No Bakumatsu Rock, But Xseed Does Have A PSP Game To Reveal

By Spencer . May 7, 2014 . 4:30pm


Even though Marvelous AQL filed a trademark for Bakumatsu Rock, a rhythm game meets visual novel set during Japan’s Bakumatsu period, the PSP game will not be released in North America.


“If Marvelous AQL registered it, that probably has to do with the anime. We don’t have any plans to do that title,” said Xseed’s Executive Vice President Ken Berry to Siliconera. “Xseed is not bringing over Bakumatsu Rock. It’s like a visual novel with way too many Japanese characters to translate.”


“We actually have another PSP title that we haven’t announced yet…” Berry said with a laugh. This game isn’t The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC which was previously announced and still in development.

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  • Brandish: The Dark Revenant!

    • Eefara

      Yep, it’s Brandish.

      • Reki Honoo

        I never even heard of that title, and do you have proof it’s that game?

        • It was hinted by a certain someone from XSEED at the Ancient Land of Ys. In the very topic of Brandish’s fan translation topic. :D

    • Nicholas Perry

      Oh my god I hope so!

    • Juan Andrés Valencia

      It looks like a dungeon crawler… have you played it?

      • 100% Finished Ares’ mode 6-7 hours ago! Absolutely lovely game.

    • Merrick Egber

      I was just hoping for a localized version of the remake, even if I felt it to be hopeless. I really liked the trailer and I tried to play the SNES version but found it to be a little bit unappealing to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if the PSP version fixes those kinds of problems.

    • Crimson_Cloud

      I played the old Brandish, don’t know about PSP remake. Is it good?

      • It’s amazing and 100% better than the original game. (:

  • AlphaSixNine

    Fate/Extra CCC? I’m desperate :(

    • Reki Honoo

      I do hope we get that game.

    • Splinter

      Looks like it will be Brandish: The Dark Revenant, but I was really hoping for that one too =(

    • Sapitntapit

      I gave up all hope on that one :(

  • DesmaX

    Should be Brandish.

  • Sorensen

    Betting on either Nayuta no Kiseki or Zwei II. …..A man can dream. :(

    • GH56734

      Zwei II isn’t really a PSP game, you know. (Only the first has a PSP port, and it’s not even by Falcom but Taito).
      That said, the fan-translation for both Zwei games (PC versions) was mysteriously halted and they would instead begin Dinosaur Resurrection (that is, after all the real-life troubles of the translator were dealt with). Many people on those boards strongly think they were bound by some NDA and their translation was bought by Xseed (since they’re the ones distributing Falcom games here).

      “Someone” (I hope he didn’t get in trouble for this) told the one translating Brandish PSP he should look for other translations “because.. reasons ;)”
      That’s pretty straightforward :P
      They already put the fan-translation on hold actually.

      Nayuta no Kiseki is a hopeless case. Though it’s probably getting fan-translated after that first failed attempt.

      • wyrdwad

        “Zwei II isn’t really a PSP game, you know. (Only the first has a PSP port, and it’s not even by Falcom but Taito).”

        Actually, the PSP port of Zwei is indeed by Falcom! It’s the PS2 port that’s by Taito — and the PS2 port is surprisingly good. Easily one of the best Falcom console ports not done by Falcom themselves.

        I wish Zwei II were on PSP, or Vita, or… something. That game is sooooo good, it deserves to be played by more people!

  • Peytral

    HaHAH! Time for Brandish, man.

  • E3 is gonna be so fun this year. :3

  • Kudoshinichi12

    Oh God… please, let it be Nayuta no Kiseki. Please. I need this in my life.

    • Anime10121


  • xkumo

    English Detective Mysteria.

    • I don’t know; if their PSP project is actually Brandish, doesn’t that rule this out? I was really interested in this one though. V_V

      • RedSuisei

        They never said they will only do one PSP game this year though :) (well, two if we’re counting Sora 2)

      • Paulette

        Where did they say the “next” announced will be said PSP game ?

    • Sacchan

      I’d totally bought the LE version.

  • dark-kyon

    message of tom of xseed to fantranslation.

    • Yoshinatsu


    • revenent hell

      Thanks for posting this, you are a good dobee!
      Proof is in the forum post : Brandish it tiz.

    • Ni ~Algidus~

      i imported the japanese version two years ago and boy is this game fun. when xseed finally release it, it’ll be a insta-buy from me

    • I’ve got a bit more history of this written up on my site, too:

      That also looks like the screenshot I made and posted on my site. If it is, I’d wished that there was credit for it, since that was a piece of my article. That’s kind of not cool, man.

      • Please don’t take this too personal, but…
        Credits for a screenshots you made of a forum conversation that you weren’t even part of? How much work did you put in “creating” this screenshot to justify the credits? 10 seconds?

        “Artists” these days….

