incredible battle systems together. We don’t have the 1 more feature in this,that we’re used to in Persona games, and that’s good. With it’s Etrian Odyssey style gameplay, a 1 more system would probably have broken the game. Oh, and I don’t want to even think about FOEs getting 1 more.
    Either way, this game continues to shape up into everything I hoped it would be from it’s announcement and more! Can’t wait to see what they’ll show us next!
    *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

    • natchu96

      We’re lucky they didn’t do Press Turns.

      The lack of 1 more in EO only serves as an excuse to include a lot of enemy attacks that either have instant-death attribute, do enough damage to overkill you anyway, or both. With boss attack AI using such moves exclusively in an arbitrary pattern that you need to know in order to nullify everything.

      Looking at you, Warped Savior and Primevil . . .

  • I still don’t know if using the Etrian Odyssey engine was a good idea but I’m definetly getting this! :3

  • Herok♞

    All I can say is I feel that First Person is welcome in another persona game, most people seems to forget the original Persona was First Person.

    • Roll Caskett

      Nope you must be referring to Shin Megami Tensei only. Persona never had a first person view. This is the first in the persona series that does it

      • Herok♞

        Just watch the first few seconds of this its first person.

        • Roll Caskett

          I was referring to the battle system. I don’t care if the exploration is in first person or third person.

          • natchu96

            Yeah, but . . . since when were we talking about just combat?

            The topic was first person, period.

          • Herok♞

            Oh ok, that makes more sense, clarity is key sometimes.

      • OlimacFTW

        It seems you haven’t lived long enough if you didn’t know about the first Persona.

      • Shane Guidaboni

        You clearly never played the first Persona game.

  • riceisnice

    I hope they make another Etrian Odyssey game soon.

  • Hmm my desire for the game is dying down with all the EO elements. Not a fan of those.

    • Hexodious

      Um, wasn’t that obvious? It’s being developed by Atlus’ Etrian Odysessy team after all, with Persona’s team supervision.

  • ecoutercavalier

    Persona “fans” showing how shallow they really are. It’s so embarrassing listening to them complain that this game is in first person. Not a single good reason for it either, considering Persona’s roots.

    • 罪罰

      dont generalize plz, make you look dummy

      • ecoutercavalier

        If you aren’t complaining, I’m not referring to you. I put fans in quotes for a reason.

    • natchu96

      I’m a Persona fan and I don’t care! :D

      But I guess my opinion isn’t valid because I’m also an Etrian Odyssey fan. Frankly I think first person makes it look more like, I don’t know, REAL LIFE >_>

    • DarkRoxas

      Don’t generalize, for God’s sake. Persona is one of my favorite franchises, and I don’t complain about the gameplay at all =D

    • Revorse

      Is it wrong to dislike first person view?

      • Rouge

        No it’s simply annoying when people constantly whine about it.

      • ecoutercavalier

        For a ROLE PLAYING GAME, yes. It’s ridiculous.

        • Revorse

          I don’t really see how it’s ridiculous.

          • ManSizeSextet

            I can see the issue if it makes you dizzy or causes motion sickness, but other than that, it has always baffled me. First person dungeons feel more immersive to me and are just as functional from a gameplay standpoint. The atmosphere in EO dungeons are delightful. I get if you prefer seeing the characters explore the dungeons though…but I don’t know why such an aesthetic attribute should be a deal breaker.

          • ecoutercavalier

            Because you’re role playing. First person view makes a lot of sense for the genre, and some of the best games from the genre use that perspective. You’d be dismissing an obvious advantage and loads of games over something that’s trivial.

        • No it’s not! I’m a huge RPG fan, I played lots of them and I HATE first person view! I just can’t stand it.

          • ManSizeSextet

            Why’s that? What is it about the first person view that elicits such a strong reaction? Do you also hate playing FPS games?

          • Yes, I really dislike FPS for exactly the same reason, but i don’t play FPS at all, so it doesn’t bother me.

        • Fidelis

          It’s not wrong. It’s just a preference. You don’t have to have a good reason to prefer something. It just suits your tastes or it doesn’t. I’d prefer a third person view, cause I’d just enjoy it more. Complaining about it doesn’t make me any different than someone who doesn’t. It’s just an external outlet for my opinion, which is what a comments section is for. Not everybody is getting this game to “role play”, despite its genre. Hell, people rarely get Jrpgs to roleplay anymore, they’ve just become highly interactive movies. Rping is more of a Wrpg’s shtick. It’s a crossover game, many of us are just getting this game for character interactions and the storyline.

          • ecoutercavalier

            “It’s just an external outlet for my opinion, which is what a comments section is for.”

            I wasn’t aware that I was using it any differently.

          • Fidelis

            “If you aren’t complaining, I’m not referring to you.” I’m assuming that you made a differentiation between the displeased fans who were complaining and the displeased fans who weren’t. I was merely stating that a difference does not exist.

