Monster Hunter Frontier G On Vita Shows Us Some Multiplayer Action

By Sato . June 9, 2014 . 2:20am


Capcom recently announced that Monster Hunter Frontier G is headed to PlayStation Vita this August. There are still a couple more months to wait, but we have a look at Hunters gathering to play the game and some Tonfa weapon action from one of the players.


In this quest, the four Hunters are taking on Forokururu, a Bird Wyvern who was introduced in the Monster Hunter Frontier G Genuine update, along with the Tonfa weapons, which you can see in the upper-left player’s screen.


Around 1:35, you can get a look at the Tonfa weapon. The player looks like he gets air-time while pulling off a flurry of punches. The player takes center stage at 2:08… but he mainly just runs around while getting blown up.


After a messy start, the group of Hunters seem to start getting their act together, as they successfully give Forokururu a beating while knocking it down. The Bird Wyvern is also shown doing  fire-based attacks, which look like it could be a pain for any Hunter to handle.


To make matters worse, not only can it do fire attacks, but the Forokururu is known for being able to change its appearance and attack attributes, so that explains how it was able to suddenly put a few of them to sleep.


The group of four eventually beat it down, as the Forokururu makes its last attempt to get away with an area change, but quickly pinned down with a final blow.


Monster Hunter Frontier G will be released on August 13, 2014 for the PlayStation Vita in Japan.

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  • Guest

    So, what exactly is wrong with MHFG? I tend to hear a lot of negative talk about it.

    • planetofthemage

      I think it has some pay-to-win elements, but I also think most of the criticism is spouted off by people who have never even played the game.

      • Namuro

        Damn straight!

      • CISphil

        I’m confused. Does this game require a subscription or something? Does it have microtransactions?

        • flameraver64

          Sub AND microtransactions

        • Namuro

          Monthly subscription + in-game premium purchases + IP Block.

          The Korean version didn’t have subscription fee, though… But seeing how it was already taken down, I don’t think CAPCOM is going to make this game free to play anytime soon.

          • CISphil

            Wow that’s pretty bullshit. Hope they’ll do away with that for the Vita version.

          • Namuro

            I did just say, though, that it’s highly unlikely CAPCOM will do away with the subscription, seeing how the “FREE” Korean version was taken down…

            They know people would kill to play this game, it’s the best way to make money for them. I can totally understand their decision from the business point of view, especially in today’s market, where there are so many competitions.

          • CISphil

            Personally, I can’t afford a sub and won’t buy into individual subs for games.
            I understand that they can do it and it may be more profitable from the business/profits side but they will be losing/distancing themselves from some fans and this is not a good thing for the consumer.

          • Namuro

            I don’t dig subscriptions, either. But the Japanese players are more than willing to pay for such things, and CAPCOM doesn’t seem to care about expanding this to the foreign players…

            So I guess as long as they can do well, within their target market, they’ll continue to do it. The game was never meant for us in the first place, unfortunately…

            Now, if only they don’t have the IP Block, this would be the first game that I’d pay the subscription fees for!

    • MaximDualBlade

      It’s an online only pay to play game that has been out for several years already

    • JCTXS

      The game’s difficulty is pretty up there in terms of farming. If you thought hunting rare materials was bad enough in normal monhan, it is 10~100x worse in Frontier. Namely, it is quite tedious overall and requires hours upon hours of farming for anything, including farming for materials to allow you to farm.

      There was like 1 piece of armor that was something close to “pay to win” but it wasn’t a broken piece of armor unless you wanted a certain skill set. The general free melee set was the “tori aka” armor was some dubbed it, and anyone could make that set easily (relatively). The pay sets were usually just nicer looking armors. The pay weapons generally sucked overall and most people stuck to the bal sets or whatever elder weapons were in vogue.

      The engine is outdated and I prefer the tri engine in comparison. The tri engine just feels nicer and at least makes more sense in terms of hitboxes.

      The pay stuff amounted to the subscription service which was required in Japan, and there are “convenience” purchases (access to all item boxes outside of home) so you dont have to go back and forth to change stuff and also included other things (either changing your hair color or hair style, I forget which was the “free” one).
      Other pay stuff was limited since most were exclusive to webcafes and I never played at one to access such content, but it was stuff like higher rates of drops and better potions/items (like a whetstone that took one swick and fixed everything).

  • Alter

    I won’t consider MHFG for “Real” MH replacement. Freedom Wars is definitely better from the core mechanics, while the graphics is not better than Toukiden (well, what’d ya expect when 4 players + 4 AI characters running on the map at same time).

  • Shadow Rebirth

    is pay-to-win element heavy in this game? i hope not. and did ever announce for localization(i read a source said that it get the localization)?

