Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Shows Off More Costumes And Special Skills

By Sato . April 25, 2014 . 3:34pm


When you’re not climbing up the floors of Aincrad and fighting bosses in Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, you’ll be going on dates with various heroine characters. Dengeki shows off some new dating features, and a closer look at the heroine costumes we previously reported.


sao21_02_cs1w1_720x405 sao21_03_cs1w1_720x405


In addition to being able to dress up Kirito in all kinds of gear, as demonstrated in the above image, you’ll be able to play dress-up with heroine characters by making them wear whatever you provide.


sao21_05_cs1w1_720x405 sao21_06_cs1w1_720x405

The image to the left shows Asuna telling Kirito that she feels at ease with him, but I’m not too sure if he can say the same about her when she’s wearing that mask. If creepy masks aren’t your thing, you’ll also be able to take on a “pair look” with your partners with matching equipment.


As previously reported, you’ll be able to get special alternate costumes for heroine characters by meeting certain conditions. Here’s another look at the Sword Art Online ladies in their alternate gear:


sao21_07_cs1w1_720x405 sao21_08_cs1w1_720x405

sao21_09_cs1w1_720x405 sao21_10_cs1w1_720x405

sao21_11_cs1w1_720x405 sao21_12_cs1w1_720x405

sao21_13_cs1w1_720x405 sao21_14_cs1w1_720x405

sao21_15_cs1w1_720x405 sao21_16_cs1w1_720x405


We also got a brief look at the “Material Gathering” system, a special feature that lets you acquire special skills and equipment through Hollow Points, which can be acquired by completing objectives and meeting certain conditions. Here’s a look at some of those special weapons and skills:


sao21_19_cs1w1_640x640 sao21_20_cs1w1_640x640

sao21_21_cs1w1_640x640 sao21_22_cs1w1_640x640

sao21_23_cs1w1_640x640 sao21_24_cs1w1_640x640

sao21_25_cs1w1_640x640 sao21_26_cs1w1_640x640

sao21_27_cs1w1_640x640 sao21_28_cs1w1_720x405

sao21_29_cs1w1_720x405 sao21_30_cs1w1_720x405

sao21_31_cs1w1_720x405 sao21_32_cs1w1_720x405

sao21_33_cs1w1_720x405 sao21_34_cs1w1_720x405

sao21_35_cs1w1_720x405 sao21_36_cs1w1_720x405

sao21_37_cs1w1_720x405 sao21_38_cs1w1_720x405

sao21_39_cs1w1_720x405 sao21_40_cs1w1_720x405

sao21_41_cs1w1_720x405 sao21_42_cs1w1_720x405



Dengeki  also reveals that you’ll be able to sit down on benches while holding hands with your partner.


sao21_46_cs1w1_720x405 sao21_47_cs1w1_720x405

Doing so leads to the possibility of having longer conversations with your date, and a chance for taking some cute screen shots!


Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment is out in Japan for PS Vita, and will be available this Summer in North America.

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  • TheExile285

    I’ll probably use Lance in this

    • twageek

      I’m a katana guy myself.

      • You’ll want to mix it up a bit. There’s a Dengeki guide that shows the skill tree, and some skills require certain level combos with specific weapons.

        • twageek

          thx, i’ll do that. but i still love to show favoritism. =)

        • TheExile285

          Hmm. That’s good to know.

      • stephane3012

        Go team katana. I always use katanas in all my games if i’m given the choice.

      • twageek

        Also, the multi colored (great sword?) and the rapier are Beautiful!!!

      • MrTyrant

        Glorious bushido and all that right?

      • Christopher Nunes

        If we’re allowed Dual Katana I’m in! ^_^

      • God

        I’m more of a Dual Greatsword guy myself.

      • David García Abril

        Same here.

        Actually, if he can wield TWO katanas, then… well, he would become even more of a Marty Stu than he was in the Fairy Dance arc.

        But who care! That would be awesome! lol

  • Tatsumarii

    IT’S HAMMER TIME, LET’S GO! I’m so glad we’re getting this and Hearts R. Year of the Vita!

  • Anime10121

    Still cant believe this is coming over! I’m buying this the day its posted!

    • DAT Bird From DAT Cage

      So all this date talking… in a MMO?

      So if MC go on date with another character… is the MMO software in the game’s lore such that when you “touch” the MMO character in the MMO you will actually feel that sensation in real life?

      Essentially, if you get injured, you get real world injuries too?

      • TheGunheart

        I think that’s how it’s supposed to work. The game in question uses a sort of VR headset that intercepts nerve impulses to control your character, and I think it was mentioned somewhere that you could feel things in the game world. There’s even food simulation (only good for taste, not actual sustenance). It’s specifically mentioned though that pain isn’t actually simulated under normal circumstances, and even turned on, you’d feel it, but it wouldn’t actually affect your body (at least in theory; we see someone with an eye injury at one point, but that’s ultimately pretty minor compared to what else happened to his character).

        Also, to add to the above about dying in the game killing the player for real, I’d like to add that it’s due to the aforementioned VR headset; the scanner it uses to read nerve impulses can also unleash a lethal microwave burst. Before you ask, no, none of the players knew about this; part of the premise of the series is that the players are stuck in a death game run by a madman.

      • Anime10121

        I may be a bit rusty in my SAO knowledge, but I dont think anything’s effected in the “real world” unless they die, which killed them in reality.

