Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment’s Asia Limited Edition Includes A Puzzle

By Spencer . May 12, 2014 . 1:55am


Before Bandai Namco Games releases Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment in North America, the English version will debut in Asia. Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia will publish Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment which has Chinese and English text.


A limited edition for the region includes a physical copy of game, reversible cover, Sword Art Online puzzle, set of 12 postcards, nine bookmarks, and a DLC code which includes the wedding dress costume. Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment with Chinese and English text comes out on May 29 in Hong Kong.


What’s missing? Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment. An HD version of the PSP game will be released with Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment in North America, but both titles are a digital-only release.

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  • AlphaSixNine

    So uh… What is it really? Siliconera keeps reporting US release will have a HD version of Infinity Moment. But… Isn’t the Hollow Fragment itself already Infinity Moment HD + Hollow Fragment contents?


    Oh and… yeah, preorderd this. Since my local store will stock it apparently. :3

    • Anewme…Again

      After seeing the same news on many different sites i’m 99% sure that we are getting a HD version of the PSP version + we are getting the updated PSP version that come with Hollow fragment.
      If that’s not the case it meant all sites misunderstood something.

      • You never know. Worse comes to worse Infinity Moment is included in the US version, yet not the Asian English version.

    • GH56734

      Persona 3 = Infinity Moment
      Persona 3 FES = Hollow Fragment (plus the original content enhanced in HD)
      No matter what version it is.
      NB US marketing PR just making it more attractive :P

      • AlphaSixNine

        That is exactly what I’m thinking Hollow Fragment is, it’s just news sites keep reporting that BamCo is releasing Infinity Moment HD like it doesn’t exist in Hollow Fragment already.

        Or maybe they’re separating it. Or BamCo is just so nice they’re outright porting Infinity Moment to Vita for US then releasing Hollow Fragment too. It just confuses me.

        Since no one seems to be correcting it, I’m starting to think they have some proof that no one knows about. Or maybe they’re just too embarrassed to admit they’re been reporting misinformation? lol

      • Harvey Tejada Loto

        and Ace Attorney=infinity harem
        Ace attorney=klein fragment

  • Shippoyasha

    A 1000 piece puzzle! As a puzzle fan, that’s a pretty nifty bonus.

  • Dear Siliconera the HD ver of IM is not missing it is already in the game and a fundamental part of hollow fragment. there is a lot of confusing about this.
    Edit to make it Simple: Hollow fragment is the HD ver of Infinity moment. and phillia’s story and more is simply a bonus.

    • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

      Then this really needs to be addressed and confirmed by the news outlets. Every gaming site that has reported on this game keeps mentioning that there are (2) separate downloads, not just the HD version of Infinity being included as a piece of the Hollow Fragment game itself.

      Siliconera, can you confirm this? I know you read our comments daily and many keep insisting that the news is being misinterpreted.

      • AlphaSixNine

        I think there’s only 2 possibilities now after being ignored like this. Either Siliconera is too embarassed to admit they’ve been reporting misinformation OR they have actual sources to back up their claims. Seond one would be weird though, why won’t they tell the readers about it? lol

    • fairysun

      Good info!

    • NTaiyokun

      It’s really confusing though. The combat looks different in other vids, unless it’s just the camera angle.

      • Xerain

        The “other vids” being the PSP Infinity moment? The version of Infinity Moment that forms chapter 1 of Hollow Fragment (all regions) is supposed to be slightly different from the orginal. One of those differences is having Hollow Fragment’s improved battle system.

        • NTaiyokun

          So it’s like the time they remade the first Neptunia game?

  • Raze

    Let’s just say that this SAO:HF is SAO:IM G version….
    It’s the same as IM with some tweak here and there + hollow area and the new girl….

  • Kotori Itsuka

    Wut about eu? Will we get IM + HF?

    • David García Abril

      No word on either of them yet. :(

    • Anesia Hunter

      couldn’t you still import? i mean you’d be able to import the chinese physical and download the NA if you need to.

      • Kotori Itsuka

        It would probaly be expensive. Money doesn’t grow on trees, you kno-wait…..money is made of paper…..paper is made of tree….anyways, Idunno if I should import the chinese version. I want to know how much of the game is english first

      • I know that patch can be downloaded regardless of the region of your account but obviously not DLC—meh I will import if I definitely know that it won’t be localized for Europe.

  • David García Abril

    Has anyone had the opportunity of playing the game?

