Looks Like Suikoden II Will Be Re-Released On PlayStation Network

By Spencer . April 22, 2014 . 2:09am


The much loved, but forgotten by Konami RPG series is coming back and this time it isn’t a slot machine. Suikoden II is on deck to be re-released as a PsOne Classic. A rating for Suikoden II popped up on the ESRB as a PlayStation 3 game with Sony Computer Entertainment America listed as the publisher.




Originally released in 1998, Suikoden II follows a hero caught in the middle of a war. The story isn’t just about the protagonist, it’s about all of the Stars of Destiny you meet in the game. One of the neat features is you could load save data from Suikoden into Suikoden II. The first Suikoden is currently on PlayStation Network in case you want to start leveling characters up for the sequel.

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  • Keko

    Suikoden II is one of my favorite PS1 games ever. I’ll be sure to buy this (and hopefully it’ll be playable on Vita).

    • Sebastian Lothian

      Hopefully. I’d rather have it on my vita instead of a playstation 3.

  • BlinkingRune

    Oh my god. Finally. FINALLY. If you haven’t played this before, I -really- recommend it. It’s one of the finest RPGs from the Playstation era (if not ever).

    • Crimson_Cloud

      Yeah indeed but… Spencer should have hyped this more. I hardly felt joy and sweat in this post. XD

    • Gangsta Pikachu

      Im going to take your word on that, currently playing Suikoden 1 on vita again so I can have a save to transfer.

  • Xerain

    Bet they won’t bother to fix the capital letter only name import bug. I was so obsessed with this I replayed Suikoden 1 with a 6 letter all cap name just so I could import my name properly.

    • William Carpenter

      Way to nitpick, bro!

      • shadowind

        Why was he nitpicking? I don’t think he was nitpicking, to be honest.

        • Xerain

          It’s the word “bet.” Not the greatest word choice on my part. Makes it come off slightly more negative sounding than intended.

    • Triplicity

      Please elaborate?

  • OrangeArmy

    Aw yiss~ Now all I’ll need is for them to release Suikoden V (my favorite) on PSN and I’ll be set……Suikoden VI being announced certainly wouldn’t hurt either, but I am not holding my breath for either of those things.

  • Senka

    I was always told to play this series back then because of my love of jRPGs, but I never got around to it. Is this the one people love, or is it another Suikoden game? Or is it just all of them that are great? I think people said the first one wasn’t good, but III is great, or was that II…? I think people liked Suikoden Tactics a lot too.

    • BlinkingRune

      All of them are pretty great. II is often considered the best in the series, but people also have good things to say about I, III, and V at the drop of a hat. If you’ve never tried it, starting with I and II on the PSN wouldn’t be a bad way to go.

      • Senka

        Oh, if they’re all on the PSN, then sure. Even if the first one is old, I know it can be worth it to play older games in a series to see how it evolves. I’m not actually sure when I can find the time for them, but I’ll keep it in mind.

        • BlinkingRune

          Only the first two are on the PSN. The series is really strong, so it’s still a good place to start! I hope you enjoy ’em if you try them.

      • Carlos Fernandez

        Yep. IV is hit or miss. It is very…. tedious. Too much so. Still a great game, but its hard to have the patience to get through it. That’s ONLY IV though. The others are fantastic games!

        • BlinkingRune

          Yeah, I didn’t mention IV because I can’t, in good conscience, recommend it wholeheartedly. But I love it just as much as I love the others–it has an especially beautiful soundtrack and some really fun things to do. At least Viki makes it easier toward the middle?

    • Aunna Terrell

      As far as I remember, I and II are the most loved, with some mixed feelings for III through V, Tactics, and the DS spin-off. Though people do praise III and V more than IV for the PS2 era. But they don’t compare to I or II in most people’s eyes.

