The Great Ace Attorney Trailer Shows Phoenix’s Ancestor And The New Heroine

By Sato . April 23, 2014 . 10:10pm


Capcom recently revealed their latest Ace Attorney game in the form of The Great Ace Attorney, which will take place in the Meiji period of Japan (1868 – 1912). As reported earlier, it will feature an ancestor of Phoenix Wright’s, who aims to become a lawyer. The game’s first trailer shares a glimpse of what it will be like.



It’s the 19th century, during the Meiji era of the great Japanese Empire, The Great Ace Attorney will tell an unknown tale—the spirit of an ace attorney’s ancestor, in Ryuunosuke Naruhodo, and a flower that blooms in the new world, in Susato Mikotoba. The story of a miraculous encounter will be told.


The trailer also reveals the full title of the game as The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures of Ryuunosuke Naruhodo.


Here’s a closer look at Phoenix Wright’s ancestor Ryuunosuke, and Susato Mikotoba, who appears to be the heroine of the upcoming game:





The Great Ace Attorney is currently in development for Nintendo 3DS.

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  • Protagonist looks slick. The heroine looks plain.

    • Namuro

      After so many wacky designs, I can appreciate the more down-to-earth look, though. Besides, I think she’s more of a classical beauty!

  • Adrian Duran

    Is that Ami Fey?

    • Detrimont

      nope (Ami’s japanese name is Kyouko Ayasato)

  • TheGioG

    Raidou Kuzunoha XIV, that you? Wait, nevermind, it’s the Demi-Fiend. No, wait… its BOTH!
    “Welcome to the Courtroom of Shadows, where demon lawyers gather…”

    • Timovisch

      Haha. I was thinking about Raidou when I entered this article. :P

    • Tweetums

      Just wait……Raidou will ttly snatch the role of the Detective~

    • SetzerGabbiani

      lol! Seriously though, the silhouette in the vid makes him look like Hitoshura, and his outfit makes him look like Raidou…what is Capcom trying to pull here? I demand an explanation from them and a comment from Kaneko-san.

      • Heath Bunch

        Its just an old Japanese style, which is why you’ll see it used from time to time, such as Raidou or I think the intro to the anime Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.

  • Namuro

    Sweet, lovin’ this so much already! The feel, the music, the characters… This is gonna be a great one!

    I seriously hope that they don’t try to change stuff and westernize the whole thing, changing Japan into a country in Europe or something…if they will even localize this.

    Though, I do wonder how they’ll try to connect this to the main series, if they decide to leave the settings as they are… Since they already changed things way too much.

    • Suicunesol

      They could just say Phoenix’s ancestor was Japanese, and have it take place in Japan.

      • metaxzero

        What if several characters have Japanese ancestors? Starts to get a little contrived and maybe even contradictory in some cases.

      • Namuro

        Hmm, guess so. That way they don’t really have to change anything. Just say that “it’s all in the past!”.

        But then I feel kinda sad, thinking how the Naruhodou lineage will end up disappeared from the history, and replaced by the Wright in a foreign land…


      • Brandonmkii

        But all those name puns, lost on western players. This is gonna be a tough one to localize, no doubt about it.

    • metaxzero

      Wouldn’t be surprised if Capcom USA just says screw it and left it not localized. The game right off the bat sounds like an annoying hassle to localize while keeping it connected to the previous games.

      • Namuro

        You know, I have a dream… where ALL Japanese games are localized, and the contents are left unchanged. The world (of video game) would be a much better place like that.

        *sigh* a man can dream…

        Welp, better get back to studying Japanese. I swear, once I’m fluent in Japanese… Oh ho ho ho, life will be so sweet.

        • metaxzero

          Never happening as long as the video game industry is about making money. Takes time and money to localize, and if it fails to find a profitable audience, why even bother?

          Business is a cold world.

          Good luck. I’m not bothering again unless I get some study buddies. And find a way to actually learn kanji.

    • God

      They… changed things? What… exactly did they change? TELL ME YOU DAMN DIRTY HUMAN! I MUST KNOW! I MUUUUST KNOOOOOOOW!!!

