Bandai Namco On Why There’s No Multiplayer In SoulCalibur: Lost Swords

By Robert Ward . May 19, 2014 . 5:30pm

Bandai Namco recently released SoulCaibur: Lost Swords, a free-to-play, singleplayer Soulcalibur game for PlayStation 3. Siliconera caught up with producer Masaaki Hoshino to ask him a few questions about the title, including why Namco chose to pursue a strictly singleplayer game.


Can you tell us a little bit about Lost Swords?


Masaaki Hoshino, Producer: So SoulCalibur: Lost Swords will be the first in the franchise to be a free-to-play model. Unlike previous installments of the franchise, this time around, we’re looking at a single-player experience where it’s built around customization and really molding the character to fit your play style.


Why was it decided that Lost Swords would be singleplayer only?


The reason that we went singleplayer…well, originally, we were thinking about having a multiplayer option, but because we’re going with a pay-to-win model, we were worried that by having online multiplayer, for all the new users that would be coming in experiencing the game for the first time, they might be immediately deterred by fighting against opponents who had superior equipment and gear—and we didn’t want to have that kind of negative impact on new players.


In the singleplayer experience, having a pay-to-win structure won’t impede the player’s experience with the game.


With SoulCalibur: Lost Swords, who are you trying to target? Traditional SoulCalibur fans or brand new players?


It might be a little bit of a cop-out answer, but we are trying to target everyone—old fans and new players alike. We definitely value our player base and we want to maintain the quality of the SoulCalibur franchise, but at the same time, this game is definitely catered towards an audience who will experience the franchise for the first time.


How many characters can we expect to see in SoulCalibur: Lost Swords?


In terms of when you first boot up the game, you’ll have access to three main characters: Sophitia, Siegfried, and Mitsurugi. Already, you can tell that Sophitia is a character from IV, so we will have returning characters. In addition to the three main characters, we’re going to definitely have other returning characters available through limited time events.


Just to go into a bit more detail, we’ve actually been having different polls from Nico Nico Douga, and through those polls, we found that Amy was actually the most popular—so we’re looking into possibly bringing her in as well.


Now that you mention character give aways, SoulCalibur is known for its guest characters. Are there any plans to include any surprise characters in Lost Swords?


Personally, I would love to see something like that happen, but currently it’s still undetermined.


About how long can people expect to play through the entire story? Is it possible to switch characters on a whim?


In terms of gameplay, because it’s a free-to-play game, we plan on hosting as many events as possible and keep spicing up the game play so that they can keep playing it and enjoy something new.


Is Lost Swords just a starting point for more mobile SoulCalibur titles, or is this sort of a one-trick pony?


The original SoulCalibur was pushed onto mobile, so we’re definitely looking at potential for that avenue as well, but right now, we’re really just focused on Lost Swords.


Can you talk about the difference between western and eastern free-to-play or mobile markets?


In regards to moving to free-to-play, in regards to the user base, the Japanese audience is very cooperative, and we’re very happy about that. The reason for going free-to-play wasn’t so much about the business model itself, but the idea that we wanted to expand the market to the more casual user, and we thought that the free-to-play mold would fit that model better.


Any closing comments?


Because this time around it is a singleplayer experience, we’re trying to make it more user-friendly, more exhillerating. You’ll find that even by button mashing sometimes, you may discover a brand new combo you might not have encountered before. We really want users to come and try it out, and for it to be a great experience for everyone.


SoulCalibur: Lost Swords is available on PlayStation 3.

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  • JonathanisPrimus

    oh my gosh he totally didn’t just admit in an interview that his game is pay to win did he? ahahahah

    • Ragnawind

      Actually, the pay-2-win model works much better in the east than many westerners believe. Just because the west doesn’t like it, doesn’t mean than the east doesn’t. That is why so many eastern MMOs have the Pay2Play model, though there are people who don’t like it even there, but they accept it more when there is nothing to compete for.

      • KnifeAndFork

        They are just less vocal about it and also it’s harder for us to read their opinions since lol Moonspeak

      • Ultramega

        Works for MMOs yes and MOBA’s not for fighting games and no one wants this crap that Soul Calibur has been putting out lately.

      • Jeffrey Thrash

        It baffles me, though, that so many Japanese companies that used to pretty dominate the entire world are now willing to just target a small segment of their country’s gamers. This isn’t American hubris–the best Japanese games out right now, such Bravely Default or Dark Souls, actually bother to do a little market research rather than stubbornly exploit loyal fans, yet still keep their national identity in the final product.

  • Thelastgunstar

    Openly stating that they ditched multiplayer due to wanting a pay 2 win model. That takes guts, real guts. I suddenly don’t feel bad about deleting this game recently…

  • MasterScrub

    I… don’t know how to react to that.

