Atelier Shallie Changes The World Depending On How You Play

By Spencer . April 14, 2014 . 4:36am


Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea has a world that adapts depending on your actions. While you’re exploring the world the game changes what you’ll see on the field. The heart of this is the new Life Task system that shows you what quests your character wants to complete.


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If you’re the kind of player interested in fighting monsters, Shallie will have more combat related life tasks. Thought bubbles in the top left show you what your character is thinking. Maybe after creating an item you’ll be inspired to create something else or a thought bubble will tell you to try it in combat. The Life Task system changes depending on your story progress and your play style. Life Tasks can change the kinds of roaming monsters and items to collect.


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The mini-map shows you where monsters are and landmarks. If you find a crystal-like landmark you can warp back to that spot, which should make it easier to get around the field. Shallie still needs to search for items on her own and when you forage ingredients a gauge fills up. When the gauge is at least level one you can trigger a Field Event by selecting an event with the d-pad. This could ease relic discovery or give you a bonus in items you harvest. The field gauge can go up to level 9, but it will reset if you go to the atelier and rest.


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Shallie and Shallote also have unique field actions. Shallie can dowse to discover items and Shallote can fish. Both characters can mine.


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Kortes is an 18 year old seafaring warrior who is a childhood friend and acts like a big brother to Shallie. He lives in the moment and doubts the family traditions from his small village where he grew up after seeing the greater world.


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Nady Elminus is 36 years old and Shallote’s mother who became a housewife after she got married. When her husband, Shallote’s father, suddenly passed away Nady goes back to work. She isn’t that familiar with alchemy, so sometimes she struggles with tasks.


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Teokhuga is a 58 year old shipbuilder and has been Shallie’s guardian since she was a young child. He has been following Shallie since she started her journey and also takes care of her family’s ships.


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Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea comes out on June 26 for PlayStation 3.

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