Persona Q: Shadow Of The Labyrinth Is Like Etrian Odyssey With F.O.E. Shadows

By Spencer . May 28, 2014 . 3:15am


Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth is basically Etrian Odyssey with a coat of Persona paint. Players can draw maps using the touch screen, but if you skipped Atlus’ other dungeon crawling series you can turn on Auto Map to make the game draw floors and walls while you explore.


F.O.E.s, powerful shadows that chase you within dungeons, are in Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth too. You can see F.O.E.s on the field and it might be better to run when you encounter one of these enemies.


Since this is a Persona game there are high school elements too. You can see school life scenes when you choose the Walking Inside the School menu option. Players will get to see Persona 3 and Persona 4 characters interacting with each other in these videos.



Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth comes out on June 5 for Nintendo 3DS.

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  • Ben Green

    Ahhhh why does Japan always get the good things first? i wanna play this game in english sooo badly

    • natchu96

      At least Atlus is a company that generally GIVES us stuff in English.

      Thank God they confirmed for fall ages ago . . .

  • Ecchitori-san

    I wanna see some Minato harem action with them girls!

    • articuzwolf


      • Hexodious

        I’ll continue calling him Minato.

        • articuzwolf

          you can call him whatever you want
          still, won’t change his name from Makoto to Minato…
          same as Seta Souji will never be used again in other iteration of P4 other than the original manga…

          • CamulaHikari

            Until he will be called that in-game or on the atlus/persona Q official website/material that name will be just as canon in my book as Minato is. (Read: not)

          • His name IS Minato in PQ so, we can actually call him so and it being correct, since you’re so adamant about that.

            I’d rather call that name canon over Makoto, since so far the manga has a closer adaptation and is the name that shows up more.

            Also, I’m not a big fan of Makoto’s characterization in Spring of Birth, I prefer the manga’s take on him (so far). I understand his traumatic past, but that still gives me a hard time believing that this is a guy who

            *SPOILER* Becomes the Great Seal. *SPOILER*

            Maybe someone has to ask him to do it? lol. I’m hoping he can at least become more of a free thinker like he was towards the end of the movie.

          • articuzwolf

            if that’s true than I’ll retract my comment on the name won’t see the light of day again…
            and compared to you, I dislike the manga-adaptation of P3 story, don’t get me wrong, when I first read it…it was awesome…especially coming after I finished the game…when you read it again now, meh it was bad…nostalgia factor is the thing that make it readable

            but that’s all opinion and subjective matter tho’

          • Ric Vazquez

            Well,he’s called Makoto Yuki in the movie, so I guess it’s cannon maybe…

          • I haven’t read much past the first two voumes of the manga.

            I liked it for two reasons:

            Minato’s character “Who’s less of a detatched traumatic character but more the “silent but friendly” type. He has some humor in his character and the manga as far as I know, is closer to the game in terms of plot.

            Makoto barely even hung out with any of the S.Links other than Kenji, and even then, I just can’t see him yet as this guy who even WANTS to make friends. However, it does seem that this same issue was brought up and he’s more likely to change as the movies progress.

            Still, as of right now I prefer the manga over movie 1. And Minato over Makoto.

          • xkumo

            His name is Minato in this game. Makoto isn’t canon. Get over it.

          • articuzwolf

            so does this game…

          • Hexodious

            In Persona Q his name is 有里 湊 which freely translates to Minato Arisato. Nice attempt anyways.

          • alhamega

            His name is P3主人公 now. 有里 湊 is just a placeholder name in the early trailers.

          • Hexodious

            Now? Always have been, there was no such thing as a place holder. Both Protagonists got their names as P3 主人公 and P4 主人公, but they’ve their own individual names too, which are Yu Narukami and Minato Arisato.

          • alhamega

            My point is, the name Minato Arisato is changeable. Why changing from Minato Arisato to.P3 主人公 if Minato is his default name?
            We’ll just have to wait until next week to find out then. I don’t have a problem with Minato by the way.

