Aksys Is Entering Steam With Magus

By Spencer . April 26, 2014 . 9:30am


Xseed, Atlus, and NIS America have been releasing games on Steam. Aksys is joining the party with Magus. The PlayStation 3 game which Aksys co-developed with Black Tower Studios is on Steam Greenlight.


Magus is an action RPG where you play as a freed god that shoots magic spells like fireballs and black holes. While the story has a serious tone, Magus is a rather goofy game that plays like a fantasy third person shooter. You can dress Magus up with wacky headgear to better fit the game.


Magus was released for PlayStation 3 earlier this year.

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  • JonathanisPrimus

    $1 Steam sales are the only way this thing is selling anyways. From what I’ve read, it’s terrible.

  • Holy shit, that 32/100 Metacritic score :o

    • Shady Shariest

      Who cares about Metacritic?

      • When a score is that low, it’s not meaningless.

        • Shady Shariest

          Problem with that assumption:
          1) The process is secret, the calculations and score-weights are unknown

          2) Metacritic is easy to screw over. A bandwagon of hating very likely ruins the score.

          This game might be awful from what i see, but trusting metacritic with anything is like making your life a game played by NeoGaf users.

          • Safros9

            User scores and professional reviews are kept separate, so your second point doesn’t really stand.

          • Shady Shariest

            It… Actually does. You’d surprised how much game critics bandwagon. The many awards and 99.9 praise for “The Walking Dead” and “The Last of Us” prove that hype and popularity are actually a factor.

          • darke

            Yeah. Metacritic is depressing in many ways. But that’s because games journalism is so rife with graft that it’s depressing in many ways; Metacritic just concentrates the suck. :(

          • Shady Shariest

            Which is why no-one should bother with number-centered reviews.

          • darke

            Well the numbers aren’t completely worth ignoring; they’re fine if you go to metacritic looking for reviews and pick a 7+ review, a 4-6 review and a 3- review, and then compare and contrast the text. It usually gets to the heart of whether “the game sucks” or “the reviewer sucks”; especially with JRPGs, or quite frankly anything odd or niche (artsy game ‘experiences’ are notorious for getting rave reviews yet having shit gameplay for instance). But yeah, the aggregate is useless.

          • Shady Shariest

            The problem being that the numbers are not tied to anything. So they cannot be compared directly. Which makes them obsolete.

            Comparing reviews is something anyone (And everyone) should do by default. Selecting them by numbers does effectively nothing. You are just seeing people who did, or did not enjoy the game write. And those points are subjective. Same effect can be gotten by just googling for reviews.

            There is no reason for numbers to exist in this relation either, and once again people just look at the numbers and compare numbers leaving the text largely unread. Which leads to a lot of work going unappreciated.

    • Masa

      32, that’s kind, i’d rate it 4/100

  • Aaron Lee

    Oh nonononononono, don’t buy this one, people. Not even at a Steam sale price.

    You are guaranteed more fun watching this on Youtube as a Let’s Play while giggling at how awful it is without forking over a penny.

    • Anthony Hadow

      and comments like these are exactly why they take down said youtube videos

      • Phoenix_Apollo

        People deserve to know how terrible this game is…

        • Anthony Hadow

          that maybe so but telling people not to buy the product and watch it on youtube does not help the gaming communities point on why we should keep the videos.

          • Aaron Lee

            If the company comes to the warped rationalisation that Youtube videos are bad for whatever reason and pull them down (only a few handful have had the gall to do that, thank goodness), I will squarely pin the blame on them. Them, not me. I’m a customer.

            If they refuse to realise that Youtube can HELP the performance of their games by generating widespread interest, sod them. If they release a terrible game, and people would rightly rather go online to see why and how it’s so bad, sod the company as well, for they deserve any potential kick in the shins.

            I don’t think any of the culpability should be placed on the individual who likes Let’s Play videos on Youtube, or the individual giving advice to any interested people on how to approach a certain game. If anything, we’re doing them a favour, by telling the company that they made something shit, and we’re not opening our wallets. Go do better next time, and perhaps then people will be more willing to pay you money.

          • Anthony Hadow

            Well unfortunately there are companies that have come to this warped rationalization and comment like what Aaron posted only make them think they were right to take down said videos. While myself and many other gamers know that gaming is an experience that cant really be shown through a video, companies think otherwise.

