Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines Details On Magic And Special Attacks

By Sato . May 15, 2014 . 1:31pm


Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines will start you out with eight basic classes, meaning there will likely be some pretty neat advanced classes later on. Classes such as Monk and Cannoneer are pretty different, and they’ll all have their own unique abilities. Famitsu shows examples of two main types of offensive abilities.


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The “Jutsu,” or spells, are helpful actions that can be acquired by obtaining scrolls through battle rewards in the dungeons. In order for a character to learn them, they’ll need to meet certain conditions before using the scroll.


These spells come in different types such as offensive, healing, and support, and will consume your character’s ability points upon use.


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Next up, we have the “Ougi,” or skill. Each class has multiple skills, but they also have to meet certain conditions before being able to use them. While they pack a punch as far as offensive capabilities go, they can be a double-edged sword, as they take away from the character’s health upon use.



For this reason, players might need to strategize and maybe use these skills only if they’re confident that they’ll be fine, or as a last resort move.



As we all know, the characters of your family in Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines will only have a lifespan of two years due to being cursed from Abeno Seimei. So you might be wondering what happens to all the effort you put into learning the skills (Ougi) of your classes.


Once a character dies, well unfortunately, so do their skills. However, if that character has an offspring, you’ll be able to train him or her and have them inherit their parent’s skills. The child will have to be of the same class as the parent, and will also have to meet the same conditions for being able to use the skill, as their parent did before them.


Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines will be released on July 17, 2014 for PlayStation Vita in Japan, and it will also be coming to the west later on.

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  • harmonyworld

    I keep being all “Aw I can’t wait to play!”
    but then I remember it’s not out in america (yet)

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      But since it’s due for it [West], at least we don’t have to play the “Will they / Will they not?” game this time~.

  • TheGioG

    Now I’m not saying this game’s art style looks gorgeous, but goddamn does this game’s art style look gorgeous.Really hope you can name your family members in this game, cause I know a certain pudgy Hylian with gorgeous golden sideburns who could use an entire family of battle-wifeys and arse-kicking childs.

    • God

      I could phsicaly teleport him into the protagonist seat… As long as said Hylian is willing to play by the rules and die 2 years after.

      • darke

        It’d honestly be nice. It might stop Nintendo recycling him into average-to-bad game after game. :(

        • God

          While i don’t completely agree with you, you must know that 2 years are enough for nintendo to make 10 Zelda games if they know it’s their last chance to squeeze the I.P.

          • darke

            Nooooooo! Nintendo has already abused their other green-clad mascot character enough; why would you want to torture another character so?

          • harmonyworld

            yeah, they could just torture Mario a billion more times :3

          • darke

            Unfortunately this is Nintendo, we expect this. :(

            I just wish they’d try to make new ‘mascot’ characters. They know the formula since they’ve got a bunch of successful ones. If they just make a few games of Generic Cart or Generic Platformer World and so on with a bunch of new characters and see what shakes out they might find a few good ones? It’s not as if they don’t have a ton of cash in the bank they can burn a tiny fraction of it on some experimental things.

            Sales of them would also be a good way to work out if Nintendo games are genuinely good because of the gameplay, and not just average games attached to nostalgic characters too. (My experience is the latter, but I’m willing to be convinced of the former.)

  • revenent hell

    AH I just want to pre order this already….. I cant wait to play this game

  • 3PointDecoupage

    I cant wait to get attached to these characters and watch them die in agony.

    • Ric Vazquez

      LOL a new kind of feels

  • notentirelythere

    Aww man, ubiquitous health-depletion skills! I love the resource management juggling that introduces.
    (also, it’s just so clever to have a class-based game that makes you cycle out your party continually… lets you try all kinds of combinations!)
    I’m so firmly seated in this hype train.

    • darke

      In my experience, all health-depletion skills result in, is you turning your gold into health potions which you then use to replenish your health after battle.

      The only solution to that is to make healing obscenely expensive; but that then distorts damage formula resulting in defence being over prioritised and only bosses being able to do anything other then put scratches on your character.

      I’d be interesting to see how their game design works around this.

      • notentirelythere

        As a counter example, ever play SMT? In many of them, every physical skill is HP costed by percentage (from like 8%-33% depending on power/spread). The games are known for having very fast, brutal battle systems. Healing in that game is very cheap but needs frequent casting thanks to everything being able to 2-3 shot you most the time. With that kind of risk, lowering your health even by 10% for a powerful hit is risky. So, it lends to the focus on turn manipulation the game is known for, and actually speeds up the game! (end battles fast so you don’t get hit and heal less, using a 10% HP skill to kill an enemy in a random encounter is better than letting it live and take out 1/3 of an ally’s health on its next turn)
        With all the time limit shenanigans going on in Oreshika, I’d imagine this game would focus similarly on some form of efficiency puzzling like that, where fast battles are best.

        • darke

          That would be the SMT that never arrived in EU/AU? Only played Persona 4 and didn’t much like it. :(

          And yeah, that sounds like one of the problems I’ve experienced with battle systems that use health->damage conversions. Battles are all brutally fast, there’s no strategy only tactical micromanaging.

          It’s better then a boring drawn out battle at times, but it does feel less heroic and like everyone’s a glass cannon. (Which is ironic since original D&D is a bit like this, but that has a living DM so random instant death by bad luck can be avoided usually.)

  • Earthjolly

    I got this feeling this game is going to be hard and your going to have to save every 10 minutes

  • Kornelious

    Dat Art though :P

  • Ric Vazquez


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