What’s Going On With Marvelous AQL And Forbidden Magna?

By Spencer . May 6, 2014 . 2:23am

imageAside from Senran Kagura, Marvelous AQL also makes Harvest Moon and Rune Factory. Forbidden Magna is a new title from producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto and some former Neverland staff that are now working on the project inside Marvelous AQL.


“Some of the ex-Neverland staff that were working Forbidden Magna, that team once Neverland closed was brought into MAQL’s internal office so they could finish up the game,” Xseed’s Ken Berry said to Siliconera.


We asked if Xseed is considering to publish the game in North America.


“Oh yes, definitely. It’s still early in the development process. I think moving forward, we will be working much more closely with Marvelous AQL Japan and try to bring as many of their releases to the US as possible,” Berry replied.


“Even Dekamori Senran Kagura?” I asked. The PSN game, Dekamori Senran Kagura, is a music-meets-cooking game with the characters from the Senran Kagura universe.


“We’ll see,” Berry said with a laugh. “Being able to do titles as digital only that gives us a lot  more freedom in what we are able to release. As a packaged product, that title no way. That wouldn’t fly. Digital? We’ll keep our options open.”


Senran Kagura Burst was released as a Nintendo 3DS download in North America and it’s just one title in one of Marvelous AQL’s biggest franchises.


Meanwhile, Senran Kagura producer Kenichiro Takaki is also working on a rhythm game called IA/VT Colorful for PlayStation Vita. “We don’t know enough about it,” Berry said, when we asked about a possible release. “But, when it comes to those kind of music/rhythm games a lot of it depends on the songs and licensing, if it’s even possible or not.”


The only Marvelous AQL release crossed off the list is Valhalla Knights 3 Gold. Xseed decided not to publish the game in the West and unfortunately the additional content cannot be bundled as downloadable content since Gold has some major updates in the game engine.


Which Marvelous AQL game are you most excited to see get localized? And does anyone even remember Kaio: King of Pirates?

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  • I’d much rather see IA/VT Colorful make it Stateside than Senran Kagura.

    At any rate, I really like XSeed. I hope Forbidden Magna is good considering it’s pedigree with ex-Neverland staff and it’s purported Valkyria Chronicles-esque combat (kind of a weird mix between that and Mugen Souls’-ish visuals, but whatever), so if they bring it over, great!

    At this point, I am loving Ragnarok Odyssey ACE and am glad XSeed not only brought it over but talked their partners into bringing it to PS3. Which is where I, and many others (judging by the amounts of Dual Shocks in the online tavern and player community), are playing that game for the first time. Looking forward, I’m definitely gonna be nabbing Trails in the Sky for PC from them & Carpe Fulgur, and I can’t wait to see what else they have in store next month at E3!

    Keep it up, XSeed!

  • Firion Hope

    Really hope Dekamori and Colorful come over, would buy them both, I like that they’re going to try and localize more stuff. Also wish they wouldn’t cop out and say they’d go digital only with Dekamori, physical would be nice even if it’s in very limited numbers and it’s definitely possible, they just aren’t willing to take the (relatively small) risk.

    Anyway forbidden magna seems interesting, not sure what it is exactly. Also like others have mentioned it’s really hard for me to not confuse it with manga XD

    • JMaster3000

      As they said its easier to release the game digitally and i think it would be hard for them to get it in physical form ;o i mean, imagine that a eShop game comes in Physical form, that won’t ever happen.

      • Firion Hope

        I think it could happen, it would be kinda a neat thing to see actually, just for proof of concept or whatever. But yeah I understand them not wanting to do it since it would take extra work, still wish they would more in general though, especially for stuff like SKB

    • Zak Ledward

      Wouldn’t it be a little weird though if NA got a physical copy and JPN didn’t? That’d definitely cause a scene in terms of region equality. I mean yes there are cases when the origin region gets a physical and localizations get only digital, but that’s downgrade outwards, not inwards.

      But yes, like other people are saying, it’s just easier for localization companies to localize things with digital release in mind then physical due to it costing less overall

  • AlphaSixNine

    Still hoping for that Vita/Console Harvest Moon/Rune Factory. Any time now Marvelous.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Did we ever had any of those news?

    • CozyAndWarm

      Dat Sonybot

      And the most recent HM/RF entries on 3DS are the best-selling ones yet, so don’t get your hopes up.

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      Innocent life remake

    • Learii

      I would love that

  • Thatguy

    And nothing about Europe (of course it is!). Not even little comment about RF4 cancelation and nothing about possible Forbidden Magna EU release. It’s like Europe don’t exist.

    • Landale

      Why would they comment on Rune Factory 4 for Europe? It was canceled, a European release of RF4 will never exist, so unless something miraculously changed all bringing it up would accomplish is beating a dead horse. If you missed the commentary on it, here you go http://www.siliconera.com/2014/03/25/technical-difficulties-behind-rune-factory-4s-cancellation-europe/

      • Thatguy

        Okay. Poor wording, i will edit comment.

        Also, i forgot, who said that EU release will happen, despite Neverland closure? Zen Unlimited or Neverland producer?

  • I-Chan

    As Hatsune Miku fan I would personally love to see IA/VT Colorful get a localisation :) I’m still going to buy the japanese version, but if it will be localised, I will definitely buy it then again :D Love this kind of rhythm games ^^

  • I was interested in Forbidden Magna but then was less interested when I saw it was for 3DS =?

