Samurai Shodown’s Haohmaru Found In Battle Arena Game

By Eugene . May 25, 2014 . 11:00am


Battle arena game Lost Saga has added another crossover character to its list with Samurai Shodown’s Haohmaru. Players can purchase a 30 hour or permanent version of him to play in the 3D brawler.


Lost Saga’s free-form brawler style has players running around a 3D arena and then trying to beat each other up. The twist is that players can swap characters anytime during a fight. If you’re playing the melee-favoring Haohmaru therefore, you might want to roster in a ranged fighter such as Blazblue’s Rachel (Who’s also in the game) to even out your disadvantages.


Haohmaru has some fun abilities though should he get in close, including a Sake Jug attack where he bashes an unwary foe with a jug of alcohol. As befits a melee character, he also has a mean counter-block and knock back skill in Weapon Destroyer Ougi, which can then chain into Tenhaseiouzan’s multi-slash attack. You can see a mini animated Flash version of his moves here.


Lost Saga is out now on PC.

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  • vincent_vincent

    Nice, hopefully we will get more SNK goodness

  • Haganeren

    Ok, but what does it ever means now ?
    Poor, poor old SNK…

    • SNKP’s characters have been added to this game for years now and they’re not the only ones. Characters from other games like Arcsys’s Blazblue have been in the game as well.

      For the record SNKP has absolutely nothing to do with this game. They just gave them a license to use their characters.

      • Haganeren

        Yeah, but as i said, does it ever mean anything now ?

        Blazblue, there is a new one which just went out and we know there is at least one more to go… But Samurai Shodown ? Do you really believe SNKP will have the money to make another one ?

        Having character from “dead” license from a “dead” developer is a little unsettling to me… That’s all.

        • MrJechgo

          If you search a little, you’ll see that they’ve been doing pachinko machines with a SS minigame attached to it. They could easily use these assets to make a 7th SS game.

          Also, a fighting game is a fighting game, no trick needed. The FGC will take it, analyse it and make it popular. If SNKP can make it as good as SS2, they’ll watch the money roll in.

          • Haganeren

            No, really not, when you make a fighting game, you need a lot more than just 3D assets. And even with that ! It would surprise me a lot than some asset from a mini game would be adequate in a 3D Fighting Game ! We don’t know how well those animation blends, we don’t even know if they can handle all the animation of the game or if they are that good to begin with when you observe them on a big HD TV and not on a pachinko machine.

            They obviously don’t have any fighting engine and they don’t have all characters. Also, the Samurai Shodown Sen have been a real flop, one of the less sold game of the XBLA when i checked two years ago…

            And even if all that was wrong, you don’t even consider the fourth opus of the serie was better than the second and it was made by a SNK at their peak. How can you still hope another opus could satisfy you ? And even with that, Samurai Shodown is not that popular, even Street Fighter IV don’t sell THAT much comparing to 16/32 bits period… It’s sad but i don’t think even with the best game ever, they could make any money out of this.

            Sorry, i would love believe you but… I just can’t.

          • MrJechgo

            1) It’s safe to assume that the character models are optimized for HD, got their shader set and are rigged and ready for animation. Also, animating using the sprites as source material isn’t the hardest part of the job.
            2) Same goes with the stages.
            3) We don’t “need” all characters to return, because in SS6 a lot of them were just roster fodder. 24 fan favorite characters would make a suitable roster.
            4) I keep hearing that SS2 was better, but… whatever…
            5) SNKP returned to the scene with KOF13, with 2D graphics… and better gameplay… and better online… and better visibility. SS is their other fighting series that they could try to make it alive. Why would they use it for a pachinko machine if it wasn’t popular enough?

