Final Fantasy Type-0 Fan Translation Is Out Now

By Sato . June 9, 2014 . 2:46am


Have an import copy of Final Fantasy Type-0 handy? Go order one online, since you can play the game in English now, thanks to a translation put together by an enterprising group of fans.


We previously reported that some enterprising fans had taken it upon themselves to try and translate Final Fantasy Type-0 for PSP. The translation patch is out, and Game-Jouhou shares a look at a trailer for the project along with some gameplay.



The above is a look at the Hollywood-style trailer for the SkyBladeCloud translation project for Final Fantasy Type-0.



And above is a look at some gameplay footage with the English fan translation. The project was originally estimated to be completed by August 8th of this year, but it’s already available now. You can find it here.


Food for thought:

Square Enix have stated their desire to release Final Fantasy Type-0 in the West on a couple of occasions, but thus far, the company has not made any concrete announcements.

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  • Land of Green Pasture

    downloading the patch now~~

  • Shippoyasha

    Should be interesting to see if Square Enix unveils a Vita or PS3 version of the game this E3. Nice translation effort though. They actually pulled it off, went into a submarine and emerged with the final effort.

  • NoLastName

    Wasn’t there word recently that Type-0 would turn up at E3?

    • Shippoyasha

      There’s rumors floating around, yeah.

      I say that with a risk of putting my foot in my mouth after E3.

      • NoLastName

        I hope so, I always thought this game looked kinda cool.

    • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

      Some french square enix twitter guy said it might be

    • natchu96

      I used to be able to feel happy about such rumors, but the last few years has made me deem even official word untrustworthy :(

      I guess a rumor is still something.

      • Hexodious

        Rumors only works in Persona 2 anyways. //shot

    • Zyphr

      Well, there sure as hell wasn’t any FFXV or KH3, so they better have something. SE is starting to seem helpless.

  • Go2hell66

    dont have a psp T_T

    • persona_yuji

      There’s the PPSSPP, the PSP emulator.

      • ekibyougami

        and it looks even more gorgeous on the ppsspp (given you set it at the right settings)

        • huh. there are psp emulators now? who knew?

          • zzzSleeping

            There’s been one for quite sometime

  • SupaPhly

    after playing on my Vita for long amounts of time and abandoning my PSP, it’s going to get hard to get used to the psp again lol

    • michel

      Don’t worry, I keep switching between the two and it’s not so traumatic. I just miss touch screen in PSP, that’s all.

  • flameraver64

    What! Came out early, that’s an awesome surprise!

  • Hm I have a question! Now and then people on the OT post up a download link to a translation patch but always been told to remove it due to it being “illegal”. Since you guys posted this, I assume posting links to translation patch is not an issue as long as the actual website itself doesn’t endorse pirating?

    • TheCynicalReaper

      Pirating the game is bad.
      Downloading fan made patches to play the game is fine.
      Hacking the PSP was once considered bad, but now that the Vita’s been out Sony likely doesn’t care so much anymore.

      • Well that was a question directed to the staff since they are the one enforcing the rules. I know the repercussion of these types of things.

  • BizarreJelly

    Based SkyBladeCloud.

  • dboyz

    SE should learn something from this =)

  • DaiRaiOh

    And before the inevitable “Wait until SquareEnix takes it down” comments role in, they can’t. The joy of the translator being based in a country where “cease and desist” basically doesn’t exist. He is untouchable with this patch

    • SMT

      Even if it wasn’t the situation, once its out, there’ll always be a way to find it somewhere on the internet.

  • Shady Shariest

    This just in: Square-Enix announces surprise localization of the game.
    (Right after they have checked the fan translation for typo’s)

    • dboyz

      it shows their dumbness at least….=.=

      • Chersea

        Could you explain how doing this is dumb?

        It’s not that rare for companies to license the script used in fan translations so they don’t have to translate the game themselves, saving money. XSEED did it with Ys Oath in Felghana and Chronicles, for example (they also had to pay Deuce money to use the script he translated, so the translator’s work doesn’t go unrewarded.)

