Ciel noSurge Is Finally Coming To An End

By Sato . May 5, 2014 . 1:22am


It’s been over two years since the original release of Ciel noSurge for PlayStation Vita, and Gust recently announced during a talk show event that the game will be coming to an end with a final chapter. Famitsu gives shares a report from the event.


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During the event, a slideshow gave fans a glimpse of the "Grand Finale" for Ciel noSurge, which will be the final chapter of the game.


While details were light as far as what kind of chapter it will be, Ai Kakuma, the voice actress of Ion, shared the following message:


“Ahh, I feel sad that it’s going to end, but I’m also excited to see what happens next for the girls. To those of you who’ve kept up with us until now, please look after us until the very end!”


Ciel noSurge originally released with one episode, which was followed by many more episodes through DLC. Ciel noSurge Re:Incarnation was released afterwards and featured the first five episodes. Gust will be announcing more on Ciel no Surge’s final chapter in the near future.

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  • Milewide

    And when the game is complete you can bring it west!

    It’s gonna be glorious!

    And probably not happen.

    I need to increase my efforts to learn Japanese. On the double!

    From what I heard this game along with Ar Nosurge use a computer terminal/robot as a player insert. I think that’s a really cool way of including the player and the real world into the game world. The player is contacting the game world through a strange device (the vita or ps3) and interacting with that world through said device. It’s almost like augmented reality, if you allow for the slight suspension of disbelief that your vita is more than a handheld gaming machine.

    Makes me think of how Christine Love’s VNs Digital and Analogue were presented. The interface in both cases mimic what it would look had you been in the actual game. It doesn’t break the fourth wall, it never builds one to begin with. Sugoi. =)

    • aquagon

      It works that way. However, the game is also pretty merciless with the player too, as there are several points where the characters call you out on: “You’re not doing anything but rolling around on the sofa, watching us suffering and at the risk of dying at the other side of the screen while just pushing buttons on a controller and laughing at our hardships!”, or “This world might not be more than an image projected on a screen to you, but for us, this world is all we have…”.
      And that’s not to mention about the utter bastard we have as an antagonist in Ar nosurge…

      • Milewide

        I like that a lot! It’s a sobering thought that our entertainment is derived from the drama of their struggle, hardships and sacrifices.

      • DyLaN

        I was not expecting it to get that meta XD

      • Ion no tame nara!

  • AlphaSixNine

    My mind finished that sentence into “Ciel noSurge Is Finally Coming to North America”. Damn you brain for getting my hopes up! D:

    • I thought the exact same thing!

    • Kai2591

      My heartbeat instantly increased upon reading the first half of that title sentence….almost had a heart attack LOL :)

  • Shippoyasha

    I would love it if instead of DLCs and season passes consisting of game extensions, we get more game episodes bundled together like with this series. Could be the future of games. Well, kind of like how Telltale Games has the episodic bundles.

    • Milewide

      It could work for some games, I guess.

      But not all. I have this habit of wanting to finish every game I start, and I sort of get stressed out when I leave them unfinished for too long. Having episodic content paced out evenly over a long time would make my play time of that game incredibly long! I would surely die at that point. Hehe. :)

      But that’s just me. How about you?

      • Shippoyasha

        I guess it’d be a lot easier to play them in one sitting, then. Maybe it’s best if they pack the entire thing in a complete collection.

        • Milewide

          Aye, but at what price would that be?

          The base game plus 2 years worth of DLC ought to exceed 60 dollars and then some. Imagine this does get a localisation, all DLC included in one package, what price would they have to charge for it, knowing that the demographic for this game might not be that large?

          I’m personally not against paying more for games than the current “maximum” of 60 dollars. If that’s what it takes for niche games to exist and be successful then so be it!

          • aquagon

            A question: have you seen the episode and costume packs that Gust has released for this game?
            The bundle that contains all chapters up to chapter 8 and all the costumes (released along the chapters and standalone ones) is 55$, while if you add the restore packs that instantly repair all of Ion’s memories for these chapters, they get up to around 62$.

          • Milewide

            Regrettably I do not speak Japanese so I have not actually played the game itself. I’ve simply read about and tried to understand it in concept.

            But that /is/ a steep price, isn’t it? I guess the impact of it is lessened when you space it out over a longer time period but taking it all on at once can feel like quite the investment.

            I also feel like you wanted to make a point with that question. So please go ahead. :)

          • aquagon

            Basically, it’s that the base game plus the individual chapters and costumes, at the price of their original release, make a total that goes beyond double that amount.

