Stand Up Against Bullying With Sumoboy

By Eugene . May 23, 2014 . 3:31pm


There’s an indie Kickstarter game joining the Anti-bullying movement, and called Sumoboy,set in the backdrop of a Japanese world.


The titular Sumo boy is Oji, a chubby orphan in the Tohoku Home for Children. Bullied all the time, he discovers that he has an amazing heritage. His mother is Kesa, Princess of the Elements, and his father the greatest sumo wrestler ever, Otokoyama. His task now:  to bring balance back to the world of elements and stop the evil Kurai Kama from overtaking the spirit world of Seishin.



Doing so is a case of love or hate. As Oji travels along trying to restore balance, he’ll utilize sumo moves to take down foes or solve puzzles. He also has access to the Blade of Balance, Hitoshii, a mystical sword which embodies both love and hate. Players can either wield it to vanquish foes, or suck out the fear and anger (that presumably leads to hate and suffering…) within to heal the wounds of troubled souls.



These monsters draw from the Japanese myth and folklore, with sky dragons and nymphs and more. Oji will travel through five different realms to heal them and restore the elements to balance. Taking a page from Bastion, the game is looking to feature voice narration. In tanka. Tanka is kinda like haiku, but uses a 5-7-5-7-7 style.


The art is a mix of 2D and 3D, and its pastel, painted style looks absolutely breathtaking. Oji himself looks a little like the Boy scout from the movie Up!. More importantly, however, is its underlying message about having the courage and inner strength to stand up and vanquish fears and stop bullying. We won’t wade into the debate about that here, but the way Sumoboy is tackling the problems and fears seem amazing.


Later stretch goals will add console support, with the game coming out on PC, Mac, Linux and mobile first. You can back Sumoboy here. Most of the team for the game has been drawn from various studios’ talents, who’ve worked on all sorts of titles from Halo to FallOut.


Thanks to Siliconera reader Antonia for pointing the game out to us!

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  • Jadfish

    If I had known freaking sumo moves as a chubby kid, things would be different around here!

    Seriously though, I like how Kickstarter opens up for initiatives like this.

  • Slayven19

    Don’t be a bully, Be a star!

    • DeAndre Atchison

      A shadow star?

      • Black Star! It’s time for him to take the stage!

        • DeAndre Atchison

          Was thinking narutaru, but that works as well

  • Frankie

    It looks like the boy from Up.

  • hwalsh

    Thanks for posting this article about our project!

    • drios07

      So much want

  • Callonia

    *bullies Oji.*
    It had to be done.

  • chroma816

    Oi vey he’s cute.

  • Loving the art already. So cute.

  • Namuro

    Oji should have a powerbomb move like that Australian kid who got bullied as well!

  • GOLD

    you can only be bullied if you allow yourself to be, stand up for yourself, say something back, push back.

    anyway this game looks cool the main character has this certain……appeal.
    will we be able to wild elements too?

    • Yup, every time you restore order to an area of the world you gain that areas specific element to use with your array of abilities.

      • GOLD

        well im interested. i had gif of a chubby kid dancing as the that someone edited to look like he was bending earth, air, water and fire. couldn’t find it though.

  • Oy, that’s Antonio! Lol
    And thanks for featuring the project! :D

  • That lil chubbo is adorable

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