Final Fantasy VII G-Bike Coming To Smartphones [Update]

By Ishaan . June 10, 2014 . 6:07am

Final Fantasy VII’s bike racing mini-game is coming to smartphones, this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine reports. Square Enix will release the game under the title Final Fantasy VII G-Bike. (Thanks, Game Jouhou)


Final Fantasy VII G-Bike is based on the bike game in the Final Fantasy VII Gold Saucer. There will be multiple bikes to choose from and there will be some sort of customization aspect involving Materia.


Additionally, Famitsu says the game will also feature jumping and sliding, which were not present in the original mini-game in Final Fantasy VII.


Final Fantasy VII G-Bike is being developed jointly by Square Enix and CyberConnect2. Tetsuya Nomura is serving as Creative Producer of character design, while Ichiro Hazama is serving as Producer. Yoshinori Kitase is the game’s Executive Producer. Finally, CC2 are handling development.


Final Fantasy VII G-Bike will be available this Fall in Japan, for iOS and Android. It appears the game will be a free-to-play title. Famitsu says Square have plans to convert other Gold Saucer games to the smartphone format as well.


Update: More information added.

Note: Image from Final Fantasy VII, not the new game.

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  • aizen310

    Look! Another example of milking Final Fantasy VII!
    How surprising!

    • Morningstar

      On the bright side at least it not the only game being milked (*cough*XIII*cough* Though as of Lightning Returns it not be milked as much)

      • The Lightning Saga Compilation is real. All the unbelievers just can’t handle the truth.

        • Godmars

          Why would anyone care?

      • Godmars

        Yeah. But XIII’s teet was bone dry before it was even released.

      • LightZero

        Change FFXIII to FFIV. Now that is the game SE keeps pimping out more than FFVII

        • You’re thinking about it the wrong way. Of course SE would keep “pimping” a subscription-based MMORPG. They have to. They are still doing it for FFXI despite a decade and a half since its inception, for the same reason.

          FFXIII is still going to be milked until the next “offline” IP comes. Maybe they’ll go for the Bravely games, but who knows right now.

          • Morningstar

            UM LightZero said 4 not 14.

          • Before, it was a XIV. Eh, FFIV has no more to give anyway. That cow now gives powdered milk.

      • aizen310

        They should move on and start milking FFVI (FF6).

        For the glory of Kefka, of course!!!

  • James Enk

    just… why?

    • Why not? If anything, racing games are making a comeback on smartphones.No one seems to care (enough) for them on PC or consoles any more for companies to justify making them the way they once used to.

      Plus, racers are one of those genres that work really well on phones, since you don’t need a bunch of buttons to control them well.

      • James Enk

        Final Fantasy VII G-Bike doesn’t sound right to me, i think they are taking it too far

        • I don’t see what’s wrong with it. It isn’t as though they’re tossing a new Final Fantasy VII game out every six months. It’s a popular game and people like that world. I don’t see what the problem is.

          This isn’t a case like Persona 4 either, where the original story/world/characters are being compromised. It’s just a mini-game and one that fits within the context of the source material, more or less.

          • Thatguy

            What i see wrong with it: 2 (maybe) studious making mobile racing app.

            With CC2, you could do a little more. Dunno, make a fighting with them.

          • You’re missing the point. This isn’t meant to be some huge collaboration, it’s just meant to be a fun little smartphone title. Who the developer is has nothing to do with it.

          • GH56734

            Mistwalker did develop a surfing min-game that was as basic and bare-bones as it can gets.
            Comcept also developed and released an F2P game about a balloon avoiding spikes that just reeks unoriginality.
            And this is Square who are used to this.

          • PragmaticSoul

            “This isn’t a case like Persona 4 either, where the original story/world/characters are being compromised”

            Oh my goodness, I thought I was the only one that was seeing this. I can’t even look at P4 anymore.

        • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owl

          In which way, if you could elaborate?

          • James Enk

            they just slam the name of FFVII on a mobile game, and we know what a mobile game is, what’s going to come next FF Casino or FFVII dress up Tiffa?