            Plus, Gust frequently put the game as free-to-play for PS+ members, which pretty much lessened the cost of the base game to just the rate you’d have to pay to keep the membership active (or even nothing if you take advantage of the PS+ trial campaigns that they are making every now and then over at Japan).

    • Breakdown of what Ciel Nosurge has cost me over the past 2+ years:

      Core Game:
      Game: 7600円 (Game+Tax+Shipping)
      Chpt2: Free
      Chapters 3 through 11: 514円 each (4626円 total)

      Core Game Total: 12226円

      Non-essential Addons:
      Ambassador Expansion:
      (Additional Sharl form and Costume unlocks)

      Addon Costumes for Ion:
      309円 each * 9 Packs (2781円 total)

      Addon Total: 3913

      Grand Total: 16,139円

      Personally while I have enjoyed the episodic nature of Ciel Nosurge, Gust definitely went straight for the wallet with this distribution/creation model.

  • Liamv2

    Since it’s done could it be localized? Please? Well I suppose if it doesn’t happen there may be a fan translation at some point since ar tonelico fans are very loyal.

    • DyLaN

      I never heard a fan translation patch for a Vita being successful done/worked on be4 though.

      • Liamv2

        Agh I didn’t think of that. The vita could be a pain to work with.

        • Pyrotek85

          On the one hand it’s good because you really don’t want it hacked like the PSP or it’ll get pirated to hell. But then you have to hope they localize the games you want.

        • aquagon

          And aside of that, there is also the problem that all of the game content is tied to Gust’s servers. That alone makes any fantranslations an impossibility.

          • Liamv2

            :( My dreams are being crushed.

          • Kai2591

            Do not lose hope.

  • Razzlero

    I guess it’s now or never for localisation…

  • bL4Ck

    It’s almost 2 years that the game is out, and i almost cleared all the available free content, been playing very slowly to translate by hand her lines, but with a very basic knowledge of Japanese it takes some time, and since its not so easy had to take some breaks.

    • Milewide

      I admire your dedication. :)

    • Kai2591

      I salute to your dedication!

  • Kyosuke Yoshino

    Can’t wait, it’s one of my favourite game for VITA. Though Ar nosurge kinda spoiled already what will be the end :3

  • Jesse

    Maybe once all of the chapters are out, they’ll try and consider bringing it over. Considering what kind of game it is, though, that probably hurts localization chances. D=

  • michel

    This game must be really something… I see some Japanese people in my Friends application still playing it a lot. Some of them, basically, turn on the VIta only to play this game and nothing else!…

    • Sasami

      Lots of the game mechanics take a lot of time. You need to repair her memories with the helps of little faeries called Sharl, let Ion create Items you can use, etc. A normal items takes 3-5 hours to create (realtime!), cooking/eating/washing takes roughly one hour. I normally restore 1-2 memories a day, and one episode contains roughly 10-12 memories and 3-4 extra memories afterwards. You also need to take her to dates, which are restricted to 2 dates a week in order to progress in your relationship (You can speed this up with items, but those take time to make and their use is restricted). I can understand how people could have thought at the release of the game that it was short, but right now, it’s very big.

      And yeah, she has a daily schedule and it’s best to always let her program run, so that you can get back to her as soon as possible, that the simple reason your friends are still playing it so often.

      It’s a great experience, but a very special one.

      • MrTyrant

        Sounds boring, honestly. Like Love plus but at least you can choose other girls there.

        • aquagon

          The idea is bonding with Ion as you help her regain her memories and prepare her for the Ar nosurge events, not just going in dates.

          • Kai2591

            yeah! tis more serious with lives at stake here!

          • MrTyrant

            Going on dates can be fun I just enjoy the visual novel or story more than the simulation part, less when it use real time or have things like speakin to the mic or touch.

            Not sure If I would like Ion.

          • Its not something people can understand by reading what others says, i’d say to not bother too much with those kind of comments :P

            Or at least, you are doing what i used to do until i just stopped to care about people assuming what they want haha, well, i’ll back you up if anything happens

  • Kornelious

    This + Ar No Surge + Localization = Happiness :)

    • Milewide

      That equation explains the most fundamental law of the universe!

      • Kai2591



    • God

      I just hope playing this is not necesary to understand Ar No Surge, since i have no interest in this game…

  • Göran Isacson

    So has this game essentially been like one of those Telltale games, with a story that takes place over several episodes? For some reason I’ve never really seen many talk about the plot here in the comments or the articles, they mostly just talk about going on dates and having cute outfits and what not. I presume there IS a plot that’s gradually been built up towards a dramatic finale, and people just aren’t talking about it much out of fear of spoilers/other reasons?

