Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Runs Through A Full Dungeon

By Sato . May 9, 2014 . 3:10am


Bandai Namco recently announced that the PSP title Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment’s HD version will be bundled to the upcoming Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment for PlayStation Vita for its western release. While you’re waiting to play the Sword Art Online games, check out this footage that shows a complete dungeon run in Hollow Fragment.


Kirito and his lady friends enter the dungeon at the 1:55 mark of the video, where they immediately encounter some enemies. As they travel further into the dungeon, they encounter tougher enemies like the Lv. 114 Punish Wrath Bull, and more.


A few floors, Skeletons, and Strange Birds later, they find themselves facing the boss of the area, called the Terminate Dragon Omega (Lv. 120). Since Kirito is at Lv. 128 and his partner Philia is Lv. 125, the fight isn’t as tough for the crew, and they manage to take it down after pulling off consecutive skills.


They are then rewarded with a room full of all kinds of treasures, and got themselves a nice sword, items, and something that looks like crafting material.


Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment will be released in North America and Europe this Summer for PlayStation Vita.

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  • AlphaSixNine

    Man I really Hope BamCo Taiwan shows the English subtitle part of their Asia release. Some people I know are still doubtful it will be in Full English.

  • MyBodyIsReady

    Pretty sure theres no word on an EU release?

    • chibiwall

      still waiting here

      • MyBodyIsReady

        I was so sure we’d have an announcement by now. Guy on the EU PS blog hinted and everything. God damn it.

        I’ll get over it, I’m more excited for Soul Sacrifice Delta and Freedom Wars personally but I’m still quite interested

  • The monsters, and even the boss, seem like wet noodles. It’s not just an issue of skills or stats, they just stand there in perma-stagger and don’t really… do anything. So it’s basically a “mash all buttons” game, but without any of the flourish and style, and sometimes hard bits of the God of War franchise?

    • DAT Bird From DAT Cage

      The appeal is in the waifus
      The waifus sell the game
      Basically, if the waifus do not appeal, then the game will not appeal
      The combat is just there to allow waifus to battle alongside you

      • John Diamond


        • quasadra

          yeap, seriously.

        • natchu96

          It’s SAO we’re talking about, of course it’s about the waifus.

          The existence of waifus in SAO is a more consistent element in SAO than Sword Art Online (the fictional video game) itself. For every volume of the light novel about Sword Art Online (the game) I guarantee there are at least half a dozen times as volumes about something else.

          Alternatively, that was sarcasm, and if so ya srsly

      • Harvey Tejada Loto

        i want this game i only care about the waifus *O*

      • [S]unjay

        Conception 2?

    • darke

      They did run through with higher-level characters then the area; if it’s like most JRPGs as soon as you’re a bit higher then you should be in an area, even the bosses are a pushover. :(

      • Again, read what I wrote. The opponents did not move. The opponents barely attacked… even the boss. It’s like you’d take an enemy from Monster Hunter, then stop it from moving, and allow it to attack at 1/10th the normal rate…

        • Kornelious

          While the waifu’s are a big selling point for me I also like the gameplay. It doesnt deem all the fast paced but not super slow either, I personally really like SAO so I guess that plays a part in it as well :)

    • Nekodius

      The vid shows you how the game is when you’re
      overleveled/geared with a full party in a lower level dungeon…probably.
      I can’t get past the 1st section (1st
      hollow mission) after the tutorial unless I skip on 2 bosses+chests,
      which doesn’t fit with me.
      Actually that part makes the game really challenging, will see if it continues to do so

    • Xerain

      For better or worse, that’s pretty much inline with the book. As death is real, they all overlevel so they can safely over power the bosses. Which is why the book starts out 2 years in, once they finally start reaching stuff they can’t just cheese to death.

      • Copy-pasted from another comment:

        Again, read what I wrote. The opponents did not move. The opponents barely attacked… even the boss. It’s like you’d take an enemy from Monster Hunter, then stop it from moving, and allow it to attack at 1/10th the normal rate…

        • natchu96

          Since I don’t think we can really jump in this game I think it might not be fair to be giving bosses sword highly mobile sword skills or anything . . .

          I hear comparisons of the battle system with Xenoblade. I’ve never actually played Xenoblade, but do enemies move much there either?

