Report: Capcom Will Announce Major PS4 Title At E3, Likely Resident Evil 7

By Sato . April 21, 2014 . 3:40am


Despite the sales of Resident Evil 6, the Resident Evil series remains one of Capcom’s strongest brands. A sequel is inevitable, but the question is when will Capcom announce a new game. Japanese newspaper Sankei Shimbun suggests this may be sooner rather than later with speculation of a Resident Evil 7 reveal at this year’s E3.


According to the report, Capcom have been working on smartphone titles from two branches, located in Osaka and Tokyo, and starting this month, the branches will be uniting as one with their online game development team, to have a synergy effect that will provide mobile games with more knowhow of common online PC game elements, such as transaction methods, and more.


On the console side of things, Capcom Japan have yet to release any titles for the current generation, but according to Sankei Shimbun, this will be changing soon, as Capcom plans to announce a major PlayStation 4 title at E3, likely the highly anticipated Resident Evil 7.


While the report only talks about a PlayStation 4 title, Japanese media often mention the Sony console when talking about the current generation, so keep in mind that they’re not implying that Resident Evil 7 will be an exclusive title. Most Xbox One games, even those that have been confirmed for Japan, do not have a release date.


A video games analyst also adds, “It’s a certainty that a hit smartphone title is required, but they also require a major title so they don’t fall behind makers from America and Europe, who can develop games in high speed.”


Capcom have yet to make any official announcements on the recent subject of Resident Evil 7 and this report is based on speculation and rumors from Sankei Shimbun, but with E3 around the corner, you can expect to hear something soon.

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  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    Will Capcom draw inspiration from the popular indie survival horrors of the 2010’s so far or will they screw it up even further with more explosions and a sandbox?

    • malek86

      I certainly hope not. Most of the popular survival horror indies lately don’t give you any combat option, which is definitely not what RE needs. Combat in RE is needed, it just needs to have less zombies while making each zombie a more serious threat.

      • Stephen Mc Devitt

        Keiji Inafune was certainly not wrong when he said Japanese developers were 5 years behind the west. Dead Rising 3, which was released in 2013, was initially made to appeal to Call of Duty fans, a trend that started in 2008. Resident Evil 6 was likely made to be that too.

        Capcom is like a deer in the headlights, scared of what they don’t understand and believe throwing more money than needed in one project equals 10 million copies sold, catch up with westerners or whatever they’re trying to achieve.

        Square-Enix is the same with making Final Fantasy XIII more like Call of Duty in terms of explosions, linearity and lack of exposition or player input before turning it into a trilogy despite hatred surrounding that game.

        • malek86

          Yeah, but… I’m not sure how that relates to the matter. RE6 was a bloated mess, but that doesn’t mean they need to make RE7 like an indie game. For starters, innovation in the indie survival horror scene lately has been close to nil. I would like to see RE7 attempt something new, much like RE4 did at the time.

          • Stephen Mc Devitt

            In recent times, the so-called use of innovation has been nothing but cancer. Innovation is only good if it’s called for or if developers think of something that would enhance the experience for the player’s enjoyment.

            The indie survival horror games are popular because they use what made survival horrors great in the first place. Sacrificing quality in favour of innovation just for the sake of innovation is cynical and outright nonsensical.

            Final Fantasy XIII technically has innovation and does stuff that no other game has done before but there are reasons WHY other developers chose not to do what Square-Enix did. Lost Odyssey has no real innovation but it’s QUALITY makes it a classic but it borrow the best elements of a JRPG. Same with indie survival horrors.

          • malek86

            So just because innovation naturally brings with it the risk of failure, you’d rather have no innovation? That’s not a healthy line of thinking for the industry. Avoiding risks was the reason why last gen we got FPS upon FPS. There are good reasons to stay in a comfort zone as well, but once a market becomes way too overloaded, then it’s time for a change.

            Yes, innovation can result in a dud, look at stuff like Outlast or Amnesia 2. But it can have good results too, like Penumbra or RE4. And when it has good results, you are left with an actual classic.