        I don’t see this as too much of a problem as long as the company claims a translation group’s work as their own or their work goes unrewarded.

        Fan translations might even be of a higher quality since they’re translating the game out of passion; not because it’s their job, so they likely care about quality more and therefore care about errors they make more.

        • dboyz

          well, if they did release the game far earlier, they might gain more profits as now most of people are already using this fan-made translation, SE is already in a big loss & now they might gonna lose more

          • Chersea

            Well yeah, more people probably would have bought the game, but it would have had higher costs due to translation, so they might have made less money overall.

            That said, I can see what you mean and it might’ve been better to translate it themselves, yeah.

          • dboyz

            hehe sry tho for using the wrong word “dumbness”, I should have use “not so wise decision” =p

          • BleuVII

            Most people would not go through the trouble of importing this game, even if a translation was available. They still stand to make a pretty penny by releasing it. It’s not like Vita fans are overloaded with games or anything.

          • Zyphr

            But most people WILL pirate it. The patch already has thousands of downloads, so much so that the site crashed (for a little while) due to the traffic. Either way, if SE localize it, they won’t see anywhere near the profit they would have if they would have given their fans what they wanted, instead of waiting years to even hint at it. I’ve seen many posts and comments stating that even if an official localization was released, they would rather have the translation that was the answer to the their cries, rather than a defensive move to localize it after SE’s work was done for them.

          • landlock

            SE have had plenty of time. If they had officially announced it the fan translation would most likely have stopped.

          • Pyrotek85

            Exactly, most groups won’t bother with a translation then because 1) it’s a waste of their time and effort that they’re not getting paid for and 2) they want people to support the official localizations.

          • Guest

            Nope, the head of the translation group made it clear their patch would release despite anything SE said or did.

          • landlock

            fair enough that’s a poor showing on there part then and makes other fan translators look bad. Eitherway the new version is going to be a HD version so I personally have no interest in this now.

          • Guest

            Suck from the teet of the masters

          • landlock

            The taste of sweet milk.

          • Geo Izumiya

            Too bad it was not the same case for Super Danganronpa ;____; OMG!!!, I played the first game in my PSP, but I would not be able to play the sequel unless I get a Vita that probably i wouldn’t because the 3DS for me is a better option in my opinion ;__;

        • Death Metal

          It is not fair for a company like SE to release a game using scripts or code from fan translations because a translator officially/professionally hired would get paid good for this. As you said, fans would work out of passion which, an already rich company making “free” money on this, would be totally unfair. A simple mention in the credits is not good enough in my opinion.

          • Chersea

            It’s not free. XSEED gave Deuce money to license his script for Ys 1&2 and Oath in Felghana. It could be considered plagiarism if they used that script without permission and Square Enix may be sued for that. The translators are still being paid for their work.


          • Death Metal

            I see. In that case I guess it would be OK, since the translators would have worked as a 3rd party, payment and all.

        • Zyphr

          The lead translator has already stated he would never sell his work to Square. Thank god.

      • Firekitty

        Hey, if it meant they were paying the awesome people who did the fan translation, I’d actually pay for a copy, even though my PSP is broken so I couldn’t play an UMD anyway.

    • Namuro

      *typos :D

      • Shady Shariest

        YES! Someone got it! :D

        • Death Metal

          Hey hey, don’t try that now! :D

          • Shady Shariest

            Yupo! But i pulled it off, didn’t i? ;)

    • SupaPhly

      ah, the NISA danganronpa tactic

      • RIkuoTanaka

        Please no.
        But then again, compared to Super Danganronpa 2, the translation is already out, so I don’t think it will happen.
        I just hope SE doesn’t take down this translation

      • X_Bacon

        As far as I’ve seen, the NISA localization is quite different.

      • NISA deliberately did not read the fan translation on that one.

    • TrevHead

      I wouldn’t grumble if SE did that atleast we would have an official release.