          • Haganeren

            1) “Safe to assume” ? I don’t find that too safe to be honest… Of course their character are rigged already but you don’t do the same rig for an action/adventure game, a show for a pachinslot or a fighting game ! Detail are not the same… And it doesn’t resolve the question of the fighting engine.
            2) Ok for the stages, not the hardest part anyway.
            3) 24 characters is a monstrous works, really really hard to do. KoF XII was there in order to make a transition because it’s impossible to have all the favorite character of KoF in HD in one go. They needed income to finish the game and the staff which have made the console port was in the worst condition possible. I remember an article about that.
            4) I don’t think people will stop saying SS2 is better. You can’t “replace” this game in their hearts. KoF 13 didn’t really prevent people from saying KoF ’98 is the best.
            5) But, why wouldn’t they do KoF XIV instead of a fighting game that only SNK fan remember ? Pachinslot aim for niche game anyway and the old Japanese SNK fan is playing those nowaday, it’s no wonder all licence from SNK is making an apparition like that then. It, unfortunately, doesn’t mean Samurai Shodown is popular enough to make an sequel on PS4/XBone.

            PS : Also… KoF XIII have better Online ? …… I never could have a match on KoF XIII and i have no problem with Blazblue, Persona 4 The Arena and Skullgirls ! I though it was like that for everyone but, maybe it’s only in Europe ?

          • MLHX

            As stated in their website, SNKP were hiring people for the next 3D KOF and SS game since last year. I think it is safe to assume the new 3D SS and 3D Gaoru Pachinko machines are the using the same models from the actual games.
            But I don’t like the new 3D looks…I hope they use cell shading instead in the real games.

          • Haganeren

            Oh, i didn’t knew that. What a great information. Thanks !

          • Slayven19

            No please don’t, leave cell shading alone please. As much as I like cell shading it being used to much. Their 3D is ok from what I’ve seen on the p machine games it’ll get the job done.

          • MrJechgo

            1) Huh… ok, 3D modeling/animating 101: all characters start in a T pose, then are rigged using virtual skeletons and skinned to have each and every point/vector linked to bones with different strengths and influences, THEN they are posed and animated. Simple as that. The animation CYCLES aren’t the same, but the rigged models can be used to make new cycles, proper to a fighting game.

            3) I’m actually generous here, because most 3D fighting games these days have around 30 characters. SFIV had 25. 3D models can take a while to make, but animating them is a LOT faster than drawing and redrawing sprites.

            5) Because KoF XIII is still going strong and because they can afford to make SS7 anyway. That’s like saying that Capcom shouldn’t make Darkstalkers 4 and make SFV instead.

          • Haganeren

            1) Not that simple, rigs have different levels of details and making some FMV for a mini game is not the same from making a fighting game whichi is the most difficult type of game to animate !

            I remember when we wanted to use some character model from a project to another one, a lot of animation which worked with the previous project (like walking or running) didn’t work with the new ones (like crouching). We had to rework the rigs and redo a lot of things. The more complex rigs, the more resource it needs to so if those model are just intended to a FMV, it would be no surprising that their rigs aren’t too complex… It’s the smart way to do things. (But now that MLHX said they ARE working on a new one, i can trust a lot more the fact those models have been done also for a new entry in the serie. )

            Of course, maybe the rigs are perfect but all those FMV are pre-renderered…. Which means they have to redo a lot of things anyway because it wouldn’t work on PS4/XB1 !

            3) Yeah, and that also one of my points, making characters is a really HUGE task in fighting game, even 3D. When a new fighting game comes in the market, it usually have only 8-10 characters (Blazblue, Battle Fantasia, Skullgirl the new Killer Instinct, Ougan Musou for those i have played, even the new Guilty Gear don’t have much). The budget have to be really huge in order to make more character than that… And even with that, everybody would said “There is a lot more character in Soulcalibur/Tekken”. Yes, but those licence already exists and don’t have to do everything from ground zero. (Even if SS take models from the FMV of the pachinslot, there isn’t everyone there)

            That’s a huge advantage to the concurrence, only Capcom could make a new fighting game with 17 characters with Street Fighter IV and they have made a huge budget for that. (And recycled those model in a lot of other game for making it worth it). I can’t imagine SNK having a more important budget than Capcom… Not with what they have become, even the last Metal Slug seemed to be done on budget. Even the DLC from KoF XIII wasn’t really new characters from a design standpoint. No, SNK don’t have the money to do that, if they make a new entry in Samurai Shodow, i think it will only be 8-10 characters… And everybody will be disappointed. I think making KoF XIV while retaking character already done is a smarter move !

