Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Shows Off Concept Art For Its New Area

By Sato . April 26, 2014 . 5:01pm


Capcom recently shared the latest on the new content they’ll be adding to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, an upgraded version to the original game. While we got to see a glimpse of some of the new content in their latest trailer, the official website shows off some more with new concept art.


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The above is some artwork of the Old Desert area that will be making a return in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. This area made its debut in the very first Monster Hunter game back on PlayStation 2, and will be heading to the Nintendo 3DS alongside old-timer Monoblos.



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As previously mentioned, numerous monsters that were introduced in Monster Hunter 4 will be getting new sub-species. The above images show just some of the new ones we’ll be seeing in the upcoming game.


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New monsters also means sweet new gear. It looks like we’ll be getting plenty of new equipment, and it’ll likely come in handy to take on the challenging G-Rank, which will also be added to the updated game.


14003416971_7e8b0e85ea_z And let’s not forget our friendly Felynes who’ll also be there for you through thick and thin! Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be adding plenty more equipment for your furry buddies, and this time around, they’ll be helping out with tanks and other co-operative Felyne abilities.


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be released in the West in early 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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  • Evil-Antho

    can’t wait for this game *-* so much want topped with so much hype.
    and I can’t wait to finally have felyne partners instead of Cha-Cha and Kayamba! those concept arts of armor sets are super sweet too *drools* if the 3rd one is a new version of the Brachydios armor than I’m totally fine with it. I actually wasn’t much of a fan of the mh3u one ^^;

  • So wait, is it JUST the Old Desert or is there a new Desert as well? If it is just the old one, then at least makes some changes to improve it. (Which I think they have looking at the trailer.)

    • konsama

      It IS the old desert. you can even listen to its theme in the latest trailer.

    • 하세요

      It’ll have elevation changes to account for the new gameplay, but it’ll be nice to get one old place back.

      It’s a desert – I’m surprised they managed to make a new one in Gen 3.

  • wow the Tigrex Armor closely resemble with Lagiacrus X set

  • konsama

    Sand bari armor looks so cool. So much hype for this game.

    • Justin Perry

      Hate to be that guy but thats not Sand Bari,its Kechawacha’s G-Rank Armor I assume. Look at the hands it has his ear designs.

      • konsama

        Oh dammit, you’re right. T_T

  • 하세요

    I think I’m most excited for the new Insect Staffs and Charge Axes. I use the Charge Axe so much but I certainly would like to see some new ones since a new weapon always is shafted on the amount that can be crafted initially.

    I hope they make the Felyne Cannon faster in turning this time. Against swift monsters, they spend too much time trying to turn around to get a shot rather than shooting ._. that could be time spent healing my ass xD

    • Namuro

      What’s your usage number on the Insect Glaive and the Charge Axe, by the way?

      • 하세요

        I try to use everything I enjoy (GS, LS, SnS, DS, Hammer, CA and IS) but as for those two specifically:

        Insect Staff – 199 (I used the hell out of it in Village Quests)
        Charge Axe -175 (my main Guild weapon against the slower beasts)

        Other weapons are scattered around 100~120. Been meaning to start up the Gunlance since I’ve never really given it a chance. I hold back in the IS on smaller monsters since it smacks everyone around fairly easily. I care too much about fellow hunters over my own joy. I’m practicing with the hammer more and more – this is the first Gen I really used it and the 4G buff is going to make it all the better.

        • Namuro

          That’s cool. I plowed through the game with the Insect Glaive (I had way too much fun jumping around!), and totally ignored the Charge Axe in the beginning, as I couldn’t hit any moving targets with the Blast Charge, LOL.

          My stat for the two is:
          Insect Glaive: 484
          Charge Axe: 124 (once I learned how to do the instant Blast Charge, the weapon is much more fun to use!)

          I thought I would be using the Insect Glaive all the way to the end, but for some reason, I picked up the Gunlance along the way. I mentioned in my other posts before that I’m pretty poor with the Hammer and Dual Blades, but Gunlance is my worst one yet. Somehow, in MH4, it becomes my best friend! More than the Insect Glaive, even! I actually used it to beat the Three Amigos at the end.

          My Gunlance stat is currently at 600

          Anyway, you should go ahead and give the Gunlance a go. It’s amazing! But kinda hard to not hit your friends, though, LOL. As for me, I’m in the process to master the Dual Blades, in which a Garuga just slaughtered me right before I posted this…

          • 하세요

            Depending on the weapon I have no shame hitting others, such as the hammer. It’s a tacit law that the hammer user = head attacker. Get in the way, that’s your own problem. I don’t get mad at Gunlance blasts either since I know it does a lot of damage. It’s worth a backflip. Many times the invincibility frames save me from a huge attack, lol.