            But if you want RE7 to be the umpteenth Slender clone where half of the screen is black, be my guest. I just don’t think that’s what fans want.

          • KnifeAndFork

            Avoiding risks is the traditional 80’s Japanese salaryman mentality. Need new people with critical and progressive thinking running these companies not the same old fashion minded dinosaurs running these companies into the ground

          • KnifeAndFork

            I was more impressed by the Indie Indonesian PC title DreadOut than The Michael Bayfest that was RE6

        • KnifeAndFork

          Most Japanese developers have low budgets so its like comparing Japanese low budget cinema to Hollywood cinema

          Doesn’t mean you still can’t have quality but Japan always focused on game design more than graphics since Pre gen 7, graphics weren’t as expensive to produce. That’s why you see so many Japanese struggle with HD, now including Nintendo.
          Microsoft opened the PC developer flood gates in the 7the gen with all the PC ports so you had a lot of Western game developers with PC gaming program experience and knowledge while Japanese developers always primarily stayed away from high budget PC game design and focused more on consoles and handhelds, so they lacked the experience which is why Last Remnant using Unreal 3 ran like crap on 360 and FF XV is taking so damn long.
          Even MGS GZ with Kojima boasting FOX engine has all sorts of pop in issues even on PS4, and Kojima was blown away by The Division.

          And with Capcom whining already about how PS4 game design is “eight to Ten times greater” in terms of amount of work (when compared to the PS3’s tricky Cell, it should be not), don’t expect Japanese to suddenly break out of their PS2 design mentalities anytime soon.
          May just move even further to mobile game design…

          • Stephen Mc Devitt

            That’s not particularly good since many of the western fans prefer console outings over mobiles. Perhaps not all Japanese developers think that way. Sega’s Yakuza series is able have year sequels and I remember when Team Ninja’s Yosuke Hayasi admitted the PS3 was a bit tricky but claimed most developers complaining were making excuses to the customers but I might be wrong.

            You’re right about Japanese developers being stuck on the PS2-mentality. Even Yoshinori Kitase admitted he missed the old limitations of the SNES.

  • Zexill

    I hope they don’t screw it up!

    • Abysswalker90

      Oh they will…

      they will…

  • Shadowman

    Something I could look forward to at this year E3

  • The Watcher

    If its “major” then it sounds like it’s going to be an exclusive. Resident evil 7 will not an exclusive.

    • Eder García

      yeah i have that feeling, the RE audience is on the 3 brands (XBOX, PS and Nintendo) why make RE7 exclusive to one console?

  • D. Collins

    Oh man its almost that time of year again! I love E3, makes me happy.

  • Tonton Ramos

    If Resident Evil 7 will go back to it’s roots of survival horror then it will be trouble as a Broken Base between Evil Within Fans and Resident Evil Fans will ensue. The same if Megaman Legends 3(if they are willingly announced it) to Mighty No. 9

  • anthony apduhan

    Please include Darkstalkers 4 and Rival Schools Capcom…

    • GibbRS

      Even an updated port of Project Justice would be music to my ears. I don’t want to pay over $100 for the Dreamcast game. :(

  • I know this article mentioned it’s likely not exclusive, but it might be interesting to consider that Sony randomly released a SF “Hadouken Cab” advertisement a few months ago, specifically labeling it as a PS4 thing.Combining that with the Deep Down director’s statement on reaffirming Capcom’s fighting game presence, maybe this title is a new SF game? I’m not sure if that qualifies as “major,” although the initial SF4 release was pretty big.

    If it is RE7 though, I’m interested to see what kind of adjustments they’re making in response to the RE6 backlash(although I enjoyed the game myself) and if they’re considering the magical phrase “going back to their roots.” Personally, I think most people are too desensitized to violence in video games these days for RE’s brand of big monsters and jump scares to satisfy people’s need for horror, but we’ll see how it turns out! They’re definitely making the game regardless of whether or not this article is about it.

