Sony Announces PS Vita TV As PlayStation TV In The West

By Sato . June 9, 2014 . 7:31pm


Sony announced at their E3 press conference that the PlayStation TV, a device that can stream games through PlayStation Now, and play select Vita games, PS1 Classics and PSP games.


The PlayStation TV can be paired with the PlayStation 4, and will have over 1,000 titles available. It’ll go for $99 for device alone, but will also be released in a $139 bundle that comes with a DualShock 3 controller, 8GB memory card, HDMI cable, and The Lego Movie Videogame.


The PlayStation TV will launch this Fall in North America and Europe.

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  • This seriously was basically the main thing I was hoping for from the Sony conference. I knew if it wasn’t coming today, it wasn’t coming at all.

    I am so glad I wasn’t disappointed. I can’t wait to pre-order.

    • chibidw

      Personally I was hoping for 64GB memory cards without having to import, but y’know…

      • Well, yeah, that was literally the other thing I was hoping for, but… I guess I’ll just have to deal with it, now, unless if a stealth announcement happens.

        Otherwise, hey, I’m willing to spend the $105 on it.

        • ishyg

          Can it be sent via registered mail?

          • Uhh, I guess that would entirely depend on where you order it from.

          • ishyg

            Where I’m getting at is, do you have any friends in Japan or something? I saw a used 64GB here for like 6000JPY. Sent over registered mail the total cost would be around 6500-7000JPY. Not so expensive.

          • Oh, no! I’m talking about ordering from like Amazon or something. Though I guess if you had friends in Japan you could technically get them to get it for you and send it?

            But no I’m talking about Amazon. They sell 64GB cards for $105.

          • ishyg

            Wow. You mean Amazon US? That’s cheap. Amazon JP has it for 8000JPY. Including shipping and stuff, I guess 105 is fair enough.

    • ShilaquilOneal

      Not me. this is one less reason to own a Vita. Especially at that price.

      They didn’t even named it Vita TV. As if the brand had been tarnished.

      • Understandable, and to each their own, but I own a Vita, and I still wanted to get this regardless. There are quite a few games in my mind that I wouldn’t mind playing on my TV, especially, and having this helps fix that. And I have some friends that would see this as more enticing than the Vita itself due to it’s lower price.

        So, hey, whatever helps Vita games, to me.

        • ShilaquilOneal

          But why would developers even bother developing games for Vita if said games are just going to end up on a big screen TV?

          The beauty of the Vita is that its PORTABLE.

          Devs will just design the game with a big screen TV in mind. Designing the games for PS4/PSTV users. Leaving the Vita/handheld experience as something secondary. Games that don’t make use of its unique features and portability.

          Yeah, we’ll get more games. But I sense that they won’t have us in mind at all when they design them.

          • Ethan_Twain

            Priority development of original content for the PS Vita ended ages ago. Whether this accessory has the Vita name attached to it or not has no bearing on that.

            It’s kind of telling how much the Vita has become less a platform of it’s own and more just a value add for the Playstation ecosystem. The Vita TV can be renamed the Playstation TV and it makes just as much sense. Because really, there isn’t anything making the Vita distinct from the PS4 at this point.

          • ishyg

            At least in Japan and Asia, the distinction is there. I do see your point.

          • Because even if there will be games you can play on the Playstation TV, there are still games that you can only do right on the Vita itself.

            Games like Gravity Rush? Tearaway? You’re not gonna see those compatible with the Playstation TV. If Gravity Rush/Tearaway were gonna be compatible, they would’ve been already as Sony-developed games– thus getting highest priority.

            The Playstation TV is a nice lesser-priced alternative for people to the system itself. If people want portable, they’ll get portable. But if people want to play things on TV– or god forbid, maybe they want the ability to record the games and LP them, for instance? They’ll want the Playstation TV. Or heck, looking at it from Sony’s PR point of view, this allows for people to have it set up in another room apart from the PS4, and play from it. Which is actually something relevant to me, because I actually have no room in my room for the PS4 at this current time. But I’ll have plenty of room for a tiny system that could fit in the palm of my hand.

            There’s a lot of reasons why I like the Playstation TV. Yeah, it might steer people away from wanting to get the Vita itself, but I don’t think it’ll kill off development for the games as long as people show that they /want/ the games. Buying them tends to make a pretty good impact, you know?

          • ShilaquilOneal

            No, the games will keep coming. Just not games with Vita (the portable device) in mind.

            And that’s an issue that I don’t think we can brush off just like that. It won’t be trilling to play PSTV ports on Vita. Because that’s what most developers are going to be making as a priority. Games for the PSTV. Vita will be considered an afterthought.

