Dungeon Fighter Online Possibly Preparing For Revival In The West

By Eugene . May 15, 2014 . 8:30am



After Nexon closed it down last year, we thought it the end for Dungeon Fighter Online, a side-scrolling online multiplayer arcade-style beat-em-up in the vein of classics like Double Dragon. Not so, says developer Neople. There is now an alpha test running from the original developers themselves, and you can get in on it.



If you’re desperately searching for the link to sign up, head here. However, for those still here, keep reading. Neople have been quick to point out that while this is an alpha test, there’s no guarantee the game is coming back for good and that we can’t take this as any sign of an “official re-open(ing)”. An Alpha test though sounds like something might be very much on the cards for a possible full return, though.


Dungeon Fighter Online lets players select a character, such as Male Gunners, Slayers, Priests and more and then head them into staged battles to beat the tarnation out of all sorts of bad guys. These characters can level up and then advance in classes to become more specialized and powerful, while also decking themselves out in epicly fine gear. You can also try your hand against a fellow human player in player-versus-player.


Dungeon Fighter Online is having its alpha test right now on PC. You can get it here.

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  • Logan Moll

    I played this for a while, and I had no idea that they shut it down in the West–how lame!

  • I played it a little bit but not to the extreme that would make me want to jump back in. I saw the appeal but I can guess why it was shut down as well.

    Kinda makes me wonder what about this attempt to revive it would be appealing. I mean is there any real changes from what there was before?

    • luckgandor

      The major difference is that Nexon isn’t handling it this time. Nexon made it only playable in NA, the events they held were boring, game updates were few and far in between, and there was just an overall lack of support/care, which caused players to slowly start leaving. Nexon is also infamous for its terribad customer service; inquiries/tickets took as long as over a year to get answered.

      • If that’s true and they’re actually willing to do more than just a simple translation job, then I might bite again. I’ll have to see how this goes.

      • Lynx

        They also had bots like hell so the game economy tanked, plus the cash shop items were overpriced. There was also the fact that the wrong updates all over the place. Halloween events in April, can you believe?

        They were rather questionable in their handling of it so it’s no surprise people left.

    • Chardo

      the thing is, the korean version has had A TON of changes, to a lot of dungeon, balance patches, plenty of new classes, etc, almost feels like a new game now over there, this version is like 3 years old in comparison, but there is hope, that if this alpha is successful, we may get an official release and get all those new patches.

  • J_Joestar

    wow, didn’t even know it had closed.
    was quite fun as i recall, loved playing a witch.

  • Raymond

    i missed this game so much. Back when it was still open, it was really fun to much. It was not the best MMO in the world but it was good casual mmo to play.

    The game starts off at season 2 with most of the updates we got before it got closed down.

    • that might change however. if it was the exact same client, we would have the new skill trees. Its still a mix of old and new at the moment.

  • RawrWata

    You know what game I’d like them to bring back?

    Kart Rider.

  • Curtis Kam

    please this isn’t from nexon america jerks bringing this game. I hate that game company so much.

    • Genjo

      Neople the developers are handling the releasing it plus the server WILL be global! servers are packed as it can be it’s hard to get in right now you have to keep trying until you get in lol

  • Anesia Hunter

    YAY!! I can’t wait to play Female Ghost Knight and Knight. And I miss Witch and Glacial Master so much too. D:

  • Godmars

    Should be on con – Oh no! Post Ninjas! *stabbed in heart*

    Siliconera really has gotten strict *i die..*

  • Chardo

    when NexonNA closed down the game, they told everyone that there was “no interest” in this game on the west, so probably Neople put this alpha test to check out by themselves the reality, so if you are reading this and want DFO back, try to bring as many people as you can into the game till we fill every channel, that will show Neople we care.

    • Kaitsu

      There’s actually already over thousands of players on it. And I think the people who couldn’t play on Nexon servers are on it now. So this is pretty cool. I hope they don’t handle it like Nexon did. Even though, right now, it’s using Nexon’s client.

      • servers are being overloaded. Well done everyone!

  • fairysun

    Cool looking games !

  • Hinataharem

    Only if a friend of mine was still around to see this. They would have loved this news

  • Anthony Birken

    Words cannot express how happy I was when I saw the alpha test page. Oh how I screamed like a little **…errr, manchild….nice to see people playing again~

  • Kaetsu

    Do you need a Facebook account to play this?

    • jinkusiraga


      • Kaetsu

        Then I guess I’ll wait and see if it’ll get released in the west.

        • jinkusiraga

          It’s global server type of thing.

  • Yan Zhao

    Thank God Neople themselves are handling this, as Nexon NA pretty much killed this game since beta. I hope it succeeds this time, as Neople should actually care and try to keep the bots and gold sellers in check.

  • Godmars

    No servers running? I only get a timed out notice.

    • Servers are packed, so your client might crash. Just keep starting the game.

  • ThatDamnCanadian

    Fuck yes. NexonNA killed their own game and there simply is nothing like DFO in the market

    Guess this is a good enough reason for me to make a facebook account

  • Kinda got sad wen US killed this game, and becouse of that, it never reached Europe…
    Hope it can reach here now… It was such awesome game I had to play it in Japanese server to easy my nerves! o.o

    • gamebabble

      It is. This is GLOBAL Dungeon Fighter that they’re Alpha testing so come on in!

      That’s extra good since I have friends in Australia, the UK, Hong Kong, and one is moving to Taiwan so us not being able to play together sucked. Now? It’s go time!

  • “Neople have been quick to point out that while this is an alpha test, there’s no guarantee the game is coming back for good and that we can’t take this as any sign of an “official re-open(ing)”.
    Source? Not that im worried with the amount of support its been getting, but still

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