  • Anewme…Again

    Pay to win in a single player game…
    Now i’m starting to be really scared for the future of gaming.

    • JMaster3000

      Its even more stupid than in multiplayer lol

    • Shippoyasha

      Soul Calibur deserves better than this. It’s one of the classiest fighting game franchises in history and the core dev team is still absolutely amazing at what they do. Even though Soul Calibur 5 was rushed to hell, the customization for character costumes, the streamlined movelist, the netcode, all were great. Even if they had to sacrifice with the bare bones story mode, lack of singleplayer/training modes and even the basic ending scene of each character (SC4 was the last time they did that).

      This just sounds like something the publisher is pushing the team to do, because I doubt this is what Project Soul wants to do.

      Can’t freaking wait until a Soul Calibur 6 announcement and hopefully the dev team isn’t rushed to make it. I would breathe a sigh of relief then.

      • rurifan

        IMO, SC5 threw away too much of what made Soul Calibur in order to chase the trendy SF4-style gameplay crowd. While I too would dearly love to see SC6 announced, I am afraid they will never return to the play style of SC4. :(

        • CptPokerface

          The only thing remotely SF4 like about Soul Calibur 5 was meter management and EX( Brave Edge) Moves..someone going from SF4 to Soul Calibur 5 would feel like they would be learning fighters all over again, honestly.

          • rurifan

            It seemed like they were chasing SF4 style gameplay by drastically reducing the move set and making almost all of them come out instantly. (Full disclosure: I’m not an SF4 player :).

            Meter stuff was definitely pandering to the SF4 cowd though. Hated it so much that newbies could spam a super on me in the middle of being hit at random. :X

          • CptPokerface

            If they really were trying to get SF4 game play the game would be a lot more defensive and slow paced, trust me lol.

            I kinda also didn’t mind the reduced move set in cases like with Ivy..that woman has always been a real puzzle to learn how to use effectively. In 5 she’s still tough to learn but without the constant shifting between stances for her moves. Mitsurugi had fun stances at least.

            Noobs will spam any move they want, super or not, so not much they could do about that..All you can do is side step and punish ftw.

        • Shippoyasha

          It wasn’t that hard to fight people using meter management though. I actually thought it added a nice extra wrinkle to the combat. I actually do prefer SC4’s method of having a ton of moves for each character (kind of Tekken-esque), but the SC5 ones are still very nice. It’s still very much Soul Calibur to me. Even though Ivy has way less moves, she is still a major riddle to solve, for example, due to her move variety she still has.

        • Ultramega

          Soul Calibur has been getting simplified lots over the years but have been over looking it at this rate Soul Calibur is going to end up a FPS game at this rate. Bring back the mix ups and cancels the reduced command list took away options less mind games less fun. POOH! Bring back the real guard impact. Critical Edges I from SCIV were good as it made you not rely on blocking.

          • Fallen_Persona

            You say mind games in one sentence.

            And in the next sentence say Critical Edge and SCIV in the next sentence.

            GUARD BREAK (SCV) is light-years better than Critical Finish in SCIV. You’re POV is just overly nostalgic. SCV has plenty of mind games, you just have to use your mind to make them instead of the game doing it for you. Hit the lab.

          • Ultramega

            DAFUQ you on about I’m not comparing the two. SCIV is the second crappiest SC I did like the Critical finishes because you were punished badly for hugging that block button no one I ever played let themselves get critical finished either. As for “next sentence” it is “the next sentence” it does NOT need to be tied in to the last point. BECAUSE its the next sentence. No no their aren’t that many opponents I used to fear in Soul Edge, SC, SC2, SC3 and SC4 I did not have to care at all. SCV is a lazy piece of crap. All you need to do is Guard break launch, EX what ever, Shinku Hadouken easy flash shitbrains combo thats extremely damaging.

          • Ultramega

            Seriously brain dead Siegfried lock them down with mid range Guard break, launch,EX knee swing shit thing,And then ice hadouken. The only thing that is challenging is the LAG when attempting to play online.

          • Fallen_Persona

            Seriously? Nobody even remotely good doesn’t actually let THAT win an opponent a game. You must be playing some absolutely new players.

          • Fallen_Persona

            I was more referring how you mention mind games, then say something silly like mentioning Critical Edge referring to SCIV when they were called Critical Finish in SCIV.

            As for the rest of your post, you’re trying to make it sound like SC actually had an execution curve to begin with. Most combos in Soul Calibur are easy, compared to nearly every other fighter. It has always, and I do mean always been rather newcomer friendly.

            You’re just overly opinionated. Also, if you like SCII so much, why don’t you just go play SCIIHDO and stop talking about V?

    • Anko Is Furious (King T.G.P)

      Pay to win single player game, too many phone card games, paying for DLC’s on disc and selling demos nowadays.

      Its drawing near.