    • Kemal Koçak

      Don’t you mean…

      Type-0’s ?

      • mc3027

        This got a chuckle out of me.

    • SyreneSiren

      I would be so PISSSED If SE did that. I happened to have worked on this translation project. Countless hours would have been for nothing.

    • John Lawson

      This Just in: You predicted it completely right.
      Type-0 coming to the west on Next gen consoles.

      • Shady Shariest

        Gio Gorsi (Sony employee) has said for a long time that Sony has a list of games people wish to be localized. Type-0 was on the list.

        Sadly: #NoVitaNoBuy :/

  • Furu Chi

    Damn my PSP died long ago. I sure hope an enhanced Type-0 or just the game itself come to the Vita. (One can dream)

    • zzzSleeping


    • Bobby Jennings

      ppsspp mang

  • Trinity

    Excellent news. This game looks amazing, and I can’t wait to play it. Now all I have to do is figure out how to USE the patch…

    • dboyz

      its very easy, use your googliness

    • zzzSleeping

      The translation site has nice easy to follow instructions.

      • Trinity

        Yes, but will said instructions work on a cracked PSP Go?

        • zzzSleeping

          shouldn’t have a problem as long as you have CFW that can handle games bigger than 2 GB

  • Arcade Bumstead

    Oh my god the controls are shit. I can’t blame them for thinking this wouldn’t sell. Here’s hoping the official English release is a worldwide Vita port.

    • DaiRaiOh

      The controls are honestly not bad at all. Clunky as most psp game controls, but not nearly as bad as some of the worst offenders.

      • disgaea36

        I don’t even see whats wrong with the controls lol that guy is over exaggerating.

      • Triplicity

        I see both sides of it. I had the same initial reaction for the first couple missions; the only reason it’s so clunky is because PSP.

        I know at least two guys who are emulating it and using DS3 controllers to bind the camera+lock-on controls to the right analog stick, and that just makes me laugh through my slight envy. PSP mustard race.

    • Zyphr

      Using an emulator and Dualshock blows that issue out of the water. Not to mention using said emulator to upscale and render the game if full HD on my 50” TV.

  • Anewme…Again

    I waited for so long to play it in english and now that i can finally play it in english, i don’t feel like playing it anymore.
    I should have imported to play in japanese when i really wanted to play.

    • ClaireBeare

      I feel the same way, but I actually played it in Japanese. I randomly dropped it for some reason near the end of the game though. I had no idea what the story was about, but it was fun to play. I think I got distracted by other games I could actually understand.

  • Nate

    Neat. I did not know about this. I’m about 4 hours into the fantastic fan translation of VC3. I might have to check this out next.

  • zzzSleeping

    I was hyped for this but now i played it feels very meh.

    • Namuro

      Guess it’s a good thing they didn’t localize it then, huh? :D

  • transferstudentx

    just donated 50 $ they deserve it i always wanted to buy this game and i just did :)

    • Wappuli

      I just hope that you did buy the actual game too, instead of just donating to the fantranslation team.

      • Guest

        ;) the fantranslation team. deserve the money more than se in my opinion in this case atleast

        • Henry Law

          idk… that’s kind of pushing it. they translated the game not the story or the game itself……. it’s like saying that the translator of a book is much more important than the actual author.

          • Tienron

            i personally dont see a reason to buy type 0 now just because a patch has been released i would of brought the game if it had been localized but it wasn’t fans took it upon themselves to do it, gonna download it and play sorry folks…

          • disgaea36

            well plenty of times after an author passes away and some one finds the time to translate his book or scriptures, the credit goes to the guy/women who put in all the hard work.

          • Henry Law

            but square enix isnt dead yet……

          • disgaea36

            lmao I know was just using an example of your second statement. At the end of the day they didn’t do this for profit. But they def. deserve the credit

        • Herok♞

          So basically the people who just changed the language deserve the money more than the people who wrote, programmed, tested and released the game. keep in mind with out the translation team the game is still playable just in Japanese which is not people’s native language which I understand, with out square there is no game in the first place.