          • I can at least say that I understand where you’re coming from, but I’ll stick to my ground that I’m excited for this, and have been excited for this since it’s announcement for Japan release.

          • ShilaquilOneal

            Well, I have no problems with you being excited about it. Just sharing my opinion on this issue. Both point of views are valid.

          • That’s fine. Long as we agree that we’re just saying our views and that they’re both valid, all’s well and good.

          • Only if the new device sells

          • ShilaquilOneal

            At $99 it will. At least more than Vita.

          • ishyg

            “Games for the PSTV. Vita will be considered an afterthought.”

            But PSTV is the afterthought – it’s a Vita without the sixaxis and the touch controls. If they designed a game for the PSTV, then surely it’ll work just as fine on the portable. Sure, the functions of the handheld won’t be in mind, but it’s still a game playable on both systems nonetheless, and that’s what most people are looking for – something home-console quality game that they can play on the road, without much of the gimmicks misplaced as “features”. I think in the end it’ll bring more game to both platforms, and who knows it might bring more sales too, for people who’d want the experience portable.

          • ShilaquilOneal

            “Sure, the functions of the handheld won’t be in mind”

            There you go. My point.

            Being able to interact with a game is not a gimmick. That is such a misused word. A gimmick is something that has no real relevance to a product but was merely tacked on just for show. That is not what happened on Vita. Not at all.

          • ishyg

            I’m not saying that it is a gimmick, what I’m saying is that other developers tack it in like a gimmick. Puppeteer and Gravity Rush are perfect examples of how to use the features of the Vita to interact with the game. If you’re saying we’ll get less of those, and say more of JRPGs or typical console games, then it’s fine by me. Games are still games, and you can play it on both. What I really care about the Vita is portability. But I get your point, and it’s a great one. If only Sony supported it more, I guess. Or maybe we’ll see more on TGS?

          • ShilaquilOneal

            I hope so.

            I dunno. I’m not ready to admit defeat and give up on Vita.

            It’s very frustrating seeing how Sony seems to have given up on one of the best designed handhelds in the history of videogames. Anyone who has ever owned a Vita, knows that I am not exaggerating one bit with that statement.

          • ishyg

            I’m not giving up on it either. Ever. Even if it turned out to be the Dreamcast of this handhelds’ generation, I don’t care. But I share your frustration. I own a Vita, and honestly I like it the best. No exaggeration on your claim, it’s a sexy sexy beast. Too bad they seem to be giving up and just trying to designate it as a streaming machine for PS4 and Now. No, I think most Vita owners will agree that we bought Vita to play Vita games, not stream PS1/2/3 games or remote play PS4.

          • Somerandomperson


        • ishyg

          I share the same opinion. Sure, I’m disappointed because of my personal reasons (Vita name removed, no actual Vita content shown on the conference), but I’ve been hoping to get my hands on one too, since I’ve played on one in TGS last year and it’s a good piece of kit.

      • AuraGuyChris

        I thought it’d be pointless to name it Vita TV if it’s not even going to play all Vita games.

        EDIT: Well, not ALL games. I tried to say “majority” of games.

        • ShilaquilOneal

          The Game Boy Player didn’t play every single GB game either (games that used rumble or tilt functions). And yet it was called….well, y’know.

          • AuraGuyChris

            There’s like a huuuuuuuuuuge difference between all the playable games that don’t require tilting or rumbling features and the few ones that do.

            Oh, and they weren’t kidding about how many Vita games can be played there:

            Like a half or less.

          • ShilaquilOneal

            The thing is, games from now on will be designed for PSTV. So all the Vita games that come our way will be compatible with PSTV. Because they will be designed with it in mind. The Vita? Well, it will get games that are “playable” on it. And not the type that will try to use its “gimmicks” as that other user suggested.

          • Choco Bunneh

            The Game Boy Player had no such restrictions.


      • darke

        No, it would simply be bad branding. People would expect to be able to walk into a store and buy a vita game and plug it into the system, and we know that’s not how it works. There’s only a small list of games that are compatible.

        You can get away with that in Japan, but in the US (and probably elsewhere like Europe or Australia) Sony would get their pants sued off them for doing something that stupid.

        • ShilaquilOneal

          The thing is that games from now on will be designed with the PSTV in mind. If this device takes off (and at $99 a unit, it should), then the games that were not compatible before could be made compatible either through a patch or a revision.

      • Godmars

        And yet if this takes off, does better than the Vita, the Vita itself will have won. We just get less games with touch features.

        • ShilaquilOneal

          That’s like saying that the Gamecube won a generation later when the Wii dominated the world using pretty much the same technology and playing all the Cube’s games.

          If the PSTV takes off, it will do so without using the Vita brand name. And the Vita itself will become disposable. It could be phased out.

