What Was The Original Bravely Default Like? Silicon Studio’s President Explains

By Spencer . May 2, 2014 . 6:24pm


The Bravely Default known and loved by JRPG fans goes back to the roots of the genre. However, Bravely Default started development as an action RPG.  "We developed the first version with action combat, but overall we felt it was not the best form for the game so we went to turn based," said Takehiro Terada, president of Silicon Studio, in an interview with Siliconera. Silicon Studio developed Bravely Default for Square Enix and also made 3D Dot Game Heroes.


"The city part was the same, the battle system was action based," Terada added. An early prototype of the game had players walk around a city and when they touched a monster the game would switch into an action based battle system. Players would control one character who could attack with a weapon and use different spells. Since this was a very early build, the job system was not implemented and there was only one playable character. "[The characters] were almost the same," Terada explained. "The prototype we developed there was only one character, but we stopped developing it at that point so we don’t know how it would turn out if we had multiple characters."




Silicon Studio is now working on Bravely Second. Development for the Nintendo 3DS sequel started in September 2013. "We are using the same technology, but we have some optimization and fine tuning," said Terada. "We are continuing to tune the UI based on user feedback and listening to Twitter and etc. about what’s going on, what’s good and what people don’t like. We’re trying to have it in the game," Terada said when Siliconera asked if they were listening to user feedback. What do people like most about Bravely Default? "People like the straightforward JRPG style and turn based combat," said Terada.


While Silicon Studio is a developer, their core business is creating middleware like Yebis 2 and the visual effects tool Bishamon. These tools will work with Project Morpheus, the PlayStation 4 virtual reality headset Sony brought to Game Developer’s Conference. "We’re supporting them as a company," Terada said when asked about being one of the Project Morpheous technology partners.


Silicon Studio also plans to release a full game engine called Paradox. The C# engine is designed to deploy a game to multiple platforms similar to Unity or Monogame. "We going to release the Paradox Engine in June and we are going to release a game for it. It’s a casual game, not the dungeon crawler you saw last year. We haven’t announced this game yet," said Terada. Paradox will be able to create 3D games and 2D games using sprites. While the price has not been announced Paradox will compete with Unity and "it won’t be very expensive," said Terada.


One of Silicon Studio’s business models is designing games to showcase their tools. 3D Dot Game Heroes was an example of this and the unannounced Paradox engine game is designed by the original programmer of Romancing SaGa who heads Silicon Studio Thailand.




"One of our engineer’s has a wife from Thailand and he wanted to move back there. And he said, why not start a studio there," Terada said when we asked about the new studio. "Actually, he was working at Square Enix before and was the lead programmer of Romancing SaGa. He also worked on Final Fantasy VII so he has a lot of experience in development and he’s leading the team now."


And what about 3D Dot Game Heroes? "We have talked with FromSoftware who published the game. We’re talking about why not release it on smartphones and etc. We don’t have a concrete idea yet, but we’re not stopping the discussion," Terada said.

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  • Fox

    It’s amazing how Twitter has gotten producers to actually start listening to their consumers. Never thought I’d live to see the day.

    • Marcus J. Hopkins

      Amazing how Square-Enix hasn’t seemed to get that message, isn’t it?

      • Fox

        There’s,a certain prevalent ideology in Japan–a corporate ideology–that essentially says that consumers don’t know what they want, and need to be “led” by the producers. This means that listening to consumer input and advice is often seen as “backward”–an inherently flawed, unsustainable dynamic.

  • DarkRoxas

    Wow, they actually care about what the fanbase wants to see in a game they’re developing. This kind of relationship between the developer and fans is beautiful *v*

  • AndyLC

    A Thai studio? Cool, it’s like every Thai kid’s dream to work on a Square Enix RPG.

  • Samsara09

    beautiful.Their decision was smart.If the battle system was action based,this game would be way shorter.And would’t have as much content,I imagine.

    • bananaking123

      you mean repeating chapters 5-8 constantly is new content?

      • Samsara09

        if you can’t see the forest for the trees than that is not my problem.

