• Audie Bakerson

    Well guess that shows WHEN in the Showa era it is (very late).

  • 3PointDecoupage


    • bananaking123


      • 3PointDecoupage


    • JMaster3000

      Go and import it, ohh wait….

      • Anthony Hadow

        yeah oh wait you may not be able to read it and its not region free

  • Zoozbuh

    This game looks super cute! Almost like it’s targeted at really young kids. But I’m sure it wouldn’t be that popular in Japan without some sort of universal appeal (ala Pokemon), so I’m still excited in the event it gets released in English! xD

  • Namuro

    That looks great! I haven’t played the first one yet (because of MonHun and all…), but at this rate, I might have to just get the game, if there’s still no sign of localization.

    Just one thing, though… Why the h*ll did they make the Zashiki-warashi a bug-catching boy! I want a cute lil’ Zashiki-warashi girl! *Boo hoo hoo~*

    • http://www.midnightgaming.blogspot.com MidnightScott

      Level-5 teased it on Twitter and asked if we wanted Yokai Watch :p. It’s basically confirmed, wait for a Nintendo Direct or E3.

      • Namuro

        It had better be… Or the world shall feel my wrath…

  • http://resettears.wordpress.com/ Reset Tears

    Makes me think of Pocky and Rocky

  • http://uglylarvas.tumbrl.com/ Kanimir

    Cool, but what about the first one being released in the west? ._.

  • Zenthos

    I love the architecture art, like when your going through the train or climbing up that flagpole. It gives it a strong sense of depth that makes wherever you go in the game, an adventure.

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