    • aquagon

      There is, as diving into Ion’s Dream World/Genometrics is all about following the story of how she came to be sealed in that tiny world without any of her memories.
      As for how no one comments on the plotline on the articles… one is because of spoilers, but the other is because not many people that know Japanese and English have played it in full.

      • Göran Isacson

        Yeah, that’s about what I thought. Kinda funny that Ar no Surge is out before this game ended though, since I presume they are somehow linked?

        • aquagon

          Ar nosurge is Ciel’s direct sequel, so you can guess everyone was pretty pissed off at how they released Ar before Ciel was completely finished.
          Supposedly, it was because Tecmo-Koei pressured Gust to release it before time (even though they had a lot of setbacks during Ciel’s initial release due to the astonishing number of bugs it had, some of them even being game-breaking in nature).

          • Göran Isacson

            Wow, game-breaking bugs in a visual novel? One would think those games would be pretty easy to code for, unless it had some more mechanics that I’m not aware of.

          • aquagon

            Because the game also has a simulation part you have to play through in order to access the visual novel one. These bugs ranged from impossibility to connect to the servers to weird and creepy graphical glitches, and finally, the worst of them all was one that corrupted your save data both in the Vita and on Gust’s servers and forced you to restart the game from scratch.
            Fortunately, pretty much all of these have been since long fixed with the patches Gust has been putting out, and the only updates they’re making now to the core program of the game is add-ons for the linkage between it and Ar nosurge and other minor things.

          • Göran Isacson

            I see. Sounds like most of these bugs were connected to the games internet capabilities, perhaps a result of Gusts inexperience with the field. Good that they patched them though, even if it looks like the West will never have the opportunity to see these fixes or the game in question. Sounds like a real nightmare to localize, if you need to play both games to get the full story.

  • gangrelion

    Well, I finished Ar Nosurge so I already have the ending spoiled to me. Now I am not so interested anymore. I think GUST messed up on their schedule, this final chapter should have came before Ar Nosurge release…

    • MrTyrant

      Spoil me too. I want to know D:

      • aquagon

        If you really want to know:

        !!!LARGE SPOILERS!!!

        Ion as the Empress of Ra Ciela tries singing a song called Ra Ciel Fusor to transform the entire planet of Ra Ciela into energy to teleport the people to another inhabitable planet called Ar Ciel. However, Nero hijacks the ceremony for this to try returning to her home world, but she fails, causing the energy to be used up in vain and Ra Ciela destroyed, with only part of the population managing to escape the doomed planet in a large spaceship called Soreil. The others that couldn’t manage to board it die alongside Ra Ciela.

        Ion then gives over her Empress position and powers to Nay, somehow gets captured by Nero and Zill and is infected with something called the Astrocyte Modulatory Virus, is imprisoned inside the Ar nosurge Tube located at the top of Soreil, and gets her memories destroyed to become a Sharl-mass producing marionette for them. On the other hand, all of Ion’s friends seal themselves within an area of Soreil called Felion and put themselves into cold sleep until 5000 years have passed. And this is when Ar nosurge’s events begin.

        !!!END SPOILERS!!!

        • MrTyrant

          That’s actually pretty cool.

      • gangrelion

        Well, if you are absolutely sure about it, just follow this link for a huge-ass summary that I made in order to prepare people for Ar Nosurge:

        • MrTyrant

          What you said about the characters being bad bothers me to no end. I was expecting much more of them:

          • gangrelion

            Here is the thing: My opinion about this is a bit questionable, because I have a special hate for violent girls punching protagonists who never reacts to it. I got tired of those things since Love Hina, but A LOT of people still enjoy this. If you are one of them, you will probably be like those characters. I just can’t accept the God of Love saying to Casty she is the most qualified representant of love after everything she did to Delta…

          • aquagon

            Well, we should also consider how Cas has been acting considering Delta’s… unusual (for lack of a better spoiler-free description) circumstances. However, that’s not really the Goddess of Love (regardless of what she said in that scene): that’s actually the Mother Goddess that gave birth and rules over the Gods that belong to the Land Lineage.

          • gangrelion

            I agree with you about having doubts about Delta, but the constant beating wasn’t necessary. I think you’re right about the identity of the Mother Goddess as well, but I am sure she said something like: “For you who represents the purest love of all”, when she became a song magic, that’s what I could not agree. I think Sarly, for example, has a much more intense love for Shirotaka, to the point she always wants to make herself better for his sake.

