Visual Novel Exogenesis Is Funded, Will Have Full Voice-Acting

By Eugene . May 19, 2014 . 2:00pm


Zero Escape and Ace Attorney-inspired visual novel Exogenesis has reached its funding goal. It’s also gotten the chops of Youtube stars Team Four Star for full voice-acting as well.


The game managed to secure the $30,000 in funding it needs in order to get made, and is almost to the $40,000 If it gets there the game will get ported to platforms that support Unity, including Vita, iOS and Android. At a later point, the game will be ported to Nintendo 3DS as well.


Perhaps the bigger news is that Exogenesis has secured full voice acting with the aid of Youtube stars Team Four Star. This includes Amber Lee Connors, who voiced Ginger in Dust: An Elysian Tale amongst others. While the voice actors have offered to do voices on a pay-what-you-want basis to Kwan, the devs still want to try to pay them for their time. As such, if they do scrape past the Unity stretch goal, every spare dollar is going towards paying the voice actors.


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For those just joining us, Exogenesis is an adventure/visual novel hybrid which stars players as Yudai Sayashi in a post-apocalyptic setting. Yudai’s got a job to do—return his dead sister Miho to life by finding the mythical Noah’s Ark. Before he gets to that though he’ll need to reassemble his team, which seems to mean gathering evidence to coerce them along for the ride.


If you want to back it, hurry along as it’s just about to end. Exogenesis can be backed on Kickstarter here.

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  • Smooosh

    Looks awesome! :o
    I’ll definitely buy this when it comes out.

  • AuraGuyChris

    …Team Four Star supported this? Why?

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      Why not?

    • Theob Vious Choice

      Because it is something that will give them yet another outlet to stay away from what they’re actually good at, making stupid comedy dubs on Youtube. I actually enjoy DBZ Abridged quite a bit, quite enjoyable and funny indeed, it’s a shame they aren’t sticking to that.

      • Aaron K Stone

        Why shouldn’t they try to broaden their horizons if they want then?

      • John Smith

        Take it as a step towards professionalism one day.

      • Firekitty

        ‘Because they aren’t sticking to making free entertainment for me’ was what I read just now.

        You should probably be happier for them; if they can actually make a living doing this, then they’d probably have more time to make you more free stuff. Not to mention that more practice would surely increase the quality…

        • Guest

          Personally I didn’t really feel like replying to anyone on this, at least the other people weren’t bitchy about it when they replied, then again, can’t win em’ all.

          I think it’d actually be cool if they could “make a living” doing this, it’d be nice if decent voice actors had another outlet to do what they love and enjoy. I predict otherwise from this, but whatever, it doesn’t really matter since it hasn’t happened yet. Good for them nonetheless, it’s cool that they have another outlet.

          But yeah,”free stuff” doesn’t even enter the equation, god you’re condescending, then again, your tag is “Firekitty”, so I guess it sort of makes sense.

          I guess it boils down to “TFS are great at stupid comedy dubs, it’d be nice if they kept at it.” not “I want free stuff, and screw everything else.”

          • Theob Vious Choice

            Why is my other post still here? I guess the admins on this site kind of work in weird ways, when I want to not be in a conversation they keep my stuff here.
            Meh, whatever. I guess I’ll just drop the account as a whole because I don’t feel like arguing about something stupid.

        • Guest

          You know what, I concede. Even though you were condescending, mostly wrong (at least in relation to the “wanting shit for free” thing, as if this were about that at all.) and misconstrue words for your own convenience, I don’t see myself winning here. It’s a waste of time talking about stupid shit like this as if it were a big deal to begin with.

          At least the other guys had questions like “Why shouldn’t they try to broaden their horizons if they want then?” and my answer is, why not, they should if they want to, I personally feel that it’d be cool if there were a solid Abridged series on Youtube that focused on their work more often, but it’s still nice that someone can make some money off of what they love, even if I think the idea of an American made and produced VN is fucking stupid.


          • Firekitty

            >_> good grief.

    • More exposure? A chance to brush up their skills and fill their resume? For the fun of it and because they thought the storyline/game seemed worth it to them? It’s similar to big movie stars who take up on indie roles because it’s less stressing and gives another image of them.

      • AuraGuyChris

        The feeling I’m getting is that they do want to make a career in voice acting.

        • And a right choice indeed if that’s the case! Voice actors can really become celebrities if they play their cards right. Anyway it’s their choice to make and there mustn’t be any shock as to why they chose this kind of project to get into for practically free.

  • Brotato Chip

    Very interested in the game, but don’t know how I feel about the voicing just yet..

