Corpse Party: Blood Drive’s Latest Trailer Shows Its New Style In Action

By Sato . May 1, 2014 . 4:31pm


Corpse Party: Blood Drive is an upcoming sequel for PlayStation Vita to Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, where Ayumi Shinozaki will be looking for ways to bring her dead friends back to life. The game’s latest trailer gives us a look at the upcoming gruesome game.



The trailer gives us a look at Kuon Niwa, an assistant teacher at Ayumi’s class, who speaks with a calm tone and cares for her students. While she does seem like a completely normal character, there seems to be something mysterious about her…


Following is Magari Mizuki, a transfer student who happens to be a member of a black magic cult. She also has a lot to do with the Book of Shadows. She is shown being sassy and telling the “commoners” to just let the destiny that awaits take care of their bodies.


Finally, we get to see the mysterious young man by the name Misuto Kiriya say “Regrets, again? Aren’t you a troublesome girl.” He supposedly knows the secrets of bringing Ayumi’s friends back to life, but she’ll need to get the Book of Shadows to do so.


The trailer ends with the line: “Can I really bring everyone back… to life?”


Corpse Party: Blood Drive will be released on July 24 for PlayStation Vita.

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  • JustThisOne

    Haha, of course you can bring dead friends back to life! That’s how I still have these guys over here…

  • Sapitntapit

    These games look pretty damn good. How long is each one?

    • Ricardo C

      It depends how fast you read, it took me a week for both games more or less. Each game is different, the first game acted as an RPG visual novel then the second (Book of Shadows) is a straight up visual novel with some navigation then we have the last one (Blood Drive) which looks like they went back to its roots without using 2D sprites and maps which is a huge improvement.

  • Earthjolly

    This a visual novel?

    • DyLaN

      Sort of. Just that it has exploration.

  • NeptuniasBeard

    “The trailer gives us a look at Kuon Niwa, an assistant teacher at Ayumi’s class, who speaks with a calm town and cares for her students.”

    Wait, why does she speak with the town, and what does that have to do with her students? Guess I’ll have to buy the game to find out.

    • Sato

      ah, that should be tone. Thanks for pointing it out! aaand fixed.

  • Alexander Aubert

    it’s 3D now…. damn

    • (GULP)

    • Dede Ogbe

      Bad enough 2d. Plus at least you could see what was ahead of you in the first game. From the looks of this game, you can’t see jack with that shitty torch light.

  • Kayseur

    While I do feel like those new characters are a bit out of place design-wise, being a bit too colorful, those new 3D graphics look downright awesome (for a CP, at least) and more gruesome than ever.

    • Snow

      the new characters designs look freaking awsome, even the male character’s design i like and…that’s never happened lol.

  • RichyGaming

    If I learned anything from the first Corpse Party bad endings, its that Ayumi is A FAKE ASS BIOTCH

    • Snow

      but….i <3 her..

  • Go2hell66

    For the love of god Xseed!

  • Ksatmata

    the eyes are moving

  • Thrasher429

    Oh god the noises in the beginning and the 3D effects look like they are going to be horrifying…..this is going to be so good.

    • Juan Andrés Valencia

      The sound design in the series has always been fantastic. The tooth scene from Book Of Shadows is the perfect proof of that (Those crunching noises…)

      • Thrasher429

        Yeah the sound design is just amazing. I absolutely loved the spirit encounters where they managed to make it so the voices almost sounded like they were literally moving behind you, always gave the chills. Absolutely hated any encounter with flies though.

    • Snow

      i’m betting with this if it truely is going to be brought to us in a physical copy, then it will put the vita on the market because there are so many horror fans out there and there really isn’t any good horror games.

  • Really, really looking forward to this, if it can pull off the same sort of atmosphere as the first game and still keep things fresh (which I imagine the graphics overhaul can achieve–in the right hands).
    Please XSeed, say you’ll bring this over… and with a physical release too?

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      CP is too niche to be worth a physical release. We will be lucky [and should be grateful] if they actually do localize this entry~.

      • I don’t know; I mean, Curse of the Curry God, Deception 4, and the upcoming Akiba’s Trip get a physical release… Those seem super-niche to me.

        I’ll still get Corpse Party BD if it’s digital-only of course, but I think the fact it’s a release specifically for Vita (rather than a release of a PSP game) gives it a better chance of coming physically at this point.