          • Godmars

            But the Wii didn’t have the same tec or specs as the Gamecube. The Wii didn’t even get to where it was based on the strength of its hardware.

            And given that the Vita’s full brand name is Playstation, that it was named what it was because “PSP” seemingly has as bad of taste, or just the fact that I’ll be able to play several librariesof titles on a TV screen when I’ve never been able to get into handhelds, I’m really not seeing the issue.

      • Shady Shariest

        Yupo! Not really. It attracts people to the platform, and creates game sales that way.

        Who cares if some people do not care for convenience or portability? As long as they use moolah, it’s all fine and dandy :/

        • ShilaquilOneal

          It will attract people to the PSTV alright. Not the Vita. Which will be phased out as a result if the other device takes off. Fine and dandy, eh?

    • Arrngrim

      Very happy to see this, even if I did import the JP PS Vita TV and later discovered I couldn’t add my NA account no matter how hard I tried. ;) Will be scooping this up day one.

  • Silent Aaron

    That bundle is great value!

    • nonscpo

      True but I wished theyd bundle a different game than Lego. Seriously Minecraft would have been better and helped move Playstation TV’s

  • epy

    Best news from E3 so far. That’s kinda sad but I’ll take it.

    • nonscpo

      Lol I know exactly how you feel

  • CleruTesh

    When Ouya was first announced, Onlive was part of what made it really attractive to me. But while Onlive was amazing technology, they never really got off the ground in terms of game library. With Playstation Now, this may finally be the microconsole done right. Ouya and Amazon Fire TV gotta be chewing on their own poop right about now…

  • Spirit Macardi

    I’ll totally get this, though I wish it was actually compatible with ALL games, like Disgaea 3.

    • They might go ahead and do more compatibility patches now that it’s coming to more places. And now that the PS4 controller should also be compatible with this.

      • Spirit Macardi

        That’s good then, if it’s indeed the case.

        • Yeah. Apparently, looking at the list, Disgaea 3 Vita (And 4!) IS compatible in Japan right now, so it’s more than likely that’ll carry over.

  • Goufunaki

    The PS TV news made me happy. I love my Vita, but some games just deserve to be played on a TV. Now to wait and see if I have any compatible games (I know Killzone doesnt work for it).

  • i think i will be picking one of these up! hopefully, persona 4 golden is one of the compatible games…I MUST PLAY IT!

  • so are persona 1,2, and 3 compatabile ? (psp) if so then definetly getting this

    • Any PSP/PS1 game compatible on the Vita already should be compatible for this! The only games that need to get patched are Vita games, due to touch mechanics.

  • ronin4life

    They don’t want to call it “Vita” at all…

    • SolRevr

      As much as I love Vita they probably should never have called it Vita TV in the first place. They will probably get a lot more sales using the Playstation name.

      • Rayhan PromisedGallery

        PS TV is more misguiding, since it sounds like “A TV that can play all Playstation games, both consoles and handhelds”

        • Technically, if Playstation Now comes through with this, that’d not be an exact lie, right?

        • SolRevr

          Considering that their main selling point in the West is that you can stream PS4 to the device I don’t see it as a misrepresentation. Anyway, not all devices labeled Playstation play all Playstation games. Playstation TV is just branding, I wouldn’t get caught up in the name too much. Playstation is a much more visible brand than Vita in the West, especially in North America.

  • Oh man I thought it wasn’t going to happen and here it is finally happening and I already bought the Borderlands 2 Vita Bundle a while ago. Man I feel like I want it too.

  • Tatsuya1221

    Well, that’s another 140$ i’m out of.

  • AlphaSixNine

    Finally. But why remove the “Vita” in it? Damn it Sony, stop doing this to Vita. D:

    • Micrll

      Sony keeps treating the Vita like a illegitimate child that it wants to disavow all knowledge of but can’t because everyone already knows it exists. So now they have gone and had it’s name changed to attempt to mask the shame.

      • ShilaquilOneal

        Can you imagine Nintendo releasing such a thing that plays every 3DS game on a $99 device that hooks to your TV?

        It would be curtains for both the 3DS and 2DS. Kaput!

        Developers might as well release their games on the Wii U. Why even bother with a device that is just going to confuse people even more?

        I was hoping Vita TV, I mean PSTV wouldn’t make it here. So that Vita would thrive as a handheld. With how they were going to integrate it with the PS4, it had a very good chance of that.

        But with this device……………. I dunno.