    • Namuro

      I have no idea about reliance on the pay-to-win in this game, but it’s the IP Block that’s the most important issue. Then there’s the monthly subscription fees that come after that…

      As far as I know, there’s no news of localization of any kind. It would be quite troublesome, though, with all the licensing issues. There are so many collaborations in MHF, like gears from Fate Stay Night, Infinite Stratos, etc…

      • Shadow Rebirth

        subscription fee monthly is already turn me off as my money is limited :.

        • Namuro

          That’s exactly the main issue here! There are so many free-to-play games these days, and with the Monster Hunter series being as niche as it is, I don’t think CAPCOM would want to risk localizing it for the Western market. They just won’t get enough return for their investment.

          • freestylinyoshi

            Although it wasn’t the first. Because of the success of World of Warcraft everyone thinks it’s ok to charge to play a game after you bought it.

          • J_Joestar

            well actually, iirc MHFG’s client itself is a free download, you just have to pay subscription fees to access the servers.

          • MaskedHeroxx

            Capcom is so money hungry its said and ppl know

            But dam I like so many of thr games

          • Namuro

            It’s necessary for its survival, though. Not like CAPCOM is the only company in the world to be doing this kind of thing, too. They only adapted to the way the market works today…

            You can only see the the truths behind things, once you stop being the consumer, and become the producer.

            There are things I do at work that I don’t entirely agree with as a “consumer”, but they are beneficial to the company, and to everyone who works there, so we have to do it. That’s just the way business works…

      • MaskedHeroxx

        Licensing issues like what

        • Namuro

          “There are so many collaborations in MHF, like gears from Fate Stay Night, Infinite Stratos, etc…”

          Licenses for those things I mentioned.

  • Namuro

    I never have any intention to play subscription-based games, but even then, I would gladly pay for this game…

    But then there’s the IP Block. *sigh*

    But seriously, though, I really want to play it! Despite all the craps people are giving it.

    By the way, if you guys want to see a really good Tonfa-user, check this guy out!

    • Pike

      I came here since I see someone linked my video and I been reading the comments here. I have to say as a long time MHFG player. I guess I will make a account here maybe and answer some stuff for people since some of you think the game is “Pay-to-win” even though a lot of us don’t even pay anything but 13-14$ a month and get HR999 and super equipment within 3-4 months and didn’t even have to pay to get the game because its free download and can play for free after you download with trial that has no time limits.

      There seems to be a lot of false and misguided info going around lately on this game. Also I play from USA and been for more than 2 years. I will be happy to give answers to questions as a actual MHFG player.

      • Namuro

        Thanks for taking the time to reply!

        I’ve only been playing the portable versions so far, so I’ve never really looked into the details of Frontier myself, as in its gaming model, and such.

        So, how do you get past the I.P. block issue, then? Especially since you’re officially subscribed, and not on a hacked server or anything. I would really appreciate for some information on that. Thanks in advance!

        • Pike

          All you need is to use a Japanese VPN client or any that just has Japanese servers. I use “WTFast” but recently I been informed of much cheaper ones but I don’t know all details. Oh and also change all PC setting like Time, Location, Admin and stuff to JP.

          But I will tell you once you get past the IP block and get used to being around and get into a English guild(Kinda like other MMO games have guilds and Guild chat) you can almost feel like there never was a IP block. The guild chat can even be used mid quest from any location in game to talk to up to 40 members or more. My guild all speaks English in guild chat but it can be rude to not speak Japanese when playing with random strangers(I barely play with random people anyway since we had like more than 15 English speaking players in one chat today).
          (Sorry, I’m famed for making walls of text)

          • Namuro

            Hey, thanks for the reply once again.

            I played a lot of Japanese doujin games on my PC, so the settings are all in Japanese already. As for the Private Network provider, I’ve never used one before, but it’s required, right?

            So there are dedicated guilds for foreign players, eh? That’s really nice. Though, I think I’ll most likely just play with random people like I did in MH4, LOL.

            Anyway, I really appreciate your help on the matter. I’m really interested in getting into the Frontier series, though, maybe not at this point in time, as 4G is coming out soon, and I can only dedicate the little time I have on one game at a time (can’t wait until I’m retired, I’m just gonna play games all day… LOL). I don’t want to get started, and drop it after only a few months. Speaking of which, do you play MH4 as well?

          • Pike

            The VPN thing is required to make your IP say your connecting from inside Japan making the IP block completely ignore you.

            I don’t got MH4 unfortunately or MH3U as I don’t got a 3DS or WiiU.