      Overall, each game has their charms, but everyone’s opinions will vary based on their personal tastes. For instance, I adore II with a passion. My first game into the franchise, has some of my most favorite characters, love the story more than the others, and my favorite army vs army battle system (a SRPG setup) is in it. But I do love all the other games as Suikoden titles. I just have the most mixed feelings for the DS spin-off… Because it’s not tied to the others’ world. And doesn’t use the same lore as the main titles.

    • Rose Spinoza

      MY personal opinion of the games.
      1- charming, but kinda average (thankfully short)
      2- Awesome. And even MORE awesome if you played 1.
      3- Yay :D ! Talking main characters!
      4- Booooo. (mini-games were oddly fun though.)
      Tactics- I hated 4, and it’s characters, so why would I play this?
      5- Pretty cool! Also has an oddly expressive silent main.

      Tierkreis- Um. Okay? Didn’t really feel like a suikoden game, and I never finished it. Hoooooorrrible english voice acting.

      • Aunna Terrell

        Do you mean “3- Yay :D ! No silent protags!”? Because 4 was the first one with the “talking”/voice acting.

        • Rose Spinoza

          No. I mean Sui 1, 2, 4 and 5 all had silent main characters. It’s a pet peeve of mine. I overlook it in the better Suikoden games, but I’m still not a fan of that particular gaming trope.
          3 is the first one where the “main character” (Hugo, Chris and Gedoe) actually had text.

        • Rose Spinoza

          oh . sorry. I read wrong. yeah, I mean protagonists. I don’t really care about voice acting one way or the other. (though 5 had some great talent.)

  • Operation Blinking Mirror/Suikoden Revival Moment success :o

    • “The Journeyman’s Crystal is shining. Would you like to save?”

  • AlphaSixNine

    Hope it works with Vita too. I prefer playing it on my Vita. Either way though I’ll still get it.

  • brian

    I figured it’d never get released on PSN, so I got the first game and was going to get this one soon.
    Quick question about something that confuses me
    Suiko 3 has a data transfer thing to get extra stuff from a clear game file for Suiko 2.
    How can the data for a PS1 game be used in a PS2 game?

    • rekka_zan

      PS2 can use PS1 memory cards.

    • Aunna Terrell

      You’re suppose to copy the saved data from Suiko 2 onto a PS2 memory card to load it into Suiko 3 iirc. I never tried it… But will sometime next month, when I replay all the games.

  • William Carpenter


  • rekka_zan

    Congratulations, SRM guys :)
    And thanks, Konami.

  • Thom

    Still glad I snatched up some essentials like suikoden v, xenosaga, digital devil saga, and devil summoner 2, but I hope their eventually ported to psn so everyone can try them.

  • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

    Woot, an end to the tyranny of overpriced PS1 games banking over $100.


    • Tiredman

      Actually, digital releases don’t really lower physical prices much, especially when the games come with everything as if they were brand new.

      • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

        They really do actually, while it won’t plummet to the level of it’s digital counterpart, people will not except paying those prices on it when they don’t have to. Xenogears was the same before it was on PSN, and now you can snag a physical copy for $25 or less at a used game store. Same went with FFVII, and a slew of other games. It’s going to tank, so sell yours now to Amazon for $30 while you still can. And just because people are asking for a certain price, does not mean it is selling for that. You can view recent sale prices on eBay and Amazon.

        • Michael Synodis

          Didn’t Xenogears get a re-release? And correct me If I’m wrong, but didn’t they make millions of copies of FF7?

          • GibbRS

            There are lots of FF7 copies around, that’s for sure. I’ve seen the prices go up and down considerably over the years, maxing out around $60 probably, for a used black label. It’s now going for $30 in Vintage Stock/Movie Trading Company type stores, which is not the lowest it’s been, but close. Xenogears used to be upwards of $80-$90 in used game stores, but it seems to be around $50-$60 now. I’m not sure if that’s because of the digital version, or just fluctuation in price.