        • NeptuniasBeard

          How would that even work? You know, with the whole second screen thing? Sounds like more trouble than it’d be worth

          • ShilaquilOneal

            Using a second screen like the Wii U’s gamepad:

          • katamari damacy

            Nintendo really should have some way to play 3DS or DS games on the Wii U. It will have zero negative effect on 3DS sales and might possibly bump up Wii U sales a bit as the 3DS and DS library is huge and varied.

          • ShilaquilOneal

            “It will have zero negative effect on 3DS sales”

            Ridiculous. It will make the 3DS irrelevant. And all that so that it “might” bump Wii U sales.

          • katamari damacy

            Are you hearing yourself?
            did people throw away their game boys after the Game Boy Player for the SNES? How about the Gameboy Advance Player for the Gamecube? did that kill GBA sales? Portables have their place, and sales history backs that up. Know your history junior.
            Sales between Consoles and Portables aren’t mutually exclusive. The 3DS is arguably the best selling dedicated game device currently, and the Wii U is the worst selling. I would venture to say that a vast majority of Wii U owners already have a 3DS and not the other way around. Releasing DS/3DS eshop titles or a DS/3DS expansion for the Wii U only serves to help sales of the Wii U while having a marginal effect on the 3DS, which will continue selling well because it’s A. Cheaper and B. Portable, which some people value.

          • ShilaquilOneal

            And are YOU reading yourself here?

            The Super Gameboy came out several years after the GB came out. In 1994, when the SGB came out, the GB had a 100% market share in the handheld arena. This after SEGA failed to make the Game Gear a success (it was a money pit). Nintendo had nothing to lose. Because it had already won the handheld wars.

            So the Super Game Boy was never going to put the Game Boy at any risk. It was sitting at the top with no competition. After years and years of total domination.

            Which is a completely different scenario from what’s going on with the 3DS. That system has competition from all sides. Mobile gaming being the fiercest. And also the one that took away its mainstream appeal from day one. So the 3DS is never going to measure up to the GB in terms of having total domination. It is never going to be in a place where it is not at any RISK.

            The same story happened with the Game Boy Player for the Gamecube. It came out many years after the Game Boy came out. Well after the GB was an established mega-success. In 2003, the successor of the GB, the GBA, had zero competition. None. Nothing in the horizon put it in any danger.

            So these comparisons are way off base. Because there is no comparison. The 3DS might be a success in Japan. But it is still fighting for relevance elsewhere. It has yet a long way to go before it becomes as established system as the GB/GBA were in their prime.

            Adding 3DS support to the Wii U or coming up with a device that plays 3DS games on a TV, is going to make the 3DS irrelevant. Your theory that a “3DS on Wii U” could have a marginal effect on the 3DS is baseless.

            Fact is, if the 3DS becomes irrelevant in that way, developers will simply ditch making games for it and they’ll just release games on Wii U’s eShop. Because the only reason developers make games for the 3DS now, is because it’s entire userbase isn’t segmented, but instead it exist entirely on that platform. You try to divide that base from a platform that is still trying to establish itself on the market, you automatically place it at risk of becoming irrelevant.

            So no, what Nintendo did with the GB/GBA is absolutely nothing like what Sony is doing with Vita now.

            What Sony is trying to do now, is to have Vita leech off from more successful platforms (or platforms with more growth potential). To ride in their coat-tails.

        • AuraGuyChris

          I don’t know about the 3DS having a machine to play games on TV. A whole lot of its focus is going out into the open and always be ready to play games. THAT PORTABLE BASICALLY MAKES ROAD TRIPS LESS BORING.

        • Spirit Macardi

          Someone like me though would never have gotten a Vita (unless they somehow made a new model that can play physical PSP games or let you exchange physical ones for free digital copies), but this is incredibly appealing to me since it means I can play the games without needing to own another handheld that I need to look after and keep charged.

        • katamari damacy

          Vita is struggling in sales to begin with. Vita TV is at a lower price point to entice people who aren’t sold on the price of the Vita and don’t see value for money yet. For example, without Vita TV, I would have zero incentive to shell out $199 just to play Persona 4 Golden, Muramasa, Danganronpa, Disgaea 3. I would however be more palatable towards $99. If they didn’t import the Vita TV, the Vita would still struggle for sales for another year as there’s been no material change to the pricing, features, or games to warrant any more people who weren’t already sold to pick up a Vita.

          A larger Vita install base means more games as developers and publishers find the system economically viable. Yes, developers might not develop focusing on the unique features of the Vita (aka garbage touch controls, mic or tilt) but this means more varied and ultimately exclusive games, and isn’t that what we all want?

          • ShilaquilOneal

            It won’t be a large “Vita” user base. It will be a large PSTV user base.

            And developers will focus on the PSTV as their target platform. Vita will get whatever it can. That is, games that make zero use of its “garbage” unique features.

