Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Has A Persona Fusion System, Too

By Sato . April 23, 2014 . 5:15pm

Characters in Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth will have access to sub-Personas, so you’ll be going through a bunch of different Personas as you level up and take on dungeons. This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine details how you’ll be able to power your Personas up and also trade them with other players.


While all the characters will have their main Personas, they’ll be able to attain sub-Personas which can be acquired by defeating enemies. This will benefit each character by giving them access to skills that aren’t available through their main Persona.


Since you’ll be fighting all kinds of enemies, you’ll acquire a number of Personas, but what happens if you get too many and don’t know what to do with them? In that event, you’ll be able to use them as part of a “Union Sacrifice” to power your current Personas up. A Persona used as part of Union Sacrifice will go toward providing another Persona with a vast amount of experience points.


Additionally, Famitsu says you’ll also be able to create different Personas using this method. These new Personas can also retain skills from the previous ones, so this feature sounds like it works somewhat like the demon fusion you see in a lot of Shin Megami Tensei games.


Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth also offers two ways to trade Personas with other players. One way is using the “Streetpass Mail” feature, where you’ll be able the select a Persona that will go to other players through the Nintendo 3DS’ Streetpass function.


The second method allows you to create a QR code for your Personas, which can then be shared with friends over the Internet. You won’t lose any of your Personas from either method, so you won’t have to worry about sharing them with friends or strangers.


Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth will be released in North America this Fall for Nintendo 3DS.

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  • Herok♞

    Sacrificing personas to make another one more powerful seems very helpful

  • hng qtr

    So we’ll have alternative means to gain XP like SMT IV? Even so reviewers will probably complain about the game being grindy.

    • Jero

      It’s am RPG though, it’s pretty much expected you have to grind a bit. Though at least in smt iv I loves the battle system so much it wasn’t a chore to grind.

      I hope this game has a compendium though I’m pretty sure it will.

      • hng qtr

        I can’t think of any JRPG where I had to grind besides Resonance of Fate. Most games are designed to keep you always at an appropriate level, granted you didn’t run away from all enemies. Modern Atlus games also give the player lots of XP for completing quests and things like that, so grinding isn’t even a good option to level up anymore.

        • Jero

          Huh, I don’t know, when bosses kill you in like 2 hits it’s clear you have to grind and that happened to me a lot when playing persona 3 (fes).

          • hng qtr

            When bosses kill you in 2 hits it’s clear you’re using the wrong Persona and equipment.

          • EverEndingStory


            I just went back to playing SMT: Digital Devil Saga. Played it when I was younger (stupider?), spent so much time grinding and I still had to give up because it was too hard. Went back to it the other day, started playing it smartly, keeping an eye on weaknesses, resistances, started using more indirect methods of attack like ailments, focusing more on defensive skills like repel and absorb that took away enemy press turns, and its been so easy now.

        • God

          That’s when post-game and secret bosses come in, Disgaea D2 is probably the greatest example of this.

    • fatzee123020

      *Sigh*….these days, if a game doesn’t take place from a first person perspective complete with guns, explosions, a poorly written two hour long story mode with a bombast, overrated multiplayer tacked on, it automatically sucks.
      I know, it’s sad.

  • vileBrenman

    Oh man this is great! Sacrifice option like in nocturne! Awesome. Also the trading of personas sounds awesome

  • surakian

    Trading Personas sounds like so much fun and a bit in the spirit of what Social Links are. Forging bonds with friends to create powerful Persona, but instead you are forging bonds with your friends by giving them the best Persona you have. I’m gonna have the best time sharing Persona

    Also YES sacrificing Persona!

    • God

      None of my friends have a 3DS and where i live, the odds of crossing paths with someone carring a 3DS with the wireless on and one of the games you have, are like 1/10000

      • Serge

        Heaven must be an awful place.

        • God

          Meh, it’s alright, you get to live in eternal bliss.

      • surakian

        Good thing you can trade QR codes online, God.

        • God

          There are multiple sides to every coin i guess…

  • Aki

    Isn’t this basically exactly what Etrian Odyssey IV does

    • natchu96

      Everything announced so far has pretty much been “this is an Etrian Odyssey game made to look like a Persona game” so it’s not too surprising.

      • God

        It’s an Etrian Odyssey in core gameplay, but persona in pretty much everything else.

  • Warboss Aohd

    i give the internet about a month to completely break the game using this.

    doubt it will even take half that.

    • Christopher Nunes

      OK, I’ve got to ask as I’ve been curious for a while but… what is your Avatar picture from?

      • Crevox

        Either it’s an orc from warhammer or warcraft

        • Warboss Aohd

          Warhammer, Warcraft Orcs are alot more refined (Me and the Mad Wovles being the exception due to Tau Experiments.).

    • God

      It wil take me at most 2 weeks to clear this game, so i’d say i wil have succesfuly broken it by day 3.

  • Audie Bakerson

    Sacrifices were a bit… weird in Nocturne. Gave 1.5 the sacrificed demon’s gained XP as gained XP to the result, which could be chained (ESPECIALLY in NG+, where you didn’t have that pesky level cap), but it was pretty annoying to get Watchful on something without filling the rest of its skills with junk (I recall it’s mostly because Nocturne had really weird priority assignments for weighting skill chance).

    Wonder how they’ll balance it because, if every recent MegaTen is any indication, this will remove or heavily limit randomness during fusion, which makes that limitation irrelevant.

    • notentirelythere

      From the odd description, I’m wondering if this will just replace triangle fusion, but instead of reworking the result through the fusion chart, it’ll allow you to reach the next Persona tier of the original result’s arcana w/enough EXP… or something.

  • Firion Hope

    Sounds cool I suppose

  • Ban The Jackass

    Oh dear, not again. When I just got Conception 2, too. Why Atlus, why. Do you want my money that much ):

  • Jero


  • DragKudo

    QR demons and Gods….Is Digital Devil Story becoming a reality?

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    QR persona? scenes Alice QR code

  • lunier

    So, this is pretty much the grimoire system in EO:Untold?

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