More About Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s Marriage System

By Sato . May 1, 2014 . 1:02pm

During this past weekend’s NicoNico Super Meeting 3, Square Enix held a special stage event for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, called “Super F.A.T.E. in Tokyo” where producer Naoki Yoshida and other key developers talked about future updates for the game. Below are the summarized highlights of Famitsu’s reports from the two-day event (Part 1, 2, 3, and 4).


Classes and Jobs:


  • More details on new classes/jobs will be revealed later at future events, such as E3, Japan EXPO, and Gamescom. New classes/jobs that involve the use of daggers/knives and guns have been hinted in the game, with one possibly being Thief (or Ninja).


  • Black Mages will be getting buffed, since many players feel that they don’t excel as much compared to other damage dealing classes in the new Coil.


  • Summoners will be getting Leviathan and a certain “old lightning man” as their next summons. This will likely happen when the level cap is increased in the future.




  • Plans for personal rooms in Free Company housing were briefly detailed. According to Yoshi-P, this will be similar to the Mog House from Final Fantasy XI, where you can decorate it and other players can enter. Players will be able to grant permission for visits from other players.


  • As for personal housing, you’ll need a level 50 character and get up to a certain rank in the Grand Company. This will be introduced sometime after the Free Company’s personal rooms are made available in Patch 2.3, and the size will be a little larger than the ones at the inns. The prices will be around 850,000 gil, which Yoshida says might be a bit too much, so it could be lower.


  • Ul’dah isn’t exactly too popular as far as a Free Company housing area goes, so it’ll be completely revamped in scenery with nicer night skies, and less mountains and rocks that obstruct view, and more.



Dungeons, Raids, and PvP:


  • Patch 2.3 will introduce a massive PvP mode called “Frontline” that will involve three teams fighting against each other, with up to 24 players or more.


  • The next part of Crystal Tower will be introduced in patch 2.3, and there will be content in it that will make the older fans say “woah!”


  • Tam-Tara Hard Mode will be introduced in Patch 2.3.


  • Patch 2.2 and earlier updates introduced three new dungeons, all similarly dark and in night-like areas, minus the new Brayflox that Japanese fans call “Bomberman”. Yoshida says the next one will be an outdoor dungeon called “something island” with nice and clear skies.


Other Misc. Info:


  • The Gold Saucer will be revealed soon. Since contains a large amount of content, the team is still in the planning stages. There will be some Chocobo-related features, along with some combat features, and much more.


  • A marriage system is currently being discussed. It will be for sometime after Patch 2.3, and more will be announced in the near future. Brides will have special wedding dresses that will have parts that flow nicely. There will be two rings for the couple, and throwing them away will result in a “divorce”.


  • New Chocobo content will be added. There will be a breeding hut that will be released for Patch 2.3 or 2.35 that will let you train your Chocobo, and possibly change its colors depending on what you feed it.


  • Patch 2.28 is expected to be released sometime in May.


  • More hairstyles will be added in the next patch.


  • Two-man mounts are currently being tested.


  • Content that can be played with one to three people will be added in Patch 2.3.


  • Max capacity for Allagan Tomes will be increased in either 2.28 or 2.3.


  • More collaboration events with Final Fantasy XI will be planned.


[Photographs courtesy Famitsu.]

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  • Monterossa

    Make mages’ equipment look better, I’m begging you.

    • Kairo Fujima

      but that tophat tho

    • Firekitty

      All they’d have to do is let you select between the male and female models. Instant 100% improvement, for those of us who don’t necessarily want to be wearing micro-miniskirt or a tutu…

      Not to mention, my catboy would look great in a miniskirt…

  • Kairo Fujima

    Woohoo, I’m glad personal housing is still a thing. The initial price is a lot lower than I expected it to be. Looks like it’s time for me to horde all my money again once this releases.

    • Malakym

      Same, I knew it would be cheaper than the free company housing but I wasn’t expecting to be able to completely pay for a plot by myself. And even that price he’s quoting he seems to think is too expensive.

    • I may have understood it wrong, but wasn’t that price just for Free Companies to have personal rooms?

      • Malakym

        Nah it talks about free company personal rooms in that first bullet point, then moves onto actual personal housing in the next one.

        • Okay, thanks. Just wasn’t sure lol =)

    • I’m hoping 500,000 will be the final price they decide on. That will save us some money lol

  • endril

    ninja lalafells

    • Solace

      Why not; they’re already damn near impossible to see if you’re ever trying to follow one.

  • Enma_Kozato

    My Free Company would have settled in Ul’dah (rp-wise they all come from there) but the plot we wanted got bought by another. We took our business to Gridania as a form of a hissy fit.

  • God

    Damn, this game is looking kind of good… if only i didn’t have to pay monthly…

  • ネオフォトン ~ Neo

    2.3 is looking more and more awesome. Can’t wait for this summer!

  • shuyai

    what the hell old-san, leave the nekomimi to the girls, they already got that covered

    • Nyum

      Looks brilliant to me.

    • icup ✔️

      hey hey hey jiisan is just trying to fit in with the younger generation. everyone wears nekomimi nowadays.

    • Solace

      I think it’s cute that he’s cosplaying…

  • AuraGuyChris

    A certain old lightning man…


    I kid, I kid. It’s Ramuh.