          • katamari damacy

            Would you rather get those games without those garbage “unique features” or none at all ’cause the system would be dead? A good game is a good game, “unique features” be damned. Would there be a homogeneous lack of creativity surrounding those features? you bet your ass. But now they’ll still release good traditional games that employ other unique features that aren’t necessarily related to dual screen touch or tilt.

          • ShilaquilOneal

            But why is the Vita considered “dead” unless it rides on the coat-tails of another system?

            I am not convinced that the Vita couldn’t thrive by itself. Sony never gave Vita a freakin chance!

            It’s like they developed it and put it out there to die. No constant support. Barely getting mentioned at every E3 since it came out. As if they were ashamed of it.

        • fermented

          I don’t see the PSTV as something that will take over the handheld Vita. The Vita is still relevant in parts of the world where most people commute to school/work on trains, but in the US there isn’t a reason for most to have a handheld console, and with heavy competition from mobile phone and tablet gaming it struggles hard.

          Unlike the Vita, the PSTV seems like it’s aimed more at the home media streaming device market, offering PS4 streaming and Vita games as things that it’s competitors like the Apple TV don’t have. I’d imagine that many will buy one just as an add-on for their PS4.

          So no, the PSTV isn’t going to take over the Vita handheld. If anything it may sell to those on the fence that want to play Vita games but don’t need Vita’s portability. This doesn’t change Vita’s appeal to those that want portability.

          • ShilaquilOneal

            The people who will want to play “Vita” games on the PSTV won’t be actually trying to buy Vita games. But just play games on the device. Regardless if they’re from a PSP or Vita. It won’t matter to those newcomers.

            But people with an actual Vita, will start to see that games are no longer designed with their device in mind. No longer making use of its unique features. But instead, designed for the PSTV.

    • CleruTesh

      Because “Vita” was always a stupid name. Should have used the good old-fashioned sequential numbering system they use with their home consoles and called it PSP2.

      • ShilaquilOneal

        It’s not a stupid name. The name was never Vita’s problem. The Wii had an even stupider name. And it took off. Because of one game, Wii Sports. The Wii U didn’t struggle because of the name either. Other factors were involved.

        In regards to Vita, it was the lousy storage solution that Sony has yet to solve. Some other issues as well. But the name wasn’t it.

        • SuperSailorV

          I will agree to this. I bought the 32gb for an egregious price, then the 64 came out for even more. It’s just so wildly more expensive than every other format.

        • Yeah I’ve no idea why people go after device names. They’re all stupid.

      • Considering how popular the “Wii” was, I don’t think a silly name is that much of a hinderance to console sales.

  • Sydney Losstarot

    I love my PS Vita, I played the heck out of it. Its my favorite system. I am glad this is happening.

  • Rafael Martines

    Now I can play Persona 4 Golden for hours on my TV

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery

    just give me more Vita games……

    • Fruity Insanity

      Sen no Kiseki I/II and Zero/Ao no Kiseki Evolution.

      That is all.

      • 3PointDecoupage

        Dont mention those games. Its too painful…

      • Rayhan PromisedGallery

        Well, i prefer some exclusive like Gravity Rush which is made with Vita in mind and actually use Vita’s full capabilities.

        If i want a console-like games, i’ll just get the console version instead of dumbed port version

        • Fruity Insanity

          But they’re made for the Vita…

          And more importantly, they’re Kiseki games. #bias

          Really, though, unless you’re a RPG fan, there isn’t much going for the PS Vita.

          • darke

            JRPG, hunting games, and platformers, plus weird-genre games.

            There’s plenty of games in plenty of genres, just not the mainstream trio of FPSes, open-world runners (Assassin’s Creed and like), and 3rd person action games.

      • Izzeltrioum

        God if only people knew the existence of Kiseki XV and KH3 wouldn’t be this ‘expected’. One that truly harshes itself with outstanding programming gets overshadowed by realistic CGI and brainless combat scripts.

        • Fruity Insanity

          To be fair, Kiseki wasn’t even known to be all that graphically spectacular.

          But its story (and to some extent, its combat system) is what makes it really, really good.

      • ishyg

        If PSTV’s figures can convince XSEED or other publishers to localize it, then give me 10 PSTVs right now.

    • PreyMantis

      I was expecting God Eater 2, PSO2, and MH: Frontier G…

      • nonscpo

        Save it for the Tokyo Game show because its not looking like their coming for now :(

        • PreyMantis

          Don’t give me that…

          cries in the corner

  • 3PointDecoupage

    Finally! Now I can remotr play PS4 games on my Vita and them stream them on my TV!