          • landlock

            To be honest games like this deserve to fail otherwise they won’t bother trying in the future and carry on releasing rubbish.

            It is like why so many licensed titles are very poor because they know they will sell regardless so they don’t even try.

    • Shady Shariest

      I am pretty sure that the game will be mangled to bits by critics if it passes Greenligth.

      • Tatsuya1221

        It will pass greenlight, no matter how bad it is.

        • Shady Shariest

          Yupo… And Valve will insist that them not giving a crap about the service is not related in any way to the apparent failure of it.

        • Juan Andrés Valencia

          Bonetown: Mature Edition passed. Which is an censored version of a porn clone of GTA or Postal where you attack minorities and have sex. Again, it passed recently. To say that Valve needs to get it’s Greenlight and game submission system checked is an understatement.

          • darke

            To be honest, I’d rather crap like that, then 10+ year old crappy shovelware.

            And at least Bonetown sounds like it has more innovation and personality then the yearly CoD releases and clones of such. ;)

  • RawrWata

    H-hey guys…. What about… Guilty Gear…? Blazblue…?

    oh…. Y-you want to put this on Greenlight…?


    • TheRealMalek

      Guilty gear is on pc not on steam because build is too old but if godus works well maybe Xrd will have a steam release.

      • Death Saved

        Build is too old?

        Decade old game are being released on steam as we speak, valves quality control went from bad to non existent, they could release it without being able to run and valve would put it on store.

        • darke

          That’s only because they seem to have allowed the publishers, who are currently on steam, to release their old backlog without limitations. Thus all the shit games.

          To get terrible or ancient games, from a company not on steam already, they have to go through greenlight at the moment. :)

    • Guilty Gear Isuka and Blazeblue Calamity Trigger is on steam.

  • ReidHershel

    Remember when Atlus released the R.I.P.D Video Game? That was hilarious.

  • Weeb

    Oh god. Of all the games they could bring to the PC, why this? Why was this game even published?

  • Ferrick

    probably best to skip this one…

    • Aaron Lee

      You have to admit though, some dialogue choices and segments are bad in a wonderful way. Like an adolescent wrote it, and then sat at the back fanning himself, delighted at his own wit.

  • Amir

    As far as I know, only independent developers who are without a publisher use Greenlight to self-publish their games. So, why are Aksys using Greenlight? Can’t they just release the game on Steam?

    • malek86

      Valve’s rules are cloudy at best. But the most accepted idea seems to be that, unless you were already a publisher with a game on Steam before the launch of Greenlight, you’ll have to use it for any new games.

    • landlock

      Not really. Ghostlight used Greenlight to get Agarest on Steam as well.

    • darke

      Essentially, the rules seem to be that if you’re already publishing games on steam you’re pretty much automatically approved to publish a new one. If you’re a big company in the PC space (like EA and friends) you pretty much are already on there.

      If you’re not publishing on there already, you’ve got to either negotiate with Valve and go through that paperwork, or nowadays you can get a game nominated on Greenlight as well. I’ve seen a few games yanked out of the greenlight queue and automatically approved before, but recently they’ve been approving chunks of the greenlight queue pretty much monthly so most things things from ‘big’ smaller companies are approved almost immediately anyway.

  • revenent hell

    I appreciate Aksys for the good works they do in bringing over games that I would otherwise not get to play but in all seriousness Magus was a butt ugly looking game.

    Aesthetically I honestly don’t think they could have went with a more dated looking graphics and just unpleasant to the eye art style, in game that is.

    When I had heard that they where making their own game I was super excited and thought I would buy it sight unseen but when I did see it I don’t think I could have been more disappointed in what was shown to me.

    I think I gave them far to much credit. While I didn’t expect something that would look like a professional developer with loads of experience created I also didn’t really expect something that looked that….cheap.

    I normally grant story more importance than visual appearance but to me nothing was good enough to make me have to look at it.

    Sorry Aksys. This was just a horror story to me.

    • Ladius

      Keep in mind Aksys is just publishing Magus, the game is actually developed by a small team of western developers (even if they’re apparently based in Japan).

      That said, the game’s only redeeming quality seems to be the “so bad it’s good” factor, at least going with some opinions I read. I may try it in a while, since it looks to be really short.