        • Snow


      • Snow

        we at least got corpse party 1 and 2 as digital downloads we could get for our vita’s (never owned a psp so dont know if did on it) and i know tons of people who are horror fans that would jump at the chance to get this, corpse party has a large enough fan base, much bigger then conception and demon gaze that i would be really suprised if they didn’t give us one, we’re even getting danganronpa 2 physical copy so, i doubt we wouldnt, like 1 in 5,000 chance we wouldnt get physical copy, but 1 in a billion we wont get at least a digital so.

  • Martian Wong

    Is the whole series a game or visual novels?

    • DyLaN

      VNs. But the first game, Dead Patient and Blood Drive have exploration.

    • shuyai

      it is a game that is heavily text based, kinda like Agarest

  • DyLaN

    Oh, looks like they got Saori Hayami (Miyuki frm Mahouka) and Maaya Uchida (Kaguya frm DAL II) to voice Kuon/Magari. I like both of their performances in their respective shows and I can’t wait to hear them scream while stuff happens here.

  • Alphabet Soup

    I liked the first game, wasn’t as big on Book of Shadows, but I’m looking forward to Blood Drive. I hope it can bring back the mystery and creepy exploration aspect of the first game.

  • fyi1191

    Gorgeous, I love that 3D atmosphere. Fingers crossed for more chase gameplay.
    Xseed, WE are counting on you!

  • Alexandra Cordes

    I really hope we get more Naomi. I have never liked Shinozaki.
    Then again, I guess this increases the odds of her dying, so I’ll take it.

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      I found Naomi to be the biggest bitch / crybaby; especially after BoS and her psycho bitch outbursts. To be honest, I hope we get to see Mochida and Yoshiki having equal screen time with the female leads instead of being missing altogether as it happened in BoS~.

      • Alexandra Cordes

        Naomi did have her problems, but at least she didn’t do what Shinozaki did. I’m pretty sure she had much more pressing matters to worry about, rather than who her crush was with at the moment. That just really rubbed me the wrong way.

        • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

          I’d say all the things that happened while in HS were because of the influence of the darkening, much like the awful things Naomi said to Seiko~.

          If we take them outside HS; Naomi was a bitch to her mother who, even if wrong, had all the basis to not understand what Naomi said. And she was also about to go all nuts on Seiko’s family even though they were perfectly fine since memories of her were wiped out~.

          That said, I do agree that they are both extremely faulty but I’m sure that’s the point. They are quite human and that’s what makes them believable characters~.

  • SomeLivingMusician

    Xseed, I will gladly give you what little money I have if you could please localize this amazing game, preferably with a digital AND physical release and maybe even a limited edition so we can get an awesome soundtrack and maybe even a Nendoroid or 2 >.>

    • Snow

      150% agree, but i gaurentee western side of the world will get it sense we got the last 2 corpse partys.

      • SomeLivingMusician

        Yeah, if nothing else, at least we have a high chance of getting another digital release which would be much better than getting nothing at all.

  • Ha! And you thought blood drives were supposed to be a good thing =P

    Dear Lord I want this game.

  • TheCynicalReaper

    Who thought it was a good idea to make the 3D art look like Nendroids?
    NO, seriously, why did they 3D chibi the game?
    If it was a budget thing they should’ve just left it.

    The better graphics something has, the more detail it must be given. With the previous limited art style, it let your brain do most of the work while having the audio, the best feature of the game, fill in the stark gaps in the best way.

    Now, not only do the environments look like playsets, but the characters look like Nendroids. I can promise you it won’t be as gorey or impactful as the previous games outside of the CGs simply because of that art style, and if it even tried to be, it would fail BECAUSE of the leap to 3D.

    Best choice would’ve been to keep it 2D. You can do so much more with it that way.
    Still want to buy it regardless. Hopefully we won’t get a True bad ending again like the True End of the first one

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      Because dead patient has 3d chibi’s and it seemed to work so they went with it.
      The best choice was the visual novel format imo.

      • Kali Thoulouse

        I generally disagree with the visual novel format. While it can work and work splendidly, they’d really need to do it Snatcher-style to really capture it well, imo, since the gameplay boils down to ‘look at’ and ‘walk around the halls to get to the next story segment, bad end, or plot item.’ which in itself? Not bad, but..I felt generally more connected to the original than BoS. Both have their faults and their positives, but imo, the original outshines BoS in nearly every way.