  • Nitraion

    Wohoo now i just wait update so that’s ease my worries about compatible games :)
    just freee those region lock :D

  • konsama

    Is it still going to be limited as hell like the Vita TV is? This is actually a serious question, i’ve had my eye on this for a while and might consider selling my “PS4 accessory” and get the Playstation TV to play the not-vita games.

    • I think it depends on what you want.

      Inevitably, there’s gonna be a lot more Western game compatibility now with the device, now that it’s coming out over here. The library of compatible games will increase. Depending on how it sells, more companies will include compatibility with the system.

      It’s basic sense, really. Things that sell get supported, and I want this to have more success than it did in Japan.

    • darke

      If you have a Vita and you play a lot of games on it, it’s best sticking with it given that not every game is compatible with the Vita TV.

      If the only games you know you want are on the compatibility list, and you only ever play the Vita on the couch at home, or somewhere else fixed in front of a TV/monitor anyway, then the Vita TV is possibly a better option for you.

  • Grape Monet

    They appear to positioning it as a Playstation streaming device first and a Vita second. They’re basically implying that the ability to play Vita games is a secondary feature.

    • darke

      Given the Vita hasn’t really taken off in comparison to the PS4, do you blame them?

  • Makoto Yuki

    I’ve been waiting for this, so glad that it will come out in the west. Now I could enjoy severals Vita titles

  • Balalaika

    So salty about how the PSVita that has been out for two years got shafted when it came to new big tittles and instead they Promote the Vita TV that is a gimped vita with no screen and connects to a tv…FFUUUU!

    • darke

      Non-handheld consoles apparently sell better in the west then in Japan.

      And if there’s “no big new titles” for the Vita, there’s also “no big new titles” for the Vita TV as well.

      • Balalaika

        They could have used the money that was spent *developing* and manufacturing the “Playstation TV” to bribe some more publishers or studios like Rockstar or 2K to make some exclusive games on the Vita.

        • AuraGuyChris

          They have way too many companies working on games regardless, and yet none of them seem to have big Vita games in mind.

        • darke

          Honestly I’d rather they didn’t. I’d rather not get shitty-but-Sony-financed ports of games or new games on the Vita, and only get games made for it that companies expect to profit from without subsidies.

  • ElAbuelo69

    why not white like in Asia tho ;_;

    • Fruity Insanity


      I’m sad.

  • My wallet is going to cry in glorious agony because of this and the White PS4 Destiny Bundle :D

  • Yay!! I was wishing and crossing my fingers for this. I actually clapped when I saw it ( ._.)

  • ReMeDyIII

    So I’m confused what this is exactly. Can this play Vita games? Let’s rule the TV out of the equation. Let’s say I have this and I want to play a PSP Vita game on it. Can I do so?

    • darke

      It says so in the article, didn’t you read it?:

      “play select Vita games, PS1 Classics and PSP games.”

      There is a compatibility list for Vita games with touchscreens and the like, but I imagine it plays everything the Vita plays for PSP and PS1 games.

      • I can see why it’d be confusing by that wording, since it should probably try to separate PS1/PSP games a lot more clearly from the “select Vita games” line.

        But yeah, there’s a compatibility list. Right now, understandably, it’s mostly Japanese games. A clearer list will probably be out by release. … Hopefully.

    • nonscpo

      To answer your question ther is no UMD drive so it will only play digital PSP games. as far as Vita goes not all games are compatible, however it does have a port were you can insert the stick. Also be warned that this device uses the exact proprietary memory card used in the current VITA.

  • SerendipityX

    Kinda figured they were gonna disassociate with the Vita brand. But how is this going to work with the games? Are they gonna have to put “compatible with Playstation TV” on the corresponding vita game boxes?

    • I could imagine that, yeah. We might be seeing that as a disclaimer more often now, and maybe attached to digital descriptions too.

  • TheManWithPants

    The only thing that saddens me about the PS TV is that not all Vita games are compatible with it… luckily most of the games I want are, but still… Not sure if I should get this or a regular Vita.

    • Fruity Insanity

      Well, the regular Vita is also portable, if that matters.

      • TheManWithPants

        Yeah, I know that… but being able to play those games on a TV is pretty awesome too… so hard to choose!

    • I have my reasons for wanting this, but I also own a normal Vita as well. I think it depends on what of the library interests you! I’d wait to see what Western and independent developers announce about this as release date comes, and make your choice there.

      • TheManWithPants

        Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

  • Kornelious

    Yes! i was starting to lose hope for this :D
    Don’t really know why they decided to rename it but whatever, I’m just glad I’ll be able to play all my Vita games on it!….Hopefully at least.

  • lel

    Now if they only announce god eater 2 also compatible with this on the west…..