          • ecoutercavalier

            Differentiating between those that are displeased/not displeased. Calling those that are displeased “fans”.

            It’s not that hard to figure out.

          • Fidelis

            So you don’t consider Persona fans who don’t like the 1st person view to be true fans? It’s not hard to figure out, I just misunderstood. I strongly disagree with that mindset.

          • Hexodious

            I couldn’t give two shits about any of those characters and it’s interactions, since the day Soejima took over as character designer. I’m buying this game because of what I am, a gamer. Not a watcher.

          • Fidelis

            I wasn’t talking about you specifically. I’m more of a watcher when it comes to jrpgs, myself.

          • Hexodious

            Aren’t you on the wrong train station than? What you’re looking at isn’t a JRPG, but a DRPG.

          • Fidelis

            Possibly. Persona 3 and 4 could definitely be referred to as dungeon crawling rpgs and they had MUCH in the way of story telling. I’m obviously expecting this to have a much lighter narrative, but I’m still hoping it’ll be a good ride.

          • ManSizeSextet

            They aren’t pure dungeon crawlers. You spend possibly, more time, reading text than being in the dungeons. In Persona 4 especially the dungeons can be completed very easily as there are no tricks, or clever level designs or traps or whatnot that makes dungeon crawling exciting. You just scroll past randomly generated hallways. I love both P3/4 but I don’t especially love them for their dungeons. They are quite tedious and repetitive. You’d probably need to play a mainline Shin Megami Tensei or Etrian Odyssey to understand what I mean.

          • Fidelis

            I’ve played through SMT I, III, and IV, so I get what you mean. Persona 3 and 4’s dungeons are laughable, if I were playing the game for the sake of dungeon crawling instead of the battle system and story, I wouldn’t have enjoyed myself at all. I’m not expecting much more from Persona Q, though. I was just expecting a lighthearted ride full of crossover fanservice [as in, characters interacting as opposed to (.)(.)]

          • ManSizeSextet

            Ah okay cool! Yeah, I think Persona Q is really its own thing and people should realise that it’s not the next Persona (or even EO) game but just an experimental, light-hearted spinoff of Persona using EO elements. Persona 5 is already announced for those who don’t want to try out a spinoff, or get out of their comfort zone, so they’re covered anyway. But I think you’ve got the right expectation (same as mine, essentially).

          • Hexodious

            EO never really had much story telling as far as I can remember. If you’re planning to buy this game, you’ll be disappointed as a watcher. But since I see you’ve already played through SMT I, I think you know what i’m getting at.

          • Fidelis

            I’m probably going to buy it anyway, but at least I know what I’m getting into now. SMT I was so bothersome for me. It was a GREAT tale. I loved it so much, all of my favorite tropes were present, but it was a tale told in such sparing bursts surrounded by what I found to be mind-numbing exploration and grinding. I feel like the perfect balance between dungeon crawling and story was Strange journey, but I’m ranting off into a whole nother conversation completely

          • hng qtr

            That’s kinda funny because EO is pretty much the opposite of everything you said.

          • Fidelis

            What, that it’s not an interactive movie? I’ve never played EO before.

          • hng qtr

            Yes, it’s pretty much something you only play for the mechanics and dungeons.
            And Yuzo Koshiro.

          • ecoutercavalier

            and the lolis

        • Snorlaxation

          I can understand that this type of view can hurt some people’s eyes, but other than that, I can dig it.

          I played P3 and P4 before I played P1 (and eventually the P2’s). I’ll admit it took me a bit to get used to, mostly cuz I enjoyed seeing my teammates on screen, and also the “dungeon” itself. But I got used to it, and kind of appreciated it too. Makes you feel like you yourself are walking through this hall, leading your team through this wacked out world.

          Now, whether me just dealing with this first person view is a credit to my being a gamer, or a Persona fan, i dunno(?).

          But it’s Persona. And I’ll love it.

      • Skeptika Crediblus

        Not, it’s not wrong, especially after P3 and P4 used on-screen sprites. It’s a cheap, low-budget way of making a dungeon-crawler. I expected better.

    • Hinataharem

      I understand what you mean, but people not liking a certain gameplay style doesn’t denounce them of fandom. I personally don’t mind the first person, but come on, you sound like an elitist.

    • Ric Vazquez

      My only complain is that Kanji looks like a damn gorilla XD

      • DyLaN

        I notice that for most characters, the SD art works fine but then Junpei giant eyes and Kanji off looking facial shape pop up.

  • $51888021

    Heheh. You mean SMT Persona’s take on Etrian Odyssey’s take on SMT’s battle system? I’m kidding, but that kind of is what it feels like. This is how SMT started, to an extent.

  • Kelohmello

    I love EO more than Persona, but I still love persona. This looks to be my #1 jam, can’t wait to play. DAT SOUNDTRACK THO

  • Nice Boat Quatro

    Yeah, the two brotagonists in the team!