    • Ragnawind

      This video is a multiplayer dungeon with 5 characters, compared to the main game having only 2 characters max most of the time and attacking causing a stagger effect that can have increased duration every hit by allies. If anything, the multiplayer part, which is all this video shows seems pretty bad. The characters in this video are also clearly around Level 125-130 with the monsters mostly being around levels 110-120. The only exception is Astrea, but that is one character. For a better show of the game game play, you should check videos from the single player game. A search on Youtube can really help finding them. Here is one I found with a quick search which seems to be better, though I have no idea of the skill of the person playing, which also has a factor in how a video looks. If a beginner was playing in the video, it definitely wouldn’t look so easy:


  • RawrWata

    Really not liking the lack of male characters.

    Then again, this is SAO.

  • 0nsen

    This looks like the kind of game you’re really excited for until you get it and figure out that actually playing it is no fun at all. At least nowadays videos can warn gamers of these kinds of traps.

    • abysswalker

      But sometimes you’re so excited even videos don’t change your perspective, you lie to yourself with things like: “this guy doesn’t know how to play!” or “this guy is casual” or even “they’re only showing the most basic stuff, the real stuff is for me to discover”.

      An ugly truth I guess but a truth nonetheless

      In the mean time I’ll wait for more gameplay and probably reviews to see if it buys me or if I end up lying to myself haha.

    • Ty Austin

      I don’t know, the video didn’t make it look fun either. Characters kinda just stood in place and used skills over and over.

  • Tincho Kudos

    That looks… shallow :/

  • Eiscafe

    “Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment will be released in North America and Europe this Summer for PlayStation Vita”

    Wait what? Europe? What’s going on? Is this a typo or do siliconera know smth that we dont know.

    • Hexodious

      I think that’s either a typo or a misunderstanding. I have searched it up and found nothing about a Europe release.

      Way to get disappointing so early in the morning.

    • vault2049

      It will be released on digital download format only (as far as I know), so it would make sense that it gets release simultaneously, on NA and EU.

  • I’m not an SAO fan but was willing to give the game a look at least… But this looks really boring? The enemies all just sit there waiting for you to wallop them for several minutes. Is this the very first dungeon, perhaps? Or maybe there’s more to the battle system that I’m just not seeing…

    • Ragnawind

      This video shows a multiplayer dungeon. Normally, I think it is either just you or you and a single partner mostly in the single-player game. Also, the characters used in this video are around 10-20 levels over most of the enemies in the dungeon and it seems some enemies that are too far under your level don’t even notice you, unless they are naturally non-aggressive types, and it seems when you or the enemy takes a hit, they are stunned for a moment and can’t act. With all the characters hitting the enemies so many times in that multiplayer dungeon, it makes sense how they couldn’t attack back if this is the case. In normal play, it should be much more balanced. If the multiplayer mode is always like the game play in the video, though, I can see why people probably wouldn’t like it. They should probably check videos from the actual game, though, if they want to use videos to decide if they want the game. This video is definitely multiplayer, only, though, and the multiplayer does seem boring.

  • Kornelious

    This game just keeps getting better! I was thinking about just importing it for the Limited Edtion (And because I can’t wait) but realized I wouldnt be able to get the DLC and updates without switching cards…..And I didn’t have enough money :P
    I thankfully finally got a 64gb card for my Vita so I….AM…..READY! XD

  • Harvey Tejada Loto

    waifus everywhere!

  • Postnjam

    i just don’t get this at all, why does the dungeon look like crap, why is Leafa in SAO and not in her real world form, who the fuck is Strea? Why do the monsters just see your waifus and freeze with fear? What? Why?

    • RickyMack

      alternate universe. infinity moment takes place starting at floor 74 as if there was never any fight between kirito and kayaba. hollow fragment follows after infinity moment which is why leafa and the girl from gun gale online is in the story. plus, there’s tons of non story characters you can recruit.

      • Postnjam

        ah, I see, so it’s non canon and Leafa didn’t have the mirror thing, thanks for clearing this up

  • natchu96

    A boss in SAO without “the” in it’s name?!?

    And you call yourself a boss! Cardinal has raised you poorly.

  • Ric Vazquez

    Much fandom hype

  • David Zech

    Meh, this game isn’t looking too good.

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