        I can’t pinpoint to what it really was. Perhaps it was just the glee with which it threw out deaths and bad ends, unlike the original where the deaths were more shocking when they happened, and the characters were built up more before their unfortunate and untimely deaths, but I felt a lot less connected to them in BoS than the original Repeated Fear.

        It all boils down to personal opinion, though, and mine is generally that the original was the best in gameplay, while kind of tying with BoS in story, though namely in regards to the chapters Shangri-La, Tooth, and Blood Drive. It certainly made me wish we could’ve experienced Tooth in the original’s format, which is..relatively true in the PC version, though it was never released outside of Japan.

        I preferred the gameplay because it forces you to interract with the school itself. Not that BoS doesn’t, but..if you’re going to go for a more BoS-style, I think the Snatcher-style VN route would be best for Corpse Party, retaining a good story while allowing and making the player investigate, look, and smell areas of the game with great detail while the environment itself also shows the detail the player is looking at.


        For instance, the player coming upon Jean-Jack Gibson’s body in the Factory in the Sega-CD, where his head is twisted off. Good detail in the environment, characters and investigation/looking bits. Something like that would be ideal for Corpse Party, VN Wise; not just still images, like Book of Shadows. It needs something much more detailed than a traditional VN, really [since Snatcher isn’t really a traditional VN at all.]

        That’s just my opinion, though. Either the original format, which they’ve gone with and updated, or a Snatcher-style VN.

    • Haganeren

      I don’t agree at all, the first Corpse Party could achieve what he do because of the super-cute sprite (and chara design on another topic) they had which opposed the gruesome atmosphere.

      Having ultra SD character is a continuation from this and i think you will use your imagination a lot too because it seems as detailed at the first game… So they give it the same treatment.

      Honestly, it seem exactly like 2D but with better lightning. I am really curious to see if it works.

    • Wappuli

      But this trailer and screenshots from previous articles has shown that the environments have quite nice amount of detail on them and that they can easily be acceptable level of gory, even though characters have this simple “nendoroid”-like appearance.
      I think they chose this type of style for the characters(instead of making the more realistic like the environments) so that they’ll still have the same “anime feel” as in the previous games.
      As much as I like 2D sprites, and seeing some games go from there to 3D sometimes hurts me, I still think that this change was for the best with Corpse Party.

    • Anthony Birken

      I somewhat agreed with this opinion. I thought similarly at first, but this trailer is giving me hope that they can still pull off an excellent horror in 3D. I know trailers don’t always give an honest impression (and quite frankly, chibi art sometimes distracts my focus, unlike the first two CPs), but it’s what we have to work with this time around. I love the series and will support any game that comes here. I’m just hoping the audio is as clearly recorded as the first two. I believe with that, your mind can still delve into imagination.

      Here’s hoping for the release! My vita has been more then ready (and also this game is one of the reason’s for it’s purchase).

    • Snow

      it’s also a thing a lot of games are doing is the 3D look but a chibi thing with massive detail is uniquely their own because let’s be honest no other game ooks that nice that’s on the vita right now.

  • Dede Ogbe

    My God, this is gonna be horrifying.

  • Alter

    wow.. great.
    i hope Vita won’t get hacked until its end of lifetime.
    those suckers should not enjoy this game for free.

    • 0nsen

      “Hacking” is not about getting free games, it’s about owning the hardware, because it gets rid of all the limitations.

  • Dasheble

    I once sent a mail to XSeed begging for them to localize Blood Drive. I’m pretty sure they will do everything in their power to do so. Don’t believe me? Here’s the reply mail they sent me:

  • Anthony Birken

    I have my doubts with chibi figures and horror, but knowing the reputation they have with their previous games, I won’t doubt them at all. Day one buy.

  • Snow

    i havn’t even finished the first corpse party and already i am bursting with anticipated joy over this, i love the new opneing theme and the characters look great….no…AMAZING! and OMFG the 3D…i am just….my words to XSEED is this “I WILL GIVE YOU EVEN $300 FOR ANY TYPE OF SPECIAL EDITION OF THIS!”

  • chiimisu

    I hate happy endings, but I have to admit. I FUCKING NEED AT LEAST ONE HAPPY ENDING IN BLOOD DRIVE. I’ve never felt so sorry for game characters before. Poor things ;-; I wish I could hug and comfort them all!

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