  • Brion Valkerion

    It shows that the person who made it knows exactly what it is. Props to a straight up answer like pay to win.

    Honestly sounds like he might not be to keen on it himself hence the not mincing of words haha.

    • Death Metal

      Maybe that is even true, who knows? I would agree to what Shippoyasha said here, that “This just sounds like something the publisher is pushing the team to do, because I doubt this is what Project Soul wants to do.” I feel that way too.

  • junkpuyo

    For a second, I thought I was reading a P4R article…

  • Fragmentsofdreams

    Pay to win… in a single player game… makes sense.

  • James Reilly

    Makes sense since we are currently living in the golden age of FTP

  • Masa

    Only had a little interest in the game to begin with, after reading this article…..i now have none whatsoever, xD.

  • Bob Obb

    I don’t see how this series has any hope for a future now. SC5 rubbed a lot of people the wrong way with the time skip, SC2 HD was a mess, and now this. I’m guessing there will be a mobile game next and that’ll be it for SC.

    • NintendoPSXTheSecond

      There already is one. It’s a card game.

      • Afro7uffy21

        Are you serious!?!?

    • Death Metal

      And maybe a pachinko slot machine game, then that will be it. That’s the future of most mainstream japanese fighting franchises. At least that’s what SNK-P has been trying to tell us for some time now.

  • Nanashrew

    I… uhhh… hmmm…

    I cannot get behind this at all.

  • I like the concept of doing this kind of thing in a F2P game. Experiment with it all you want, Namco. So long as I don’t have to pay anything. “Pay to win” also means, “Leave when you sense bullsh–“, lol. Same reason I left Spiral Knights early.

    But I’ll give it a download. Haven’t played SC in quite a few years now. But man, Namco’s f2p stuff is usually the wrong way to do this kind of thing. I much preferred the way DOA5 Ultimate handled it… so much so that I went and bought the disc version of the game for $30 once I did the math and realized that I would’ve spent more unlocking content piecemeal in the f2p version. Still, thanks to their rotating unlocks, I got to try out all the characters and learn that on my own. Both DOA5 and Killer Instinct’s models were pretty great, and reminded me of how things used to be in the arcade days a bit. Namco’s f2p models are… not so much that.

    They REALLY like their bizarro meta-economy and trying to squeeze cash out of consumers for weird things they shouldn’t be charging for, if you look at Ridge Racer Driftopia on Steam or Tekken Revolution. Still, at least they’re not charging you to check out these little weirdo experiments.

  • z_merquise


    Ugh. Yeah, I know it’s free to play and all that but I don’t want this to be applied in “traditional/consumer” games in the future. I know it’s not an issue to some people and you have the option not to pay for it anyway (thankfully) but I’m just not a fan of it.

    At least they like to put back Amy. She’s one of my mains.

    • Good that you know. Who cares if you don’t want it? Doesn’t matter if you’re a fan or not. They make the game, they decide what to do with it.

      • z_merquise

        Yeah, they’re the one calling the shot for this series. It’s their decision that they rushed SC V. I liked SC V and it’s obvious the development team had bigger plans for the game but end up lacking content.

        The idea of this being a free-to-play game isn’t bad. Thing here is that many did not seem to enjoy it because of many issues like getting disconnected. It looks like that game is reliant on internet connection and if you live in a place where connection is terrible, then tough luck to you. Again, it’s their decision they made it this way. It’s just that not everyone didn’t like it.

  • ReidHershel

    Wow, he didn’t even try to beat around the bush, he just straight up said it is meant to be Pay 2 Win. Wonder why that is, most devs would never do that.

  • Syltique

    Honestly, this was all obvious from the start. They catered SCV to the hardcore, and it sold less, and reviewed worse. It had pretty much flawless multiplayer, flawless netcode, and a whole host of unbelievably useful features like the various lobbies, the player card, the extreme flexibility in character customization, auto-recorded replays for entire fights, the ranked matches, and more. It was either the best SC since SC2, or the best SC period.

    But fighting games need a casual base in addition to the hardcore to be viable. If they added a big single player mode as DLC for SCV, none of the casual gamers that skipped the game would get it. So, if you think about it logically … how do I get this content into those gamers’ hands if they didn’t buy SCV? f2p makes complete sense.

    So, hopefully this brings in some more casual interest and then they make a fully featured SCVI.

    • CirnoTheStrongest

      It sold less because they did a horrible job of catering it to the “hardcore”. It’s riddled with problems. Like…not being able to unlock anything unless you do a certain mode (which doesn’t involve fighting with others). Making it so playing with friends is just a waste of time. Not giving you the choice to customize your matches. And more!

      I don’t know how good the customization is (as I was playing it at a friends’) so I won’t comment on that.

      I’m really not surprised it wasn’t taken well.