    • Richard N

      A new Street Fighter would be nice, but with the recent release of Ultra SFIV already out in Japanese arcades and soon Worldwide; I doubt they would announce another one so soon and dilute the sales for Ultra. But who knows, Capcom rarely makes any logical decisions.

  • tturtlejosh

    Here thinking about a Street Figther for next gen

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      But there’s ANOTHER update of SFIV. A whole new one would be too soon unless those new editions of IV never happened.

      • KnifeAndFork

        And it’s not even for PS4

  • LightningFarron19

    Maybe Capcom can learn to make a Survival Horror game in this series again

    Just a quick recap of their last Resident Evil game:

    Resident Evil 6:

    >Major Number RE title
    >69 by critics
    >Despite high initial sales, only Sold 5 million copies sold
    >Called a “financial failure” by stockholders
    >Fans hated it
    >negative reactions to the control problems
    >All major RE games are selling more than RE6 save for RE3

    Hell, they don’t even have the excuse of the direct sequel bit like Square does with FF13-2 or Lightning Returns.

    • Tonton Ramos

      RE6 is like Sonic 06 with guns and zombies with no super speed…

      • OathkeeperSoraXIII

        Sonic 06 had super speed? jk lol

  • TrueDefault

    Gosh, give RE a rest. There’re tons of franchises Capcom can revisit like Onimusha, Breathe of Fire, Dino Crisis, Dragon’s Dogma…

    • Internet is Crash

      but will it sell like Resident Evil? Unless they can take that risk

      • TrueDefault

        Probably not. They said it a while back that their games are getting way too expensive to make, and with the new generation of consoles, the cost multiplies.

        If they ever reboot older games, it’d be better if they keep more realistic expectations and within smaller budget.

      • Tarkovsky

        Eh. They have taken plenty of risks last gen. And even starting off announcing deep down this gen was a risk in itself. So I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Every company needs a guaranteed money maker in order to fund new IPs. So I’m in no way worried even if it’s RE7 because I’m sure new IPs will be developed.

    • Sav

      won’t sell as good as even the worst re title, so that’s unlikely.

      capcom only cares about money usually, an they need it too…

      just hope it’s no too bad of an re game.

    • We are getting a new Breath of Fire.
      You don’t want it.

      +1 to Onimusha.

    • Dragon’s Dogma 2… It’d be nice to hear some confirmation on that.

    • Shane Guidaboni

      You seem to have forgotten (as you should) about the smart phone monstrosity that is Breath of Fire 6.

    • Shippoyasha

      I will buy a gaming console if it means I can play Dragon’s Dogma 2. Loved every bit of it, almost having a 500 hour save file on it.

      • TrueDefault

        Same! That game was such a pleasant surprise. DD and SF are the only running franchises of Capcom that I wanna play.

    • subsamuel01

      I would rather them reboot the series, at this point I have no idea whats going on the the story plus the gameplay is just all over the place.

    • Guest

      They already visited Breath of Fire. They just released Breath of Fire 6.

      • TrueDefault

        As an online, web-based game. I want a proper RPG!

    • Namuro

      Dragon’s Dogma 2, with online co-op / party would be amazing…

    • Tarkovsky

      Eh. It’s just speculation. Do you honestly think they’re only going to develop one game.

  • Guest

    Why not a gritty reboot of RE with astronaut kittens fighting to keep their litter safe from tie-wearing gelatinous cubes. Fan service included, obviously.

  • Liamv2

    I feel like it’s more likely to be a resident evil reboot than another game in the series since reboots seem to be the in thing lately.

    • revenent hell

      I have to agree with you here…. Why bother with sequels when you can do a reboot?
      Some games I just don’t understand the need for a reboot but honestly in the RE franchise I think they, instead of a reboot should make it a more “horrifying” game to play through, RE’s as of late aren’t even remotely “scary” to play to me and haven’t been for a while. Oh, and hopefully release it with less “technical problems”

    • Bob Slim

      It probably will be a reboot after all the backlash res 6 took what a shame i like res 6 and wanted to see a 7th

    • KnifeAndFork

      It’ll be pseudo reboot….more like a revisit to where it all began

    • subsamuel01

      I hope they reboot it as well, I have no idea what’s going on in terms of story plus I’d rather have them go back to the drawing board in terms of gameplay.

