Elizabeth And Margaret Get Some Love In New Persona Q Videos

By Sato . May 30, 2014 . 11:25pm


Elizabeth and her sister Margaret introduced other characters in Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, but this time the Velvet Room sisters are in the spotlight.


Starting with the younger sister Elizabeth who explains that everything happens for a reason in the Velvet Room. Since the protagonist is in there, there must be a reason for it. As a resident of the Velvet Room, she’ll do everything she can to help you out.


The video then shows her looking more excited than usual in the midst of the school festivities, which also looks like it’ll be her first time trying out some takoyaki


At 0:43, we also get to see her in what appears to be some sort of battle. While it doesn’t reveal whether she’ll be a playable character or not, it could also mean that she could be another secret boss as before.


Next up is the elder sister Margaret, who starts out by saying something is about to start, and that the cards are whispering that a strange case is awaiting you. Similar to her Elizabeth, she explains that it is her destiny to help you out, as she looks forward to seeing what happens in the story about the change of fate.


Margaret shows some interest in takoyaki (especially what’s inside it) and is shown having a weakness for cute-looking sweets. Towards the end of the video, she looks at Elizabeth and tells her that she’s happy to see her again, and that it’s been a while.


Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth will be released on June 5, 2014 in Japan and this Fall in North America for Nintendo 3DS.

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  • DAT Bird From DAT Cage

    I love how every strikingly beautiful, mature, polite-mannered, and proper lady always end up having a


    to something.
    An unshakeable, uncontrollable, and unyielding desire for something that is just unforgettable! I’m proud to announce that I have no WEAKNESS. I not a human lady – but a Robot Princess.

    • natchu96

      She isn’t human either though.

      As far as we know anyway.

      • Steven Higgins

        Yeah, I think it was mentioned that they aren’t human and don’t need to eat or sleep (though they are still capable of these actions).
        I’m sure I’ve herd them say thing like “you humans are quite intriguing” or something like that.
        We don’w know exactly WHAT they are, but give what the velvet room is they’re likely some kind of psychological non- human entity.
        Hold on. Psychological non-human entities that exist to help their guests and guide them on toward correct path. Could they be something akin to conscience?

        • Hexodious

          This is probably something (in-game wise) that Philemon can only answer. Philemon is the one who created the Velvet Room and his servants, after all.

          I’m not surprised if they turn out to be something related to Carl Jung’s theories, after all, the entire Persona series’ origin was based on that.

  • TheGioG

    Adorable super boss wifeys are adorable. But honestly Atlus, this much Persona character love and no known inclusion of the lady to claim all husbands? I advocate for Female MC as secret post-game character, she was awesome.

    • Ecchitori-san

      Umm.. Nice earphones?

    • that fanart is just amazing….WHY NO FEMALE MC FOR THIS GAME ATLUS?!

      • InfernoCommander

        *not canon

        • Kumiko Akimoto

          Neither is this game

          • mikebrand83

            “Neither is this game”

            Says who? By people who are ignoring Persona 3 canon, that includes time travel and memory alteration mechanisms?

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            Since when?

          • mikebrand83

            “Since when”? Did you even play Persona 3 at all?

            The Dark Hour (itself a time outside of normal time) was a result of experimenting with Shadow for time travelling. Both the main and alternate Persona 3 endings had the memories of those directly involved altered.

            Then there’s “The Answer” in P3 FES, which had the SEES crew stuck in a variant of a Groundhog Day loop. Then once they found out the true nature of the Abyss of Time, them having different opinions about whether to change the past with its power was why they ended up in conflict with each other!

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            Last time I checked that experiment failed horrible, and weren’t their memories altered by a godly being?

            So how exactly does that translate into persona 4 being there? They don’t work the same and their personas even have different capablities”

            So basically if I use that it’s gonna go”Well this time the game got dragged into alternative world with a the cast of the next game for no reason.I mean it’s totally possible, and their memories are erased as they are sent back to their own time making you wonder what was the point?”

          • mikebrand83

            Actually, Yukari’s father was the one who deliberately sabotaged the project, when the project leaders changed the use of the project into summoning Nyx. And that still resulted in the creation of the Dark Hour. And even without Death (the herald of Nyx), their memories were still altered even in the canon ending to forget their time fighting Shadows (same as the alternate ending). It just wasn’t strong enough to stick.

            As for connecting the P3 and P4 continuity, P4 Arena has already paved some of the groundwork. IIRC, Mitsuru’s route specifically had a background story demonstrating the existence of a localised Dark Hour generating device, which was used by her maids to help convince the police to cooperate in creating the Shadow Response Unit.