          • Namuro

            Speaking of getting in the way, I think I really need to make the shortcut-chat that tells people to stay put when I’m riding the monsters. I’m still getting interrupted by high rank players sometimes…

            One last thing, your ID is Haseyoさん, right? Just wanna make sure.

          • 하세요

            Yeah that’s me, and most people use Pinging as a way to say “I’m on the monster” and “it’s about to fall over” while riding.

          • Namuro

            I tried that many times. Still, there are some people that just don’t get it, LOL.

            But then again, if I say it in Japanese, but the player can’t read it, then I’m still screwed! :D

            Anyway, I’ll see if I can join you for some hunting sometime!

          • 하세요

            Awesome. What skills should I look for in Gunlance gear sets? I’m fine with mixed sets, just have no idea if I should focus on blast damage or defense or what.

            And if you happen to know what the good Gunlances are (I’d hate to waste resources on getting obsolete ones) that would also be neat,

          • Namuro

            I’ll start with the Gunlance itself first, then. I highly recommend you to use the “Spread” type (拡散) Gunlance, because of its high damage output and its wide radius, making it super easy to land a hit. Plus, it’s really convenient for taking out a group of small monsters at once.
            Also, more importantly than the ATK value, pick ones with the highest shelling level. As far as I know, the highest is level 4. You can only get level 5 from the weapons earned through high level guild quests (and I’ve heard that it goes up to level 6 in Frontier).
            The downside to the spread-type, however, is that it has only 2 shots, compared to the normal-type that has 5 shots. But the spread shots are far more powerful, and easier to hit the targets.

            There are three Lv.4 shelling Gunlances that I’d like to recommend:

            1. Voltic Works (ボルティックワークス)
            – Get from the DLC quest 電撃・赤き飛竜の双雷 (Slay 2 Infected Red Khezu)
            – Good thunder element, with pretty long blue sharpness

            2. Shou Jyuusou [Ihaku] (衝銃槍【威迫】)
            – AKA: Spewing Gunlance
            – Made with Red Tigrex materials
            – Upgraded from Ash Tigrex Gunlance
            – Hidden slimeblight element, with pretty long white sharpness (with Artisan equipped)

            3. Raiki Jyuusou Dragann (雷鬼銃槍ドラガン)
            – AKA: Devil Thundergun
            – Made with Rajang materials
            – Upgraded from Ash Tigrex Gunlance
            – Pretty high thunder element

            The Gunlance that I’m using right now is a rare drop from my Lv.100 Shagaru Magara Guild Quest. Took me more than a hundred fights with that bugger to get it! The stats are:
            – ATK: 529
            – Element: Dragon 290
            – Shelling Level: 5
            – Sharpness: Blue
            – Affinity: -25% (without upgrade)

            About the weapon usage. I would recommend you to just use a normal blast repeatedly (Gunlances can be reloaded right after every shot fired, so you can keep firing endlessly), and do a charged blast when the monsters are down or trapped. Spread-type’s raw blast value is the highest at 1.44, with the other two types at 1.2. Don’t focus on the Full Burst, since the move uses up all the shots, and Spread-type only hold two shots as mentioned. But feel free to go nuts with the Full Burst if you use a normal-type shelling Gunlance.
            Another move that you’ll want to be familiar with is the “Jump Blast”; by putting up the shield, then press forward + firing button. This will allow you to leap forward and do a normal blast ahead. Very useful for closing in on enemies. You can also use this move to leap off a platform, in which you will blast in mid-air, then you can follow with a slam to ground, and you can finish off with a Full Burst, if you have any shelling left. If you time it right, you can get the full combo (blast – slam – Full Burst) on enemies, before riding on them! The leap distant from the edge is very short, though, so get up close.
            As for the strongest attack, Wyvernfire. Make sure that you use it as close to the monster as you can, as the blast counts as 4 simultaneous hits, if you use from far away, you might only get 2 hits in, for example.