  • Shippoyasha

    I didn’t think Chie could get any cuter. Feels good to be proven wrong.

  • makubexnas
    • Kumiko Akimoto

      Yu pls

    • Ethan_Twain

      Please tell me that isn’t the actual dialogue from the TV show. That’s… super offensive. That’s real bad.

      • LexKitteh

        Actually it is. That’s one the thing I disliked the most about the Anime. It didn’t feel like anyone really accepted Kanji, and several times while in his dungeon they wanted to leave him to die. I’m hoping they handle it differently in Persona 4 the Golden Animation but I’m not holding my breath.

        • God

          Dude, in the dungeon it was for comedy’s sake, and when Yu (specially Yu) and Yosuke mess with him, it’s not seriously.

          • LexKitteh

            I can tell it was for comedy’s sake, but for people who related to Kanji, having him insulted all the time and not truly accepted is disheartening. I know the culture is different in Japan, and it makes sense why it happened that way, but it still bums me out.

          • Snorlaxation

            Absolutely agree. I woulda loved an option in the game to tell Yosuke to stfu.

          • Really? I never got the feeling they didn’t truly accept Kanji… and I found all of those jokes geniunely funny.

            And honestly, I feel like Kanji’s sexuality is even more ambiguous than when you first meet him.

            I don’t honestly think that he was a laughingstock character, and I strongly feel that just because he may be gay, he EDIT *shouldn’t* be free from all humor. (I noticed I typed that wrong) He was actually very well written imo.

            I don’t like the idea that sexuality and race differences suddenly make you free from all jokes.

          • Guillermo Oliva III

            Well, I thought it was funny at times and at times …. I kinda disliked the idea on how he is treated at times ,but the character is well written and most of the majority of players dislike homosexual characters. So, an example of that is “Enchanted Arms” and many, disapove same-sex marriage in FFXIV.

  • Trinity

    Thank God they have auto mapping in this. I couldn’t understand the mapping in Etrian Odesy and it turned me off to the game.

    • Shin

      But it was pretty simple.

      • Trinity

        It wasn’t to me. But then again, I was new to the whole concept of dungeon mapping

        • natchu96

          When I first began my EO adventure last year I counted myself lucky I wasn’t playing dungeon crawlers during the age where physical graph paper, pencil, and eraser were necessary.

          By the end of the adventure, while I enjoyed automap for walls and floors, I was so OCD about marking moving floors, pools of water, and other hazards that I manually ran my stylus over the map again while automapping anyway.

          • Morricane

            Thanks for reminding me of my early RPG experiences…blegh. =_=

    • Dragard Kaos

      You sound like a casual. I bet you want to hold Chie’s hand.

      • Trinity

        …it’s Akihiko’s hand I want to hold.

        • Anime10121

          Lol XD

        • Dragard Kaos


          • Herok♞

            Hows that disgusting?

          • Dragard Kaos

            Don’t worry about it.

          • Guillermo Oliva III

            You sound like a closet-case.

          • Dragard Kaos

            Only on Mondays.

          • Guillermo Oliva III

            Well, that is shameful because I show it! -wink-

    • Bio438

      I’m also really glad this hasvauto mapping. All it does is cut out the part where I take out my stylus and draw. I still have to explore so its not undermining that aspect. Oh and in case you didn’t know the newer EO games have auto mapping.

    • Shane Guidaboni

      …couldn’t understand? You draw lines and places icons.

      • Guillermo Oliva III

        You simply make your map and use those little symbols to spot your “treasure” find, “warp” spot, “question” to risk yourself, or “Heal” to refresh yourself. So, basically…… making your map will have you remember with your exploration and your discoverys.

    • Swaggermuffin

      … How do you not understand the mapping in EO? You draw the map. That’s it.

      • Trinity

        It is just something I never had to do in a game before and combined with the first person POV, I was like “NOPE”

        But to each their own.