      • Anko Is Furious (King T.G.P)

        To be honest.. Customization in SC5 was mainly where most of the fun came out of lol. Which is sad to admit.

        Other than that I know several people who do the same routine as me which is : make characters, fight a few matches till I’m bored then switch to another game like GTA 5 and repeat when I feel like playing the game again.

    • Ultramega

      SCV was complete rubbish nothing hardcore about it. It simplifies everything you had less options for strings AND whats up with the Hadouken super for everyone?

      • rurifan

        Agreed, SC5 didn’t cater to hardcore *soulcalibur* players. It pandered to the trendy SF4 player base, with reduced moveset and lame supers, thus ended up a game that nobody liked.

        • Ethan_Twain

          I liked Soul Calibur 5 :(

        • Fallen_Persona

          Only people who have never played Soul Calibur hardcore or at high level think that a hardcore game is about a large moveset. Because at a High-Level Tournament, no one cares if you use the same 10 moves multiple times, as long as you *win.*

          Less options for strings? What, would you rather everything be Just(Frame) Guarded?

          • Ultramega

            So the same move 10 times is going to work on Soul Calibur? Altering my nightmare game in SC2 to adjust to a Rushing Taki? Changing what moves I will use if any out of his stances? Training an opponent to think you use B after a DF+B then using K for stun? a *Hardcore* Soul Calibur fan doesn’t give a fcuk about a Soul Calibur *high level competition player* and their 10 moves in a row. They are dumbing down a game that is full of mind games. That’s what brings the fans back spanning 2 decades between options in Strings for stance changes, cancels and guard impacts. EVO can go fcuk itselfs if thats the reason why Soulcalibur is being dumbed down.

          • Fallen_Persona

            It depends on the mentality of the player. The same move 10 times spread throughout a round or two could work very well at high level game if your opponent cannot catch on fast enough to stop it. What you need to realize, is that at high-levels, Soul Calibur was FAR more about spacing than it was anything else for II, and in a lot of ways, the original as well, though then it had less health.

            Your perspective is that they should create a less balanced game to appease the people that don’t actually play the game, but buy it anyway. They moved towards actually creating a much more balanced (because let’s be honest, the tiers were MUCH further apart in every SC before V) .

            The game is fundamentally sound, sure, it could use more story mode, but they created a relatively fair and relatively balanced product, there’s no reason they should be scolded for that.

            As far as you changing one’s game to adapt to another’s play-style, that happens even in SCV. The difference is the moves that had better versions of themselves or were better served by another move they just cut, so instead of having a move roster where half of them are outclassed by another, they just cut out the moves.

            All in all, it’s overblown. So they took out the A+K moves in SCV. Big deal. That’s like 9 inputs at worst. I’m pretty sure even someone who even remotely cares could adapt if they even *tried.*

          • rurifan

            The point is they made SC5 boring by taking all the options out. Watching tournament players use 2-3 moves a whole match is boring, and doing it yourself is no more fun.

            Leave the reduced moveset to tournament Divekick players. We want Soul Calibur to be fun (like it always was).

          • Fallen_Persona

            Fun is purely subjective. There’s no solid implementation of fun in gaming that will work for every person. People saying large movesets is what makes SC fun is silly, otherwise they’d all play Virtua Fighter. And…they don’t.

            What they really want is something easy, with little to no learning curve, with tons of options and tools, and nothing that’ll really punish them for making mistakes.

            SCV needed a story mode that didn’t suck, extra modes, and possibly needed more characters, and less mimics.

          • rurifan

            Reduced moveset is just one of the many things that made SC5 suck, we can agree on that.

      • Death Metal

        It’s poor in options compared to past SC games (I-III mostly), but V is still a highly polished game gameplay and aesthetically-wise. It’s hardly “rubbish”.

        • Ultramega

          Yes its rubbish just because it looks pretty doesn’t stop it from being rubbish. It was not a polished game SC,SC2 and SC3 were far superior. I haven’t had this much lack of options since the original Soul Edge though that was due to hardware restrictions. Rather than lazy game making.

          • Fallen_Persona

            You clearly don’t understand Soul Calibur.

          • Ultramega

            Yeah I do I understand that qcf x 2 plus all the buttons is not Soulcalibur.

          • Fallen_Persona

            They tried to add something new, and you’re upset. Would you rather Call Of Duty style re-hashes of the game? Also, why are you talking about Soul Calibur in Tekken notation? SC uses 123456789 not QCF/DF etc.

        • Ultramega

          However yes it does look pretty I’ll give it that.

        • Ultramega

          Dude its all good that you like it but it doesn’t make SCV any less of a turd.

