One Piece Unlimited World Red Shows The Corrida Colosseum Modes

By Sato . April 25, 2014 . 3:02pm


One Piece Unlimited World Red will have extra features that weren’t available in the original Japanese 3DS release with the new Corrida Colosseum mode, where you’ll be taking on Doflamingo and others. Ganbarion’s developer blog shares a closer look at the new content.


20140417_622833 20140417_622842

To get you up to speed, the “Battle Colosseum” mode takes place at the Corrida colosseum in the Dressrosa arc of One Piece, where the Mugiwara pirates faces Donquixote Doflamingo.


In One Piece Unlimited World Red, it’s a new mode with four different ways to fight. Here’s a look at them:



The Battle Royale mode is where you’ll be giving everything you got against two or more tough opponents in the arena. Working well with your partner will be the key to winning these fights.



As the name implies, Duel mode will put you in a 1v1 battle. Unlike the other modes that have multiple characters, you’ll constantly be attacked in this mode, so you might need to brush your solo skills up for it.



In the Brawl mode, you’ll be taking on a bunch of small-fry enemies. They say that characters with ranged attacks or attacks that can hit multiple foes at once will have an edge in this mode.



Finally, the Boss Rush mode will have you take on bosses one after another, and it is said to be quite the challenge. This might also be the best way to get some rank ups.



Additionally, there’s a Special Match feature that has different battles for your characters. Winning these special fights will give you a huge boost in rank, and they will also have their own original side-stories to them.


20140417_622840 20140417_622841

There will also be various story developments that were never shown in the original, as you can get your own dream mix of characters to participate in this mode, like the ones seen in the above images.


One Piece  Unlimited World Red will be released on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and Wii U on June 12 in Japan and sometime in 2014 in North America, which will also be get the Nintendo 3DS version.

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  • LAME….Playable Chars ONLY straw Hat Pirates and law lol

    • No. Ace, Boa, Edward, and Jinbe will be playable as well, you just have to unlock them.

      • British_Otaku

        Do you have a source for Boa or Whitebeard? The wikia was gusessed they were in back in 2013 and were wrong based on me playing every mission through of the game. >_>

        They could be here, but if you don’t have a source it is better not to share the information. It is also possible that Ace or Jinbe who were playable in maybe five sidequests (including DLC) might not be playable here. Is that a reasonable assumption? Not really, but I’ll wait till we know for sure.

      • Really O.o thanks

  • Gon Janken

    Looks good. The enemy’s bar of health reminds me of KH1

  • Hexodious

    Yes, this game is also coming to Europe in case if anyone is wondering. Actually, in the west, Europe got their announcement earlier than North America, not sure why Sato only pinned North America in the west. Australia will also be getting this game, for all ya aussies out there.

  • Lifestreamer

    I’m glad you people took the time to translate the things they post in their blog, sometimes something new appears and I can’t understand a single thing outside pics.

    I’m just wondering if the bosses are playable in these new modes, some of the earlier scans kind of hint this.

  • heartless141

    orrrr they could just go back to make a new Jump Ultimate Stars game.

    • VietKnight

      They already did for PS3 or you are looking for one for 3DS
      I am just glad the Unlimited series is coming to stateside since the last and only one, One Piece Unlimited Adventure.

      • British_Otaku

        That wasn’t developed by Ganbarion, nor was it as a polished as the Jump Stars games. >_>

        Also, glad you guys are getting another Unlimited game though, not that it isn’t that challenging to import Cruise and use homebrew (I imported Adventure myself).

        • Gon Janken

          I keep hearing that Ganbarion excuse…is their Jump games that good?

          • British_Otaku

            “Ganbarion excuse”, I think myself and Lifestreamer frequently “fanboy/girl” over Ganbarion’s work in the comments of articles like this but I didn’t think it was common enough for others to notice.

            Anyway, yes, the Jump games (Jump Superstars and Jump Ultimate Stars specifically) are really solid brawlers which both capture the imagination by feeling how a Jump manga crossover should (sound effects on the screen, getting colour beat out of you, panels built out ones from the story, crazy team ups) and plain fun Smash Bros esque fun. I had a lot of fun playing two of the Hunter X Hunter cast there before I caught onto the anime.

            Their other games are mostly One Piece related (the Unlimited series and Gigant series being the only ones I’ve played), this one is my least favourite of theirs that I’ve played but I would say that it is still polished and likely to be a little better when this Corrida update goes out.

    • British_Otaku

      If you haven’t got a problem with playing a game focused 100% on One Piece in the style of Ultimate Stars, I highly recommend Gigant Battle 2. It has 40 playable characters and over 100 supports. The first Gigant Battle is pretty good too.

      • heartless141

        i tried both of it actually.
        the combo system was no where as smooth as JUS.
        and the deck building was half of the fun too.

        • British_Otaku

          Cool that you tried them both out, I haven’t played that much of Ultimate Stars (mostly as I didn’t enjoy how 1 Koma were treated and how unlocks worked), liking Super Stars more than that game in my little experience.
          While deck building was missed as I went on to play Gigant Battle 1 + 2 (and J-Stars Victory Vs which has bigger problems), I found the combo system to work quite well with chains which could be activated in 8 directions and with supports which can be chained into each other.

  • Kornelious

    Games looks great :) Though I’m still deciding if I should get the 3DS or Vita version with my PS3 copy…Probally Vita if it has cross-save.

  • Spirit Macardi

    I just want them to give this an English voice track for once.

    Clearly NamBan is willing to work with Funimation, since the DBZ games get dubbed just fine. All the characters are accounted for in English as well, what with Ian Sinclair making his debut as Brook in the Strong World movie.

    • Anthony Hadow

      While it would be nice to have english voices through out the game I am just happy with getting the game here at all some whole franchises aren’t getting released at all let alone a game with 0 english voices

    • TaintedSeraph

      They’d have to get VAs for every character (up to the Dressrosa arc) that appears in the game.

      • AuraGuyChris

        And sadly, the dub is waaaaay behind in dubbed episodes. We’re like in the middle of the road and they’re just about to recruit that Brook guy.

      • British_Otaku

        You would be surprised how few people they would have to voice who never appeared in the 300+ episodes they did so far. And that they voiced Unlimited Adventure in 2008 (up to Enies Lobby) before they released Episode 1 on DVD.

        Every character (up to the Dressrosa arc) who they haven’t voiced yet? Kizaru, Law, Jinbei, Caesar Clown, Fujitora and Hody. Only three are very recent characters and they must have plans set for casting Kizaru by now.

  • Anthony Hadow

    I still havent decided which version I want. It sounded like the 3DS version might get exclusive content but I will have to wait and see.

  • subsamuel01

    Man I was hoping for vs. mode against other players too locally or online. Guess its a start, looks a lot better than pirate warriors.

    • Tousand

      not sure about that since i haven’t played it and i love PW, many characters to play with. hehe. something that this game should add.. xD

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