        But seriously, maybe they found the screenshot somewhere else, without any information as for the source, because, you know, that happens a lot on the internet and even if they knew, at least they didn’t hotlink, using up your traffic…

        It would be a matter of 30 seconds to recreate that exact screenshot tho… hell, one could even just take a screenshot of your screenshot and et voilà, it’s now my own screenshot which I can take the credit for….

        As a fellow artist I just want to tell you that it’s not worth it getting worked up over a simple screenshot, when you think about it, you already “stole” the work from others, from the posters, you didn’t write that text, you merely pressed print screen, you made a copy. Now, if someone was gonna use your whole write-up, the article and pretended it to be their own, that’s a whole different story and a reason to get seriously pissed, like a lot of us do, when they suddenly find their artwork uploaded to websites you’ve never even heard of with a comment like: “This is my newest art, isn’t it kawaii!?” and you’re just like: “Ugh, why do these people have to exist?”

        Also, they never said they took this screenshot, never denied it either but oh well… it’s really just silly to get possessive over a screenshot. ;)

        • It’s not, but what I’m more worked up about is that the post clearly came from the article I wrote on the topic. There IS more information on it, on the history of Brandish not coming out and potentially coming
          out in English and so forth- so there’s a little more history on the fact that XSEED *has* wanted to release it for a few years now anyway.

          That’s the *only* place I put the screenshot. And it’s not even the featured image of the article itself. Basically, to me, I see taking the image out of the middle of the article and tossing it on imgur as taking the image and not bothering with any of the other research and so forth that went into the article to take credit for the discovery. That’s it.

          The article itself took about 2-3 times more “time” doing the legwork and some other checking than the time to write it itself. It’s more than just “Oh hey, a forum post I’ll post about it.” I usually do a lot more than that on the back end of things.

          • Those who care can just google up the additional information, I don’t see anything wrong with that information not being featured alongside the comment & screenshot. I read through your article and none of the information was of any interest to me, to others it might be, most people are pleased with simply knowing XSeeds reaction to the fan translation, which is such a clear indication for an upcoming localisation…

            Maybe you should just do it like the “pros” and watermark your exclusive screenshots, that way you don’t need to get worked up about intellectual theft – and come one, dude, that’s all you stated in your first comment with “I’d wished that there was credit for it, since that was a piece of my article” otherwise you could have just said “I’d wished you mentioned that there’s more to it, here’s my article, just read it up!”.

            You could have handled this issue much more elegantly, just sayin’.

            I bet your screenshot has been posted on various gaming forums without your permission and/or any credits… deal with it.

            If on the other hand the Siliconera article would have used your image without credits, that’s something to get pissed about…. but it’s just a comment from a user, seems like overreacting much to me. Sorry.

            P.S.: Yes, it is insanely silly to get possessive over a screenshot. We could have a long and proper discussion about it, taking legal rights and all other media into consideration, but I’d rather not because, dude, it really is just silly.

          • Yeah, it’s basically going to be the start of watermarking all of my images on my site. I was very tired and grouchy, and while that’s no excuse to my reaction, it still feels very rotten that someone had done such a thing.

            Though if you’re saying that I hadn’t said anything else, look at the comment again- the first thing I *did* mention was the article and even link it.

            I can usually see the traffic to my site, though. If people on reddit and Neogaf are willing to post the article itself rather than just throw the image on imgur- doesn’t that take more effort to save the image and upload it somewhere else than just link the article?? – so it’s not a matter of that either.

          • I’m not saying you didn’t say anything else, I’m just saying that the gist of your comment was being displeased for not being credited for the screenshot. Instead of being a bitch about it, you could have been nice about it. I just didn’t like your attitude, the way you phrased things, as if it really was such a big matter….

            At the end of the day, it’s just a screenshot you spent 30 seconds on creating, at most.

            Imagine the following situation: Someone read your article, found the screenshot to be of relavance for a friend, so they sent him the direct link to the image, they might have shared it with someone else again until someone saved it, uploaded it to imgur, to show it to someone else again, it spread further, at some point no one knew who the original poster of the screenshot was – it’s the internet, stuff like that happens all the time and it’s just not worth it getting angry over something silly like that.

            You start blaming someone, without knowing if it’s their fault. You could have just asked nicely first or just left it at posting the link to the article. Like I said, it’s really not such a big deal.

          • revenent hell

            I think most see your common sense here but the one its intended for just doesn’t understand a screenshot of a public forum post isn’t really important as if it actually was a work of genuine art and its not.
            If the poster had taken his words as their own then there’s a breech of common decency but here its nothing but a cropped shot of a forum post that really anyone under the sun could and most likely will do…..
            I agree with your sentiments in trying to enlighten the unenlightenable though.

          • Please re-read what I’ve been saying, this is a piece of an article that took a lot of legwork and backtracking because of things that have been said over a period of 2-3 years from XSEED.