    • Syn

      Please dont insult the previous games to V, it did not in the slightest cater to the hardcore fans, Less customisation options than IV(which had even less than III, which had the most robust system to date with actual personalised character customisation), a terrible story mode that might have just ruined the story, clone Sophitia characters(about 3 by my count), useless iterations of characters to cater to the Shonen kids(Natsu monkeyboything), dumbed down movesets, removal of the parry system which has been core since the inception of SC as well as Soul edge, and cheap knockoffs for critical edges to try and cater to the classic Soul Edge fans(believe me, the original critical edges were much more balanced, great to look at, but hard to pull off with a great down side if you missed, but awesome damage if you nailed it)…..Good netcode doesnt mean it caters to hardcore fans.

      • rurifan

        Removal of the standard impact/deflect system really pissed me off. Half the fun in SC is reading your opponent and impacting them.

        They did bring back normal impact for this garbage f2p game though, so hopefully that means they realize it was a mistake.

        • Ultramega

          OMFG this guy yes once they fcuked up the guard impact system the game became boring I had nothing to worry about just do the fastest safest attack with the least frames over and over again.

          • Fallen_Persona

            How about reading your opponent and Just Guarding them? Or was that too hard?

          • Ultramega

            How about reading english to see what i’m getting at or is that too hard?

          • Fallen_Persona

            You’re implying that there was no “other mechanic.”

            “Just Guard”. (Not: Just go and guard them. Or sit and block. I mean ‘Just Guard’ the Just-Frame Guarding mechanic in the game.)

            That directly replaced parry, so saying there’s nothing to worry about just do the safest fastest attack is stupid.

          • rurifan

            IMO the risk and payoff for JG was not worth it, especially online. I really loathed SC5 and didn’t practice a whole lot though.

            I agree with Ultramega though, that a lot of the fun in SC was having plenty of moves that gave you choices to trick people. Tournament-optimized play is boring for all but a handful of people. (Sadly it feels like that niche managed to influence the SC5 designers.)

          • Fallen_Persona

            Not worth it? JG is far, far, far stronger than GI. GI was very unsafe, and while easier to do, brought about far, far less reward. JG’s payoff is devastating, granting launchers and other things that parry simply couldn’t guarantee. It’s also the safest parry ever in Soul Calibur, almost so safe that it’s an option select when used properly.

            Even with less moves you can still trick people very well, you just have to *personally* do a lot more of the tricking with your play-style instead of the game doing it for you. One of the reasons I like this better, is because it heavily punishes the characters that were so mix-up heavy that playing online put players that were not mix-up heavy at a significant disadvantage. With SCV’s netcode, it’s not as bad, but in SCIV it was absolutely at it’s worst. Siegfried, for example was quite easy to deal with offline, but facing him online he was almost a completely different character.

            But, there’s tons of mind-games in SC, even now.

            “I just attacked you and blocked. Will I attack again? Will I run up and grab you? Parry you? JG you? Or maybe I’ll block. Or back-step. Sidestep?”

            “Hey, I just ran up to you while you were blocking. Will I grab you? Kick you in the feet? Sidestep your incoming attack? Do a mid and launch you?”

            “Hey, you’re blocking. You’re about to attack? Do I attack before you do? Do a few pokes? CE? Purposefully block and punish you?”

            “Hey, I know you can JG my string. So what do I do? Do I finish and see if you can JG me this time? Do I delay it? (Moves that you can…) Do I stop with the first hit and do something else?

            There are still plenty of mindgames. The tools just aren’t as automatic and easy. It requires constant awareness of your opponent’s next move. More like a game of chess.

          • rurifan

            This is a lot of words trying to justify the greatly reduced moveset. You could do all these things before, with more options, so the loss of many moves is objectively a negative.

          • Fallen_Persona

            Objectively a negative? Nice try. That would imply that more moves is always better, which is still a matter of preference, and therefore subjective.

            A lot of words are necessary to explain to the average Soul Calibur player how the game really works. The majority complain about it without even exploring half the options.

          • rurifan

            Yeah all the people complaining, and all the prior successful games the series was built on, all of them are just ignorant compared to you.

          • Fallen_Persona

            Not what I’m implying either. Part of it, you have to understand, is the era has simply changed. Fighting games in general are less popular than ever. They’re a dying genre. Comparing sales of SC now to then is only somewhat fair because there’s a bunch of outside variables that make direct comparison for any one reason somewhat useless.

            It’s like how Ratchet and Clank lost popularity. Did their games truly get significantly worse? For the most part, not really. Instead, the style just got old.

            With SCV, I think it had more problems than just that, but some of them are just absurdly overblown. More moves only makes it easier to trick people, and easier games don’t always equal better games, or even better selling games, in the world of fighting games.

          • rurifan

            Some of these heavily funded Kickstarter campaigns suggest that what people really want is more of what they loved.