          • Slayven19

            I agree, regardless of the situation square-enix did not cheat anyone out of their money. They didn’t release the game but the game is still fully playable.

          • landlock

            The people who programmed, tested the game etc have already been payed. SE have had the time to release it and have decided not to release it.

          • Herok♞

            If you don’t have a copy you still have to buy one from square, who did release the game.

          • Zyphr

            And with Square they just keep it to themselves.

        • Altin

          This. I’d rather give money to the guys that were actually putting their hard work into a game Squeenix didnt give a darn about. They deserve each penny they can get out of this.

          • Herok♞

            So what do you call making the game in the first place, not hard work?

          • Altin

            There is a difference between making a game and localizing one, I see that. If SE was not so hazy with their statements regarding this game and its “planned/considered localization”, no one would have bothered to translate it. They could have flat out said that it is not going to get localized at all, same thing that Sega did with Phantasy Star Nova.

            I didnt mean to imply that someone should download this game for free, what I meant with Squeenix not giving a damn about is exactly what I stated above. I do not encourage pirating it, but I can understand why some people would do that. I’d rather support the translation team that bothered to do this selfless deed, than giving it to SE for making eager fans wait for years on end, full with empty promises. That is, if I had to choose which one should deserve it of course.

            Edit: Seeing that SE is now re-releasing it on PS4 and Xbox One (*cough* What a coincidence!), I can even relate more to the people that want to pirate the PSP version. This is just ridiculous.

          • Zyphr

            When a company refuses to release a game to half of it’s fanbase, those forsaken fans don’t have much of a choice other than pirating. SE brought it upon themselves.

          • Altin

            And considering they just now happen to release it on PS4 and XBONE as a HD Remaster, it is more than justified to just get the PSP Version. This is undignifying, even for SE-standards.

          • Zyphr

            I already had a strong feeling they would wait till after the patch was released to announce there localisation. At least that’s one thing they didn’t let me down with. lol But, I know quite a few people other than myself who will not purchase it, because we are quite happy with the patch, and that patch is all I need.

          • disgaea36

            Square can lick some booty okay stop D riding them so hard jeez man they have been dropping the ball a lot lately and the fact that this is the most violent and brutal final fantasy I have played right from the start they should be ashamed by holding out on us. Say what you want this team went above and beyond even after fans did all those petitions and crap and square still didn’t budge. If it wasn’t for good fellow gamers like them we would miss out on so many goodies. I’m not gonna even bother on the whole piracy issue thats a whole other conversation and we would be here a while. So whole point of this yes I rather give my hard earned money to a group of individuals that have their own lives and responsibilities but because they felt cheated like the rest of us went out of their way to take time out of their lives to translate this wonderful game for anybody who is not fluent in Japanese.

  • iamtehultimatepwnage .

    unfortunately i am a big noob and cant find an answer, but can someone post a tutorial how to patch a physical umd disc with this patch?

    • zzzSleeping

      You need to dump your physical UMD in digital form.

      • iamtehultimatepwnage .

        ok, thx for telling me! i found a faq already :)

  • La Tortue

    Please read this Comprehensive Guide on the Patch by stryke on NeoGAF:

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    already downloaded it :3 yeah…. I can read it now and its still kicking my ass

  • kaotron

    welp, my psp just died on me(broken battery) while my PC is so weak it can’t even handle the a PS2 or NDS emulator without lagging and overheating so ppsspp is out of the question…just great.

    time to buy a new battery(just to play one game)

    • Zyphr

      PPSSPP runs so much better than either of the 2 emus you mentioned. I run Type-0 at full speed, but I can’t run NDS at speed, and can’t run PS2 games barely at all. Have you even tried it?

      • kaotron

        That’s weird, psp games usually require way more power than the usual small ds games. It probably has something to do with the emus settings or the version of the emulator you’re using.

        But I’ll try it out now and see if it works, if not, I can get a working used battery for a few bucks.