            As for “what was the point”? If their final objectives was to prevent a disaster and rescue some lost souls, even if their involvement was forgotten (at least until a later potential game brings it up), it doesn’t change their involvement in those events. Hell, it could already easily incorporated into main continuity that their ready trust for each other and prediction of each others’ actions in P4 Arena, that repressed memories of fighting together still remains in their subconsciousness.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            What part of that contradicts the statement that it ended horribly.
            It also could not translate into anything and be a simply crossover game.

          • mikebrand83

            Who said anything about it contradicting anything? The fact is that even when no longer used to attempt time travel and the experiment “ended horribly”, it still managed to massively alter the space-time continuum… Eventually creating a method for time travel and potentially altering the past (even if Aigis choose not to, once she understood the P3MC’s motives), with the Abyss of Time.

            And yes, with Persona Q, it could also “not translate into anything and be a simply crossover game”… But that’s up to the Atlus Persona Team to decide, not those ignoring (or are simply ignorant of) canon Persona plot devices.

          • cameron forsyth

            i don’t remember anyone confirming p3p as non-canon either. anyway let’s not discuss this for the billionth time, neither side has anything remotely concrete.

          • mikebrand83

            Margaret’s S.Link in Persona 4 specifically mentions Elizabeth running off to save the “Blue-Haired BOY”. So yes, Persona 4 has specifically ruled out the Red-Haired GIRL FeMC as canon.

            EDIT: Sorry, it could have been in other conversations with Margaret, not specifically an S.Link one. I don’t recall exactly which one, just that she did.

          • Tom_Phoenix

            The thing is, even if this game IS canon, that doesn’t really preclude the inclusion of FeMC. Not only does this game feature the bending of the spacetime continuum, but chances are that none of the SEES/IT members will even remember any of PQ’s events once the adventure is concluded and they are returned back to their respective time. So the FeMC could easily be included without any of it impacting the storyline.

            Plus, nothing in SMT (which extends to Persona; even if you want to argue that Persona is its own series, it is still canonically connected to SMT) is ever really “non-canon” (with the possible exception of Trinity Soul). The metaplot of the series is that all the variations (meaning all the endings and all the versions) happen, they just happen in different universes which are connected via the Amala Network. That means that P3P did happen (somewhere), that the FeMC did exist and that it’s entirely possible for her to accidentally end up in a different universe.

            Either way, it’s entirely possible for Persona Q to feature the FeMC. It’s just a matter of whether Atlus is willing to include her or not.

            EDIT: Plus, they featured Theodore in spite of him only appearing in P3P. Granted, there was nothing precluding his existence in non-P3P works, but it doesn’t change the fact that there was no mention of him outside of P3P prior to this.

          • mikebrand83

            You’re right, my apologies. I was so caught up that I had used “canon” interchangeably with “main Persona 3 & 4 continuity”.

            Not that current main Persona 3 & 4 continuity necessarily means much, anyway. Persona 4 Arena itself is the latest incarnation of that, but that in itself has yet to make clear which one of its own multiple endings is the “main” canon.

          • Bio438

            Just go watch the latest stalker club footage.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            And do what with it? Listen to a bunch of japanese I can’t understand?

        • DragKudo

          All is canon in the Amala network even the Femc but her story never got continued.

      • alhamega

        Maybe DLC or something.

      • Adrian Duran

        why no Persona 2 characters?

        • DragKudo

          no love. but P3/p4 will be forgotten too someday.

      • Shadow Bloodedge

        Maybe they put her in, but she’s a hidden or second cycle chara.
        This kind of tease is common in Etrian Odyssey, where secret charas are almost never released to much fanfare, even if there’s many a fan–if she’s hidden, find her yourself. Second cycle? Then play the first cycle to a hidden spec.

        Considering we have yet to see the final slots filled, it seems she can’t be ruled out yet. That said, P4 doesn’t recognize her, but that’s only because P4 was made before P3P and Theo were a collective thing. P4G continues not to mention her or Theo only to keep tied to the original P4. It’s just “Too late, didn’t re-script” for that.

        There’s no way in knowing what’s canon or not (though it almost-universally accepted that Trinity Soul isn’t canon), but then that’s just series charm.

        • Original Maincharacter

          I remember throwing a tantrum as a kid playing EO1 because the hexcaster was unlocked when the journey was pretty much over. That devastating decision between keeping my party or starting a new character from Lv1. Thank god they made them starters in Untold.