            The screenshot is pretty much someone deciding that the rest of the article wasn’t worth it, and that it was more worth the effort to upload it on a completely different website- where it would probably just be easier to post a link, instead of 1) download the image, 2) post it on imgur, 3) post the imgur link.

            People are thinking that it’s just about the screenshot when there’s a lot more to what I’m a bit upset about with this.

          • revenent hell

            Oh so you have taken offence that someone/others found that screenshot more valuable than your entire article eh?
            That’s something you are just going to have to overcome. The shot itself was, in this case, enough said so to speak.
            If you are offended because the rest of your article wasn’t used and credited its kind of a “to bad for you” scenario because apparently it wasn’t all relevant to what the poster here wanted to post and besides that you don’t have any proof really that this person even took it from your article it could have for all intense and purposes been found elsewhere by this person.

          • And I would apologize for my comment if it did follow your situation. However, the response you’re making is that I’m being a bitch simply for calling people out for something I feel wronged over. That’s lovely- all that does is teach people to stew over things and it makes it far, far worse, and people won’t realize that ‘oh hey, maybe it would be better if I did this…’ in the future.

            What you are missing, however, is the point that I made in my last post. The screenshot was a piece of an article that took well over an hour or two to search through, find sources, and link to various other evidence that leads into it.

      • Hexodious

        Did you ask permission to take that screenshot?

        • The article, as a whole, was a collection of hints and periods of times things have been talked about publicly- as was the screenshot. It’s public record.

          Also, note, the screenshot actually does not link to the original post, whereas my article did to give credit where credit was due and link directly to what Wyrdwad said. The screenshot alone takes that away as well.

          Then as I said above, there’s far more legwork than taking a screenshot and slapping it into an article and writing it in the background. I like verifying things on my end before I publish, as it helps protect the integrity of my articles.

          • Hexodious

            That didn’t answer my question. I find it kinda rude and disrespectful that you’re taking pictures of other people’s conversation without asking permission.

          • I did answer your question. “There’s far more legwork than you can see in that post.” That includes contacting people as needed.

          • Hexodious

            Since you find taking pictures of other people’s conversations completely normal, people are free to use the screenshot to show it to their friends or on a public forum if certain disccusions are met and are on the subject.

            End of story.

    • Paulette

      “Not a Falcom game” they said… I’m confused now -_-

  • Atwa

    I’d really like to play Bakumatsu, ah well

    • GH56734

      Visual novels are… something requiring Japanese fluency de facto if one is into the genre.

      • Atwa

        Uhm, not if it would have been localized.

  • new_tradition

    That’s a shame. I don’t think there were any dating-sim elements, so more people might have been willing to buy it, especially since Miku made rhythm games more popular lately.

    That and having a bunch of hot guys in a game to play would’ve been nice in a sea of games getting localized lately populated by beautiful women and cute girls.

    Atlus, XSEED, NISA…What about your girl gamers? :(

    • wyrdwad

      Don’t worry, we’ll be announcing something for you girl gamers very soon. And I guarantee you won’t be able to guess what it is.

      Stay tuned. I think you’ll be pleased. ;)

      I do wish we could’ve worked on Bakumatsu Rock, as I’ve played it, and it’s a very good game… but it would’ve never worked out. Not only is there a CRAP-ton of text in the game (it’s waaaaaaaay more visual novel than it is rhythm game — the rhythm portion almost feels insignificant compared to the vast amount of story and dialogue!), but it’s all written vertically in oddly-sized text boxes that just barely fit between character portraits on the screen. To effectively localize it, not only would there be a TON of text to work through, but virtually every line would require some amount of graphic design work in order to re-fit horizontally-oriented English text on the screen without covering up all the art.

      And even at its conclusion, fans would likely buy it thinking it’s a rhythm game, only to find that it’s actually a visual novel with occasional rhythm gaming interludes.

      It’s one of those titles that I hope someone else picks up, and strongly urge people to buy if they do (and major props to anyone who’d take on a challenge like this!)… but it just wasn’t for us. We have too much else on our plate right now to take on a huge, complex project like that.

      • new_tradition

        Omg, official response O_O

        (Aside: I think you guys do awesome work. I sincerely want that to get across more than my personal whining)

        Thank you for the explanation. With what you’re saying, it does sound like a pain. And you’re right, I honestly assumed it was more rhythm and less VN. Thank you again for explaining ^^

        Ngh…As always, you guys are such a tease ♥

        I’m gonna be guessing for a while now, please announce it soon

        • wyrdwad

          Just as a disclaimer, I’m not referring to the very next announcement you’ll be hearing about from us. That one… is not exactly targeted at girl gamers. ;)

          But the announcement AFTER that? Awww yeah!

          • Asukami

            Not targeted at girl gamers, you say?

            I smell life and hometown.

