Attack On Titan Theme Song And NES Tunes Are In Taiko: Drum Master For Wii U

By Spencer . April 25, 2014 . 2:10am


The catchy theme song from Attack on Titan found its way into Taiko: Drum Master Wii U Version. Crimson Bow & Arrow is available as downloadable content in Bandai Namco’s game as a freebie.


Nintendo also released a bunch of songs to tie in with NES Remix. The Balloon Trip theme, Fever from Dr. Mario, the Legend of Zelda theme, and a NES Remix compilation are available as free DLC for Taiko: Drum Master Wii U Version too. The Pokemon X & Y Trainer Battle Medley and a Monster Hunter 4 costume pictured above are also in the game.


Taiko: Drum Master Wii U Version was released in Japan last year.

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  • David García Abril


    • David García Abril

      Oh, wait…

  • Raine

    Now we only need a 3D Movement gear taiko stick and I’ll play this game until it broke.

    No, seriously. Give me a 3D movement gear taiko stick.

    Just… Please! XD

  • 하세요

    I hope they make their way to the upcoming 3DS one, which also needs to have DLC this time around.

  • Evil-Antho

    is there ever any hope of ever getting this game to the west?

    • 하세요

      I really hate to be that guy, but there’s just no chance in hell. It would be a miracle. The last (and only) one we got was 2004. There have been countless installments since then. If we were to get one to “give us another chance” it would’ve been on a far more successful system, such as one of the Wii or 3DS ones.

      To give us the Wii-U title now of all times would be the most bizarre marketing strategy ever, as sales would naturally be fairly low. Again, not trying to shut ya down in profound sadness but this is the reality of this franchise.

      • A shame Namco couldn’t give us a tracklist closer to the Japanese version, or more video game songs. Also a missed opportunity to bring over the handheld titles that didn’t need a controller manufactured.

        Seems like Japan never really saw how much of a Rhythm craze the 2000s had, Konami did the same thing messing up marketing Beatmania and Guitar Freaks.

        I bought the PS2 game so I did my part at least.

      • Even more sad is that this would be so import friendly, if it wasn’t for the whole region locking thing.

      • Evil-Antho

        no worries about that =) I know just how improbable it is that we’ll ever get this game x.x
        though I do appreciate the reasoning you gave to it =O
        oh well for the time being I’ll just keep playing project diva.
        thanks for the concern ^^

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery


  • Aspenharls

    I have no shame in admitting I’ve listened to Guren no Yumiya a little over a thousand times. THe song is great.

  • Morningstar

    Id that a pawprint or Mickey Mouse on the hat?

    • 하세요

      That’s the iconic MH felyne paw print, yo!

  • All these plebs not realizing that the second AoT theme song is infinitely superior even though everyone hates it at first

    • Spirit Macardi

      The first time I heard it I thought: “Damn! The Canadian National anthem got intense!”

  • Lokamp

    Oh yes, removing a comment of mine just because I said that this DLC news for the game is simply outdated to February and March. How sweet.

    Can’t wait to see this one removed as well

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