          It would be nice if the player got a gender select option for the P3 MC but if they did that, they’d have to do it for Souji as well, who has only ever been male.

      • DragKudo

        There would be no point in putting her in the game. Unless they plan to putting her in more games.

        Fanart is awesome though.

    • Mordina

      Maaan, that looked so real at first D: If this were real I would jump with joy! Poor FeMC ;___; <3

    • Kevin Lima Ferreira

      It would be nice to be able to choose her as well. But it would be a lot of work to put both versions of the P3 main character since they will have voiced dialogues in this game. But to me, the female main character was just an “re-imagination” of P3 and the best version will always be with the male protagonist..

      • syrup

        From the trailers it looks like there is very little voiced dialogue in PQ. I’m sure FMC will be available for PQ:Gold or whatever it’s called!

        • Kevin Lima Ferreira

          I don’t think so. From the trailers I already see a lot of dialogues, not to mention animated cutscenes! And I wouldn’t be so sure about a PQ: Gold, even less with the female protagonist.

          • syrup

            I was watching the gameplay and event vids and the only voiced dialogue were non-descript grunts, oohs and ahs from the characters. I haven’t seen a ton of vids but from what I saw it seemed lacking. Maybe just the core story things are voiced. I’ll find out in four days!

            If this is popular in Japan (which it is looking to be based on pre-orders alone–first place on Amazon games for weeks) I wouldn’t put it past ATLU$ to release an updated version with extra characters etc. When was the last time they didn’t re-release a game? They did for SMT3 twice, Devil Summoner, P3, P4, Devil Survivor series, etc etc.

          • Kevin Lima Ferreira

            Yeah, that’s true. But Persona Q is a spin-off of a series that already is an spin-off.. I think an updated version of Persona Q is not really probable, but it’s not impossible too. Well, let’s wait and see!

          • Original Maincharacter

            Stay tuned for PQUntold, 2018.

  • Shippoyasha

    Great. Now I want to see Elizabeth in pink if she pops up in Persona canon again.

    • alhamega

      That’s just a nurse outfit.
      And the game is most likely canon.

      • Can’t be canon. It’s impossible.

        • Charles Parker

          The Golden established multiverse. Nothing is impossible anymore.

          • alhamega

            No, every Persona games has multiple endings (except for Persona 2). But only one of them is canon.

          • natchu96

            Well, one is definitely the “official” timeline progression the other games come off of, but frankly that doesn’t do much for arguing against the canonicity of everything else.

            For all intents and purposes though, yes there’s definitely always one canon ending in the sense that it’s the only one that matters.

          • alhamega

            Knowing Atlus, they will try to make Persona Q in that “official” timeline.

          • Shippoyasha

            I have a feeling time and dimension jumping could make some of the non-official timelines semi-canonical if that makes any sense.

          • Charles Parker

            It’s not about multiple endings its about the fact that Marie tells you about a bunch of alternate yous out there in the Golden version of P4. You might think, well that’s just a cheap excuse for a gameplay mechanic to interact with other players. Then you go on to realize vanilla Persona 4 is what happens if you don’t save Marie in the bonus dungeon. She’s wiped out existence and everyone’s memories.

          • Only played Vanilla 4.

        • alhamega

          A crossover game? Sounds like it is, but no,

          They showed gameplay footage of the beginning of PQ in PSC.

          The Intro in Makoto/Minato’s story starts with Makoto visiting the Velvet Room apparently AFTER the time of the Typhoon/cancelled festival, and Elizabeth mentions that she feels like she “had a dream in which Makoto met “those” people, but she isn’t sure if it was real”.

          As she says that, Makoto briefly hears Yu’s voice in his head, saying:

          “We’ll meet again some day. I’m sure.”

          After that, the rest of the game appears to be a flashback.

          This most likely confirms my theory that the Events of PQ are in-canon, but erased from the characters’ memories in a “Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories”-esque way.

          Quoted from http://nenilein.tumblr.com/post/87290990857/well-with-this-persona-q-is-most-likely-confirmed-for

          • persona_yuji

            Timeline wise… that doesn’t make much sense.
            Yu goes to Inaba 1 year after the events of P3, but somehow some way, he and the P4 gang meet the P3 gang after the typhoon cancelled festival in a dream?
            I haven’t payed much attention to this game’s story, but unless they pull some time travel shenanigans I can’t see how this happens.

          • alhamega

            Not a dream, Elizabeth said she just “felt” like a dream. Maybe that just the hint of her memories after being wiped.

            It was already confirmed the game pulled some time travel shenanigans.