        • bananaking123

          as per if I can’t understand your metaphor like i understand bananas?

          • Samsara09

            you can’t see the big picture.That is why you think chapter 5-8 is just recycled content.

            Did you do the sidequests?If you didn’t then this is pointless.

          • bananaking123

            don’t get me wrong, I am one of the few people I knew who played through ALL the side quests in those forsaken chapters. Just thought that recycling those chapters seems pointless and a way to extend gameplay beyond their budget. It isn’t that hard to put a few random bosses together for a “unique encounter” with clues pointing towards the inevitable end

          • Samsara09

            Well,then you learned nothing with the games,or not all that the game wanted to show us.Why do you play rpgs then?
            read my comment up there.I will just say the following.

            if you are gonna be an Edea or an Agnes,I am not gonna be a Kamiizumi or a Braev and try to break you of this mindset.You can feel free to ignore me,just remember,you won’t be any different than Agnes or Edea in this regard.

        • Fen Y

          The recycled content really was a bad decision, sorry.

          It’s still a great game, but great games can have flaws – and this is a severe, blatant and objective one. You may, of course, not be bothered by it, but that doesn’t mean other people can’t ~see the forest for the trees~.

          In fact, they see both forest and trees, while you try to deny either exists.

          • Samsara09

            when I was gonna respond you,the page crashed.So,I will do a shorter response.It is quite simple.

            In chapter 1-4,we are given the impression that this is a battle between “good and evil”,between the orthodoxy and the eternia forces,between the party and the asterisk officials.

            however,we were purposely mislead.We couldn’t see the big picture,”see the forest for the trees”…so,we were blindly led along by Airy.

            However,by chapter 4,we start to see it,and start to get suspicious about how good the orthodoxy was and how “bad” eternia was.

            the game,taking note of this,by chapter 5, begins to show the good qualities of almost all the officials(erutus,Qada and DeRosa are indeed rotten to the core,this doesn’t change,it actually gets worse).

            by chapter 6,most of the asterisk officials can’t even be called our enemies,in fact.

            by chapter 7,most of them are actually our allies…and then,by chapter 8,they join forces with the party,with the three I mentioned being coerced into it.

            each parallel world adds to our pespective,to what the game purposely didn’t show us in the first three or four chapters.

            If you want to be an Edea or an Agnes,feel free.This is real life,you won’t have a friend or someone like Braev and kamiizumi who will time and time again try to make you see things.Here,in our world,if you do a mistake,most will just see you fall,with popcorn in hand.Well,I said my piece.If you do an Agnes or Edea and ignores me,that is fine.

          • bananaking123

            which would have taken less time to show. each chapter takes roughly half an hour to complete, each without a meaningful contribution to the story(except for your beloved side quests). Every chapter ends with them being depressed about what they are doing with D having some random flashbacks. Sure, side quests are fun, sure, you might love grinding bosses to the point of insanity, but I would rather the MAIN story progress at a faster pace, without having to grind through the same world and the same bosses, going through the motions like clockwork.

            I can see you are in love with the whole side quest concept, and the different POVs of the characters are interesting, albeit full of plot holes. You do have to agree that it is really a bad(not to mention cost cutting) way of extending the game beyond what would be a short amount of gameplay time. Perhaps I am unfamiliar with the concept of mindless repetition but I guess I can’t justify spending that amount of time for something that can be shown by fast forwarding to chapter 7 or even 8. Especially when most of the cut scenes after boss battles are short(a minute or 2).

            And what’s with the comparison to real life? Seems a little unnecessary considering we are talking about a game. Don’t try to get all meta and throw in life advice.

            And I would love to be Agnès, just to say “UNACCEPTABLE!”

      • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

        I felt those chapters were interesting in concept but sorely lacking in execution. Too much grinding, not enough character arcs.

        • Samsara09

          well,by chapter 6 you get the conjurer asterisk.With obliterate you can get your caracters in level 99 in less than 3 hours.

          with all the sidequests this game has,I am afraid I have to disagree.The conjurer sidequest is my example.

          • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

            That’s not exactly what I meant. I appreciate the extra characterization we get by fighting the asterisk holders again, but it doesn’t go far enough. The extra scenes are few, far between and very short. It’d be nice if we had alternate worlds where we interacted with some of the bosses in ways other than fighting them.

  • Aspenharls

    I imagine it would have been like Crystal Chronicles, which I loved to death. I’m still happy with the game, however.

  • Kornelious

    Man I would LOVE to have seen the action version fully developed. I’ve always been more of an Action-JRPG kind of guy (Though that doesn’t stop me from playing any and every other type of JRPG :P) so it would have been neat to see, but I feel bravely Default just feels right the way it is :)

    • arkane9

      I’m the exact opposite. If Bravely Default was action-based I would have ignored it, since I’m not a big fan of action-rpgs.

    • manobon

      Man, I absolutely would have bought the action-version (especially since there are seemingly so few of them that either exist, or come stateside).

      Even if it would’ve made the game shorter, that wouldn’t have made it less enjoyable an experience (though, I’m guessing, since I didn’t play it).

      • arkane9

        That’s not my impression. To me there seems to be more action-rpgs or rpgs with a larger focus on action this last generation than in previous generations. At least on PS3/360/Wii. The handheld systems seem to have more turn-based rpgs though.

        • manobon

          Oh, totally agree – which is why it’s super frustrating for me (I have a Vita and 3DS, and much prefer handhelds to consoles).

          • Trepie

            I’ll trade ya! Haha. I’m exactly the opposite. I prefer consoles/PC but love turn based stuff. I have a 3DS but no Vita yet (still waiting to see if that Vita tv comes west…)

          • Samsara09

            well,tales of hearts R is coming to the USA.
            And there is persona 4 golden.

            There is already one tales of in the vita,if Hearts R sells,we will get it…and there is another tales of coming to it…but we will only get it if hearts R sells.

            four top class rpgs.This is enough of a reason to buy a vita,right?

          • Trepie

            Not a big fan of Tales of, so no. =P Remember I’m more of a fan of turn based RPGs. And I’ve played Persona 4 on PS2 already. Though if I ever did pick up a Vita or if the Vita tv ever comes west, I’ll probably get P4G.

          • Lastlight

            Get over my dead body 2
            It look so good
            Forgot its western name

          • Ladius

            On Vita you could try Ys Memories of Celceta, Dragon’s Crown, Muramasa and the upcoming Tales of Hearts R and Sword Art Online, other than that there is Valhalla Knights 3 (mediocre, but still playable) and New Little King’s Story (charming, but it’s very different from your usual action rpg). 3DS has Tales of the Abyss and Code of Princess, a brawleraction jrpg hybrid, plus KH and Rune Factory 4.

            You could also consider hunting games on both platforms, since they can appeal to action-jrpg fans.

          • manobon

            Thanks so much! Really wish there were more. The hunting games, unfortunately, are focused on the worst aspects of rpgs for me- grinding and loot hunting (and a lack of a driving narrative experience).

          • Ladius

            Given your answer, I really think you could like the Tales series since it strikes a good balance between a quick and deep battle system and a focus on story events and character development.

            Ys Memories of Celceta is also more story-driven compared to other Ys games (aside from Ys Seven), even if the first part is more about exploration than story.

          • manobon

            I really am looking forward to the Tales release for Vita, or at least the reviews, to see if it’ll be worth buying – of course, still sadly hoping for Type-0, since it seemed just about perfect, regarding what appeals to me (along with other games never to be released on the Vita, like Crisis Core and the Star Ocean series).
            And definitely need to hop on that Ys sale before the end of today. Again, thanks so much for the recommendations- it’s nice to get such considerate feedback!

          • Kornelious

            I have literally every game you just listed….Man it’s good to be a JRPG lover! :D

        • Kornelious

          So you don’t like Kingdom Hearts Tales of, OR YS?…..What;s wrong with you. JK lol XD
          While I like all types of JRPG, I like how Action games make me feel more like I’m actually controlling the characters and not just giving them directions…but that’s just me. This world would be boring if everyone was into the same genre of games………..Kinda like the western gaming crowd unfortunately :(

          • arkane9

            Lol, sorry :P
            But in all seriousness, I really dislike having multiple people in a party without having full control over all of them. Which is why I prefer turn-based; you usually have the same degree of control over everyone instead of just one.