        • Snorlaxation

          Never plaed an EO game, so this sounds like complete Gibberish to me. I guess I’ll figure it out on my way through the game. Maps won’t stop me from my P3P4 hijinks.

          • AmewTheFox

            Believe me, it sounds like a chore at first, but mapping I found to be quite fun and made me look at the design of the dungeon a lot more.

            That being said, the Auto-Mapper looks annoying, because it looks like you have to face a wall to register it. Meaning hallways will be an endless cycle of looking side to side. No thank you.

            F O E! F O E!

          • Snorlaxation

            When you put it that way, I’ve gotta say, it sounds like something to look forward to. Fairly often these days am I able to appreciate the dungeon (or rough equivalent) in the game I’m playing. Sounds like this might just be what the fans who are sick of the simple/monotonous/grinding dungeon aspect need.

          • Guillermo Oliva III

            It is not a bad type of mechanic and it kinda helps you be creative to your map-making and remember, “It is you that is risking yourself to journey through the dungeon”. Also, EO monsters are not simple…… you really have to strategy/tactic with your 5-man team taking down the great odds.

        • Guillermo Oliva III

          Nah, that just sounds stubborn and harsh.

      • Skeptika Crediblus

        Yeah, but it’s boring and slows the game down.

        • Guillermo Oliva III

          So, you cant draw and play at the same time? it is not difficult ,unless you are lazy to make your map /

    • Guillermo Oliva III

      It is very simple to understand the game on how to draw the map XD

    • Gregor

      Try EOU, it has options to automap floors and walls, probably the same options that will be present here in PQ. Maybe with time you’ll get the hang of it, drawing maps yourself can be fun :)

  • Sentsuizan_93

    Now there’s an excuse to do this:

  • Kumiko Akimoto

    I thought we already knew this

    • natchu96

      Even when we’ve heard enough of it, F.O.E.

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        I’m also sure that mini bosses count as F.O.E don’t they?

        • natchu96

          By EO standards if it shows up on your map at all it would probably count.

          They use the same icon to display even bosses on the map anyway (at least the 3DS ones do, never played the earlier entries), with their own color coding.

  • natchu96

    The guys making the videos named the P3MC “P3 Protagonist”.


  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    awesome so it still have a dating sim element ohhhh I hope Ken notices chie in a sick way

  • Kornelious

    Gotta love those Cross-Over conversations ;D

  • Heropon

    oh great . This game just turn me off with the map style . I hate this kind of dungeon

    • Guillermo Oliva III

      You mean, dislike and if you do not like the game ,then do not play this exclusive RPG for the 3DS XD

  • revenent hell

    Normally I will buy ALMOST anything Persona/SMT but ya’ know… I am not an Etrian Odyssey fan and that’s the sole off putting thing about the game to me.

    I don’t mind the mapping system and certain things but overall I am really off put by the “style” of the game (how the characters look) and the fact its not a Persona game but an Etrian Odyssey one with a different coat of paint.

    • Guillermo Oliva III

      You mean, “Coated with EO mechanics” and EO was liked for its intriguing vintage SFX and melodic tunes. So, it is understandable that you do not like it ,but remember that everyone has different taste to each their own and if you did not like EO gameplay ,then you wont like Persona Q. Moreover, Persona Q was made to introduce EO a lot more to Persona Fans & see if they would like the gameplay and the way it shows….. this could be a possible sneak-peek for Etrian Odyssey V and if Etrian Odyssey V makes a huge sale, it might go up to the Wii U system and improve the development team to use a new engine and such… etc.

      • revenent hell

        Nope I said what I meant. You can take it any way you want.
        I said exactly what I meant and three months after I originally made the comment is not going to change that.

        Its understandable that I don’t like EO games because I don’t like them. Your view of games is not my own.

        I could care less what this game means for any future EO game either, since I could give a shit about any EO game. K.