            Also, do you think it was simple to make SF IV by basing all character by their 3D counterpart ? No, it wasn’t they were a LOT of things which worked in 2D which was very difficult to animate in 3D like Zangief Lariat for example. Even if they don’t have to redraw everything, it would still be a lot of work.

            5) Of course Capcom shouldn’t make Darkstalker 4 and make SFV instead, it’s a no brainer for me !… Even if i would love a new Darkstalker… (I always found SF kind of bland)
            Fighting games really don’t sell a lot you know. Even key licence like Street Fighter have it sales becoming a shadow of what they were.

          • MrJechgo

            1) If the models are fine and the rigs can do everything, then it’s all about making new animation cycles. As modeling takes a lot of time, that shaves a lot of that.

            3) Your FG examples are in 2D using sprites, not 3D using models. That’s a huge difference. MK9 started with 28 characters plus 4 more as DLC, Injustice started with 24 characters plus 6 more as DLC, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle started with 32 characters plus 9 more as DLC. For Killer Instinct, well, you can blame the lack of time for that, but if it gets 1 or even 2 more seasons, it will become a $60 game with 24 characters.

          • Haganeren

            1) “If” models are fine, yes but i wouldn’t be so sure. Also, for a game which want to have the same animation as an old 2D games, i would said the animation process is as hard as modelings.

            Frankly, i have seen those cinematic you speak since we were debating, I really don’t think that’s in real time but eh, we never know.

            3) My real example is more Guilty Gear and Street Fighter IV in fact, because they are the exact same thing Samurai Shodown would try to be. And those two had a real problem to translate a 2D fighting game with animation “like” a 2D fighting game into a 3D engine.

            If the new Samurai Shodown you speak is a 3D one with 3D gameplay… In that case, yeah, i guess it could have a lot more characters..

            I don’t know for Injustice but a lot of characters in Mortal Kombat always seemed to be “human” and not that different from rigs point. I think that’s why they could have done those 28 characters where Street Fighter 4 couldn’t. In the case of Samurai Shodown there is a lot of difference between characters and the game is a lot more dynamic. Really, i would compare more to Guilty Gear Xrd than Mortal Kombat, it’s closer.

            Even Street Fighter IV didn’t have enough budget to give Descarpe a new rigs… I really think the fighting game market is in really bad state unfortunately.

  • MrJechgo

    *sighs* Can we get an actual next-gen SS game now?
    – Give me a SS game with these graphics:

    – Make it like SSFIV, NOT like SS Sen

    • Shane Guidaboni

      This is all SNK needs to do to put Samurai Showdown back on the fighting game map. I’m not sure why they keep experimenting with it. Just go back to its roots. I know it’s a lot of money, but if they put the same amount of love into it that they did with KoFXIII then the next SS game could be amazing.

      • MrJechgo

        Exactly… although they stumbled a LOT with KOF12 XS. Yes, the graphics were excellent and the sprites were awesome… but the rest was an utter disaster. Lack of key/fan favorite characters, lack of a story mode (you cannot bridge KOF11 and KOF13 with 12), lack of an arcade mode, lack of a GOOD online system, lack of stages, lack of special moves (yes, some characters were missing key specials and supers *coughcoughterrybogardcoughcough*), lack of etc, etc, etc…

        KOF13 was an awesome comeback… but at the same time, I saw that either as an excuse of the crudely released KOF12 or as what KOF12 should have been to begin with.

        SNKP cannot go with 2D sprites for a brand-new game, it’s destined to fail because of the cost and the reduction of assets; they’ll HAVE to go 3D at some point…. hold on…


        Why not take these models and add them into a game engine that isn’t the same as Maximum Impact and/or Sen? No seriously, SNK games don’t mesh well with 3D-like combat… They strongly should keep it in 2D style, similar to SSFIV, UMvC3, MK9, Injustice, Guilty Gear Xrd-Sign and such.

        The models are done (and not over-steroided), the models are rigged, the models have a shader similar to the 2D game, the models are even animated, right down to the facial animations… huh…


        SS7 with these models, returning characters, new characters, 2D gameplay, online mode and stuff aplenty please?!?

  • Go2hell66

    Wish there was a new battle arena toshinden

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