            But it certainly is hard for publishers to read the market and the brief oversaturation of fighting games didn’t help. Hopefully, if there is a next time, they focus on Soul Calibur’s franchise strengths instead of aping from what they think is popular in other fighters.

      • Crimson_Cloud

        I honestly just want a SoulCalibur 3 HD Edition from them, since it’s obvious they will fail with every new entry.

        • Syn

          Same here, I honestly cant see anything good coming from the series anymore, its funny, its like they dont allow Tekken to change much(which works really well for them), but they allow their other well renowned series to get shafted so hard(SC along with DraginBall Z Budokai/Tenkaichi series).

        • Death Metal

          I would very much like that as well, but sadly SCII seems to have been the favorite. I really miss playing SCIII.

          • Crimson_Cloud

            Definitely, probably the longest fighting game that I played. The first in the series to introduce character creation with moveset to pick aside from originals. The three awesome shops, with lovely ladies to attend you, unlocking stuff left and right with godly Chronicles of the Sword single player mode. The game was so full of content the new ones are a joke in comparison.

          • Death Metal

            Every one of your words are very true. The newer ones (namely IV and V) are also very good to me, but their lack of many things in terms of content that defined the SC franchise made me quite upset. What I miss most are the distinct fighting styles for character creation, apart from the originals, and the lovely character profiles we had before, with the 3D models, sample voices, background history in each stage, etc. Those are only part of what made SC a game one notch above other AAAs from back then.

    • Guest

      actually many hardcore fans hated SCV for three reasons.

      1) the stupid meter system and Viola

      2) the huge focus on character customisation that is geting way too much space and making the Soul project guys think to much about it while they ignore other aspects of the game

      2)the single player

      • Ultramega

        I didn’t mind the customisation though it was dumbed down in some aspects from 4. I’m totally with you on the stupid meter system and meter needed for Guard Impact made it suck more and the dumbing down of the move sets and less cancelable moves. I tried hard not to hate it BUT the raging SC fan inside could not be silenced.

    • Ni ~Algidus~

      Many hardcore players hated SCV.
      “What were they thinking? did they really added Super Meter in soul calibur?”
      “Why did they add Viola into the game? everytime that i play against her it’s like i’m playing Street Fighter not Soul calibur”

      • Fallen_Persona

        She’s nothing like Street Fighter, she’s more like BlazBlue. Just because she has a large ball doesn’t make it street fighter automatically. Not even close.

  • Terrible game

  • Thatguy

    Is… it April 1st today? Because i can’t take that interview seriously

  • Mir Teiwaz

    A pay to win model makes me not want to play it at all.

  • Feenyx16

    Stop playing around Bandai Namco and make SoulCalibur 6!

  • Stop with this shit. Just make Soul Calibur VI already, c’mon.

  • MXC

    “So SoulCalibur: Lost Swords will be the first in the franchise to be a free-to-play model.”

    Less thank 5 sentences later…

    “The reason that we went singleplayer…well, originally, we were thinking about having a multiplayer option, but because we’re going with a pay-to-win model, we were worried that by having online multiplayer…”

    How is this free anymore?!

    • Rentekabond

      It’s free because you never have to pay to play it and play it well. It’s pay to win because paying for things legitimately gives you bonuses in the game aside from cosmetics. The clothing and weapons you use in game all have stats, so buying clothing buys you stats.

  • Spirit Macardi

    Yeahyeahyeahyeah whatevs’ that’s cool Namco… I just want to know why the VC release of Klonoa: Empire of Dreams hasn’t been announced for the US yet!

  • I think this is the first time I’ve ever read a studio admit that they’re using a pay to win model…at least they’re honest. Anyways, I like Soul Calibur and I’ll try out this “free” game. I’m sure we’ll get VI down the road. SC II HD and LS just seem like stop gaps until they figure out a way to spice up the series after the mediocre reception to IV and V.

  • Herok♞

    I guess I am ok with this since at least they are being honest about Pay to Win granted its for a free game so its whatever people can play until they hit the wall I guess

    • Anewme…Again

      Yeah sure be ok with that and then it’s just a matter of times before it start getting in paid games too.
      And don’t say it won’t happen, microtransaction happened, so this sure can happen.
      I can’t wait to play an RPG and then start fighting against a boss that i can’t kill no matter what i do except if i buy a weapon for 2.99$.

      • Herok♞

        Ah the old slippery slope argument. Like I said I was only ok with this since its free to begin with and you can play til you reach a wall and quit, there was no point in hiding the Pay to Win mechanic and I like that they didn’t hide it, if they put the same mechanic is a actual game that would cost money people would know about it and just avoid the game entirely because of that.

        • Anewme…Again

          F2P or not, it isn’t right to make a game P2W.
          It start by F2P and then if they see it work they will do it with paid games too.
          And yeah some peoples would avoid games like that, but most would still buy the games…
          Only a minority complain, that’s like with DLC and microtransaction, even though you see lot of peoples complain about DLC and Micro, sales are increasing each year.