        • Zyphr

          It’s because PPSSPP is a really well-built emulator. I run PPSSPP with upscaling, filtering, and 1:1 resolution with my 1080i tv. Can’t even get Desmume to not stutter. It’s not the settings, it’s the devs. Make sure to get the latest buildbots ppsspp and not the official release, though, for the support of ISOs over 2GB. Otherwise, you won’t get cutscenes

  • Kumiko Akimoto

    Then a cease and dismiss offer comes and we don’t get to see a localization release for years.

    • It is too late for that. It would be like a Witch Hunt to try and delete every single file that is now already multiplying and floating everywhere on the internet.

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        It’s not like it’s never happened before, I’ve seen fan translations crash and burn.

        • Triplicity

          Which ones, curiously?

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            Mostly various small visual novels.

        • DaiRaiOh

          I very much doubt you’ve seen a Spain based translation crash and burn. You can’t have a cease and desist order come in when you’re in a country that has no such thing as it

        • Sure, but your examples about translators that didn’t finished their jobs in time. That doesn’t apply here in any way. Their mission is complete, it doesn’t matter if they get a Death Sentence or worse.

    • BleuVII

      Nope. There’s an extensive FAQ on the site’s page about how a C&D is not possible in this situation. They have covered their backsides legally.

    • MLSabre

      Looks like someone hasn’t taken the time to read Sky’s FAQ. =3=

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        Of course not, I didn’t even know they were any where close to finishing until today/.

  • ZengarZombolt

    Any idea what will be their next project? the PSP got so many untranslated gems

    • What would you sugg- VALKYRIA CHRONICLES 3!!!

      • kaotron

        That already has an english patch too.

        • Didn’t know that. Anything else?

          • kaotron

            well, from the top of my mind there’s:
            La Pucelle: ragnarok
            Grand Knight History
            Digimon Adventure
            Sol Trigger(not 100% yet)

            Old style rpg’s:
            Brandish: The Dark Revenant
            Tear Ring Saga

            *probably some more but these are the main ones..

          • Brandish is getting localised by Xseed now

          • kaotron

            My bad, I just remembered that it’s only 19% translated and they’ll probably stop the project since the official thing is being localized.

          • yes, as a matter of fact Tom (from Xseed) commented on the thread with a hint they might do it and last week they announced it :)

  • Renaldi Saputra

    it seems if Square Enix do localize it for real, they’ll lose a lot of money bcos many ppl will have played the english patch

    • Armane

      They already localised it for real, even recording voices. So they’ve already lost a lot of money because they didn’t release it. If they port it to PS3/Vita, people will definitely pick it up anyway, even if they have already played it.

      • natchu96

        When businesses get so afraid of losing money they’d rather release RPGs on a platform people use to quickly call/text each other, check email, and play 10 minute minigames on the bus than put out a game they’ve already done work on for their big budget world-famous flagship series, you know just how stupid this whole thing is.

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      They would lose money anyways because it’s the psp, the system just stopped shipping new systems in japan and hasn’t done that here for ages.
      I’m surprised xseed even took a gamble with their recent psp game.
      I’d rather wait for the possible chance that they’ll just make an updated vita port.

  • FYI, game froze on me while trying to access to the Codex in the Crystarium in Ch.2. Not sure if this is a bug or because I’m not using the correct firmware (using B10, which they say will work).

    • Armane

      Which UMD driver are you using?

      • Whatever was default. Can’t check since I’m at work but I’d venture to bet that might be a cause after reading the NeoGAF thread. I’ll try that once I get back home but I doubt I’ll have time with E3 in the next few days.

    • 하세요

      I think that’s a problem with the game in general. I too froze back when I played in a year or so ago without any translations.

      • Well I just confirmed that I -was- using the Inferno driver, so I was playing it as expected.

        Not exactly sure what to think here. I could always try popping in C2 with a fix but I’m not entirely certain if that will fix everything I’m having for problems or not.