  • shuyai

    one thing they need to do is kill the co-op in campaign mode, thats the most fucked up aspect of RE 5 and 6, it kills the suspense and annoying/retard as hell to kick down door and do puzzle with 2 people

    • KnifeAndFork

      It’ll actually be 4 player online co-op but you won’t automatically be teamed up like in RE5 and RE6. You’ll be on your own and meet up with them in game. Claire will partner up with Chris, and Leon will partner up with Jill, and at times all 4 will be together. Also the original Raccoon City mansion they will revisit…

      • shuyai

        ? i am talking about how in single player you are in pair with 2 chars

        • KnifeAndFork

          I know what you mean.

          It’s as I said it is: in campaign mode you will partner up with 1 to 3 other characters and it will be online

    • Internet is Crash

      I prefer the one in Revelations :)
      “Oh, we need to find a key? I’ll stay here and “search” for it where the lights are on and no monsters are lurking. You go and try to find it in the creepy dark halls. kthnx.”

  • Deter Pinklage

    It better be Dragon’s Dogma 2.

  • Brandonmkii

    I’m all for another RE game. I enjoyed 6 a lot, but I hope they can find a way to appeal to the fans that didn’t enjoy it, without taking away the parts I liked about 6.

  • Ew, I hope it’s not a reboot. I’ll accept a reboot when Claire will be back for at least one new game! Then they can do a reboot. Really hoping it’s Resident Evil 7, I love the franchise.

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    No horror, no buy. Simple.

  • Vincenzo

    Or they could just join the SE bandwagon and go for an HD remake of RE2/RE3, would sell hundreds of thousands easily.

    • Elliott Moon

      Remake of RE2 with RE4 control and camera scheme would also sell gang busters, heck a hd port of Re remake or RE0 on ps3/4,xbox360/1 would also make them a shit tone of money, not this reliance on the mobile market

      • gantarat

        Re remake and RE0 is nintendo exclusive

        • Izzeltrioum

          The Chronicles series were Wii exclusives as well.

          Now they are even PS Plus freebies (Were; Not anymore)..

        • Unlimax

          Its all up to Capcom , if they choose to let it be exclusive its all up to them .. but they still have the right to port them to other consoles , its just isn’t possible at the moment and being in-hold for 2 reasons :
          1 : Upscaling the pre-rendered backgrounds to HD
          2 : The compatibility
          Keep in mind that it might happen someday ..

    • Shane Guidaboni

      I would buy an HD remake of RE2 so fast…

    • Valtiel Ikari

      Here you go, it will be realesed for free when they are done, you are welcome.

      • HerosLight

        Thats well done for a fan-made game.

        Would buy.

        • Valtiel Ikari

          and is pre alpha, imagine the end result.
          I would like if they can add Revelations play style, but then again, this game will allow you to play either RE4 style or classic fixed cam style!!

  • Freud_Hater


  • gantarat
    • Unlimax

      Could you please stop pushing the “newer games sold better” agenda , you do know where these numbers come from and you do know how big the RE brand is becoming from time to time , the fans has been voicing their opinions to Capcom for a whole decade and you are coming out of nowhere to post this picture just to troll the fans ?
      Sold better /=/ Great game
      That’s like saying i like COD because it solds better !
      STAHP , that’s not gonna help at all ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

  • I hope they going somewhere with this !

  • LustEnvy

    A full-fledged Breath of Fire. COME ON CAPCOM, SURPRISE ME.

  • Go2hell66

    I thought the resi 6 sales were good?

  • Kornelious

    You know what this could mean (And Capcom would be smart if it is)………………DRAGONS DOGMA 2!!! Well hopefully anyways, I guess I’ll have to wait and find out…..

  • amagidyne

    The more I think about it, the more a reboot of Resident Evil seems like a fun idea. Just don’t hand it to Ninja Theory, or the Internet will melt.