  • Albel

    Oh boy, and another non-japanese kickstarter vn trying waaaay too hard to be japanese….
    I’ve played moege with less cliches, and that’s saying something xD

    • AFatHouseCat

      I’m less about the cliche of it, but I agree that there are already enough Japanese developers of VN making Japanese games for a Japanese audience that it makes me sad to see overseas studios producing more of the same when they could be producing something more unique. It’s honestly the main reason I’m not funding this KS, I love VN, but if I want a Japanese game I’ll buy one, I feel like the creators could have brought their own culture and life experiences to the game but chose to ape existing VN trends instead. It’s a shame because it’s a promising looking game aside from that.

      • GDI

        To be fair, it’s kinda hard to have a team spread all over the world to meet together on some common culture. The default happens to be anitwitter. Unique localized experiences tend to be tied to freeware personal projects, of which there are many.

      • Shippoyasha

        I’m not 100% sure that’s true though. There’s some VNs and eroge made by westerners that put a nice new spin on some projects before. Either way, people are fans of the VN stylings so they pursue it. Doesn’t sound badly intentioned at all to me. I’m as big a purist as they come but I think people should be free to experiment even if they may make something that doesn’t quite have the same kind of Japanese origination to them.

        • AFatHouseCat

          Oh no I dont think it’s badly intentioned at all, I have no problem with people doing whatever they like as a game. I don’t mean Westerner’s shouldnt do Japanese settings and Japanese shouldn’t do Western settings at all. If their intention is to make a Japanese-style VN then I think they’re ace-on, it’s just literally the thing thats stopping me from becoming a backer as my gaming dollars (as I’d imagine most peoples) aren’t unlimited- I’d rather support a unique vision rather than something retreading ground. And I feel like since there are literally tonnes of Japanese teams developing VNs set in Japan with Japanese casts, it would be cool to see an international team do an international VN with an international cast. Like use use their assets of their cultures to their advantage.

          • CasualGamer

            The Japanese makes tons of RPGs in Western Setting too even if the settings are often similar to each other. To me it’s more of a personal preference. If the Japanese setting is what the devs like to make, then I don’t see the problem.

          • AFatHouseCat

            We’re not talking about RPGs tho this is about VNs, and there really arent a lot of VNs set outside of Japan, so it seems a wasted chance to make something that would stand out more/isn’t usually seen.

          • Shippoyasha

            I guess that’s a bit tough to answer considering a lot of VNs don’t seem to take place in a real world at all. Some exist in a fantasy land entirely.

    • Postnjam

      Screw this idea, If Japanese people make Western style games such as Dragon’s dogma and Metal gear solid then the west should be free to make visual novels and JRPGs, alot of Western VNs and Japanese inspired rpgs have been great. Also, a number of the staff ARE Japanese.

      • Ric Vazquez

        True, as long as they do it right.

  • Luffink

    Wait, the full voice acting is at 55k and they haven’t even reached 40k, why do you say it will have it?

  • Ladius

    I think this news should be edited, the voice acting deal is actually a stretch goal they will reach at 55k dollars, and they’re far from it as of now.

    Here’s the update about the stretch goals:

    • Taedirk

      “Amber and company offered to do full voice acting for Exogenesis on a
      pay-what-you-want basis. It turns out that a lot of VAs are thrilled to
      just help us out with the game. What this means is that, no matter what
      happens, Exogenesis is going to be FULLY VOICED!”

      Reading comprehension ftw.

      • Ladius

        You should consider the paragraph that followed the one you pasted and the fact they still haven’t reached the first stretch goal (the Unity one at 40k):

        “To compensate them fairly, though, we are shooting for a
        $15,000 stretch goal. This is just enough for a game the size of Exogenesis, which has an enormous amount of dialogue. If we don’t reach this goal, every dollar past the Unity Basic stretch goal will go to the voice actors. In the next update, we’ll show you some of their work, and reveal an initial cast of voices for the main characters. If you appreciate what you’ll hear, please consider helping us reach our stretch goal!”

        The reason they set up a stretch goal in the first place was because they felt the game’s script was too big for an unpaid effort, and despite the team’s assurances they feel their work needs to be properly paid, as even this news mentioned.

        So far they haven’t even reached the Unity stretch goal, though, so they don’t have a single dollar to pay the voice actors and announcing the game will be fully dubbed without explaining the context could make it more difficult for them to reach the 55k goal and pay the voice actors.

        Of course the va’s work could have the same quality and speed regardless of them being paid nothing or 15k, but I think it’s fair to think that being paid will make them work better and insure the game really manages to be fully voiced, especially given the concerns about the script’s size.

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    It would be interesting to this on Vita. The PS Vita’s gonna have a field-day in 2015 with all these cool Kickstarter-funded games.

