Metal Gear Fan Remake Gets Konami’s Blessing

By Eugene . June 3, 2014 . 11:13am


Fans attempting to remake the original 1987 MSX Metal Gear game on PC have been given the blessings of Konami. In a post on their webpage, the group noted Konami said that the remake could go ahead “as long as (they) did not abuse copyright issues”. This means no profiting, as the team understands it.



The game itself is intended to be remade as a mod using Valve’s Alien Swarm game, to replicate the top-down effect of the original Metal Gear. Checking out their work so far, they’ve already made some great progress, with work-in-progress screenshots of levels, weapons and models showing promise.


There is also a follow-up email from Konami, which says, “If the project goes well, and there will be public interest in it, Konami will surely (sic) get to know this and consider further steps accordingly.”



The team is now looking for more people to come on board and help. You can check out the requirements over here.


Thanks for the tip, TheBurningPunch!

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  • Well, that’s cool of them at least. Hope the project goes well.

  • KONAMI not jumping on a sue wagon?

    SOMETHING must have piqued their curiosity here…

    • persona_yuji

      Konami: Great! No we don’t have to do it! Perhaps we can make other games.
      *hears yells far away*
      Konami: Huh? What was that noise?
      MGS Fanbase: Remake MG 1 and 2!
      *Kojima looks at Konami*
      Kojima: Didszu Rike It?
      Konami: Goddamnit KOJIMA!

    • Shippoyasha

      Maybe they might buy the effort and sell it for cheap as an indy title?

      • While that seems possible, especially given the nature of the article in mentioning that being as such, you have to remember that this is a mod for Alien Swarm…so you would have to redo this considered concept completely from scratch if that so happens.

    • God

      I think the “further steps accordingly.” is just an elegant way to say they are gonna sue if it gets enough recognition, wich means siliconera is actually being evil right now.

      • Dago

        I thought that meant maybe giving official support to the project.

        • God

          Maybe, we’ll see.

    • Maybe they’ll pull a Capcom and take the game as soon as the fans are done?

  • This is pretty freakin awesome XD

    Would help MG Lore a lot

    • Brandonmkii

      How? It’s not like they’re changing any of the story, but it’s far overdue for the two original games to get a facelift.

      • “Help the lore” as in putting the first two games in the spotlight since most people think it started with MGS1

  • evilkaz

    Shit, Thanks Konami. Reminds me of this megaman legends 3 fangame that’s supposedly in development. I wish crapcom would give blessing to this.
    Gameplay at 3:25.

    • konsama

      Damn man, it always destroys me to watch this, i had so much hype for MML3 that knowing it got canceled nearly made me ragequit Capcom if it wasn’t for MH. T_T

      I wish capcom reconsidered the stupidity and released it.


      • D H

        It wasn’t “stupidity” when they cancelled it, from a point of business, anyways. The Legends sub-series has NEVER been a big seller, and considering Mega Man games had been slipping in sales to begin with (what with Capcom saying before release that ZXA would need to increase sales from ZX in order to continue, but somehow it’s still their fault that there isn’t a sequel despite not enough people buying the game…), you are already looking at a potentially losing prospect. Add to that that the 3DS was not doing very well for the first part of it’s life, and was forced into a pre-mature price drop, and you’re looking at possibly losing much of your investment. For any business, Capcom included, this is the bottom line, not what a subset of fans complain the loudest about.

        Sure, there is the “100,000 Strong” or whatever page, but lets be honest, online “communities” and “Petitions” do NOT translate evenly into sales. Hell, games that I’ve waited forever for I’ve still not been able to pick up for various reasons. Now, the 3DS is doing fairly well, but that still doesn’t mean a Mega Man game will reach the sales needed for it’s development. It doesn’t not either, of course, and it’s simply a matter of figuring out when the right time to try something old or new is, and what that something should be.

  • TheGioG

    Damned if this ain’t looking interesting. The world is in greater need of these company/dev approved fan projects. Hope others can follow suit as well. Much respect and salutes to you, Konami.×345.jpg

    • Reminds me of when Yoshinori Ono showed up on SF: Assassin’s Fist. Kinda seemed the same way.

    • Daniel

      Heres to you Konami…

    • Ric Vazquez

      Agreed 100%

  • Spirit Macardi

    Is there really a point? All Konami does anymore is make Metal Gear games, and they probably would have done this themselves given time.

    If this was a fan remake of Mystical Ninja or Rocket Knight adventures it’d be more surprising, since they’ve left those series to rot.

    • César H. Sandoval

      And nothing of value was lost…

    • NintendoPSXTheSecond

      Or Getsu Fuma. I still want a Getsu Fuma character action game.

  • Takane Shijou

    That’s pretty damn neat to see them do. Wasn’t expecting this, but good on them.

  • Juan Andrés Valencia

    I feel asleep.

  • Alex B.

    That Metal Gear TX-55 looks very cartoony. Kinda turns me off, to be honest.

  • Guest

    Thanks for posting this Eugene. I wanted to get the word out for this.

  • Atmey

    I don’t think “blessing” is counted as a legal consent.

    • Oh well , it could have been way worse !!!!!!

  • vincent_vincent

    Hopefully more gaming companies will follow Konami example (Am looking at you Sega and S-E)

    • Especially S-E.
      At least SEGA gave sometime to Bomber Games to develop a playable remake of Streets of Rage.

      Chrono Trigger though, the moment a footage stepped in, dun insta C&D and we got nothing :C.

  • Tom

    This is some behaviour to follow. Thank you, Konami!

  • Steven Hunt

    Sega gave their blessing for Streets of Rage Remake and they sent a C&D right after it was released, after the team spent 8 years on it.

    Hopefully this project doesn’t meet the same fate.

    • new_tradition

      Whoa, that’s cold :/

    • The kicker in your entire post was the use of the word “SEGA”… they did the same thing with YT’s new copyright thing about some obscure game that’s out of print for over 10-15 years… I forget the exact game but theres a video on YT about it and SEGA was one of the worst offenders when the new copyright violation system was introduced, scruing many people out of their game review videos and for some, overall channels since SEGA went out and ro-sham-bo’d everyone during that initial phase of copyright take downs hitting some people REAL hard.

      I really don’t see Konami being the assholes SEGA is about this but I guess only time will tell.

    • Well gladfully, by the time the C&D happened, Streets of Rage Remake was pretty much finished and nowadays it’s accessible to download, just not from the creators page. Gotta say, SoRR is awesome, only sucks they can’t do a lot of updates due C&D.

  • Death Saved

    Hmm i wonder if this is their way of seeing how desirable the MG series is on pc.

  • This is awesome, but also Kojima should be the one doing this instead of redoing MGS1.

  • Thats cool

  • Robert Hendrie

    Shame it might be dead already “The mod you are trying to view has ceased development and consequently
    been archived. If you are a member of this mod, can demonstrate that it
    is being actively developed and will be able to keep this profile up to
    date with the latest news, images, videos and downloads, please contact us with all details and we will consider its re-activation.”

  • dothackjhe

    This is one of those MG titles, some / most gamers nowadays have not yet played, myself included. I look forward to a proper remake of the game.

  • smek2

    “The mod you are trying to view has ceased development and consequently been archived.”

  • This needs a new post!

    It has been shot down for reasons unknown

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