• Derek E Nay

    Sonic Boom! Sonic Boom! Sonic Boooommm!… oh wait wrong song :(

    • E.T.993

      I hope Crush 40′s version will be the show’s main theme.

  • Crevox

    This game is going to be received very strangely I feel… it’s like a 3D action brawler more than a Sonic game. It’s really weird. Seems like it’s going to really need the TV show to help it take off and for people to understand why it’s a thing.

    • Invisbin

      Not really. The game/show tie in will be a cash cow. From gameplay impressions, it looks like Sonic Adventure with fighting mechanics and not just “Kill it with the Homing Attack and move on.” There’s fighting, exploration, and even the same 2.5 speeding around and platforming.

  • Fidelis

    Really, I’m loving everything about this besides the lasso…
    The lasso just looks dumb to me.
    But really, this is what’s selling the WiiU for me.

    It’s really funny how well I’m receiving this change to my all-time favorite franchise when I was so irked by DMC’s change.

    I’m excited for anything and everything Sonic Boom

    • Namuro

      You know, the way they gave the interview makes me think of DmC straight away. They seemed to be really confident with this version of Sonic. We’ll see if they can deliver.

      Speaking of the lasso. Yeah, it seems really out of place, since Sonic is supposed to be able to overcome anything, relying only on his speed (and the powah of friendship!). Had they given the lasso to Tails only, being the “gadget guy” he is, it would make more sense (but even then, he can fly, so there’s no need for him to have it…). But if it will make for a good gameplay, then let’s see how it will turn out.

    • persona_yuji

      About the design change, it’s not that strange that it’s being well recieved. I mean, when you look at Sonic, you still say “Yep, that’s Sonic” but when you look at DmC’s “Dante”, you can’t help it but say “Uh…who in the hell is this guy? He looks nothing like Dante.”
      Overall, you can see that Big Red Button respects the Sonic franchise and wants to add their own tweaks to the formula, unlike Ninja Theory with Devil May Cry.

  • Tylor Boreas Makimoto

    Amy’s a strong, independent hedgehog who don’t need no man.

  • Namuro

    So… They’re making Knuckles a totally dumb brute? I know he’s not the smartest echidna around, but I’ve always see him as a cool-type character that has a mysterious air about him. He can be calm and collected, as well as going all out like a typhoon. There’s also the hip-hop vibe that SEGA gave him, which I think suits him very well.

    Let’s just see how his character turns out…

    As for the game; while it seems promising, I can’t help but think that it’s just going to be another Jak and Daxter in Sonic’s skin. But what do I know, there’s no way to tell until I can actually try it. Let’s hope it’s good!

    • http://resettears.wordpress.com/ Reset Tears

      Knuckles was originally the rival character for Sonic and worked quite well for that role — his strength and dexterity to contrast with Sonic’s speed and agility. Yet at the same time, they were both energetic and tough go-getters who could kick all manner of ass once they shared a common goal, their contrasting abilities turning complementary in the process.
      It was Sonic Adventure 2 I believe that marked the shift in Knuckles’ character — or rather, nobody knew what to do with him anymore, since Shadow took on the role of Sonic’s rival at that point. (A much less engaging type of rivalry IMO, but opinions opinions.) At any rate, I don’t feel the whole “Knuckles is the dim-witted friend” angle is very interesting. He wasn’t meant to be Sonic’s pal–that was Tails’ role. And though Knuckles was duped by Robotnik in S3&K, I don’t think that really marks him as an idiot. Robotnik is a genius, after all! (And my favorite character in the Sonic world… Will be curious to see what Sonic Boom attempts with the mad scientist, though I probably shouldn’t expect much.)

  • HassanJamal

    I thought Sanzaru games were the developers?

    • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owl

      For the 3DS version, they are.

      • HassanJamal

        Ah, cool, thanks.

  • http://www.jb2x.com/wordpress/ JB2X

    This game is starting to grow on me from all the previews they keep giving. AND I JUST CAN’T WAIT FOR THE SHOW AAAAAAA

  • Göran Isacson

    Man is this a strange one.