    Is it as good as it looks, or is it another flop?

    • Harvey Tejada Loto

      its good because it has waifuus in it i dont care on graphics waifuu’s only!!

    • AlphaSixNine

      I liked Infinity Moment personally. Though battle system was a little confusing to me at first since I couldn’t read Japanese, it was fun once I got used to it. Since this is an enhanced version + more story and characters, I can assume it’ll be good for me. Can’t say much about the story since I could barely understand what was happening.

  • MJLahey

    “What’s missing? Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment.”
    No, it’s not. As others have said, Infinity Moment is a large part of Hollow Fragment. Like half the game is the HD version of IM. It’s not a separate game, it’s built in to Hollow Fragment. It’s included with all versions. It’s in the already released Japanese version, it’s in the Asian version, and it will be in the NA version.
    Bandai Namco put out a rather poorly worded press release that made it sound like the HD Infinity Moment was some kind of NA exclusive bonus. This isn’t the case and I ask the editors here to research the game before spreading misinformation.

    • Herok♞

      I believe Bamco said that on purpose to make seem like they are doing a better deal, literally every site that mentions the game has the same misinformation

      • MJLahey

        I guess I expect a little more out of Siliconera, it’s frustrating to see. It was also mentioned multiple times in the comments of the article that announced it would “include” Infinity Moment. However apparently no one could have bothered to bring up the front page of the HF section of the SAO wiki.
        “The game is divided into two parts: the first is the “floor clearing”
        chapter, which is basically the previous game, Infinity Moment, embedded
        into this game, and alongside that there is a new “Hollow Area”

        • s07195

          So basically Infinity Moment G, to use the Monhun style. XD

  • Xerain

    So any idea if the Wedding Dress will be a first press digital bonus like they did with what were the preorder costumes for Totori and Meruru Plus?

    (In other words, bonus item if you buy the digital release int eh first 2 weeks or so.)

    I’d be nice to know before the Asia version releases, if you know what I mean.

  • Letrico

    Funny how this is sold out on play-asia even before this article was written. Can’t even import it anymore.

  • Kornelious

    Man, If it wasn’t for this game having DLC and updates I would’ve gotten this….but then I’d have to be logged into a different region in order to download the new stuff :(
    You know, I’ve kind of been hoping that this game would get a Limited Edtion with the download code (Like Drakengard 3 in Europe)
    Or a limited Physical copy run (Like Shinovi Versus)
    Or to just be upgraded to A physical game alltogether (Like……..Actually I’ve never seen a game that’s done that…..)
    But, I’m just still glad that we’re getting it :)

  • lordsofskulls

    Okay, Now make it come true in USA the same collector edition and we got a deal o.o

  • I am amazed at how many people Namco has confused by saying they’re separate games when Infinity Moment is part of the Vita game.

  • Isamu Daison

    HF isn’t IF in a HD form with added content. Check out the original source. Its 2 games in 1! Bandai Namco added IF as a bonus! Still no word on if the Dialogue will be English dub or subtitled for the NA version. If its subtitled I’m getting the Asian version instead!

  • Anesia Hunter

    is it strange that i actually want the puzzel?

  • Yan Zhao

    Meanwhile the west is stuck with Digital only, sigh. This is why we cant have nice things. But I should be glad we’re getting this period.

  • Sergio Macellaro

    I already buy mine. Along With Mind Zero.

  • Nate

    Say it with me now. “English release Woot woot English Release woot!”

  • Bryan

    Where do i preorder this limited edition!?

    • Ragnawind

      As far as I know, all pre-orders were done before the article was even posted.

  • Rinkawa Erion

    “What’s missing? Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment. An HD version of the PSP game will be released with Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment in North America, but both titles are a digital-only release.”

    Why is it missing in the Asian physical release?
    Maybe both games will be too big for the game cart hold so only HF is in there…

    Okay I think just confused you guys more…ahaha…XD

    • Ragnawind

      Bandai Europe confirmed that the IM included with the NA, EU, and AU, release will be the one already included as part of HF.

  • All I want to know is if this game will have everything in English if you want it to or if it’s some parts in Chinese & some parts in English. Because if it has the option for full blown English, I’ll skip the US release.

    Also, Siliconera, please verify what everyone is talking about in accordance with Infinity Moment is actually a part of Hollow Fragments.

  • Hexodious


    In case you guys didn’t got the news yet. It’ll come to EU and AU later this July.

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