          • AlphaSixNine

            PSP game “not targeted at girl gamers”? Fate/Extra CCC!! Yes I’m very desperate. :'(

          • VeniVidiVici

            I dunno, Gilgamesh and Archer make Fate/Extra CCC very girl gamerish to me~

            Oh yeah, and the awesome story and fun battle system. That’s pretty girl gamerish to me too :D

      • KnifeAndFork

        If you wanna do an otome game that has gameplay, you should localize Koei’s Harukanaru Toku no de series as they’re RPGs

        • They’d have the same problem with text boxes there tho, as the text is written vertically as well. :(

        • DyLaN

          That thing is kinda old and not to mention NDS/PS2 is dead….

          • Aunna Terrell

            The main numbered entries are on the PSP too, but still…

      • Göran Isacson

        aww, a pity. Both that this zanyness isn’t coming over here, and that the rhythm game elements are apparently really downplayed. I guess it’s to be expected though- if you want to make a visual novel, I guess you’re aiming at the crowd who’s really into visual novel style gameplay- interrupting them with another gameplay style that they may not make it past probably isn’t a good recipe for success, unless you water it down so that pretty much anyone could beat it.

    • KnifeAndFork

      Shoulda went with 3D cel shaded character models or advanced Live2D animation

      • DyLaN


        Though the Oreimo VNs did have good looking Live2D models.

  • mockturtle

    I sense a great disturbance in the force. As if millions of yaoi fangirls cried out… and were silenced.

    • KnifeAndFork

      And then a snail farted

  • Hours Left

    Yet the trademark was registered to be used with a game, not for anime. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

    Maybe Marvelous is working on the title by themselves?

    • Firekitty

      We can only hope.

  • JuVu

    To be honest, I am kind of disappointed they aren’t considering Bakumatsu game. After Disgaea Infinite and Sweet Fuse, I would be extremely pleased with more translated visual novels. It’s especially heartbreaking in the case of Anohana PSP visual novel, that could have been something way beyond great if translated in English. But even with the anime out, it seems like a licensing hell that wouldn’t be profitable. What a huge shame. I secretly hope there would be slim chances for these kinds of games still to come out on western PSN.

    But hey, at least they are still planning to bring over PSP games. That Brandish game doesn’t really look like my cup of tea, but it seems that there are people who are excited for it, so I’m okay with it.

    • KnifeAndFork

      Gallery Fake would be cool

  • mintea

    “It’s like a visual novel with way too many Japanese characters to translate.”

    What? It was like one of the shortest visual novel I’ve played.

  • shadowind

    If it is true, I’d definitely buy it, especially as I’ve played the Japanese version in the past.

  • chiimisu

    I’ve read about Brandish: The Dark Revenant on hardcoregaming some time ago. It’d be really neat if XSEED licensed it, been wishing to try it out.

  • Milewide

    Time to get delusional. XSEED announces they’ve restarted their work on Grand Knight Historia.


    Dreams shattered…

    Better start working harder:

  • neo_firenze

    Brandish PSP is a great game, and I’ll happily buy it again (have had the Japanese version for years) if it’s officially released in English.

    But I have to say, I’m getting a little tired of the stupid hints and announcements of announcements. Just announce the damn game when you’re ready to announce the game, why all this playing coy and dancing around it?

    Every Xseed release these days: “I’ve got a secret but I’m not gonna tell you what it is! Do you want to know what it is? OK, I’ll tell you next week! Hint: the name of the game has at least two consonants in it!” It’s just annoying and doesn’t really serve to increase hype for the game you’re “not announcing”.

    Not just to pick on Xseed, as they are far from the only ones who do this. But the trend needs to die yesterday.

    • It is like the movie theater quiz and trivia on screen while waiting for the movie to start.

      I have a theory that they do it to gauge and fish what else people are interested in from their guesses.

  • vincent_vincent

    Its Brandish

  • Brandish is amazing, I’ll support an English release if that is it.

  • Veggie Pita

    This saddens me. :( I was actually looking forward to Bakumatsu Rock. Maybe I’ll import it and just roll with the fun.

  • revenent hell

    I’m kind of ok with not hearing about a localization for this game. While I would like more VN’s in the world at large I kind of detest rhythm games with an unholy hate even the hounds of hell would avoid at all cost.
    Granted this is more VN than rhythm game but every time a game is mentioned I am interested in that follows with a “rhythm” aspect I already know I probably wont ever even want to touch it….Though I really did like most that I heard of this game

  • Crimson_Cloud

    Sol Trigger, Terror of the Stratus, Shinning Blade and Fate/Extra CCC. Unfortunately, it’s nothing from those things…

  • Firekitty

    And once again, the ladies in the audience get no love…

  • Rita Tong

    I’m more sadfacing over the fact that they’re not bringing the over the top Bakumatsu rhythm game.

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