        • Guillermo Oliva III

          Your negative comment still does not change the fact that you wont like Persona Q and complaining about the different coat of paint is just sefish and narrow-minded…. ,regardless what a hardcore-fan Persona you are or what a Persona player you are, you are completely stuck to your own selfish dislike. Also, I could care less what kind of bull shit you try to excuse yourself with, it is a complete waste of yourself to find your reason to even bother with something that you do not like. Over all, if you dont like it, leave and continue your complain somewhere else.

          • revenent hell

            To dislike something is hardly selfish what is, is you superimposing your opinion on to others because you don’t like their view of something.

            I can dislike aspects of whatever I want. And complain about them.

          • Guillermo Oliva III

            That still states how selfish you are to even realize your un-needed attention to dislike something loud for everyone to notice your dislike. Also, what bothers me is that you sound ignorant to understand the concept of the new-game mechanics and explaining how you dislike every bit of this “first-person dungone crawler” just seems childesh on how you state your first comment as your “clear statement” to not take back and instead, you are just harsh about it. Over all, I doubt you tried EO gameplay and whatever “shit” comment you state is just going to sound like a complete inconsiderate jerk about the game itself.

  • Nagi

    kinda knew but tbh i had no idea how etrian odyssey works first experience just threw me in the game and i had no idea what to do ._. hopefully this will let me see eo in a whole new light and get it better :3

    • Skeptika Crediblus

      Yeah, I’m playing the demo now. It’s….. not great :(

      • Nagi

        wah oh :O

        • Skeptika Crediblus

          Yeah, the first-person thing really takes away from the party feel you get from regular JRPG’s, and moving from square to square is Commodore-64 era blocky and boring.

          • Guillermo Oliva III

            Well, you prefer seeing your character in battle ,although this is obviously first-person dungeon/crawler. Also, if you do not like the EO gameplay….. you wont like Persona Q and dont tell Nagi that the game that the game is terrible.

        • Guillermo Oliva III

          Play the game and see it for yourself ,since “BenderIsGreat” did not elaborate his entire playthrough. Also, it is a first-person/dungeon crawler RPG ,therefore it is up to you if that is your taste.

    • Guillermo Oliva III

      Look at my own comment that I listed to see if it would help you see EO differently.

  • This game keeps looking better and better. Hopefully it will be able to maintain a level of difficulty throughout the game instead of becoming piss easy along the end as with most SMT/Persona games.

  • Buitronthecrazy .


  • DragKudo

    I’m going to be sliding through the dungeons so the F.o.E don’t get me.

  • Ric Vazquez

    Keeps getting better.

  • Jettythesunfish

    Even in Persona games, F.O.E.

  • For some reason the top pic reminded me of Shin Megami Tensei 1 and 2 for the SNES.

    Crappy times :)

  • Nightmesh

    So they can’t leave the school? Bummer. I was hoping they could all go to the beach because I want Kanji and Akihiko to sport their swimsuits. heheheh

  • Skeptika Crediblus

    Now all there needs to be is a Persona-themed Diablo/Gauntlet style game, a Persona-themed side-scrolling beat ’em up, and a Persona-themed 3rd person action game. Maybe a Persona themed bullet-hell shooter. Am I missing a genre?

    Maybe just a Persona-themed Nier game that does them all in one game.

    • Guillermo Oliva III

      Nah, that sounds kinda silly and they are callaborating with Nintendo with the Development Team that makes Fire Emblem to do a cross-over for the Wii U(Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem).

  • Guillermo Oliva III

    Here , for those that are introduced to EO and is starting the game to view at your own experience …..(I hope, this helps you see EO differently to understand it better.)

    • Nagi

      when i get Persona q and find it fun (idc what people say about first person)its probably because the character already has a personality so yeah would probably push me to take on EO ^^

      • Guillermo Oliva III

        Hahaha, cool and I am glad that you are going to give it a try ,than complain about it XD

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