    • Mikari✘

      Am I the only one who thinks Ninja Theory could make a nice Onimusha reboot?

  • Alexandra Cordes

    Unless Steve Burnside comes back in it, I do not care.

    • Valtiel Ikari

      I thought I was the only one looking forward for his return, since it was announced since RE5 development.
      I don’t really get why he is so hated by the fandom, I find him the less bland character of the franchise (coriously, all the side characters are more interesting than main ones, like Carlos, Steve, Rebbeca, Barry, Billy, Hunk)

      • Alexandra Cordes

        I was expecting backlash for my comment, since like you said, he is generally hated.
        I can see why gamers were annoyed by him, but really, he took to the situation pretty realistically and even had good character development.
        Not to mention he was the entire reason I got into RE in the first place–I mean… *cough*
        But yeah, it is pretty odd how the side characters generally end up more intriguing than the main cast does…

        • Valtiel Ikari

          Yeah, really odd how they hated Steve for being realistic in the situation and for having character development, guess it was because of his voice, since it sounded too much like… and actual 18 years old teen.

          • Alexandra Cordes

            Ahahaha, yep. His annoying voice was part of his charm. <3

    • Richard N

      For me it was the romance between him and Claire.

      I’m a LeonXClaire shipper myself, so hey. OTP

      • Alexandra Cordes

        I can’t tell if you liked the romance, or not.
        Since you said you ship Leon with Claire, I’m assuming not… but my Steve x Claire brain cannot compute this.

  • Roberto

    Come on dont let me down this time

  • Godmars

    Wonder if they’re doing this, possibly making it exclusive, because Deep Down might not be anymore?

    Mean there suppose to be a rumor of that as well.

  • TheSoullesOne

    Here’s hoping its dragons dogma 2 i am craving for it like no tomorrow

    • KnifeAndFork

      Rather have em just turn it into a Beserk game since story was lacking

      • TheSoullesOne

        Hey man that’s your opinion I enjoyed it even if it was a little cliche it was something I rally enjoyed especially the combat it felt nice but hey opinions may very

  • Godmars

    “Capcom have yet to release any titles for the current generation”

    Um, Dead Rising 3?

    Anyway, hope its not some first person jump-scare fest, since that seems to be the thing now.

    • KnifeAndFork

      Internally developed not outsourced

      • neo_firenze

        I had the exact same thought as Godmars when I read the article – what
        about Dead Rising 3? It was only one of the highest profile 3rd party launch games for either console. And unlike many other major releases on either XBO or PS4, it’s exclusive to next gen consoles (Forza 4 and Infamous Second Son are really the only two other blockbuster next-gen only releases so far).

        Published by Microsoft, sure, but it’s a Capcom developed game and clearly marketed as such (Capcom logo is on the cover art alongside Microsoft). And FYI, Capcom Vancouver (formerly Blue Castle Games) is an internal Capcom studio. It’s not outsourced, that’s a Capcom dev team.

        Besides Dead Rising 3, Capcom has also released Strider on Xbox One and PS4. Co-developed with Capcom’s Osaka studio and Double Helix.

        We have also known about Deep Down since the very first official reveals of the next gen consoles, since it premiered alongside the PS4 reveal.

  • Yan Zhao


    Let me know when its a franchise I actually care about. Like Megaman, Breath of Fire, or Onimusha.

    • KnifeAndFork

      Those died when Inafune left. Breath of Fire died the minute it went mobile.
      Capcom doesn’t have faith in JRPGs anymore

    • Morningstar

      I’m preety sure Capcom cancelled megaman, plus Inafune left to work on certain similar indie games so, yeah Megaman’s all but canceled

      Breath of Fire: well the only game I’ve evel played was the frustratingly difficult Dragon Quarter so I don’t know much but its state but I think that it’s dead too since there was no new console agmes since Dragon Quarter.

      Onimusha…I have no knowledge on that whatsoever so i can’t really comment on that.

  • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

    Momster Hunter on PS4? I can dream can’t I?