          • Kornelious

            I guess that makes since, After all…..being GOD…is more appealing than being a 17 year old protaganist………Though I’d prefer the protaganist XD lol

  • Yuzuru Otonashi

    What is the twitter handle we can tweet to give bravely default feedback to silicon studio?

    • AuraGuyChris

      That depends if you can speak Japanese fluently.

      • ネオフォトン ~ Neo

        While I use Japanese to communicate with them, they do admit they try to understand English tweets. Unfortunately some of the staff that manage the Twitter rely on Google Translate, but they still try nonetheless.

  • Ric Vazquez


  • Eddie Dominguez

    the game has its flaws,you had to fight the same bosses like 3-4 times.shop upgrading was onerus because of time consuming.on the upside,music and localization plus gameplay were pretty good

  • Go2hell66

    So it would have played something like chrystal chronicles on DS? that would have been awesome

  • pekikuubik

    Tell From to bring 3D Dot Game Heroes to PC.

    Also, should’ve asked them if they plan on artificially lengthening the game again for Bravely Second.

  • Domo-kun

    Going to be awesome. Can’t wait to play.

  • Anewme…Again

    Personally i would have preferred an action rpg over turn based rpg.

    • Vanadise

      Fortunately for you, there are tons of action RPGs out there. Let the turn-based RPG fans have something nice for once.

      • Anewme…Again

        There’s also tons of turn based rpg…
        Neptunia serie, Persona series, SMT series, Etrian Odyssey series, pokemon series, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Mario & Luigi, Paper mario, Atelier series etc. and that’s only for series.
        Jrpg are still turn based most of the times.

    • Yep, same here.

  • Honestly? I would still have preferred a Dragon Quest VII localization over this no matter what their plans for it were.And nobody is commenting for their possible plans to release 3D Dot Gane Heroes on portable devices?! I say bring it on!

  • chroma816

    I hope the people on Twitter whose opinions are being considered have mentioned their distaste for the mindless, cheap repetition in chapters 5-8. Don’t get me wrong, the side characters and quests during that part of the game was fun, but goddamn how stupid was it that we had to fight the same bosses over and over and over again. That’s a terrible decision, from a game making perspective.

    If they fix that and maybe tweak the wonderful job system a bit (more JP per battle, or less to actually advance a job level), I’ll be very happy.

    • Ghost n Goblins

      • chroma816


        • Nessz

          He refers that in Ghost n Goblins after you beat the game it simply says: “LOL this wasn’t the real world, you need to beat the game again to win”. It’s the definition of laziness when extending a game.

    • mike dickson

      thank you i was gonna say what you said but you beat me to the punch anyway because of chapter 5 i stop playing the game and alot of my friends who got the game as well only 1 of them actually finish the game

    • chronopower

      I loved the game at first, and within a few days of getting it a put in more than 40 hours.

      But around the fourth time I was having problems with the water monster I stopped playing it. Shame it got so freaking repetitive.

      • chroma816

        That’s a common issue I’ve run into when talking to people about the game. I just barely finished it; if I wasn’t a sucker for the characters/getting the “best end” in every game, I would’ve begrudgingly put it down.

    • J_Joestar

      I’m sure they already took that into consideration with feedback from the original release (but they probably a limit to how much they could change the story of the game for the enhanced version).

      IIRC most surveys and stuff noted that a lot of people didn’t bother for the True end and just quit by doing the False end early. So they basically added all of the difficulty/encounter manipulation stuff to make it easier for people to just breeze through 5-8.

      Next game should be better since they could take those issues into consideration right at the planning phase of development rather than when they have a complete game sitting in front of them already.

      • chroma816

        I would hope so. It’s such a glaring fault on an otherwise great game, and if they can learn from their mistakes I’ll be happy.

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