          • Brion Valkerion

            Yes to both. At the start of the PS2 era Square re-released a ton of copies of their more notable games as greatest hits, something they did not do before. Most games that were rare were easy to find all of a sudden so FF Tactics, Xenogears and FF7 suddenly had more copies floating around. Same with Castlevania Symphony of the Night. FFT and Xenogears had more limited copies than others, but thats why you can find Chrono Cross and FF8,9, Anth ect. still for like $15 or less.

        • Tiredman

          I am a collector, and a majority of the games I have that are now available digitally haven’t gone down much in price when it is the rarer games. Xenogears and FF 7 weren’t exactly rare in their day. I look at games like Valkyrie Profile, the Working Design games, Dragon Quest 7, and a bunch of other actual rare games. When / if they become digitally available, their prices won’t go down much because you just can’t really find them anywhere other than on amazon or ebay.

          Most games folks list as going down in price are available in just about every specialty games store in my area. The quality is suspect though, as the cases don’t look pretty, and can’t see how the discs look without having to actually ask an employee. All of my games, well, a majority of them, are in pristine condition, with only the ones I bought used having issues with the cases. I don’t buy physical without a manual. I own around 250 games, the majority being ps1 and ps2 games.

          I am a collector, I know how I think regarding digital games versus physical, and I know I will always prefer to own the rare games. Since I am not alone in this mind set, I am fairly confident that the prices of the actual rare games, of which Suikoden 2 is one, won’t go down much due to a digital release.

          Collecting is fun.

      • Derek E Nay

        It will still go down. Not by much, but it will. The price will still be high because of collectors.

        • Tiredman

          Yep, I am a collector, so know all about it. Only game I really want at this moment in time, that I don’t already have, is Megaman Legends 2, but yeah, I may be a collector, but not quite ready to spend the price being asked for that game. Oh, and the Misadventures of Tronn Bonne. Same issue as Megaman Legends 2.

          • lordsofskulls

            lol i am in same boat as you. Megaman Legends 2, Suikoden 2, and Persona 2 are my three lil temptations that i want for my Playstation One.

      • 3PointDecoupage

        Who cares about eBay prices?? All the fans can finally play it again without selling organs on the black market.

        • BlinkingRune

          This is the really important thing. No ROMs, no homebrewed PSPs (both of which are how I played the game since I couldn’t afford it). It’s now a game for everyone to enjoy.

      • PreyMantis

        Not when a game is rare and expensive.

    • 3PointDecoupage

      And peace reigned throughout the kingdom.

    • Wappuli

      Price may lower a bit, but hardly anything too noticeable since most who pay those kind of prices are collectors anyway.

    • LustEnvy

      I sold mine on Ebay for $110 late last year, lol. Owned it for like… 12 years. And it was still near mint. I know I could’ve gotten more but ah well.

    • Lelouch Vi Britannia

      Now Square Enix needs to put the PS1 version of Valkyrie Profile on PSN. Then we have 2 of the rarest PS1 games on PSN available to everyone.

      Other games that need to get on PSN
      Brave Fencer Musashi
      Saga Frontier
      Bushido Blade
      Bushido Blade II
      Suikoden III
      Suikoden IV
      Suikoden V
      Drakengard 2
      And many more.

      Thankfully PSN is getting more PS1/PS2 classics.

    • French

      I kinda like the price point, but at the same time can understand why people find it ridiculous

  • Chim_era

    Owh please please please !!! I would really love to play it.

    I never got a chance to play the origenal because it wasn’t released in Europe.

    • the00monkey

      uhh it was, its 3 that never came

  • arkane9

    Haha, yes! Eat dirt, ebay scalpers!

  • Tiredman

    This will make a whole lot of people happy. Thankfully I own the game, so I have already enjoyed this game many times, and it definitely deserves a digital release.

  • 3PointDecoupage

    Yes! Finally every worthwhile PS1 game will be on my vita!