            For the skills, I’d say to go with these:
            – Honed Blade: Grant “Attack Up [L]”, and “Sharpness +1”. You can get this skill from the “Rebellion Mail” (Amadyura)
            – Artillery: This skill not only boosts Ballista’s and cannon’s power, it also affects Gunlance’s blast and Charge Axe’s Blast Charge. It reduces the cool down period for the Gunlance after firing the Wyvernfire, too (from 120 secs. to 80 secs. with “Artillery Master” equipped).
            – Guard: Some hunters prefer to jump around, but I say to use the big shields that come with the Gunlances! With Guard +2, you’re pretty much near invincible.
            – Guard Inc: For when you’re up against foes like Gravios that uses unblockable attacks like the heat beam and various gas attacks. So you can just stay close and blast away!
            – Auto-Guard: I wouldn’t use this, as I would have equipped the skills I mentioned before instead. But I did hear some interesting facts recently, that the Auto-Guard will activate even DURING blasting, and reloading. But what’s got my attention the most is the fact that you can CANCEL out incoming attacks by blasting back at them! I have yet to try it out…

            I have 4 Gunlance sets in total. One is for fighting against just about anything, it has:
            – Honed Blade
            – Artillery Master
            – Guard +1
            I considered this my best set in the game. The armors in the set include:
            – Kuroobi Helm
            – Rebellion Mail
            – Gravios S Arm
            – Zodias Coil
            – Chrome Metal Boots
            – Artillery +8 Decoration with 3 slots

            The other one is for fighting monsters like Gravios:
            – Artillery King
            – Guard +2
            – Guard Inc

            The other two is for fighting Shagaru Magara. I added some other skills in there like “Dragon Attack” (for normal Shagaru), and “Fast Sheathe” (for Lv.100 Shagaru).
            Feel free to experiment with the skills, but at least, keep the Artillery skill in there!

          • 하세요

            Awesome. thanks a ton. I will begin my Gunlancing this weekend! I’ll spend the week trying to get all of the weapons and gear. I’ll just use my Honed Blade + Sharpness +1 set for now if I simply cannot get the gear sets you listed any time soon. I believe I have a guard charm with lots of stuff somewhere. I heard EX Ingot has +15 Artillery, then all I need is the charms and whatnot and ba-bam, Master.

          • Namuro

            Oh yeah, the EX Ingot set is pretty good, too. I was going to use it to mix my Guard Inc set, but it wasn’t available back then (the set’s info has been available for ages on the Japanese wiki, though. Speaking of which, I’m really looking forward to the EX Goa series).

            The EX Ingot set would give you Artillery King, Guard Inc, and Fast Sheathe right away. With 7 empty slots, you can fit in 9 Guard points, and then, if you have 6 more slots on the weapon and the decoration combined, you can bump up the skill to Guard +2!

            But you’d better stock up on the Fulcralite Ore (フルクライト鉱石). To make the whole set, you need 88 of them! I’ve been playing for ages, and I still have only 23 pieces, LOL. I really need to go and mine some more. You can mine for them in the Heavenly Mountain map, and don’t forget the “Felyne Gathering” skill!

            One last thing, have you played the DLC quest that gives the ticket for crafting the EX Ingot series yet? If not, be careful… Do not take the monsters lightly. In my first run, 2 hunters of rank 300+ got carted right away…

  • DuskSharkEX

    The armor on the far left is amazing. I want it.

  • Go2hell66

    haha almost though the thing with the cannon in its mouth was a new monster

  • Omg That armor looks so gooood can’t wait to wear it.

  • Vash bane

    seeing as I never got the chance to play the last monhun game psp this defiantly excites me. starting the collection of wep and armor will be a fun challenge but I remember a certain few monsters that were a pain in the butt to deal with. but I’m lol at that cannon tho

  • Namuro

    So, the new map is based on the old one, in the end? No wonder some of the areas look kinda similar. I’m a little disappointed that it couldn’t be brand-spanking new. But the redesign looks new enough, and with the new elevated platform element added in, it should feel really new!

    Having said that, though, I hope that while the general map is based on the old desert, the areas in it are new ones.

    Also, the new armours and weapons look so sweet! Time to bash some skulls and get ’em gears again!

  • I’ve always been jealous of the series’ weapon/costume designs…

  • Kuromadou


  • Justin Perry

    This is in no way similar to the Old Desert…

  • Justin Perry

    Can’t wait to use the Charge Blade and Insect Glaive.

  • Areuto

    No…dear god NO!!! I dreaded the day Monoblos will make a return…also known as “The Noob Destroyer” if this guy becomes an urgent again at an early stage we’re fucked.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Dat armor

  • Rogerrmark

    Those concept arts made me realize I would appreciate the franchise even more if it was cel shaded. Just a fussy comment ,btw.

  • Seth Allen Macias

    i just hope it will be actually new gear and not just reskinned original gear. after playing monster hunter 3u and after beating the game and seeing what i guess was g rank armor it was just the same armor with better stats it was a lil sad. but i guess if theres concept art of the gear then hopefully it will be diffrnat then just a reskin or something i cant wait for 2015

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