  • DesmaX

    Looks a lot slower than I though it would be.

    Kinda wish they didn’t do the 3D animations now

  • Spirit Macardi

    The constant use of “de arimasu” from Aegis had me thinking she wanted to take over Pekopon x3

    This still looks god damned cool though. I hope it does well too, since then maybe Nintendo could see more of the Persona series like it has standard MegaTen.

  • Slickyslacker

    Especially after watching this, it’s like the perfect fusion of genres and characters. I’ve been conflicted about buying it, but now I’ve resolved to pick up this DRPG.

    Mein body ist Reggie.

    • SetzerGabbiani

      I read that last line in Klaus’ voice (American Dad)

  • Sorry if you don’t agree with me, but my hype fell down drastically after watching this trailer. The first person view, which I hate, plus the super slow battle system really disappoints me T_T And before some of you start lecturing me about the first Persona being first person as well, I know it and that’s exactly why I skipped that game.

    • Arcana Drill

      “super slow battle system” i watched the video and i think its the same speed than persona 4.

    • ManSizeSextet

      Super slow battle system? You’re a Persona fan complaining about a slow battle system? Really? I mean for Etrian Odyssey standards they look slow (considering those games are super fast at the highest speed settings but since this is based on EO I can assume there are similar options too), but there’s no way this will be slower than Persona 4.

    • Shane Guidaboni

      Everything is probably set to normal speeds. You’ll be able to speed up all the animations, just like Etrian Odyssey.

  • EtroAnime

    Game looks like fun, might give it a try even though the Etrian Odyssey games don’t appeal to me.

  • Shane Guidaboni

    My two favorite games combined!! It doesn’t get any better than this.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    How are people just now realizing it’s a First-Person Dungeon RPG? This has been known since the day it was announced months ago. It looks like a great game that goes back to Persona’s roots in SMT (“If…” specifically) while embracing the modern Persona/EO design. Every Persona fan should be happy to be getting not 1 but 2 new Persona RPGs within the span of a year.

    Anyway, can’t wait for this goodness. It will likely sell well and this will be the next sub-sub series.

  • Im okay with First Person View battles, the Mother series made me love it although can’t say if I’d like First Person View exploring, that’d be a first for me… on a RPG that is.

    • Kaetsu

      I used to despise it but after playing Etrian Odyssey 4 I got used to it. It’s not my ideal way of dungeon crawling but it works. If you have a 3DS you can try out a demo for Etrian Odyssey 4. It should give you good idea of what Persona Q’s dungeon crawling/combat will be like.

  • Afternoon Intergalactic

    Looks just as expected given this uses the EO engine. I’m loving the look and soundtrack. Definitely preordering.

  • Junko Enoshima

    I absolutely love first person exploration (read: Soul Hackers and Etrian Odyssey), but I’m really bad at making my own maps. :(

  • Kaetsu

    I wasn’t expecting anything less from Shoji Meguro/Yumi Kawamura/Lotus Juice but wow is that soundtrack awesome!

  • Tincho Kudos

    That looks underwhelming. The animations are really iffy

  • celery

    I’m surprised people were expecting this to be in…not first-person. It’s a Persona-EO crossover, and they’re using Persona 3 & 4’s characters, and the story focuses on them. So that means they are taking the gameplay elements of EO (similar to how Pokemon Mystery Dungeon uses Pokemon characters and Mystery Dungeon gameplay)–if they didn’t use the gameplay of EO, what EO stuff would there be? Nothing. And that would mean it’s not a crossover.

    But yeah, I’m excited! I love EO much more than Persona so the more I see the more hyped I get! It’s taking the best of both franchises and putting them together so I’m super excited c:

  • LaserVision

    And… I’m buying. I tend to dislike the 1st person perspective but the music is too good and I love the P3 characters too much. 1st person or 3rd person canon or non-canon, this is a must buy. Plus the idea of wandering Tartarus in 1st person is actually strangely appealing.

  • Skeptika Crediblus

    Ick, it’s first person? That kind of kills it for me. I dunno….

  • Hinataharem

    I hope P1/2 characters make a cameo. I know that’s asking for a lot, but it would be cool.

  • Etrian

    …So, it’s Persona with grid-based navigation and cartography, FOEs, and first-person combat. In other words, EO with Persona characters and story.

    As a fan of EO I wish they’d just make a new EO game…

  • PridePuppet

    People complaining is really lame, common it’s a really good dungeon crawler view you even see the characters at the battle. For those that says that an rpg must not be in such a view it’s obvious that you never played any wizardry or might and magic, or even the ultra incredible (mega hard) gold era rpgs like dark queen of krynn.

    • Guillermo Oliva III

      Mother series from Nintendo are also First-person view RPG. So, most of these Persona fans do not understand the concept of the game-mechanics for PQ…. they are just lame and inconsiderate.

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