    • pimpalicious

      Hey now the Lunar games aren’t on PSN. :P

  • Virevolte

    Yay !

  • Draparde

    Awesome!, that just leaves two games on my list of “i want this psone classic on PSN” , that i can remember anyway lol :D

    • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

      Which 2 others?

      • Draparde

        Tales of Destiny and Eternia. there are more now that i think of it, like Legend of legaia

  • megaten666

    Meanwhile Dragon Quest VIII and Rogue Galaxy…

  • Rose Spinoza

    As a side note, I feel I should mention that leveling up characters in Suikoden 1 will have no effect on levels for the suikoden 2 crew ^^; .

    (an endgame save WILL effect whether you get a certain (nifty) side quest or not though.)

    • Michael Synodis

      Leveling up certain character is Suikoden 1 DOES affect their level in Suikoden 2. Don’t spread false information.

      • Rose Spinoza

        Oh? I thought their level was set. My mistake then. Leveling ONE character then. Woop-de-doo.

        • LustEnvy

          No, leveling characters that appeared in the first game will affect their stats in the second game, assuming you leveled them to at least a certain level, IIRC. They get a fixed stat boost, not some crazy broken stats or anything. Also, levelling their weapons to max gives them a few extra levels in part II (I believe it’s 3).

        • thabe331

          They also carry over certain equipment

  • This is a gem from the past, which today, I believe is worth for a still Suikoden fan to purchase as a timeless classic.

    “DIE PIG!”

  • Oi, this better not miss the Vita compatibility boat that just went through ><;

  • urbanscholar

    welp time to post this guy! Celebrate:


  • Ben Jammin Hobson

    Bet it won’t come to Europe….

    • Astraye

      What you dont have an account US ? I mean, we dont even have Xenogear or Chrono Chross, im not going to wait for Suikoden II xD

      • Ben Jammin Hobson

        Yeah I did have, spent a ton of cash on network cards for psone games , then forgot my password, so now I can’t get anything back…. So I’m not gonna do that again.

        • pimpalicious

          Do you not remember your email either? Because you can reset your password if you have that,

          • Ben Jammin Hobson

            Dunno the password for the email address either and to make matters worse the back up email connected to that got hacked and dosent exist anymore…. Calling Sony won’t work cos it’s a US account and I’m in UK had to make a fake! So all is lost!!!!!

        • 3PointDecoupage

          Did you try calling Sony?

      • TrueDefault

        But I wanna play it on my Vita. :(

  • h0tsei

    i’m not going to hope that this will appear on psn asia

  • pimpalicious

    Awesome, hopefully the PS2 games(atleast III and V) won’t take as long.

  • madmic

    Any chance they’ll release it in Europe

  • TrueDefault

    So hyped! So hyped!! Played this at my cuz’s house when I was tiny, and it was soooo good!

  • 0.0 today is scary. HunterXHunter coming back into print, and now this? 2014 is a scary year.

  • Testsubject909

    And there was much rejoicing…

    Am now awaiting new players who’ll play Suikoden 1 and then Suikoden 2 to wonder why the hell is he called TcDohl now.

  • Raze


    At least Konami still remember about this game…

    • Testsubject909

      Suikoden 6 for E3/TGS?

  • z_merquise

    Finally! Something to play in my Vita.

    I hope this would hint a continued support by Konami for the series that would lead to an all-new game. As long at it’s not a damn browser or pachinko game.

  • Aspenharls

    Oh damn. I bought the first game, didn’t play it much, but thought it was pretty good. I really enjoyed the way the world looked. I’ll definitely beat that now, and buy this after, since I hear nothing but good things about this one.

  • fairysun

    This is fantastic news! I will laugh like a madman.

    For whoever has not played it, get it and play. This is the one of the best JRPG ever! It’s up there with Chrono Trigger.

    For whoever has played it before, get it and play again. Get lost in the World of Suikoden.

