Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed Flashes A Little PS4 Footage

By Spencer . May 12, 2014 . 10:56pm

Acquire is bringing Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed to PlayStation 4. This version of the game has enhanced graphics and shows more people walking around Akihabara. The core game where you strip clothes off the vampire-like Synthisters is intact and supports online streaming.


Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed for PS4 is slated for release on July 3. Xseed will release the game in the West, but have not confirmed if the PS4 game will come over too.

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  • mojack411

    Umm, maybe I’m blind but I really don’t see a difference in the graphics at all.

    • Letrico

      I guess just better shading, better frame rate and just more populated town. Hard to tell the video is only highest 720p :(

    • Werty18

      I noticed some blur effects and better flow of battle, like smoother movements.

    • Duo Maxwell

      The better frame rate is what you would desire after playing the Vita one.

      • TheCynicalReaper

        Vita didn’t have a bad framerate, but yeah there’s no comparison between the two

  • NeptuniasBeard

    Man, I bet he would feel pretty damn silly if it turns out that one of the people he strips was just a normal person

    • wyrdwad

      You can actually strip normal people intentionally if you so desire. At that point, however, you’re basically just mugging them for their clothes and/or weapons, and your reputation in the town will plummet, affecting how other characters react to you.

      • NeptuniasBeard

        Well I’ll be stripping a LOT of men and women then.

        For… the greater good, of course…

        • Kai2591


      • Thatguy

        Sounds like a pefrect 2nd run. It’s just to see their reaction.
        Not just strip normal people.

      • nonscpo

        Wow seems a bit GTAish then, in a perverted sorta way.

      • John Diamond

        reminds me of mugging people in star ocean. I stole from everyone and my rep went down 2 much lmao

  • Shippoyasha

    Correct Muay Thai posture on that literal ass kicking.

  • Xseed announce PS4 version please!!!!!

    • Xerain

      Poor XSeed.

    • Zoozbuh

      I don’t know much about the industry, but surely they should test out the waters with the PS3 release first? See if people actually buy such a niche game first, see the reception it gets. The full dual audio/dubbing already must have been a super costly move, so I give them props for it :)

  • Skeptika Crediblus

    Now that everything is HD, I’d better be able to count the individual fibers on those pantsu…

  • Kai2591

    Lol I love their co-op combo moves. So fun~

    If we get the PS4 version too, then this might actually be my first PS4 game gahaha~

  • Hexodious

    Still nothing significant.
    I’ll keep the Vita version.

  • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

    Xseed is in a little bit of a bind with this one. They are doing full voice acting and really have been pushing the PS3/Vita versions but there will obviously be some (don’t know how many) who choose to wait for the enhanced version with streaming. I am on the fence about getting these versions too and hopefully wait for a PS4 version to arise. Either way…I will eventually strip down my enemies for the sake of Akihabara!

    • Zoozbuh

      Are you kidding? I don’t see why anyone would wait to be honest. The PS4 version doesn’t look so “enhanced” that it’s worth getting + they might not even bother localizing that version, so you’ll just be making XSeed lose a bunch of money…
      Not criticizing your decision, just saying I hope these initial 2 versions do well for them. I will definitely be getting one of them since the dual audio/dubbed announcement came out!!

      • darke

        The PS3’s boot cycle slow and a pain, whereas the PS4 is nearly instant on. The PS4 version will also almost certainly reduce the load times to start the game, and transition between scenes and on; things that completely piss me off about consoles. (I’m primarily a PC gamer, if more JRPGs were on the PC I’d toss my consoles out the window.)

        To be honest if they ported the PS3 version there and just upped the resolution to 1080p (if it isn’t already), I’d probably be fine with that. I’m willing to pay more money for less of my small amount of free time spent waiting. :) Probably like a lot of employed professionals I’ve got more free money then free time.

  • Brandonmkii

    Since I own a ps4, I’d absolutely love that version to be localized as well, but I’ll settle for it on ps3 if I have to. I’m just happy to see it localized.

  • TheCynicalReaper

    “enhanced graphics” meaning “a bit less clipping”
    This looks almost exactly like the PS3 release. The notable difference I’d say is clearly in the framerate, and I’d believe it populating Akihabara with more people as well.

    However no one is missing out on this if we Westerners only get the PS3/Vita versions. That framerate is delicious, but this isn’t Bayonetta. It’s not that big a deal.

    Honestly Akiba’s Strip is a portable-level game, anyway. It’s good, very fun, and has a lot of content, but it’s not something you NEED to experience on your HDTV.

  • TheCynicalReaper

    For comparison’s sake: Akiba’s Trip 2 on Vita: (please ignore the poster’s voice)

    As you can see, AS2 is the exact same game visually, just that the graphics get slightly enhanced each version, the population grows, and of course the FPS gets better.
    Vita is really where this game is at, but the PS3 version does make loading in the crowds easier which adds to the game.

    _No point in waiting for the PS4 version. At all.

  • Ric Vazquez

    I so want this right now.

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