  • Kornelious

    I would actually import this right away for the translation….But my PSP isn’t hacked :(
    I hope this doesn’t detur Square from releasing this officially…if they do…..

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      Unless psp is region locked if your importing the umd you should be fine

      • Kornelious

        Don’t you have to have a jailbroken PSP to install the translation though?

        • Tatsuya1221

          Install the translation?No.

          To apply the translation however, you need to rip one of the UMD’s with a psp with CFW,

          Also you need to be able to run the iso’s obviously.

          So yeah.

        • Kumiko Akimoto

          I forgot, though you could just torrent instead of importing. and I wouldn’t call it jailbreaking, isn’t that more like taking it apart to mod it?

      • MLSabre

        PSP isn’t region locked.

  • Tincho Kudos

    *dies of happines*

  • Guest

    Interesting, but looking for a new copy the price is quite high right now, or maybe it’s good enough just get an used copy… I’ll check again in a couple of months.

  • fairysun

    Lol, see what happened when you created great game, Square Enix? Fans will do the rest for you.

  • natchu96

    The feelings of excitement of finally being able to understand Type-0 has unfortunately been eclipsed by the desire to shout “well screw you Square Enix!”

  • Samsara09

    Impressive.This looks like a good job!SE just got spoon-fed,they won’t even have to translate the game,just get this transcription patch…and check for some natural spelling mistakes.

    • hehHxC

      I think SE already translated the game maybe 50-70% not sure tho. It’s just the psp already dying in the west.

  • HatsuHazama

    About the time this game released in Japan, I began to learn Japanese. Fast forward to now, I’m able to understand most of the conversations in it, and even get a large chunk of the story if I were to look at stuff already online.

    If you can learn enough of a language to play a foreign game in the time it takes for it to have some semblance of localisation… you know something’s badly badly wrong.

    • Samsara09

      That was SE’s mistake in making this game for PSP and not for Vita.

      • HatsuHazama

        Yeah haha, I guess. I mean, realistically, can agree that them localising it at the time after the psp died was a dumb idea, but no one likes it XD

        It’s FF though, I kinda feel that it’d sell well in due to the hype, and that if they even put a psp version on the Vita store they’d have a decent audience.

        • Samsara09

          well,Vita wasn’t exactly popular at the start,still isn’t very much,but SE could have done some stimulus.Well,they were short sighted.

          it happens no one is perfect.What I wanna see is if they have the balls to right their mistake,

          • Trinity

            It’s Square Enix. “Short-sighted” seems to be the new company motto.

          • Samsara09

            indeed.I do wonder if they really want our money being so dumb.

      • Herok♞

        You seem to forget that Vita wasn’t a thing when the game launched in 2011 in Japan where the PSP is still alive and getting games today at least until next month but I know they will make more games so that point is moot, the only difference making it for Vita would have been would it would have come out in English faster

  • EQeE

    PSP is worth keeping for things like these. Valkyria Chronicles 3 is also almost fully translated

    • Trinity

      I bought a PSP Go for exactly this reason.

    • Zyphr

      VC3 has BEEN fully translated… for a while.

  • Arcana Drill

    Yayy…. funny that i wanted this so much, but time killed a lot of my interest, i mean, i’m sure i’ll pick this up eventually, but i’m more interested in my backlog at this moment.

    • revenent hell

      This is pretty much how I feel as of late. I have so many games and so little time to play them my backlog gets bigger by the day. Probably one day I will eventually get it but not any day soon it seems

  • Prithivi

    Fan-translations remind me that there is still some good in this World!

  • Backlog keeps getting bigger.

  • Ban The Jackass

    SE: Hey, localisation team, how’s the progress?
    Team: Almost done… Well, maybe about 60%? You gotta pay us more for OT, man.
    SE: Nuh uh, the mobile games aren’t making enough money! We need to save up for our FF XV that’s still not done after 8 years!!

    Fans: Screw this, let’s make our own translations.

    *also applies to Tales of games (Minus the first 5 lines in this comment.)