    • MrTyrant

      Oh god. Luca was an excellente villain I remember that took tree different battles to defeat it. For being a human that man was a completly beast (well he had the beast rune I think)

  • LustEnvy


    I recently sold my mint original (which I did play a billion times but never got any real wear and tear) for $110. USED for years.

    I sold it knowing it was only a matter of time, but DAMN, they took their sweet time.

    As far as I’m concerned, Suikoden II is the best RPG OF ALL TIME.

  • Think it’d be possible for this to recognize a save game from the PSN version of Suikoden?

    • LustEnvy

      It will. I’ve had my ps1 card for years, and bought a memory card to usb adapter just to transfer my PS1 saves.

      You may have to copy and paste the saves to new folders, but it will work. Done this with other games I had save files with (Chrono Trigger, FFVII, Xenogears, Suikoden I, etc).

  • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

    I never played this one. Nice to have the opportunity.

  • David García Abril

    I know some people that will react going like:


  • It’s a miracle!

  • Daverost

    This is just the absolute best news. I already have this game on PS1 (bought it back when it was new), but I’m definitely buying it again. Hoping that it works on PSP/Vita even though it just says PS3. I’ll be sad if this game becomes another Pocket Fighter.

  • GibbRS

    Fantastic news. Hopefully lots of new people will experience this amazing RPG and it’ll rekindle enough fire that Konami will want to make Suikoden VI. One can dream, right?

    • TcDohl2

      Amen to that!!
      Let there be Suikoden VI

    • Firekitty

      That would make my year.

      I wouldn’t mind an HD collection of the three PS2 games, either.

  • FFmax

    Thank god I can finally play this game, I was scared that I might had to shell out more than a $100 just to play it from amazon or ebay. This is excellent news.

  • Timberman

    ” A rating for Suikoden II popped up on the ESRB as a PlayStation 3 game” – somehow i keep hoping for a remake w/ trophies… :)

    Edit: now we wait for Suikoden VIta :D

  • Göran Isacson

    Ha ha oh man, yet another game I can now easily get my hands on and add to my insurmountable backlog… is this feeling happiness, or despair…

  • lordsofskulls

    FINALLY!! o.o i dont have to give up eating for a month just to afford this game ^-^

  • JustThisOne

    *starts weeping* Words can’t…!

  • oh nice, i still havnt finished the first one but i’ll be sure to get this when i do after everything i heard of it im quite excited for it

  • Fairlee

    Best RPG ever made!
    Hope this will help to revive Suikoden and bring much more new fans.

    Then I can hope for Suikoden VI right? Right? T^T

  • neo_firenze

    For all of the complaints people make about downloadable releases (you don’t own a physical thing, could go away, consumers don’t get a discount even though it’s cheaper for publishers to release downloadable)…

    This is the BEST thing about downloadable games. Rarity is taken out of the equation, and you can just focus on whether the game is good. No worries about supply.

    For that reason, companies like Atlus with small print runs doing digital releases is a real blessing. Ideally there’s a physical print run too for those who really want it or are paying attention at release, but if you miss out, no problem. Buy it on PSN.

    As for Suikoden II, nice! I’ll be buying this. Owned the game once a long time ago but I haven’t played it for years and will be excited to do so now on my PSP or Vita!

  • Callonia

    Ooooh Now I can finally play suikoden 2!!!!!

  • leingod

    Man, it would be awesome if this was remastered in HD.

  • @Ziusun

    On a sidenote: the ESRB rating got removed already…

  • Mordina

    This is great news! This is one of the games I have such fond memories of. A shame I felt like the games released after Suikoden II were mediocre.

  • #Suikoden fans! A Digital Distribution Manager from Sony said to promote this if we want Suikoden 2 on PSN: https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/13504-suikoden-2-on-ps-store Act, this can truly help!

    • Josh Melton

      Funny, still not giving up on that fight..

  • Red Rowz

    So where is it?

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