            (Wall of text incoming)
            Allot of people start thinking they will be just fine with random people but soon as they get into our guild I show them stuff they may have missed and some of them tend shocked how many extra minor detail features the game has. You can make a custom NPC hunter partner and even make stuff for them at the smiths female or male. Lets not forget about how to feed and train your pet Wyvern, or about pet large monsters since you can have a pet Rathalos and more(Arena use only and you can name and feed them for PVP(Useless but fun) ). You gotta learn the seasons(Spring, Winter and Summer) and if day or night to know where to look for some items(Fish, Insects and Plants). Then there’s free gifts everyday and getting your self a Pugi that joins you in quest(Drops you potions and stuff and carves a part for you. Also Partners give you a 2nd reward screen with no rarity limit on 3 carves from a monster even 1% items). Then there is the Guild House(As in actual players guild) where you can do team cooking minigames and feed the pigs for 2 skills that don’t even show on your list like feed one pig for Runner skill all day, then do team cooking for Wide Area+3 that lasts for 90 min every-time. Oh yeah and your gallery in your house can be so custom that you can actually move tables around and chairs and add so much that you could stick a lamp on the wall or anything like a Sim game. These are just the main features most people that treat frontier like its another MH and don’t seek help tend to miss. (I even know G ranked players who missed these minor features that are a HUGE help if you knew them)

          • Namuro

            Damn, I wish they would include some of those features in MH4G; things like customizable houses at least.

            I’ve seen the NPC hunter-partner feature in one of the trailers before. Nice to know that you can fully customize them. How is their A.I., anyway?

            I’ve also heard about the pet system, but I didn’t know that you can actually own monsters like the Rathalos! That’s plain awesome!

            But more than anything though, I really want to try out the Tonfa; it would have been perfect in 4G, with the jump and ride mechanic and all…

          • Pike

            The NPC hunters may not be the smartest but at least they do better than Felynes on MHFU, You can select items for them to mainly use like powders(Powders include Lifepowder, Anti Para Powder, Anti Faint(Dizzy) Powder, Anti Sleep, Anti Poison, Hot/Cool drink effect same time for people in room powder(Extremely useful) and forgot if any other powders included in that item preset. Others are throwing knives, Traps and Flutes. They got unlimited items also and use them frequently and according to situation. They also don’t attack when you place a trap and come to you until you attack monster with 3 hits. They also have a talking feature(Upon creation you could pick your Partner’s personality from a list as to how they speak towards you) to tell you stuff like if monster is tired or a part got broken, you can turn it off if you don’t wanna hear them talk. One interesting part is they made one part of story mode your partner gets involved and gets text style from story to go along with. Though I don’t recommend giving them a hammer… they are not aim for head smart but they are wonderful with Paralysis and Element. If your partner gets rank 999 on lets say DS. All element DS will get 1500! Element so it ends up like a G weapon.

            As for Tonfa I think it was created to keep MHFG up to date with main series like its been doing so far. As you go from start and rank up it feels like you go from 2nd gen mixed with 3rd > Unique Gen mixed with previous > What the heck are these things (Velocidrome completely revamped at HR500 with new looks and moves and kills you in 600 def with… rage mode and tail attacks… and LV2 quakes each jump…) > G feels like all gens mixed together now with Tonfa in the mix. Used properly you can stay in air with Tonfa and use a monster back as a jumping pad so long its like you actually can ride them.

  • ajneez

    capcom wants that the PSVita players pay for play MH and the 3ds players have the ultimate version of MH…. they think taht we are idiots or what????
    i don´t want this game!

    • Namuro

      The Japanese players probably want this, though…

      Besides, you can’t play it, even if you want to, since it’s IP Blocked.

  • I’ll probably pick it up when it comes around to the UK

    I like monster hunter but I find it hard to stick at for a long time

  • Kornelious

    A Monster Hunter MMO on the Vita sounds pretty good…..If it’s not subscribtion based because I already have enough of those…..Should still be localized though :)

  • MaidKillua

    I understand hating on subscriptions but from what I can see this game just looks exactly like gen 2 MH with more content. Gen 2 MH was great, i’d totally play this if it were in English and the price were at least reasonable

    • MaskedHeroxx

      What it it was subscription but the game was free..I might do that but idk im cheap

  • Charmchar

    The only way i would buy this, is if these guys come packed in was narrators as I fight. They were great :D!

  • konsama

    No thank you to flying hunters.

  • d19xx

    I was thinking they have cancelled this or something. I’m curious how well this will do…

  • MaskedHeroxx

    If you make a Japanese account on your vita you can play this while living in America

  • Keine

    Whats with the Shuriken in the picture?? was there a weapon??

  • subsamuel01

    Wish they would release Monster Hunter 4 on Vita with upgraded visuals and dual analog support.

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