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Yeah they released it early in fear of a localization which was smart. About to start it right now actually.

  • saxophone15

    I would rather wait for localization (or until I learn enough Japanese to understand). I appreciate their enthusiasm for the game though.

  • Bob Slim

    Nice too bad I dont have a psp anymore. Hope se release the game here on vita

  • Aemette

    Greatest news ever! I played the Japanese version, and although I didn’t understand anything, I had a lot of and got farther than I thought I would. Definitely going to download.

  • Quan Chi

    Doh! No 1080p in emulators. Effects drag fps down waaay low.

    • John Lawson

      60fps hack
      internal rendering at 4k
      displayed at 1080p
      I’m enjoying it quite well on emulator

      • Quan Chi

        section right after tutorial. flying thing that sucks up all the dead enemies aura. massive fps loss….

        • John Lawson

          Irony now that Type-0 iscoming to the west on next gen consoles the very next day.

          • Quan Chi

            Really? If that’s true, that’s messed up lol.
            Edit: If you are talking about Agito, that game is different from Type-0.
            Edit2: I see what you’re talking about now. That’s soo messed up xD

        • Zyphr

          Doesn’t last long, though.

          • Quan Chi

            Lasts about 30 mins if you don’t put the resolution on normal psp resolution. And if it’s there, it’s gonna be elsewhere in situations like that as well.

          • Zyphr

            You forget the game was extensively beta tested through multiple playthroughs using PPSSPP. That slowdown was reported months ago, and it’s the only instance of it. It’s not the patch that’s doing it, anyways, it’s present on any copy of Type-0 being played using PPSSPP. It’s due to a memory leak that happens because of a flaw with the emulator, itself, not the effects used in-game.

          • Quan Chi

            Nobody said that it was the patch doing it. Also, heresay. Also, I don’t understand the point in an argument. If the game has slowdowns in the emu, then it has slowdowns in the emu. The End. What’s the problem?

          • Zyphr

            What exactly was hearsay? The only info I use came straight from the team.

  • Sydney Losstarot

    Yay!!! I have been waiting for so long. I am so glad that I checked Siliconera for some E3 news and found this.

  • Nanaki

    After playing through the first chapter, all I can really say is…
    Thank you.

  • Ni ~Algidus~

    one my all time favourites games. imported it three years ago and already cleared the game 15 times and clocked 700 hours on my main save file. now it’s time to play it again

    • Pyrotek85

      Damn, 15 times? You weren’t kidding when you said it’s your favorite. I hope I enjoy it even half as much as you ;)

      • Ni ~Algidus~

        there’s so much to do in the game and to see. like cutscenes variation depending of each party members you’re using and different dialogs between them. the variation of play styles. i’ll stop talking and just wish a good playthrough for ya

  • Juan Andrés Valencia

    Weird. My comment got deleted yesterday for posting about this.

    Anyways, I’ve tried the patch with my retail copy and my PSP 3000 with the CFW trick and it works flawlessly. The translation is absolutely fantastic as well.

  • Sardorim

    Watch SE be a Scumbag and send out a C/D Order like they did to the Chrono Trigger fan stuff.

    • TheGreenHobo

      This guy called it.

  • Mnstrzero00

    So what do you have to do to run it? I don’t want to ruin my psp.

    • Zyphr

      Ruin it??? Buddy, you’d be FREEING it.

  • Nanaki
    • Zyphr

      Little too late.

  • ivanchu77

    So much effort wasted, i feel sorry for them :(

    • Vash bane

      I see what you mean now. they waited til the translation was done then omygod release it them selves ….but on next gen systems ….wait what?

    • Zyphr

      Most of the fan community has declared they would rather have the translation than the official, and the downloads for the patch are already through the roof. Who gives a crap about SE’s release.

  • Vash bane

    cool ^_^

  • Ric Vazquez

    They did a great job with the patch and so faster than expected

  • rika09

    Translation is DEAD!!! (see page) Lets boycott SE…

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