    Like, I like Bob Rafeis work and I dig Jak and Daxter. Taking Sonic more in that direction is a pretty decisive move, which I think can work in it’s favor. Sometimes you just have to decide what you want your game to do, and it really feels like they’ve got a clear direction for the game. The question now is how GOOD they will be at taking Sonic in that direction. Someone said that the lassoo feels more like a Tails-gimmick, and I agree, he’s the guy who does machines here.

    Gotta admit though, not feeling their decision to make Knuckles the slow muscle.

  • http://expsharekupo.wordpress.com/ Mint Cream

    Reading over this, it sounds as if… Tails doesn’t fly? They never mention it, and they say Amy’s triple jump gets her places others can’t reach… Does Tails fly in this game?

    • Kaetsu

      They mentioned that he’ll be able glide far in windy areas.

  • s07195

    Not sure I think Knuckles works as a “Dumb brute” archetype that much.

    • http://gentlerobot.com/ Gentle Robot

      A character called Knuckles? Sounds obvious.

    • Invisbin

      Its always been like that

      • Scourge626

        No it hasn’t. He’s easily tricked by Robotnik in the games, but he’s not the dumb brute type especially in the comics.

      • Fidelis

        It was more of a progression
        The adventure series turned him into a serious loner. Sonic Heroes reconciled that with his portrayal in older Sonic games (Chuckling all the time whenever he screwed Sonic over) By turning him into a mature and cautious, yet lighthearted person who pokes fun at Tails and has a rivalry with Sonic without being overtly excitable and competitive.(If you pay attention, he’s friggin obsessed with Sonic. 80% of his dialogue is addressed to Sonic by name. He kind of ignores tails.)
        Shadow the hedgehog upped the dial on his aggressiveness. After that, he was portrayed as somewhat slow, because…that’s just what happens to a character that’s the hotheaded muscle. Two out of three writers will turn the archetype into “dumb muscle” when they get their hands on it”.

    • Kaetsu

      He never was in the previous games. Before he had more of an edge to him. I think I’m fine with the change mostly because Travis Willingham will most likely give a good performance.

  • Spirit Macardi

    I do like how they want to make Amy a more complex character; as funny as her hitting on Sonic can be, it’s also a bit exasperating.

    Eggman being usurped though… Part of what’s made me love the recent games is that he’s been the main baddie, even when it seems like someone else is going to steal the spotlight. He’s just such a great villain, and Mike Pollock’s performance is so delightfully hammy.

    I’m not for him passing the torch, but sharing it could work.

  • John Diamond

    wonder if the soundtrack would be on par tho

    • Invisbin

      They always are…Well…except for Lost World imo.

  • 60hz

    why is this even a sonic game… perhaps it should have been a knuckles game… some strange decisions here… doesn’t seem to have the spirit of sonic, it may still be a decent game but i’m wondering: why sonic?

    • Invisbin

      Why not? At least Sega tries different things. You know…takes risks. This will boom, pardon the pun, with the kids, and the kid in me wants this.

  • Scourge626

    The only thing I’m hating so far is how they are making Knuckles the big dumb jock character. He’s a lot smarter than that in the comics and his spin-off comic is probably the best thing to come out of the Sonic comics in general. Yet, he’s never been given his due.

    • Ixbran

      they didnt say hes dumb, just that hes slow. Being dumb and being slow are two different things.

      He could very well be very intelligent, but he just takes time to formulate the things he wants to say before saying them. There’s nothing wrong with that.

      • Scourge626

        Either way, that’s not him. Knuckles is a little naive to some things having grown up on an island by himself (but then again he was tricked by Robotnik and he is the smartest man alive in that world) but he’s isn’t slow on the uptake. Knuckles was created to be Sonic’s rival in which case they made him similar in some aspects but different in others. Primarily, Knuckles was the more intelligent of the two who thought out his moves (unless thoroughly enraged) while Sonic (while not dumb or slow) never thought about his plans unless he needed to.

  • God

    Never liked that kind of antagonist(s)… you know, the kind whose undoing is something simple like “teamwork” (unless it’s a single antagonist and he works alone), “friendship”, “love”, “good always beats dark”, etc… I like to take my antagonists seriously, to be dangerous, as strong or stronger than the main character, and who actually is hard to bring down, not only at the start of the game, but to the very end.

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