Final Fantasy Agito Is Coming To The West

By Ishaan . June 10, 2014 . 12:20pm

Final Fantasy Agito, Square Enix’s free-to-play smartphone game set in the universe of Final Fantasy Type-0, is coming to the West. Final Fantasy Agito will include the following features:


  • Character Customization: Create a unique character in the world of FINAL FANTASY AGITO.Players have access to a variety of character customization options, including gender, facial features, hairstyles and more.


  • Player Choice: Interact with other cadets at Akademeia, including key characters from FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0. The decisions players make at the Akademeia will affect the course of history in the game, which in turn will affect the worldwide player community.


  • Missions: Players can head out on missions to raise their level, and find/craft their ultimate weapon. Players can also confront powerful enemies in large-scale, cooperative battles involving the entire FINAL FANTASY AGITO player population.


No release date has been confirmed for Final Fantasy Agito yet. The game will be available for iOS and Android devices.

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  • riceisnice

    Is this genuinely fun or just smartphone-ish?

    • Christian Wright

      I’ve been playing the japanese version. it’s actually really good!

      • Aemette

        Are there microtransactions? Or things like where you can only play a set amount of time before you run out of “moves” or you have to get your friends to play too so they can “replenish your play bar”?

        • Serephitus

          it’s not a smart phone game, there was a port of it from the PSP version onto smart phone, but it’s a normal game by all means

        • Suzaku

          Yes, it’s got microtransactions, but you can apparently earn or craft everything on your own.

          In Kotaku’s import review, they said it doesn’t feel like you need to ever spend money, and I know Tabata specifically said that was one of their goals, since he never spends money on F2P games and hates that stuff.

    • revenent hell

      Ive heard most say its not that great. If you go through past siliconera articles you can probably see what most think but overall it tends to make me think I wouldn’t be all that impressed with it.
      Hopefully someone can give a better “play test” or ” review” of the game than I can for you.

    • Masa

      Its awful, just a small cash in on the FF name, at least we are getting Type 0. :)

    • Suzaku

      Kotaku posted a really positive import review this morning.

      People will bash it for being on mobile, but Type-0 was also originally envisioned as a mobile game, too.

  • KingGunblader

    The trailer says that Type-0 is coming to PS4 and Xbox One! Kind of wish it was Vita but I’m officially getting hyped regardless!

    • KHSoraKeyBlade

      Edit: I know now it isn’t coming to Vita.

      • doubleO7

        That was confirmed as a error. There will not be a Vita version.

        • KiAce3

 far as we know, all trailer states is to keep our eyes on the XB1 and PS4, I have a feeling there’s a possibility of them revealing more, Sony have been advocating to SE (and still are, according to the staff with twitter accounts) a VITA release, as well as the fact that a large part of awareness was raised by the #JRPGVITA campaign

  • revenent hell

    Hmmm. Cant say I am big on this type of game (free to play) but I suppose since its free and if I can get it on my Vita mobile thing I might grab it….. Though its doubtful I will play it if I do.

  • Tanicia Marshall

    Sounds fun I love games where you make your own character

  • Kroz

    weird how they announce the official translation of type zero happens a day after the fan translation is completed….

    • Raymond

      That was just a kick in the balls to them huh. XD

      • Vash bane

        sounds like it

      • Suzaku

        They knew it was coming. I think Sky’s tweets make it pretty obvious, plus releasing it literally the day before E3 because of “unexpected events.”

    • revenent hell

      Secretly I think they probably thought SE “might” mention something about the game at E3 and didn’t want their work to go to waste “if” it was.
      Not that its going to waste since I am sure people will still use it but I think there’s also a lot of folks like me who prefer to not “hack” their game or whatever it would be termed as. I am just to lazy to bother with that type of stuff in all honesty.

      • Kroz

        i don’t think its going to waste, i playing it right now and will until the ps4 version is released. Its a bit of a stretch but i feel square saw the English patch release date and thought “…..this is going to be hilarious”.

        • revenent hell

          I kind of doubt they thought it would be entertaining, I mean it just goes to show how much people actually wanted a localized version and if anything maybe it helped spur them in to actually “officially” releasing the game in the west ya’ know?

    • well, keeping tabs on square as the translators might have, it was said multiple times that the game was still on its way, had already been partially voiced, and had HD assets prepared. Erren from NVC actually told us before hand this would most likely drop at E3 tho at the time only for Vita

  • Fox

    Good ol’ square: they’ll bring over old mobile games but won’t even acknowledge Dragon Quest exists.

  • nathaniel

    good. i’d be pissed if it was just ios

  • Kornelious

    Was inevitable…But right now all the spotlight is on the PS4 Type-Zero remake, which though it still surprises me, it still excites me :)

    It’ll be good to know that we’ll be getting both games in English :D

    • 2 Final Fantast titles on Ps4.
      2 great Final fantasy titles for next gen.
      Super happy for this.

  • Apparenly there is a twitter campaign going on for Type0 Vita…
    #NOVITANOBUY @SquareEnixUSA @FinalFantasy @Sony @PlayStation @shahidkamal @yosp

  • I’ll be playing that

  • resuri

    At least I could play this with my Android . I just hope it will be compatible though.

  • Rabbit

    Okay fiiiine. I’ll play this one, Square Enix, I’ll play this one… > >

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