• JMaster3000

    Uhh… where’s the big Persona announcement?

    • Desk

      Persona 4 golden the animation

      • JMaster3000

        :O …… *speechless*

        • Hexodious


          • FlobotingIt

            Basically how I felt…

          • http://blackstar2661.deviantart.com/ SilverSpades

            Poor Tatsuya… the games pre-P3/P4 are literally going through their own Eternal Punishment.

          • Ric Vazquez

            LMAO! Great pun.

          • DyLaN

            P1/P2 does not have mass appeal like P3/P4, what can you do abt it.

          • http://blackstar2661.deviantart.com/ SilverSpades

            Well, I’m honestly not too big a fan of P1/P2, but I do realize that there are those who prefer those over the newer games.

            But it’s as you said, mass appeal.

          • Ricardo C

            I’d love a Persona 2 anime :(

          • Zero_Destiny

            Okay, that gave me a good laugh. xD

      • God

        For a second i hoped that was just a very late april fools joke…

    • DyLaN

      I think you are several articles late……

  • natchu96

    lol that Yosuke x Kanji gag.

  • Bunzi

    Do you have to use Yu or Minato, or is that just coincidence that they’re always in the party in trailers?

    • Steven Higgins

      You probably have to at least use the one you choose to represent you.

    • Desk

      I believe that you do not have to use them. I think they mentioned somewhere you can have a party like a teddie harem.

      • ManSizeSextet

        I’m assuming Teddie was joking there. In the pics I’ve seen of the Party select menu where the player was playing as P3 protag, there was no option to deselect him.

        • Desk

          Well siliconera reported that you could have a teddie harem party.

  • God

    I need this in my life… I NEED IT!

  • http://www.carpefulgur.com SpaceDrake

    Man, that whole thing makes it clear just how much it really is Persona Odyssey. I’m actually not entirely sure how I feel about that (though who am I kidding I will buy it day one because Etrian and Persona aaaaa).

    Also now I see how they were able to make this so quickly – this has a lot of clever asset reuse from the PS2 games. Using nearly all the enemy models from those games likely cut down on the need for art development quite a bit (although the scene and area design clearly isn’t “lazy”).

    As a final aside, I love how the original heroine is the Requisite Etrian Blonde Female Lead. Every single Etrian game to date has had a very prominent blonde in the art and whatnot and it amuses me that they found a way to carry that forward into this.

  • Prinnydoom

    Maybe its just because i haven’t heard her seiyuu very often but is Elizabeths Voice different? She sounds more like Margaret…..On a more positive note, this looks freaking Awesome ^__^

  • Nix da

    The day this comes out in Usa i have to import a us 2ds…Because europe will never get it.

  • Astraye

    While in Europe we are still waiting SMTIV and not sure to get PQ too.

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