The Legend Of Zelda: The Minish Cap Shrinking Down For Wii U Virtual Console Here

By Spencer . May 21, 2014 . 10:52pm


It appears Nintendo of America is getting ready to re-release The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, Link’s only original Game Boy Advance adventure, as a Wii U Virtual Console game. The story explains the origins of the Four Sword, a key item in the multiplayer GameCube game The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventure, and has the titular cap that shrinks Link.


The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap is already out as a Virtual Console download in Japan and was one of the games given to Nintendo 3DS ambassadors.

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  • Fantastic! I’ve been wanting to play this for so long. ;u;

  • Grape Monet

    I really want to see this with screen-smoothing turned on.

  • Definitely an excellent game– probably one of the few I might get on the Wii U, since I have an Ambassador’s 3DS. Minish Cap is one of my more favorite entries in the series, and it looks wonderful– the Wind Waker style really translated well to 2D!

    People, you should give this game a go if you never played it before. It’s excellent.

  • Arcana Drill

    This game is a little gem, i remember when i was little and the time i spent trying to match “stones” (dunno bout their name)

    • Kinstones! Definitely one of my favorite instances of collect-a-thoning. And they even integrated them with the story.

      • Armane

        Can’t help but disagree. They felt like a major step back from Flagship’s previous efforts with the Oracles ring system. The randomisation, some NPCs unwillingness to trade when you first meet them, the dull uniformity of the Kinstones themselves, the rewards (beyond the handful of upgrades) weren’t worth the effort, and NPCs prattled on about inane nonsense upon matching a pair, rarely giving character insight or any world building details.

        • Well, that’s really up to your own feelings on it. I mean, sure, the ring system was pretty nice, but I enjoyed the touch and charm of the idea behind kinstones.

  • Yindustries LLC

    I played through this game so much when I was younger, I think I got all the cool little figurines from that one shop too. People should definitely try it if they haven’t.

  • Aspenharls

    This game is amazing. I love everything about it. I wish I had a Wii U just to play it again.

  • デ オオカミ

    Am I the only one who feels that it would make more sense for handheld games to be released on the 3DS as well?

    • Daniel

      It would make sense however i have a wii u and will definitely will be picking this up same as all the other wiiu gba games and the official reason is nintendo is having issues running this as true virtual console games on 3ds which means save states (which ill be honest i freakin love saving anywhere) restore points

      • デ オオカミ

        Oh, I didn’t know they had trouble running GBA games. I hope they end up fixing this problem though, because the only reason I’m complaining is that I want these games too. :D

        • Yeah, apparently the problem is that the 3DS isn’t entirely capable of keeping track of GBA games in terms of save states and restore points– you can’t just turn off a GBA game on the 3DS and go back to it like the NES/GB titles, and more notably, you can’t put the 3DS into sleep mode while a GBA game is running. This is part of the issues as to why they’re not doing this on the 3DS anytime soon.

          But something I read from them is that the reason also they’re prioritizing the Wii U is because the Wii U is gonna have the infrastructure that’ll be applied to future systems… Meaning actual digital coherency between your Wii U and anything that comes afterwards. While yeah, it shows a lack of foresight on Nintendo’s part for not developing the proper infrastructure with the 3DS, they are trying to, in part, avoid the complaints of rebuying in the future.

      • thnkgod4mentlillness

        Those people who bought the original 3DS at retail price at launch though, their “executive” membership or whatever gave them Minish Cap… on 3DS… obviously the 3DS can emulate a GBA game…

        I mean hell, if all it meant was that we couldn’t use save states for GBA games, I think many people would make that sacrifice to play them.

    • Fox

      Since when has anything Nintendo done made sense?

      • デ オオカミ

        Well, when it comes to the games I absolutely love Nintendo, but they seem to suck a little at getting everything organized properly. :s

      • Raltrios

        Again, Minish Cap is on 3DS as an Ambassador-only title. It makes perfect sense that it hasn’t been made downloadable on the eShop yet.

        • Fox

          That only makes sense if you accept the very fact of there being “ambassador-only” titles as a thing which makes sense.

          It doesn’t.

          • Raltrios

            What part of it doesn’t? It wouldn’t be fair to the people who paid for a 3DS prior to the price drop if they didn’t get some bonuses.

    • Raltrios

      It WAS released on the 3DS. Years ago. As an Ambassador-only title. I still have it.
      But then, I also still have a hard copy and my GBA SP, so it’s not like I particularly needed it. But it’s still nice to have on a more accessible system :3

    • Nintendojitsu

      If there’s anyone here who agrees with you, they too would be wrong.

  • Awesome now unify your account so we don’t have to buy the same game for each system e.e

  • Christopher C

    I can still play this on my GBA SP if I want.

  • I already have it on 3DS where it should belong. Thank you Ambassador Program. May you rest in peace. xD

  • CrimsonDX

    While I would have preferred it be on 3DS, I’m just glad I can finally play the game :D

  • KingGunblader

    Nintendo, I’m going to keep saying until you LISTEN:

    GBA games need to be on 3DS, not Wii U!

    • AuraGuyChris

      Tell that to the issues they’re running with trying to emulate GBA games in the 3DS.

      • KingGunblader

        How much ‘issues’ can they really be having though? Ambassadors have most (if not all) of the GBA games that have been released on Wii U thus far.

        If you ask me (although I admit I could be wrong here) it’s a classic case of Nintendo’s messed-up Virtual Console release schedule.

        • AuraGuyChris

          They can’t get the games to have Save States, for one.

          • KingGunblader

            Well, okay. But I’m not sure that’s a big enough hurdle to hold back on releasing them, especially seeing as that could be easily patched in once it’s ironed out.

          • It depends on how you think of it.

            The problem, I believe it was stated, is that the 3DS isn’t powerful enough to A) Keep track of save states and restore points for GBA games, so you can’t just turn them off on the fly, and B) you cannot put the 3DS into sleep mode while a GBA game is running. Both of these reasons, while seemingly minor, would explain why Nintendo isn’t entirely gung-ho on releasing the GBA games on a system that actually isn’t too capable of fully handling them. It’s pretty much releasing them in a semi-efficient state.

            Now admittedly, the thing they SHOULD have done is keep track of the people who have Ambassador’s 3DSes and maybe offer a small discount for rebuying the games to the Wii U– but on the other hand, we did get the games for free anyway in the first place, so we shouldn’t argue on that.

    • PreyMantis

      Like they go here and read comments…

  • AJ

    It’s a shame it was originally released as the GBA was on it’s way out, and the DS was coming in. From what I recall reading a lot of people didn’t buy it for this very reason (and it was developed and released by Capcom…..which was weird). I loved this game, though. I am glad more people will get to play it.

    • Silent Aaron

      That’s silly. You could play gba games on the ds.

    • Capcom developing Minish Cap wasn’t as weird as you think! They also developed Oracle of Ages and Seasons, as well as the LttP/Four Swords game for the GBA! Capcom used to be pretty cool with doing some outsourced stuff in collaboration with Nintendo.

  • Spirit Macardi

    This is great, but when is the US Virtual Console going to get Empire of Dreams?! It’s out in Europe now and I want it ;_;

  • Quan Chi

    I like this zelda game because it is fun and you don’t need a book or a walkthrough to be able to find everything. But until nintendo releases EVERY past game on the vc, I’m just gonna stick to the emulator :P
    No point in rebuying and rebuying everytime a new console comes out.

  • Brimfyre

    Hardest final boss in a Zelda game ever. Be prepared.

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