          • MrTyrant

            We have the same taste and I also blame Love Hina of that lol so I can agree with you.

            However I disern in your opinion with Sen no Kiseki because that game was truly greatness for me (except the weak cast vs Ao no kiseki and the glitchs)

          • gangrelion

            When you say “cast” do you mean voice cast or characters? I believe the characters from Sen are not as bad as I made them look on my review (except for the blonde one, I really don’t like her). My biggest problem is the school setting, which made them look much more generic than necessary. I think you may have noticed by looking in my blog, but I play lots of LoveSims, specially while I play the battle parts of RPGs, which means I am quite tired of the Japanese school setting. But now that school-time is finally over on Sen 2, I believe I will like this next game way more than the first one! I didn’t play Ao just yet, but if you say the characters are even better than Zero, I can’t wait to play the Evolution version!

    • hmp… amai na tsk tsk tsk, they added stuff, how much you advance in ar affects ciel

  • Prinny Dood

    Before u end it doods bring it over here

  • Kai2591

    Funny that the sequel Ar Nosurge already came out before this one really ended haha~

  • aquagon

    QuelI->{EX[endi]->{Class::CIEL_NOSURGE;} am {EX[lic]->{Class::AR_NOSURGE;}};}->ExeC->{RW};

    • Kai2591

      Only the hardcore of the hardcore can understand whatever this means haha~

      • aquagon

        That simply means: “Finish execution of the Ciel nosurge program, and establish a link with the Ar nosurge program. Execute in R-Waves”, as in-universe, both of these games are programs that make possible the communication between our world and the EXA_PICO universe.

        • Kai2591

          oh haha. I think I see how that sentence applies here :)

        • MrTyrant

          and Is true that the player play an important role here. I read that while you control the main character, Io sometimes speak to the screen and interact with you. Do the other characters speak to the player? in Ar no Surge I mean.

          • aquagon

            They do, and more than once they become aware of the gameplay mechanics you are using to progress through the story.

        • Im still expecting the unexpected from the end of Ciel no surge, THE FACT THAT YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS IN AR NO SURGE BEFORE CIEL NO SURGE ENDS MUST DO SOMETHING.

          I mean, you do get teh messages to be decoded from being linked to ar no surge… Ion also gets the dreams of the events of ar no surge when you try to talk to her.. depending in how late you are in Ar, since i finished it already, she even sees the last boss in her dream.

          She says thank you for always being with her all that time as she sleeps haha >:D,… its been 3 years with her already? it really was a long road…

          When you get to the half of ar, and gets that part of the dream(when you know happens to Earthes) it was pretty sad…

  • I hope there’s any change of this getting localized. Even with just Ar no Surge I’d be happy lol

  • Callonia

    Localization soon?

  • Bought the bundles awhile ago when ciel nosurge was free on psn+
    I loved the first two chapters but had to postpone due to not enough space on memory stick, i’ll probably end up importing reincarnation someday or the full version if they ever going to release that.

    • aquagon

      If you’ve already bought all the bundles, it’d be better if you just bought the original release of the game, as buying RE:Incarnation or the possibly future full pack will end costing more due to overlapping with most of what you’ve already bought.

  • To be honest… if they were to localize a game, I’d really just want Ar noSurge to come instead of Ciel.

    Let’s be real here, translating a visual novel is no easy feat– and there really is not a big audience here for it to be viable, especially on it’s own. What they COULD do by any chance would be to translate it as a bonus download for people who buy Surge, but they really would save more time and money just inserting an unlockable summary as time went on in the game.

    I mean, I know quite a few people on here really want to see Ciel localized, but we’re lucky even when games like DR get a localization, let alone something that is far more on the side of visual novel than actual “game”, especially one that sounds a little bit on the side of tedious. I’d rather just gun for the RPG to get translated.

    • aquagon

      That wouldn’t work in this case: almost all of the cast in Ar nosurge are returning characters from Ciel nosurge, and they make constant references to events that took place in that game. Likewise, most of their relationships, personal stories and such are already established in Ciel and thus don’t receive as much attention in Ar.

      The same goes for several of the concepts used in the game setting, and the fact that there are several features in Ar nosurge that are unlocked only if you link it with Ciel nosurge, the most important of them being that a part of the True Ending can’t be seen without both games linked because it comes as a voicemail received in Ciel nosurge’s internal email system.