  • You know. . . they could localize this without Westernizing it. Just keep the names and all of the culture, and as far as his relation to “Phoenix,” it could be as simple as one of ancestors changed their surname either due to marriage or convenience when “coming to L.A.”

    • metaxzero

      It all depends on if only Phoenix is the one with a descendant. I could easily see them throwing in relatives of other characters into the Meiji era just cause.

      • You mean ancestor? Yeah, but explaining his name would be the primary problem, right?

        • Suicunesol

          I think the primary problem would be more about explaining why every character in Ace Attorney’s “American” world has a corresponding Japanese ancestor.

          In this case, I’d just go, “Meh, don’t take continuity too seriously.”

          • Well, that’s why my original point was to just say it’s a name change from immigrating, marriage or something else.

            But if it must be explained only.

          • metaxzero

            But say we get a Gumshoe, Edgeworth, and other character ancestors? Are we really supposed to believe all these “American” characters have their ancestry from Japan?

            I mean sure, maybe Phoenix will be the only ancestor, but I really can’t see Capcom Japan letting the opportunity slip by.

    • MaximDualBlade

      Are you implying that consumers are ready to have a foreing name?
      Pfff! Nonsense! Too hard D: What’s his name? ray-u something?

      • I forgot, this is America. If it’s not Mark or something perfectly-American-sounding, we won’t accept it! Screw trying to be open-minded and pronouncing people’s name!

        Seriously though, I feel that is reasonable justification for some, and that scares me so much.

    • ZnTxn

      Or they’ll change it’s location to Little Tokyo, Los Angeles :D

    • Ric Vazquez

      Agreed, I also think this would be better without westernizing it.

  • Makoto Yuki

    If this isn’t coming to US Im pissed!

  • SuperSailorV

    There’s GOT to be some kind of Steel Samurai thing, too!

  • I need this in my life!

  • Want! Hope digital sales of Dual D encourage Capcom to translate this game. LMAO to see how they will base the series in the USA now with the whole pure Japanese background.

  • Aaron K Stone

    Has it been confirmed she’s the heroine? She could be a prosecutor.

  • Fairlee

    But.. the heroine looks in the same age with Ryuunosuke!
    Not that I’m complaining.

  • fairysun

    Man, I was expecting an Ayasato/Fey ancestor as the sidekick.

    • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

      I miss the whole relationship with he and the Fey’s – I know there is some minor mention in Apollo and some characterization in DD ( I did not play it yet), but I feel their relationship should have been a stronger focus.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        They still need to explain why that girl allowed Phoenix to become the man he was in Apollo. Sorry, but ‘having to return to the tribe’ just does not cut it given what they were before.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    Raidou Kuzunoha vs. Ace Attorney

    • Ecchitori-san

      Kuzunoha Detective Agency Collab! Raidou Kuzunoha x Ace Attorney: (insert long sub-title)

      • Morningstar

        Okay here’s my long subtitle Turnabout from Heaven and Hell: The Trial of God: Judgement Day.

      • Unorthodox02

        that would be an epic game Capcom and Atlus make it.

    • AkuLord3

      Should would be nice to have a Raidou game…ooo maybe do crossover in the game like with Nocturne. Of course not but it be cool

  • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

    Nice little trailer. Love the designs. I hope they just keep it the way it is – same setting and scenarios. You can’t put this in frontier California :)

  • harmonyworld

    Welp, the translators are gonna have a time and a half americanizing this one!

    • darke

      Apparently out west of Texas a hundred years ago women really wore sakura coloured kimonos. Who knew? And the Chrysanthemum seal is a vital US reference to, err, a town in California.

      (Seriously, I’m actually interested to find out what creative twist they use to localise this, and I don’t even play the games in the series.)

  • Strain42

    I have never been more excited for a game than I am right now…

    Now I just have to brace myself for Capcom USA to kick me in the nards.

  • Ric Vazquez


  • Yan Zhao

    The heroine looks so boring. Really not a fan of the old geisha hairstyle. She’s gives no Maya/Kay/Athena vibe at all.

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