        It in effect, is much like how real people date in MMO’s in this (the real) world.

    • Kornelious

      Same here :)
      And since Infinity Moment is part of the game as well, it’s like we got that too :D

  • Guest

    Can I dress Kirito as a girl though?

    • Harvey Tejada Loto

      he is still a guy but he looks like a girl

  • Guest

    Can I dress Kirito as a girl and make my life complete?

  • shuyai

    really surprise such nich anime title getting localise, Vita is on fire this year with all those Japanese title! i am guessing Sony seriously pushing vita this year.

    • Anime10121

      Especially considering its a jrpg!

    • darke

      Honestly it’s only niche if you consider anime niche. SAO is huge in comparison to most titles, JRPGs like Conception II are niche in comparison since they don’t actually have a fanbase to pander to.

  • Somerandomperson

    enjoying the game right now :)

  • Vash bane

    i’m still surprised this even got localized while at the same time I’m not. I know the anime is quite famous (don’t know about the novel or what ever I don’t read those period) but the anime did have some nice art (did not watch the dub….already seen it in Japanese) for me at least. it seems only the fans are going to buy this and those who scanned though the anime just for the fight scenes (I know there are some out there that did just that lol) but I believe those that think the game will be like that will just return it. XD

    honestly for me not worth a day one buy :/ from those trailers and gameplay vid the game just looked too slow and tedious. :/

    but cool he has more weapons tho unlike the anime >.>

    • DyLaN

      The LNs are also pretty famous even be4 the anime came out.

      And yes, the game is pretty much made for the fans that I won’t deny. (Actually, most anime games are pretty much fanservice) Though that doesn’t mean that all non-fan can’t enjoy or play it.

      Though the combat in HF is certainly an improvement over IM one.

      • Renaldi Saputra

        LN were pretty famous, yes, only in Japan. After the anime aired, it got more popular around the world. And that makes the LN sold quite better in US

        • Vash bane

          does things happen different in the LN or are they the exact same?

          • Renaldi Saputra

            LN IIRC is pretty more detail, hence it’s still continuing and it’s a long one. Maybe comparing the anime with the LN is just like heaven and earth, many ppl said that who watched

          • RickyMack

            there were a few omissions, a minor character introduced early on in the books didn’t show up until later (some fans were really complaining about that one until she was there). then there were some events in the second half of the show that were also omitted, nothing too bad. the second half of the anime is the third novel and isn’t well regarded, hard to top the premise for the SAO arc. the second season of the anime will be based of the next novel arc.

        • darke

          The LNs were obnoxiously popular outside of Japan even before the anime aired, even if you only count popularity within the anime community. It wasn’t like Attack of Titans (the only other ‘smash hit’ I can think of recently) where it only became popular post-anime.

          • Renaldi Saputra

            but mostly aren’t aware of the LN except diehard fans, they only know from the anime, that’s all

      • Vash bane

        I really didn’t mean it to come off that way. sure none fans might play it. specially since on most anime site (that I visited) have a chat box and the first thing someone new to anime comes in ask for recommendations. for words will be SAO , sword art online. is it good? its awesome :D

        XD some think its over-rated I believe its only started.

        and yeah I agree its defiantly an improvement but un-like IM of-course none jp readers will be able enjoy this.

        it’s just me tho but that pause after every combo or skill will eventually get annoying but I do enjoy the fact that it emulates a UI (I hope I worded that right) you know sometimes the little details are cool :)

  • FreeLancers

    question! will this have dub voice.

    • Anime10121

      Dont know yet, but considering its PSN only… I doubt it :(

      • FreeLancers

        kinda figure being that it’s coming to soon.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      licensing the original voice is very expensive, even if the voices are a lot…
      so I doubt we’ll get original voice, maybe it will be muted or rather dub

      • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

        JP Voices are typically cheaper than licensing American VA. Americans are over paid, while JP licensing isn’t cheap, it is usally cheaper than licensing good VA and or the ones from the Adult Swim dub. But like most, Sub only is preferred.

        • Renaldi Saputra

          but Bamco usually do dub for their games like naruto, etc…
          Or maybe they’ll mute the voices in dialogue

          • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

            Yeah but this a digital only title and is coming very soon after launch. They would be some pretty terrible dubbing if it is dubbed. Naruto is huge in the US, SAO’s fan base is not as large as Naruto’s.

          • Renaldi Saputra

            it’s true, but almost every game bamco did dub on it, rarely there’s with original japanese voice
            or maybe they muted the voices

  • Kornelious

    Man, this looks like 100x better knowing I’ll be able to enjoy in NA :) I hope they put it up for digital pre-order :D

  • zweii

    Clever Kiri to! Holding hands so girls can’t get away.

  • If I can play dress-up with the heroines, then I’ll be like Soul in Mugen Souls. All girls must wear bikinis. It’s the height of fashion. One that few understand. (Sucks I couldn’t find the right picture…)

  • DyLaN


    Just me fooling with the screenshots here.

    And lol at the rainbow sword.

    • TheExile285

      Lol nice

  • The Watcher

    So many icons and bars on the screen i can only see the character. lol

  • hawk222

    For a minute there, I thought “Why is Armin is SAO? And why does he have whiskers?”

    …That bench hand-holding looks really… awkward.

  • Jumbokitty724

    Do we have to be Kirito?

  • Rinkawa Erion
  • Harvey Tejada Loto

    booobs boobs boobs

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