    • Question. Why wouldn´t it be compatible with God Eater 2? The only reason a game shouldn´t be compatible with PSTV is if you need to use the touch physics of the backbad or touchscreen to play the game. Are you forced to used the touchscreen and backpad in God Eater 2?

      If so then yes it will probably not be compatible. Kinda hard to switch that over. If not then there shouldn´t be a single reason to it not working.

      • I did look up the game, and it’s fully compatible with the Playstation TV in Japan, so. I imagine there won’t be any problem.

        • lel

          The only problem is if they ever going to localize it, was hoping they at least mention it on this E3 but vita dont get any love from sony as always.

          • Well, there’s still multiple days left in the show. You might get lucky! Conferences tend to pick and choose what they’ll show off, and it’s very rare if games like JRPGs, unless if they’re basically Final Fantasy-related, get shown off during the big show. But you might hear about it elsewise.

            Wait through the week before you break your heart, at least.

          • lel

            Just wondering,does vita tv support online features for games like toukiden or soul sacrifice?

          • I would imagine that the Vita TV supports any features you’d usually get when playing on a Vita.

            Pretty much, when it comes to the Vita/Playstation TV: Just think of it as a Vita, without the screen and touch functionality.

        • Goodie!

      • Nitraion

        They already take care to that problem u will be surprised DS3 can do that touchy2 things

        • Yes I know that the DS3 will be used for basic touch operations. But I don´t think they will support the “rubbing” or loads of details like in Monster Monpiece. Like how are you supposed to “pinch” with the DS3/DS4? You can´t.

          • Nitraion

            LOL you totally can do that…
            that is basic touch control XD
            Touch,pinch, or whatever you name it
            there is touch gesture and pinch gesture and diffrent gesture

          • Hm. I have trouble seeing how you would use the DS3 to “pinch” on a screen with accuracy and it detecting it all.

            But if you say so then that´s good. Should make it interesting to see a compatible list of games.

  • Jirin

    What does ‘Select Vita games’ mean is what I want to know.

    Does that include Tales of Hearts? Is there a list available somewhere?

    I’d much rather play games on my TV screen than hold a tiny screen up to my face, so this is great news for me. IF it plays the games I actually want to play.

    • – Here. Just click to sort by PS Vita TV compatible games to see what’s compatible with the current Asian/Japan model of it. You can assume that pretty much anything that’s compatible on there will be compatible over here too.

      Currently, Hearts is not compatible, and Innocence is, but we might see a compatibility patch coming out with the Western localization, and since they’ll be closer together in release.

      • Landale

        The list of compatible games is rather nice, assuming it remains roughly the same that is. Only two games of interest to me that can’t be used with it; Monster Monpiece and Moero Chronicle, Likely due to the rubbing thing. Though, theoretically they could get past that issue simply by making it function similarly to Agarest 2’s bath mini-game.
        I have a feeling this could skew sales on Project Diva F 2nd, and similar games. If one has the PSTV, a PS3, and a PSV, there’s little reason to bother with the PS3 versions in theory.

        • Yeah, probably. I wouldn’t be surprised if some skewing happens– I’ve been basically waiting for this before I bit on FFX HD for instance, cause I’ve been wanting the ability to not only play it portable, but then also on TV, without double-dipping so hard.

          The list is most likely going to stay the same, since I find little reason for devs to purposely not make sure compatibility is consistent. I imagine if it’s not, enough people will get on them otherwise, ahaha.

          I think some games that might need minor touching (like rubbing) may be able to be patched, but they’ll only by DS4 compatible.

  • SolRevr

    I am actually curious whether this would sell Vita games to the selection of Playstation gamers (or other gamers) who don’t care to play games on a small handheld screen. My brother for the longest time hated playing anything on a screen smaller than his computer monitor.

    • nonscpo

      Its an honest and solid question only time will tell.

  • nihongogamer

    Oh wow! They’re actually going to release it in the west! I think the name change was smart, most of the questions I get about PS Vita TV relate to the remote play functionality.

    Playstation Now should be great too (though yes, reverse compatibility PS4 might have been cheaper for those of us who already owned a large PS3 library). It was such a flop in Japan, can’t wait to see if it succeeds out west!

  • decus

    Looking at things again, in terms of compatibility lists, looks like I don’t want one of these after all. M-maybe they’ll lower the Vita price a little? Can’t play Tales of Hearts R on a PS TV, after all. I’ve heard that doesn’t work on VitaTV in japan anymore after a patch somehow ruined its compatibility.

    • I’d probably wait and see what the Western release brings! Since they’ll be working on the game, and since the Playstation TV will be coming out in the Fall too, they might try to fix the compatibility again with it for it’s release.

  • nonscpo

    Love that $139 price tag, a whole ten dollars cheaper than I expected. The bundle is nice however I wish it came with a different game like Minecraft.