    • Eder García

      MH is a handheld only franchise sadly.

      • brian

        Monster Hunter 1 was for PS2, and tri/3 ultimate were for Wii/Wii U.

      • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

        It’s on PC, PS3, 360, and Wii U. It’s hardly a handheld franchise. Even MH4G will come out on Wii U a year after the 3DS version–providing Nintendo hasn’t given up on the Wii U.

        • Xeon2

          One could say that Ace Attorney and Monster Hunter are among the few Franchises keeping Capcom Alive, so it would be logical to say that Capcom is putting a quite a bit of Stock into the 3ds especially considering the install base of that System.

    • CozyAndWarm

      It’ll be Wii U if anything, which I certainly wouldn’t mind after MH3U

  • AuraGuyChris

    Let me guess. It will star Jill, Chris, and Leon with new secondary characters.

    Rebecca? Who’s that?

    • Eder García

      the rumors said these 3 and Claire.

  • fairysun

    Capcom, you know there is a franchise that we are waiting ….

    • Kelohmello

      You got 2 great megaman games in development right now. No need to wait on capcom.

      • Morningstar

        Yeah in fact Who needs Capcom when Mighty #9 and Gunvolt comes out in a few months/years?

    • Anko Is Furious (King T.G.P)

      At this point it’d be better if someone would convince Capcom to sell the rights to Megaman to someone who plans to use it rather than put a few characters in cross-overs lol.

  • RedRocBoy

    If it is Resi 7 hope it comes to Wii U. Fingers crossed.

  • Martian Wong

    I want Breath of Fire 6. Onimusha 5 and a Monster Hunter Portable 4 for Vita. I also want Megaman Legend 3.

    • Mikari✘

      Yes! Onimusha 5… I’m still waiting for a new Onimusha game.

      Knowing Capcom, they would probably reboot the franchise. Which I’m not entirely against if they do it right.

      • Martian Wong

        Agree with you, if they do it right. I dont mind if they reboot the series. But I hope it is not something like DmC.

    • Arcana Drill
      • Martian Wong

        I know, but I want BOF 6 likes the five before it. I still think four is the best. The characters, I like them a lot.

  • Anime10121

    Gimme Becky or gimme Claire! Kinda sick of Leon and Chris! Give some of the other protags a chance…

  • CozyAndWarm

    Hopefully the Wii U isn’t left out when it does come time for RE7. But man, Capcom really needs to give it a rest with RE and these phone games.

  • monkey king

    I hope this one sees the return of rebecca, also this time for mercenaries mode just gives us EVERYONE dammit, krauser, re4wesker, re5wesker, josh stone, jill etc..

    Also, a new onimusha would be baller.
    Also DD2…

  • Invisbin

    Im hoping its Dragons Dogma 2 before Resident Evil 7. Dragon’s Dogma was a new ip and with what it was, it was a great game that could hugely benefit from next gen tech. Sold well.

  • Ninjagoon

    I’ll take a wild guess and say its either Resident Evil or Dark Stalkers. Or both. I hope its both. Please be both.

  • ndjn3979

    I actually want no more lol

    Miss the good ole 4-5 days

  • CrazedSlayer

    Please be Dragons Dogma 2

  • Vinny hawj

    ONIMUSHA please!!!!!!!! or Devil May Cry 5

    • Devonte Griffith

      Didn’t Capcom say they weren’t working on Onimusha or Dino Crisis anymore?

      • Vinny hawj

        There’s a rumor I heard about Dino Crisis from Maximilian Dood. But they did said that they want to revisit the old games. So there that.

        • XaviIniesta

          The church of Maximillian Dood spreads far and wide I see. Praise the sun!

  • Tarkovsky

    In other news, ignorant rabid Capcom haters still think the company is bankrupting. Haha.

  • TVippy

    “Highly anticipated”? It’s not, believe me… not after 6…

    • Anthony Birken

      Definitely not

  • eilegz

    for me i want re7 and if its more like re6 plus some of revelations it would be great, just cut the part that need to use cars or vehicle.

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