    • wububu

      Isn’t it obvious?

      • Sorry I should have stated it was when it was 1st shown and there was only really characters designs around

        • wububu

          I am well aware of that. It’s just that I thought it’s pretty obvious it is going to be for 3ds the moment it was announced. Well, it’s going to be a while until we’re going to get this game, so maybe by that time, there will be more games to justify you buying an XL.

    • CozyAndWarm


      • Honestly I never really got on well with the 3DS, I think its too small and it hurts my hands after playing it for a long time, I thought about getting an XL but I dont play enough, I only really play Fire emblem and Senran Kagura, Waiting for the day Advance Wars appears from the heavens =P

        • RampagingSoul

          I’d definitely say that I had the same feeling for the OG 3DS after a while. I went ahead and traded two old DSis of my family’s and got an XL for a hundred bucks a little after it came out. I later traded in my OG 3DS after the transfer. I felt the corners dig into my palms too much to really use it a lot, but the XL is a lot better with my larger-than-life hands. :P

        • CozyAndWarm

          You sound a lot like me a few months ago. Trust me when I say that getting an XL is the best decision you can make, It’ll change your opinion immediately

  • MrTyrant

    At least there is hope of bringing the game here once finished I believe. If the main staff of Rune Factory is involved then I need the game.

  • Xорошо 不死鳥 Zikk

    Huh, too bad about Valhalla Knights there. Guess I’ll probably grab Japanese Gold then. :/

  • Zer0faith

    *Reads Article*
    Uh oh.


    • 324234

      For Dekamori? It was a digital bargain-price even in Japan, I doubt anybody cares.

      • Taedirk

        Doesn’t mean they won’t bitch about it.

        • 324234

          Preemptively complaining about hypothetical complainers isn’t much better..

  • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owl

    I would love for IA/VT Colorful to get localized. But I’ll wait for when the time comes.

    That’s one title i’m interested in (…and one i’ll probably import anyways.)

  • As long as I get Magna.
    IA/VT looks neat, but also should be import friendly. I would recommend getting Senran Kagura series out there if I had to choose.

    I would like to play Kaio but info about it is very little.

  • I’m interessed on Forbidden Magna, so that :3 IA/VT also looks great but I wouldn’t mind importing it if it doesn’t comes out in english.

  • CozyAndWarm

    Great to hear Forbidden Magna’s western release is already on the table. Still waiting for any news on Kaio, and for pete’s sake Marvelous, release Senran Kagura 2 physically when it’s localized.

  • Kornelious

    Haven’t heard anything about this game in a while…I was getting worried
    I’m suprised that XSeed immediately came out and said “Heck yeah we’ll localize it” That makes me happy! Plus a chance at Dekamori Senran Kagura :D

    • Anewme…Again

      They never said they will localize, they only said they will definitely consider it.

      • Kornelious

        That’s still better than a flat out NO! :P

  • KyoryuOrange

    You guys do remember Kaio was primarily being headed by Inafune and comcept right?

    What happened? Mighty Number 9 happened. And Soul Sacrifice and that Gunvolt thing and Yaiba and so on.

    Missing Dekamori is no big loss, but they need to get a move on the other SK games.

    • J_Joestar

      Last word from Inafune was the game itself was completed a while ago and out of his hands, it is all up to MAQL on when to release it at this point but they were supposed to be waiting on an anime cross media release type of situation.

  • smyth

    Forbidden Magna looks interesting enough, will buy if it ever comes to Europe. I’m not getting my hopes up, though.

    • astrogamer

      Well as long as this new studio doesn’t close, chances are very high considering Marvelous’s track record with localizations

  • Firstly…. I’m not really sure any more with Kaio – haven’t seen any gameplay for it, so I’ll reserve judgement on that one.

    I’d like to see Forbidden Magna coming over, since I just love Valkyria Chronicles. :D

    I’d also like to see Dekamori Senran Kagura come over. Sanji would would make for a funny guest judge.

  • Aristides

    I honestly don’t care about Decamori being a physical game, I’m cool with getting it digitally. But Vs better have a physical copy or all hell is gonna break loose lol.

  • nonscpo

    Damit I really wanted that Vallhala Knights 3G :(

  • TheExile285

    I’m hoping we get Forbidden Magna and SK Deep Crimson (after Shinovi Versus). IA/VT Colorful looks nice too but I could probably wait till late 2015/ early 2016 for that.

  • Learii

    I want Senran Kagura VS not Dekamori Senran Kagura =(

  • Zoozbuh

    Someone probably said something similar already, but…
    If this game ends up sharing the same fate as Rune Factory 4 in Europe, I will literally start flipping tables. Tables in Natsume/Marvellous AQL’s respective offices. I will do it, dammit.

  • Isamu Daison

    Shinovi Versus of course! Duh!

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Well its not *forbidden” anymore huh?

  • FTM

    Ah; got tricked up and misread the ‘Absoluely we’ll bring it west’ for Dekamori—
    I’m not too big a fan of SK, but I do like rhythm games. I liked what I saw of Youtube gameplay videos also.
    Little ridiculous they kept the whole stripping thing in, and it seems more like a crutch than a staple— but whatever; still like rhythm games.

  • wububu

    Considering how RF builds up, I guess we won’t be having female protagonist and butlers then….

    • Lumi

      Not until the next iteration, at least

  • Shadow Rebirth

    it is IA/VT Colorful since I like rhythm games :D

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