  • Theob Vious Choice

    I just want to play my Vita games on a monitor that isn’t tiny as hell, I regret making 90% of my Vita purchases, since there were PS3 versions of those games.

  • Abel_Nightroad

    The Danganronpa games are compatible ?

    • Looking at the list, DR1 is definitely compatible– so I assume the combo was compatible with it in Japan. DR2 is pretty much all but confirmed to follow that.

      • winsantz

        I can confirm from firsthand experience that NISA’s release of Trigger Happy Havoc will *not* run on a Japanese Vita TV. As far as I can tell there’s a whitelist of game identifiers embedded in the firmware and the Vita TV will reject any game not on the list. Unless a game happens to have the same identifier as the compatible Japanese version you’re out of luck. The only North American release I own that works is Persona 4 Golden, though I’ve read accounts of Muramasa Rebirth and Lumines Electronic Symphony working as well.

        That said, it’s pretty likely that NISA’s Danganronpa releases will be whitelisted on the Playstation TV, since it’s not like there are any compatibility issues–probably just a matter of NISA going to Sony and saying “hey, we’ve tested it and everything works fine, put it on the whitelist”. I just wish Wikipedia editors wouldn’t be so quick to post unconfirmed/misleading information.

        • Thanks for that at least. I imagine the assumption is mainly that Reload might work instead and not THH?

          • winsantz


            It’s marked as compatible on Sony’s Japanese site (see the “PS Vita TV” label in the upper left) so it’ll definitely work, at least on a Japanese unit. That’s probably why Wikipedia had both Trigger Happy Havoc and Goodbye Despair marked as compatible (Goodbye Despair is “Unknown” now), but like I said that’s far from a guarantee.

  • TheManWithPants

    Luckily, the majority of games I want for the Vita are compatible with the PS TV, but does anyone know if the western releases of the Neptunia Vita titles and Akiba’s Trip 2 are getting or had recieved physical releases? Or are they digital only?

  • NimbusStev

    This was pretty much the greatest announcement of E3 for me! I’m a huge fan of any device that lets me play handheld exclusives on a TV. So for $100 I can avoid buying a Vita and still play all its games on my big screen TV? Sign me up!

    • darke

      Nope, you can’t. The ‘all’ is the problem. There’s only a select list of games that are supported, and most of the AAA titles (things like Uncharted and Gravity Rush) seem not to be.

      But no doubt that it will expand with time, but some of them that primarily rely on touch will probably never be supported.

  • cj may

    been holding out on importing this since the start of the year glad it’s finally coming out west side bundle is nice too besides the game choice :/

    Now if only i didn’t have to buy another memory card..

  • Hector Velar

    oh yes… my wallet and body are ready :D

  • Jumbokitty724

    So it works with the Vita correct? I don’t know why everyone Bit^&*$ about the Vita, I think it has a fantastic library <3 Although It could use a bit more diversity.

  • Nu Blitz

    1. Is it still region locked? 2. Can I play all ps1 games on the store? 3. Will it be able to play all vita titles past-future?

  • Maria Garcia

    lets see if more games will be compatible now that its officially announced in usa and europe

  • Pinkemon

    Judging from the wikipedia list that was posted in the comment section here the only game I’d be interested in that wouldn’t be compatible with this is Tales of hearts R, so I’m pretty happy with this. (Hopefully Danganronpa 2 will be compatible as well) I just wanted to play a bunch of improved ports without having to sell a kidney to do so, TBH.

  • EQeE

    I was expecting for PS vita 2000

  • Mir Teiwaz

    The important thing here is that I can now play Persona 4 Golden on my TV. That alone, to me, makes this totally worth it. Add to that I have quite a few other games that should play just fine on this little system.

  • artemisthemp

    This means Let’s players will have a easier time to capture Vita gameplay :)

  • winsantz

    Feeling the early adopter pain since I bought a Japanese Vita TV which doesn’t work with many English-language releases… hopefully physical game compatibility will be universal across regions so there’ll be no need for me to get the US version.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    now I can buy a vita lol

  • Daru Titor

    Oh, have I been waiting for this :)

  • Triplicity

    I bought a Vita a fortnight ago. (´・ω・`;)

  • Blick Winkel

    I hope this means I can use my Japanese Vita TV with US PSN now.

  • Yan Zhao

    So Im confused to what exactly this do, can someone elaborate? Does it let me play VIta games on my PS4 or something?

    • Triplicity

      It’s a standalone Vita console that you hook up to a TV and play Vita games on your TV with using a PlayStation 3 controller.

      • Yan Zhao

        Oh…well I own a Vita so I guess its useless for me.

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