Yuffie Is The First DLC Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call Character

By Spencer . April 24, 2014 . 3:48am

image The cost of all the downloadable songs in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is more than the Nintendo 3DS game, so it comes as no surprise that Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call has downloadable content too. The game, which just came out in Japan, has a eight downloadable tunes:


Final Fantasy V – Library of the Ancients (FMS)

Final Fantasy VIII – Shuffle or Boogie (BMS)

Final Fantasy X: Blitz Off (BMS)

Final Fantasy X-2: Eternity: Memories of Waves and Light (FMS)

Final Fantasy XI: Tough Battle #2 (BMS)

Final Fantasy XIII-2: Crazy Chocobo (FMS)


the1 the2


Between April2 4 and May 8, Battle 2 from Final Fantasy V (BMS) and Roses of May from Final Fantasy XI (BMS) are freebies. Each song costs 150 yen. Yuffie from Final Fantasy VII is also available as a downloadable character for 150 yen.

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  • Triplicity

    Ugh, it begins, I guess. The question is, did they confirm or deconfirm if all of the songs from the original game were included on-card yet?

    • Jonah Paley

      I think they said every song from the first game and every DLC song from the first game (with the exception of Somnus from FFXV). I don’t have a source on hand, so don’t quote me on this.

    • 하세요

      It’s been confirmed awhile ago. They had the list up for months now.

      • Triplicity


  • RajaNaga

    Hey, I’d rather have characters we otherwise wouldn’t have as DLC than not existing at all! Hopefully this means more VI and IX characters.

  • Aww man! My copy doesn’t arrive till around the 16th! D:
    At least it’s available though XD
    And Yuffie <3

  • Jonah Paley

    ARE WE IN HELL…probably, yes.

    Also, Eternity Memory of Lightwaves was on my wishlist for additional songs, so that’s good.

  • protofox

    1st and foremost yuffie. keep the hell away from my materia. U THINK I DONT REMEMBER WHAT HAPPEN IN FF7?! -glares- better sit down, shut up and drink that goddamn tea.

    • haku67

      lol I still love the contract that she tries to make cloud sign at the end of the game.for releaseing all materia after the final battle XD

      • Daniel Banks

        Considering that she has all of the materia in Advent Children, he probably did sign it.

  • fairysun

    Crazy chocobo from FF XIII-2? Is that the one that has rap ?

    • Rentekabond

      No, that’s the rock song that comes on when you ride the Red Chocobo. The only rap song I can think of from 13-2 are World’s Collide and Unseen Invaders.

    • Herok♞
      • Best. Track. Ever.

        • Herok♞

          I love it because of how silly and unexpected it was the first time I rode a chocobo that had this theme

      • Savage Sui ♥

        *ears start bleeding*
        I like most of the OST for XIII-2, but this song, THIS song… ugh ^^””

        • Clearly you can’t ride the Chocobo. :V

          • Savage Sui ♥

            Pffttt~ I have no desire to ride a “crazy” Chocobo anyways. I’d much rather ride a normal Chocobo with a normal melody playing in the background, lol.

        • 하세요

          Whaaaaaaaaat? This was the greatest song to come out of XIII-2. And don’t give me some “it doesn’t fit FF” excuse because Otherworld didn’t either and I’d be damned if you tell me that’s a bad song, too.

          Ya better just not like rock.

          • Calm yo Chocobos my friend. All it means is that she simply does not have what it takes to ride the Chocobo. That’s punishment enough methinks.

          • Savage Sui ♥

            Lol, no, I actually like rock music. I just hate that song. This one an X-2’s are the only renditions of the Chocobo theme that I can’t stand to listen to.

            But whatever. Your opinion is your opinion and my opinion is mine~

          • alixraen

            Coming from a metal fan, this song is a shite excuse for metal.

        • Herok♞

          But its my favorite track

  • 하세요

    Already got her, as well as about half those songs. Having so much fun!

    • Lucky! >.>
      My copy doesn’t arrive until around mid May methinks.
      How’s the gameplay? Do we still have to still do that annoying dark note grind for shards again?

      • 하세요

        Gameplay is enhanced. Framerate is better in EMS songs. From what I can tell, there are two ways to get shards – the new adventure mode thing (similar to Chaos Shrine, but more fun / longer) or just doing Free Select and getting shards after songs. Shards also are categorized.

        For example, if you get…4 Red Shards, you can select a character to unlock in the Red Shard category.

        • “Shards are also categorized”
          This pleases me.
          Also the new ways to get shards is MUCH better than the Chaos Shrine. I could never figure out how it decided what boss I would face.

