Omega Quintet’s First Trailer Shows Off The Game’s Five Idols

By Sato . May 8, 2014 . 2:10am


Compile Heart’s Galapagos RPG label revealed their second title as Omega Quintet for PlayStation 4, an “idol x RPG” game. You’ll be playing as a quintet of idols to take on a phenomenon called “beep” that has been degenerating the planet. Here’s a look at the Omega Quintet’s first trailer.


The teaser  starts out with a look at what appears to be the beep, assaulting people who are seen running for their lives. The video says that mankind can’t resist against them, as they continue losing their homes and lives.


The story of the Verse Maidens will be about bringing hope to a world that is headed to an end, as only they have the power to stand up against the beep.


Omega Quintet will be released on September 18, 2014 for PlayStation 4.

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  • Reki Honoo

    Seems very interesting. Hopefully we get this over in the west.

  • DyLaN
    More screenshot for Omega Quintet.

    TL of character profile in the scan courtesy of xizro345:

    Kyoka (CV: Rui Tanabe)
    -The earnest and headstrong cool beauty

    Quote: “I just want to fulfill my role…”

    She has a sense of responsibility stronger than anyone else, and a strict nature both with herself and other people. She always acts like a dignified cool beauty. She thinks about the people while performing her duties as a Song Maiden, but on the other hand she’s not good at showing her own feelings in front of other people.

    • Isuke-sama

      Nanana is in this? Count me in.

  • Arcade Bumstead


    • CycloneFox

      “Uh…aaaa….? A billion mirror fragments…. small…. light… taken…. angel’s… singing voices… sympho… geah…”

  • got till September to Pre-order,

    See if it gets announced here first

    I’m happy there’s a JRPG’s coming for the PS4

  • Shippoyasha

    The plot is very AKB48 anime or Macross. I at least hope it’s something to those lines.

    • Don’t forget about Symphogear =)

  • leingod

    Idols saving the world? Only in anime :P … not that’s a bad thing.

  • shuyai

    So they are some kind of Idol power ranger?

    • CycloneFox

      More like Sailor Senshi where everyone is popular as Sailor V, maybe?

    • Ban The Jackass

      From the left, Mami, Homura, Madoka, Neptunia, Sailor Jupiter.

      • Histirea

        Even when it’s completely unrelated, people are still calling Neptune “Neptunia”.

        • Ban The Jackass

          I never played the Neptunia series. My bad.

        • darke

          Someone needs to post that ‘Neptune’ pronunciation youtube video again. :)

        • Wtv

          She doesn’t even look like Neptune. I think he meant Noire.

    • Wtv

      Mahou shoujos nowdays uses a lot of sentai elements actually (or at least Precure uses), so it’s more like that.

  • nonscpo

    Glad Japanese gamers finally have something that migh peak their interest, a lot of PS4’s are going to be moved soon.

  • DragKudo

    Beep= Censorship?

  • Sentsuizan_93

    Seems there’ll be another trailer on the 12th.
    Gonna be interesting to see how this plays out.

    • DyLaN

      The trailer out on 12th is the full ver and there a stream of the game on a music channel too.

  • Göran Isacson

    Gotta admit, the tonal whiplash between the ruined world and those frilly dresses is kind of intriguing. I want to see if they actually keep the environments consistently depressing, dark and gloomy just to make their colorful outfits stand out even more, or if they’ll think that’s too heavy and soften the environments in the actual game.

    Also, fighting the “beep”… am I the only one who was reminded of this ol’ ditty?

  • Heropon

    @@ destruction’s world with Idols . Those settings are not blend well together

  • waku waku

    How long do you think until localisation? Fairy Fencer F has a full year of waiting.

    • CycloneFox

      The PS4 is still too young to estimate, how fast Japanese games get localized. PS3 and PSVita had very few localisations at the beginning and now most japanese PS3 and Vita games get localized really fast. I can not estimate, if that applies for the PS4 as well, or if the whole cycle just restarts anew again.

      • waku waku

        I just mentioned Fairy Fencer F, another Galapagos RPG by the same company, which is why I’m concerned. It’s a fairly new JRPG and Western release date is a year apart from the Japanese release lol

  • tturtlejosh


  • Luminous Prima! <3

  • Kevin Komic O’Shea

    Hey guys look! it’s Magica Madoka in game form.

  • I like the fact that the plot is so similar to Symphogear which I love. The trailer looked nice. I can already tell I’m going to beeping love this game when it comes out lol

  • Aristides

    This is by far the most ridiculous trailer I have ever seen, I love it XP

  • rurifan

    I’m fine with niche otaku games, but I wish they’d deliver some less pathetic JRPGs first.

    • darke

      Well the first ‘JRPG’ on the PS4 (though it had SRPG gameplay) failed miserably; so I’d rather they try something different.

      Otaku games tend to survive with ‘small’ sales, whereas a big budget failure, like the next Final Fantasy could cause problems. So if they get their usual small sales on the PS4 it could encourage other companies to try it, the result of Natural Doctrine’s failure can’t be helping things.

  • Kornelious

    This still suprises me, but in a good way….It’s pretty unique, though I feel like the act of young Idol’s singing in order to combat the evils of the world….feels kind of familiar……Anways, i shall hibernate now, wake me up when news of a localization has been announced, lol XD (Perhaps with the New Hyperdimension Idol game and the two Miku games, Idol games might be getting more popular in the west…….propbally not though…..)

    • Vash bane

      now that you mention it does sound familiar. I cant put my finger on it tho but I remember a group of young girls had to fight each other and the winner advancing though the ranks(or something like that) it had lead singers , back up singers…..did forget to mention they had light sabers? XD so many colors….like a rainbow… lol

  • Tom_Phoenix

    If there is anything likely to convince the otaku to buy PS4s, it is a loli quintet!

  • Vash bane

    ……I see so much precure in them lol (I don’t watch the series but when I heard of it I gave it a look…I think it was happy precure where “bad ends” happen) btw one of those monsters looked like it was from conception XD

  • Yan Zhao

    lolis, lolis everywhere~!

  • Demeanor

    THEY are gonna save the world from darkness? Uuuh… sure, why not, I guess XD
    I wonder how’s the gameplay, is it a traditional turn-based rpg?

  • JNT

    “Compile Heart”.

    Oh so we already know that it’s going to be garbage, great to know. The concept was kinda interesting though, idols who fight off monsters or something.

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