    • Kuromadou

      old lightning man = lightning returns and is really old, and she’s turned into a man

      LOL JK please don’t kill me :”)

      • It wouldn’t surprise me, honestly xD

      • FactJunkie

        Lightning isn’t a man?

  • Kornelious

    Dual Swordsman class……DO IT! XD lol

    “The prices will be around 850,000 gil, which Yoshida says might be a bit too much” Nooooo, what would give you that idea lol. Though I do hope it gets lowered. It’s hard enough for me to make 50,000gil :(

  • Chris Cruz

    Hoping we get a continuation of the main storyline. Dat Cliffhanger.

    • Wait what

      We’ve gotten one with every patch. It’s continued in 2.1 and then 2.2, it will continue again in 2.3

  • Martian Wong

    850,000 a bit too much? More like way too much. It will take me a long time just to get half of that….

    • Naryl

      not saying you are wrong, that ammount is quite high for someone new to the game, but if you do the guildhest with every class (you can get the initial reward with each class now) you get more than 500k only with that. Hope that helps.

      • Solace

        Wait, guildhests have rewards like that? I heard that guildhests were basically “training wheels for dungeons” and so never bothered doing any since I discovered them after I’d already done the first three dungeons…

        • Naryl

          yup, when you clear a guildhest for the first time with each class you get additional exp/gil. The higher the guildhest the higher the reward. So if you clear all the guildhest once with every class(you can use a job but the extra reward is once per class) in the game you get a total sum of more than 500k

          • Solace

            Holy sporks. I gotta start doing those guildhests! Thanks for the tip.

  • Learii

    i tho the guy in the middle was Jet Li =x

  • Marcelo Henrique Chaves

    I have a feeling same sex marriage won’t be possible. Since we can’t even look feminine as a male…
    Also moar dmg as BLM? Hell yeah xD

  • Ren Yuumei

    Leviathan and Ramuh….YES!!!!

  • kuroneko0509

    >The prices will be around 850,000 gil, which Yoshida says might be a bit too much, so it could be lower. Nope, this is wrong

  • William Carpenter

    Dang, dang, dang… guys, I think I might have to resubscribe. I think the promise of Gold Saucer is bringing me back. I’m such a sucker.

  • Kai2591

    Hope nobody will accidentally throw away their marriage rings LOL.

  • Vash bane

    >.> divorce lol

    on a side note I’m never good at mmo’s (no matter what system I play it on..but pc just feel natural to me (currently plays this on system because….I don’t have a good pc :( ) un-like playing on a system)

    I guess i’ll search some vids to give me more pointers (I forget the controls very fast….just like I keep forgetting what micro’s are or what ever its called …I’m not a team player type of player :( )

    edit: we have time cards now? I see a 60 day sub card

  • klepp0906

    None of it seems particularly exciting.. It’s gonna begin to hemorrhage players if something isn’t done soon. How about more than 1 raid zone with 1 boss per “mini zone”? 4 bosses on a once a week timer isn’t gonna cut it. Specially with more and more people hitting the level cap daily.

    Perhaps a real raid zone like CT but without being equivalent to LFR in loot and difficulty?

    Oh and perhaps that dx11 client that was supposed to already be out?

    Or some pressure on nvidia to get proper SLI support when using surround and windows 8.1? Do it now while you have the population as leverage.

    Maybe some world bosses? Ever since wow inter guild competition and contestation has been a concept the new kids have never even heard of much less experienced.

    Rare mobs?

    Oh and how’s about that chocobo reset?

    Last but definately not least…. Your seriously buffing blm? How about adding diversity to your fights. Casters shouldn’t be dealing with all the same mechanics as the melee on every fight. You don’t fix this by buffing the caster you fix it by changing the fights to make some more melee and some more caster friendly.

    For example having to heal which is a ginormous responsibility in itself, then u have to deal with all the same mechanics as the non healers makes people dislike healing and causes a lack of good healers end game.

    While we are on healers… The only class I see needing a buff and needing it FAR FAR worse than blm ever could is white mage. They are out performed by less skilled and less geared scholars consistently. They are a much harder class to play due largely to design. Don’t care how you do it but I’m literally stupefied this hasn’t been even mentioned in the patch notes. Oh but your giving arguably the best dps new pets! Rock on with priorities!!

    I’m disappointed EQN is going F2P (again another concession that is screwing the real mmo purists) and that wildstar turned out to be so lame. It’s wow win more twitch. Seems I’m stuck here for longer than id hoped.

    By this time next year you will insta queue everything from town, the best loot will come from tomes or some other currency, and they will open the cash shop.

    Wow kids and their brethren are like a cancer. Ruin this mmo and move on. Cool echo buff though eh? I’m a supporter of giving people loot that other people had to work twice as hard for twice as easy.

    Statistically speaking, I’d imagine 8/10 responses will be blah blah your elitist blah. Then their will be about 2 that know anything about the heart and soul of mmorpgs and their history. People with common sense that agree regardless of their position in said drama.


  • Solace

    I think I must be the only person in the world who thinks the housing area in Ul’dah is beautiful. I actually like it best; it has so much character.

    …And then I joined an FC based in Gridania. *facepalm*

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