          • persona_yuji

            Ah if they confirmed that those shenanigans are involved, then it’s a no-holds-barred and they can pull ANYTHING out of their behind. xD

          • Benjamin Tyler

            Aren’t time travel shenanigans confirmed by the very existence of this game?

        • mikebrand83

          Did somebody forget that the very existence of the Dark Hour was a result of attempting to harness the power of Shadows for time travel? Or even the reason for the conflict between the members of SEES during “Episode Aegis”/”The Answer”?

          How is it “impossible” when both time travel and memory alteration are core story mechanics of Persona 3?

          • I haven’t played P3 in a bit, and I quit the Answer like halfway through.

            But those still sound like stretches to try to make the game canon. AFAIK, Unless the game itself manages to explain in itself why it would make sense, I personally wouldn’t count it as canon.

          • mikebrand83

            You can personally not count it as canon all you like. Still doesn’t mean that you can declare canon* plot devices as non-canon and impossible.

            *And central, as the opportunity to go back in time and change the past was the reason that the members of SEES broke off into different factions, and fought each other for in “The Answer”.

          • Never said that. It’s totally possible, just sounded like a stretch to me.

            *And it’s central to the Answer. If it was central to P3 as a whole as a plot device, I’d have remembered it.

          • mikebrand83

            “*And it’s central to the Answer. If it was central to P3 as a whole as a plot device, I’d have remembered it.”

            So say if we find someone who has played vanilla P4 but not P4 Golden, they can then declare that Marie and her storyline “Can’t be canon. It’s impossible.” by the same logic?

          • Have I done something to you?

            Because ever since I’ve posted those five words, you’ve been pressing me to come around to your way of thinking, and it’s getting annoying honestly. The same with your argument above with Kumiko Akimoto, pretty much discussing the same thing. I think your adamant feelings must have carried over here, because I never denied the possibility or still said this was impossible, after you and others cleared the air here.

            The point I’m trying to make here is that the original Persona 3 story, if we’re not counting the epilogue had little to do with time travel. It seems to be a big in the Answer, like you said. The whole reason why I said this in the first place was because you again misunderstood me and assumed I’m declaring plot devices canon and non-canon.

            That’s not what I’m doing. You made your point when you said that it wouldn’t be entirely possible, and even then you pretty pressing there.

            And on P4… why would I say that? Because I said something similar in terms of the P3 story and the epilogue? That’s absurd. One is an expansion on the whole story, while the other one is an epilogue, which the point I was making was that a small plot device that was relatively very small became huge after the main story.

            So of course, after countless replies, I can understand why Persona Q would be possible, (and I did mention that before) But that *personally* if they did, it would sound like a stretch. That’s all.

    • Bio438

      Have you not seen the latest PSC? It pretty much confirms PQ is canon.

  • Ecchitori-san

    Oh Elizabeth, you are as cute as ever!

    • natchu96

      Cute, murderous, and nearly the most powerful persona user in the universe.

      • Not to mention curious too.

  • xe7en

    I didn’t know they were sisters though. Was that mentioned in p3/p4 storyline?

    • alhamega


    • Ecchitori-san

      Theodore is also their younger brother. If you didn’t knew that.

    • Charles Parker

      P4, P3P, and in P4A.

  • Charles Parker

    Aw, no video for Theodore?

    • ManSizeSextet

      Tomorrow! (and Marie).

    • Videos for Theodore and Marie are out!

  • You gotta love Elizabeth and her cute curiosity on our way of life.

    • natchu96

      Her curiousity seems pretty tame in these trailers tbh.

      Usually it escalates to massive troll levels of ignorance within seconds of stepping out into the human world.

      • Yep. I cannot forget also that she did a small dance in P3 when she’s taken out on a date, also her usage of some of our figure of speech, terms etc in Arena.

        • karldeck

          Don’t forget the “lessons”.

  • 하세요

    I must say, I personally think Liz’s English voice captures her character more, but but I can dig either one. Man if she was randomly playable she’d never leave my party. I can do without Margaret.

  • The music is pure gold

  • ShinNeoGranzon

    Seeing Theo in an apron cracked me up for some reason

    • IIRC, Theo was also fed with dog food by his older siblings.

  • There still one shadow for each side in the characters page of the official site.

    EDIT: Theodore and Marie videos are out!

  • MSJ

    Liz why you so adorable in that nurse’s uniform =w=

  • Göran Isacson

    Huh. Is that pink outfit new for this game? can’t recall if I’ve seen it before.

  • Slayven19

    My girl margaret is probably a secret playable character after beating her as a boss.

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