    • YES! It will break my heart if this doesn’t get ported to Vita coz they’re missing less than a 1000$ at the moment to do that (with 65 hours to go). Vita NEEDS a ton of these games to make up for the lack of AAA titles.

  • Theob Vious Choice

    Yay my comment was deleted.
    Well, all in all; at the very least it isn’t a dub, rather neat that people who used that Anime Studio program are going to get their money’s worth out of Kickstarter.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      The comment didn’t need to be phrased as it was. It is difficult for me as well to see Anime Studio or Renpy being used in the matter some have. But the discussion of such things works far better without the ‘w’ word.

      • Theob Vious Choice

        Man, this has gotten to be quite the thing hasn’t it? It’s a shame it has, considering they’re the majority this time around. Oh well, the civil rights issue here or whatnot is whatever; lets just chalk it up to a broken fanbase. Cool that people are having fun in whatever way they happen to be.

  • Vanadise

    I’ve been watching this for a little while now and I’m still on the fence about whether I should back it or not. I love the style of game and the setting and artwork look nice, but the siscon protagonist is a huge turnoff for me. Few things make me drop an anime series or game as fast as going into incest territory.. and while it seems like the Kickstarter pitch isn’t explicit about it, having “I’m the only girl in your life, right Yu?” as the girl’s signature quote is pretty telling.

    • ExogenesisAdmin

      Haha. I don’t think you have to worry about incest here. :))

      • Vanadise

        Oh really? Hmm, now I’m more interested.

        • Silent Aaron

          It says in the FAQ there is no incest.

          • Vanadise

            And, to be fair, that wouldn’t be the first time I’ve heard, “It’s toootally not incest because it turns out they’re not actually related!” or something like that.

  • carlospsp

    They should diminish their expectations to full voice acting. Getting indebted without even having a situation to reach new audiences through Unity shows somehow a anxiety that can harm the funds they are earning.

    Why don’t they simply forgett voice acting for now, invest fully in the game and in the sales for english/german-speakers and japanese-speakers (through 3rd party), show the value of their product to get more respect for a new game to be fully voiced from its start?

    Tsukihime didn’t have voice acting, nor did Fate/Stay Night.

    They are trying to jump some stoops to be “big” from the beggining…. no good.

  • carlospsp

    They should low their expectations to full voice acting. Getting indebted without even having a situation to reach new audiences through Unity shows a anxiety that can harm the funds they are going.

    Why don’t they simply forget voice acting for now, invest fully in the game and in the sales for english/german-speakers and japanese-speakers (through 3rd party), show the value of their product to get more respect for a new game to be fully voiced from its start?

    Tsukihime didn’t have voice acting, nor did Fate/Stay Night.

    They are trying to skip some stoops to be “big” from the beggining…. no good.

  • Nirvanes

    I’m a big fan of Ace Attorney, and I’ve only recently played 999 and Virtue’s Last Reward. This also reminds me of Hotel Dusk… Am I the only one?
    I’ll definitely follow this project!

    • JustThisOne

      You said the magic words: Hotel Dusk. My eyes are on this now…

      • Nirvanes

        I still hav to play Last Window, but I loved Hotel Dusk. It was the game that catapult me into the visual novel world.

    • neocatzon

      Hotel Dusk. I missed Cing so much.

      • Nirvanes

        Yeah, it’s a shame… Just played Hotel Dusk a year ago… I love it so much, I usually love film noir and that classic small town america, but man the game hit me so hard… even with a game breaking problem in the 3DS.
        After playing Solatorobo I’ll play Last Window and finish Kyle’s story.

  • Strain42

    It’s like Ace Attorney: That’s good.
    It’s like Zero Escape: That’s bad.
    It’s got Team Four Star in it: That’s good.
    The frogurt is also cursed: …

    Can I go now?

    • When you say that a resemblance to Zero Escape is a bad thing, then yes, it’s time for you to go.

  • Bacon_n_Lettuce

    Any reason why Western developed visual novels always tend to use Japanese characters and a Japanese setting? I get that it’s a Japanese niche genre and most fans like that kind of setting, but it’s a little stifling when even something produced outside of Japan can’t try to take on a different style or atmosphere.

    • Shippoyasha

      A few games actually do try different settings though. Plus, people are fans of the Japanese aesthetic so I guess it makes sense to try to keep the setting there. I don’t think it’s possible to totally take out the appeal of Japanese origination out of the VN scene.

      • KnifeAndFork

        Well there’s Baccano and Sakura Wars

        • Detrimont

          the thing is, in baccano, they go to japan

    • KnifeAndFork

      Isn’t it obvious?

  • Notquitesure?

    Is this supposed to have a proper mystery?

  • Spirit Macardi

    I just heard the voiced of DBZ Abridged in a video game trailer.


  • Ric Vazquez

    It looks promising.

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