Liberation Maiden: Sin Shows Its New Opening Video Made For Vita

By Sato . May 5, 2014 . 12:47am


5pb has been bringing their visual novels like Steins;Gate and Robotics;Notes to PlayStation Vita. Liberation Maiden: Sin, the PlayStation 3 visual novel sequel to the Guild 01 Nintendo 3DS shooter, is next. Famitsu shares more details on the upcoming port, including a new trailer.


Liberation Maiden: Sin for PlayStation Vita will have a new opening theme song by marina and an ending theme by Kana Hanazawa. Additionally, the game will be adding new CG events, and functions that that will be making the game easier to play.


More details on the new features will be revealed in the near future.


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Liberation Maiden: Sin will be released as a download version for 6,000 yen and a limited edition for 8,800 yen for PlayStation Vita.

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  • Fastchrone

    i really hope this game got US localization

    …and 3ds port

    • JMaster3000

      Yes for West localization no for 3DS port.

    • Harvey Tejada Loto

      no ports psvita needs games

      • darke

        You realise this is a port to Vita, from a PS3 game, right?

        • Harvey Tejada Loto

          i mean the 3ds port

          • darke

            Yeah, but you don’t want a port to another platform, of a game that is already a port to vita. It seems… silly? “You can port here… but no further!” >.<

    • Ni ~Algidus~

      nah. 3DS doens’t need a lame visual novel sequel. now if we are talking about a true new Liberation Maiden with better gameplay that is another story

    • PreyMantis

      I’d rather get a sequel to the original game than a port, really…

    • Ric Vazquez


  • SupaPhly

    how do get from a mech shooter on the 3DS to a visual novel on the PS3 as a sequel?

    • ν•˜μ„Έμš”

      I have no freakin’ idea. I really loved the game and wish they expanded on it through, ya know, another 3DS game.

      • Ric Vazquez


    • Ni ~Algidus~

      i’m still trying to figure this out since LM seemed to be successeful for the investiment they had put in its development

    • MrTyrant

      They could had made a visual novel/mech shooter style. When taking routes it will allow you to play different stages and having more girls mean choosing different styles of gameplay. Of course a free mode choosing to play all the stages once unlocked and everything.

    • nonscpo

      Wait I thought this game was for the vita?

      • Sin was originally released on the PS3. The Vita release is an enhanced-port.

  • Do want.

  • FTM

    With all of the localized VN love on the Vita now, I wonder if there’s a chance of this coming west? I always liked the story/concept behind LM, and it’s the only thing that pulled me through the game (I wasn’t a fan, to be honest). I’d definitely appreciate this in English!

    • darke

      Eh? I don’t recall there being any VNs localised on the Vita other then otome games. Everything else is RPG+VN-style things like Conception or Demon Gaze.

      • FTM

        Danganronpa 1 & 2, Virtue’s Last Reward and Xblaze Code Embryo. I’d also consider Hyperdimension Neptunia PP visual novel; technically an ‘Idol Sim,’ but it has the same degree of narrative focus as VNs.

        • darke

          Danganronpa and Neptune PP both have actual gameplay in them, so they’re not pure VNs. I haven’t played Virtue’s Last Reward or that XBlaze one; do they have gameplay too, or are you just picking words from a list like most non-game VNs?

          I don’t dislike story-based, rather then skill-based VNs, but they don’t really seem to get translated, and this Liberation Maiden thing seem to be mainly story.

          • FTM

            They’ve all ‘some’ gameplay to them, but I think you’re nit-picking if you think the extremely small amount of gameplay involved with these titles prevents them from achieving what VNs set out to do.I mean, no; it’s not turn-on autoscroll and sit back— but it’s pretty close :P
            And sure, but I’m not too sure about Xblaze. From what I understand it is just story-based, so who knows. Of course, Xblaze is associated with Blazblue and that’s why it’s coming over— but still; gotta’ hold on hope!

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