        • rurifan

          Didn’t some recent fighter have DLC “gems” to equip in multiplayer? Seems like I remember an uproar about it.

          • Herok♞

            Street Fighter X Tekken but the gem thing was honestly the most minor thing about the whole controversy the game had

        • Thanatos2k

          How is it a slippery slope when it’s ALREADY in both paid games AND multiplayer games?

  • Ultramega

    This abomination is NOT Soulcalibur been a fan since Soul Edge and this vomit is worst than the last serving that is SCV nope FAIL. A single player beat’em up?

  • harmonyworld

    Just buy all the best stuff and one-shot every enemy
    SC3 last good game this series had

  • wererat42

    Releasing characters as “limited time events?” What?
    Let me guess, there’s also going to be a gatcha system, and you’ll have a high chance of not getting the character you want.

    • persona_yuji

      Nah, you have to participate on a special mission where you fight the character you want to unlock. Oh but you don’t unlock them just by beating the mission normally, nope, it has a CHANCE system, in wich the higher the difficulty of the mission the larger the CHANCE you have to unlock them…. *siiiiiiiigh*

  • Hentailover

    It’s all nice and cute that you thought of pay to win in a multiplayer game being bad… but one thing that you are missing, guys, is that, a fighting game is worthless without multiplayer. It’s a competitive genre…

    • Not really, I don’t care about their complaints, nothing is missed and it’s not important. Competitive ha. You failures just make it look that way. For nothing. Don’t think you can beat anyone with the keyboard too. Nope.

      I just want the story to be good and arcade mode enjoyable. You failures destroyed those and this must be stopped.

  • islisis

    i love siliconera interviews but sometimes i have a hard time imagining what the interviewee actually said. if it were possible to provide a link to a Japanese transcript i think that would provide more insight

  • Androu1

    I like that they called it a Pay-to-Win model!

  • Vash bane

    well I own 5 but barely play it (let alone go onlie…I suck at this game lol) but I’ve heard that some characters have had their moves changed some. and since Sophitia is on this….pretty self explanatory lol but even amy might make it? then i’ll defiantly play it (she was one of my fav chars in 3 wish she and talim were in 5 >.>) which characters are in this beside the 3 mentioned?

    • rurifan

      You should pick up a cheap copy of SC4, it’s way more fun than SC5 and still looks incredible. Amy is fun in SC4 (newbies whine she’s cheap because they don’t know how to deal with her).

  • catherinekylie

    Bandai Namco On Why and

  • Ecchitori-san

    Taki.. you so hot!

  • Sentsuizan_93

    From what I played with Lost Swords, this progressively felt like a pay-to-win affair anyway. You would have to pay 6 premium chests for £11.99 if you wanted to. £11.99 that could be a Russian Roulette pinned either in your favor or against you in terms of equipment earned. I haven’t spent a penny prior to uninstalling this, but this really started going the pay-to-win route with progress.
    Add in some unreliably unstable servers, and you got yourself an unfinished mess that could potentially eat away at your wallet.

  • Janrabbit

    haha why is he saying pay-to-win like it’s a selling point…. who ever said “damn I wish this game was pay to win”. ITS SOUL CALIBUR! NOBODY WANTS TO FIGHT AI AND HAVE TO PAY TO BEAT THEM.


      • Syn

        I think the main point is that you have to “PAY TO WIN” in order to beat the AI, rather than facing noobs and the like

      • Janrabbit

        that made sense…………… the problem isn’t so much fighting AI (although when that’s the only option in a fighting game then I would say it very much is a problem) it’s more the fact that you have to pay to win said AI…. because that sounds sooooooooo fun

  • KnifeAndFork

    Pay to win is a terrible model. Should not be supported or encouraged

  • katamari damacy

    Wouldn’t having multiplayer against pay to win other players good for the bottom line? Instead of getting deterred, you just buy the same equipment or better. You know, revenge and stuff

  • Weird Al Yankovic

    They should’ve asked if there’s going to be a real Soul Calibur sequel or if this pay-2-win is the future of SC. Also, I don’t play a lot of these but don’t you usually want to avoid admitting that your game is pay-2-win?

  • Syn

    The only thing am hopefull at this point with regard to the SC franchise is that they will release SC III HD sometime in the near future…..atleast I can look forward to that, everything else…………………

    • rurifan

      When SC2 HD came out I looked at it and thought, as far as multiplayer, why not just play SC4 it looks better and has more characters/etc.