      • DesmaX

        … No wonder the game flopped in Japan.

        On a business perspective, this is just dumb

        • MrTyrant

          I just happy with data transfers that allow you to see new events using decisions taken in previous games (like mass effect did) but not to this extend.

      • The fact that it’s the only thing that lets you get a full true ending is definitely a problem. It’s just hard to see a game like Ciel noSurge really managing to sell well at all over here. It’s why I could only see it regulated as a bonus, or them having to reprogram the game to get around those points and translating it to establish the information that would be considered “known”.

        It’s just, business-wise, it’s hard to see why it’d be a good choice of anything. I know it’s pretty important as being a part of the game and everything, but… Who knows. I really just want to see Ar noSurge over here, but it does stink if it’s so tied to Ciel.

        • aquagon

          Just to be clear, I’m not saying that you’re going to be missing the True Ending entirely if you don’t link the games, as you can still get it. The problem is that you won’t get to know in detail what happened to one of the characters and you will miss out a CG that helps explaining that.

          And while they could cover the gap in story somewhat by subtitling the digest videos Gust made for the release of the Genometric Concert albums, since they omit so many parts of the story, it would leave several parts unexplained.

          And as a minor issue, I don’t know how they would reconfigure the special boss fight in Ar nosurge because that is somewhat of a tug-o-war between the Ciel and Ar players: the Ciel ones amass energy and heal it, and the Ar ones join forces to destroy it.

          • Yeah, I edited my comment to reflect that I meant the full true ending while you were talking. Which is still quite significant.

      • And you have to be married to Ion, btw, besides the voice mail she also sent a pic xD, with school uniform (havent seen it anywhere else so it must be exclusive to the danna sama tachi) You can also answer that voice mail (btw her name in the mail box chanegs from ion, to, you know, her real name) and she just replied the reply i did yesterday lol, so fun

    • I would agree that Arno has a greater likelihood of localization than Cielno, but there’s going to be a serious block in place for a company to want to bring Arno over purely because Arno IS a sequel to Cielno, and there’s a lot missing that’s assumed knowledge.

      Ciel Nosurge really needs a localization as part of any attempt bring Ar Nosurge over.

    • Liamv2

      I think the most likely avenue for localization would be localizing Ar no surge and then adding a prologue story to it for explaining what happened in Ciel no surge. Similar to the comic story in mass effect 2.

      • Yeah, this is basically what I’d be thinking would happen, but apparently some things in Ciel actually make it possible for you to get the full true ending, which… at the least means that Gust would have to reprogram the game to get around that.

        • Liamv2

          Argh. Every time I think of a way it could get localized something gets in the way.

          • It is definitely a problem. Admittedly, I think it is a problem they could work around, and I personally think that if they tried to pull that over here, it’s a recipe for a major flop. But people who do know about Ciel are gonna feel gypped on the experience if they don’t.

  • brian

    Could this game or Ar no Surge be what that tease from Atlus was about?

    • I’d… be really surprised if Atlus was teasing it, since it seems like all Gust properties now are handled by Tecmo-Koei.

  • aquagon

    By the way, here are some predictions about the final chapter, according to information revealed in Ar nosurge:

    -The setting will be a sort of space station called Hymmnesphere, or more specifically, its highest point, which is called the Singing Hill.
    – The singer for its end-of-chapter song will be Akiko Shikata (Ion), and the song will be titled Ra Ciel Fusor.
    – The ending won’t be good (not in terms of quality, but on the kind of events that take place during it).

    I’m also theorizing there will be a second song used as an ending theme for the game proper, but I don’t have any proof that will be the case.

    • Liamv2

      The opening song of ar nosurge is “to the songless hill” and they are going to visit singing hill the name of all the opening songs of the ar tonelico games. Yeah things are going to go real bad.

      • aquagon

        Though the Singing Hill I’m mentioning has nothing to do with the research facility of the same name that appeared in Ar tonelico 1.
        It’s just that the name means “the place all life originated from” to all the planets that belong to the EXA_PICO universe, so we could say that it’s also a reference to EXA_PICO itself.

        By the way, the openings to Ciel nosurge and Ar nosurge have the same name (To the Songless Hill), but the Ar nosurge one also has the “-Harmonics Pre=Ciel-” subtitle.

        • Liamv2

          Wow I really need to get round to reading the wiki.

    • Cant wait, so much time hearing her voice that hearing her singing kinda makes it better

  • artemisthemp

    Meanwhile in the West… Tecmo Koei you are bring this game over right?

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