      • revenent hell

        No, Magus was co developed by Aksys.

        I don’t know where you have gotten you information about that but it is incorrect.

        Black Tower, the co-developers of Magus are based in Japan and Australia, I honestly have no idea why they refer to themselves as a “”western” indie developer but they are the only ones who have termed themselves as such on their Facebook page. Others do not refer to Black Tower as a western developer at all.

        • Ladius

          I never read anything about Aksys having a development staff at all (unless they hired some temporary help for that), have you any source regarding them developing the game itself, instead of simply fundingpublishing it and partnering with Black Tower?

          On Black Tower’s own site, the game is presented this way: “MAGUS, a new Action RPG developed by Black Tower Studios and published by Aksys Games for the Playstation 3, goes on sale today in North America!”, and even in other places the partnership is described that way.

          Regarding Black Tower, their founder is a Richie Casper who previously worked on Acquire, so that may be the reason they consider themselves western even if they operate in Toshima (again, according to their own site).

          • revenent hell

            On Aksys own site they state it. In multiple articles in regards to the game in fact.

            And not that wiki is a good choice but if you wiki the game it even states the game was co developed by both companies.

            I would link you all the magus announcements from the Askys site but I currently can not and have faith you can scroll.

          • Ladius

            You’re right, they are indeed listed as co-developers in the original announcement and in Magus’ Aksys site, as opposed to Black Tower’s.

            Sorry for the earlier misconception, I remembered seeing Aksys only referenced as publisher and I thought that was the case.

          • Yause

            Aksys doesn’t necessarily need a development staff to be billed as a “co-developer”. If they have an internal project director (which they do; a localization director filled that role) and/or a small staff supplying design and story specifications (confirmed in interviews), they’re involved with development.

            MAGUS is vanity project for the company, their first creative endeavour and original IP as opposed to a mere localization/publishing arrangement. They probably spent a lot of money, so putting it on Steam gives them a chance to recoup losses.

          • darke

            I believe they’re a company primarily founded by westerners in Japan. Thus the ‘western’ indie developers despite the fact they’re in Japan.

            To be honest, it’s probably to make sure people don’t have certain expectations for them. Japanese games tend to have a certain aesthetic different to ‘western’ ones, just like you can tell, say, Korean games, from Japanese, and ‘Russian’/Eastern European games have a different sensibility to mainland Europe/UK’s.)

  • Ladius

    I’m sorry to say this, but this is probably the worst game they could choose to make their debut on Steam, especially considering the kind of audience they have built on consoles.

    They probably didn’t have any other option since other games would require the development team to create a PC port beforehand (I’m thinking of Hakuoki, 999’s novel iOS version and VLR, mostly), but still I can’t imagine this going too well.

  • Wilder

    Corpse Party for Steam, gogo.

  • landlock

    Since the PS3 version never came to Europe. I’m sure I’ll try this on steam at some point. Just for a laugh.

  • Nicholas Perry

    I’d buy it. Even for 20$ The game looks fun, dont’ care if it’s not AAA

  • Masa

    Wow, what a great way to ruin they’re name with the very first title they put on steam……………what the hell are they thinking, the game is complete garbage.

    • darke

      To be honest, if you stick it at a cheap enough price point that people don’t really care how ‘bad’ it is, provided the time they spend with it is fun, you’d be surprised what sort of bad games can be enjoyed. :)

  • DesmaX

    lol, where’s Valve Quality Control?

    • darke

      Greenlight has no Valve Quality Control. Quality control is all down to people on the internet not voting for crappy/broken games. Scary isn’t it?



  • Audie Bakerson

    Of course we knew this was coming LONG ago when the ESRB rated it for the PC.

  • Juan Andrés Valencia

    From what I’ve seen this game is the RPG equivalent of Ride To Hell: Retribution which means I should buy it and that more people should experience it’s awful hilarity. I’m OK with that.

  • FlameEmperor

    I forgot about this PoS…….. Couldn’t they have taken some time to like……. Polish this some more……. A lot…..

  • TheCynicalReaper

    Aksys Games put money and time into helping this game get published.
    Meanwhile, the thousands of Fate/Extra CCC fans are still waiting…and waiting…

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