  • fairysun

    If they are targeting new audience, they should create a brand new IP that adapts Soul Calibur combat instead of tarnishing the brand of Soul Calibur and making old fans leaving. That way, when the sane people get hold of the Soul project again, they can create Soul Calibur VI without having to shoulder a tarnished image.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    After reading this I totally lost faith in Soul caiber ever being a good fighting game any more. They had a good this going up to SC3 then SC4 came out and that was foreshadowing doom.. and now we have this pay to win thing

  • Rizzi

    Ha. At this rate, japan’s gaming industry will start to resemble the korean and chinese one. They seem to like eating near-literal shit when it comes to microtransactions.
    We’ll be begging for Capcom, Squeenix, Konami’s, etc’s survival if stuff like this and Ace Combat: Infinity becomes the norm.

  • Yause

    Wow, first time I’ve seen a producer refer to his/her own game as pay-to-win! I suppose he doesn’t realize that it’s a perjorative, albeit commonly used term among western gamers who dislike the new monetization models.

  • Crimson_Cloud

    I see no point of this game. Just a bunch of text as a sad excuse of a story wrapped with VS AI fights. The weapon upgrade system is nothing revolutionary that would make you play it just for that, and getting more costumes was more fun in SC3. If you feel like playing just play fifth game or , in my opinion, better older ones.

  • Chersea
  • Ann Weschenfeller

    I don’t really mind them wanting a quick buck making silly Freemium games with the franchise, but…this is ridiculous. I hope this doesn’t hold back Soul Calibur VI or its quality / content.

  • Ni ~Algidus~

    >we want to maintain the quality of the SoulCalibur franchise

    WHAT? the quality of the franchise is going down hill lately that it’s losing support even from long time fans.

    Also I really liked how he just talked about the japanese side of F2P and mobile market. by doing that it seems that the western fans aren’t “cooperative”.

    And let me guess. They will add a gacha system in the future where you’ll need to expend a lot of money to get dat OHK weapons to kill the fucking AI because the chance of you getting the damn weapon is less than 20% and some characters will only be available if you pay to get them.

    Lost Swords is bad for the Soul series, for gaming and Fighting games in general

    • Ann Weschenfeller

      I don’t want you to be right…but I think you are… :(

  • Soul Calibur 3 was personally the best of the series.

    • BeatTheGG

      II and III are my all time favorites as well. I have absolutely no problem going back and playing those games with their aged graphics and all. III was pretty ground breaking with all its content and II had the best gameplay IMO. Soul Blade and Soul Calibur are classics so I wont bother talking about those wonderful gifts of yesteryear. IV wasn’t so great I’ll admit, but it also had my favorite roster to date and some things here and there that actually worked. Honestly I did like it if I can be honest.

      One of my biggest issues with V that no one seems to have a problem with is the whole 15+ year time skip! All of a sudden many of my favorite characters in the franchise have disappeared and replaced with this cast of nobodies, all because they wanted to tell a story about Pyrrha and Patroklos!? Hell, Ezio didn’t even have a presence in this game. At least Vader, Starkiller and Yoda had a story to fall back on! Ezio was just “Oh hai gaiz!! Mind if I jus squeeze in here?”

      • rurifan

        It would be less offensive if they hadn’t just replaced characters with gimped versions of the same thing.

        I really liked SC4 personally… not sure why most people were tepid on it. As long as the next game is nothing like SC5 I’ll be happy though. :|

        • BeatTheGG

          Indeed. It really sucks for Sophitia having to deal with 3 clones of herself in that game. And poor Setsuka was replaced by a second Patroklos of all bastards! >_<

          You know what, I think I might be with you on that one. I did like SCIV. It was a huge step backwards compared to III but I still felt like it was trying to cater to someone who has played the previous installments in some sense. sort of felt betrayed a little with V.

  • Realm25

    Well, I was already losing interest in the series. This probably killed it for me. Congrats to Namco for speeding up the process.

    I’ll just stick to the original and 2.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Curious how well this is going to sell.

  • Ultramega

    Seems like actual SoulCalibur fans are pissed off SCV was crap and now this? Might as well just change SoulCalibur to a FPS at this rate.

  • Hiro Oozora

    I just want a solid single player experience like SC3 had for SC6. Is that so hard to ask for?

  • Thanatos2k

    Gaming is going straight into the dumpster and they do it with a smile and a hand outstretched, waiting for your money.

  • Thretosix

    Bandai Namco will lose when I fail to pay… for this crap.

  • Adrián Alucard

    Someone told me “if it has no multiplayer it can’t be pay to win”

  • kaimo

    There’s very little corporate apologism in the comments. Thanks for restoring my faith in this site’s community.

  • Isaye

    Regarding multiplayer… can’t they make two different categories of it, like previous installments who have the standard (No stats or weapon effects), and the Special VS (Where stats and weapon effects are active). Or is it not so simple in this case with all the various weird stats? Anyways, the game is overall decent, but it’s missing that one mode I always go to first thing when I get a new Soul Calibur game.

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