          • 하세요

            Your choice in the beginning matters what you start with, though. Keep that in mind. I chose Terra, Cloud, Tidus and Lightning, so I got songs from VI, VII, X, and XIII. You unlock access to just about all the songs in a few hours but if you have any games in particular you enjoy the most, be sure you choose from that series.

            It’s pretty much the Dissidia cast + XIV Miqo’te. The adventure mode thing has a silhouette of the boss if you have anyone in particular, but I can’t read Japanese anyway so it really doesn’t help me xD I just have fun and unlock shit randomly.

          • Hm. My favorites are from IV, VI, IX and the last is a toss up. It seems that they capitalized on making the game much better than the first one. My body is certainly ready.

            Yes, randomly unlocking stuff is fun. You have those “ooh! What’s that?!” Moments more that way.

            But what I meant is that in the first one there were three different bosses that you could fight in the Dark Note. Often one of them would have the type of shard I needed but I would never be able to fight that boss. To this day I haven’t unlocked all the characters in the first one. :P

          • 하세요

            Yeah it was hella annoying, but I managed to do it. Better part about this version’s Chaos Shrine is:
            – All bosses are available in it
            – Bosses sometimes have Vs Mode attacks, such as note twisting and Crit Only (any non-perfect note is considered Bad)
            – Each and every song (besides DLC I believe) can be in it, allowing for far more enjoyable and random quests

          • Bosses actually are a challenge and act more like bosses in this one instead of item grinding enemies?!?! O.O
            Finally, the RPG elements seem to be better integrated in this one.

          • 하세요

            I can also now confirm even DLC songs appear in the adventure mode once you purchase them. Blitz Off just appeared in one.

          • Oh Hecks yes.
            I can’t wait for Crazy Chocobo to randomly come blaring through my 3DS on adventure mode.

            Speaking of which, can you use an American credit card to purchase things on the Japanese e-shop? Or do you just have to buy prepaid Japanese 3DS e-shop cards?

          • 하세요

            It’s funny; Japan accepts ANY region’s card, where as US (not sure about EU) only accepts their own region’s cards.

            It’ll auto-convert in your account. I got Project Mirai 2, Monster Hunter 4, this game and various other eShop exclusive titles with my NA credit card no problems at all.

          • This pleases me. No need to deal with importation fees! :D
            I really can’t wait for this game to finally arrive at my doorstep >w<

          • 하세요

            It comes down to what you really want a physical copy of. I like my rhythm games to be digital so no matter where I am, I always have my games I can jam to (with the exception of Taiko no Tatsujin – gotta be physical for me). I plan on importing MH4G though. I went digital for MH4 because I was so impatient (sat in the eShop for hours waiting for it to go up back in September xD ) but I’m def trying to build up my physical library.

          • My copy of CC will be digital. The reason I’m having to wait is because I got the CC 3DS LL. X3

          • 하세요

            I was mad tempted to get it, but I realized I could get the Rajang MH4 LL, and Monster Hunter is my #1 franchise. I’ll wait to see if NA gets the XL. If so, I’ll upgrade my NA 3DS to that one.

          • True dat.
            I felt a bit sad because the day after I ordered my LL the PQ one was announced ;-;
            But I’m still happy as the Cc one looks amazing.

          • 하세요

            That one does look neat, too. While we’re at it:

            NA – 3351-4305-9704
            JP – 0834-1360-1490

            More the merrier!

          • Sweet!
            My US one is 0259-0454-9704
            I’ll give you my Japanese one when it gets here >w<

  • Herok♞

    Well I guess I will be buying Crazy Chocobo

  • SobriK

    Minor typo alert! “Roses of May from Final Fantasy XI” – your Roman numerals betrayed you there, it’s from IX :)

  • yellowmage

    [crosses fingers for Zeid. Or any other galka.]

  • Anthony Hadow

    I will never get these games too much dlc. Would love to see patapon series re-released for vita though

  • NeptuniasBeard

    Guess I’ll have to geyshel up with the greens and let ’em go if I want all the music of this game…

  • Father John Brown

    Can you import data from the first game? I have everyone except Yuna at level 99 and it would be a shame to have to start over, especially with such a huge roster

    • 하세요

      No, you must do it all over again. They changed multiple abilities and song patterns. Coding to adjust that probably is a huge ass pain.

  • Ty Arnold

    Well, they’ve finally done it. Square released a DLC that I’ll actually be willing to shell out money for.

    Yuffie? Who? No, I’m talking about Crazy Chocobo. SADDLE UP IF YOU WANNA RIDE IN THE RODEO!

    • Hinataharem

      Omg I loved that song XD

  • LustEnvy

    I luvs me sum Yuffie. She’s one of my fave video game characters. All that wit and sarcasm. <3

  • God

    Sounds like an awesome game… but the only final fantas i ever finished was the first one so i don’t know if it’s worth my money…

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