          • landlock

            They didn’t “slam” the name FFVII on anything. This was originally from FFVII. It’s one of the mini-games within’ the game.

          • James Enk

            by it self it’s just a generic mobile game

          • Wiccan1109

            I don’t think they were aiming for anything more than a generic mobile game. It wouldnt have been hard for them to do this, its a casual afterthought that people might use on the train home from work. I dont think anyone, even SE and Cyberconnect, would see it as anything more. Its no remake or remaster, its just taking it from the game cd and putting it on your phone. xD

          • AndyLC

            “By itself” it’s a game that came out almost two decades ago that is still fun enough to standalone by itself.

          • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owl

            Then it wouldn’t surprise me if there is a mobile card game of FFVII…if it were to happen, that is. Which in this case…would become reality at some point.

            But I don’t think this a bad thing in any way.

          • AndyLC

            This was a minigame in FF7, it didn’t come out of nowhere.

        • Skeptika Crediblus

          They are milking the franchise a bit, but honestly, if games like this provide funding for other, better console/handheld games, then I’m all for it.

      • I see like this 。゚+.ღ(ゝ◡ ⚈᷀᷁ღ)

        Yup an if it’s fun why not an there adding extra’s.Seems like a lot of people just simply hate on anything FF even if it’s good or solid if it has that FF name haters start hating on it instantly.

        • James Enk

          nothing to do with hate i love FF

      • Duo Maxwell

        With all the racing coming this year on console, I’m not sure you could say no one seems to care.

        • Namuro

          He did put “enough” in the bracket, though.

    • OtoriGolden

      Infinite runners and the like are pretty popular right now, it makes sense.

  • I see like this 。゚+.ღ(ゝ◡ ⚈᷀᷁ღ)

    I personally think this would be really fun on the go I’ll definitely pick this up if it comes state side :3

  • 하세요

    It would be cool if they had mini-game packages, like all Mini-games from VII-IX.

    • I see like this 。゚+.ღ(ゝ◡ ⚈᷀᷁ღ)

      That would awesome I really enjoy games like these on the go .

    • I like the snowboarding,

      They should just stick the arcade room from the golden saucer

    • Triple Triad.

      • 하세요

        What if it even used GPS to determine your location, setting up every city to a random set of rules that you had to abide D:

    • Quan Chi

      Monkey mini-game from ffx2, fishing minigame from ffxii, and chocobo racing from ffx = hell no xD

      • 하세요

        Hence why I stopped at IX, lol.

  • Thatguy

    Combine effort from SE and CC2…
    And we get this.
    I don’t understand SE anymore

  • Land of Green Pasture

    So exciteing -_-
    after this, FF X Blitzpinball : The League

    • LegacyOfWu .

      I would 100% buy a Blitzball smartphone game, actually.

      • DesmaX

        Too bad they’ll probably use X-2 version of it

  • Hentailover

    So, when I saw that I started laughing uncotnrolably. It just… dear god…
    Squeenix: Everybody wants a ff7 remake? Sure, here you go *announces this*

    During E3 week we won’t show you Kingdom Hearts, we won’t show you ff15… but we will publish thing thing in Famitsu!!! please be excited!

    • I see like this 。゚+.ღ(ゝ◡ ⚈᷀᷁ღ)

      Things like KH and FF/anything JRPG’s are much more suited for TGS and it makes more sense there being developed in japan in the first place.

    • Ahtma

      They won’t remake FFVII until they really need the money. Just watch, the moment Squeenix looks like it’s about to go in the hole, a FFVII remake will be announced and suddenly their coffers will be filled again.

  • Aries_Atkasha

    If this game will be as good as bike mini-game in BRS the Game… :3

  • Fans eagerly claim for a FFVII remake, fans get really disappointed for the lack of informations regarding FFXV and KHIII on E32014 and now THIS! You’ve got to be kidding me Square-enix!

    • FallenAfh

      Good thing se never announced they were making a ff7 remake anytime soon no.? Typical squairweather fans.

      • I never said that Square-enix promised a remake of FFVII, I’m just pointing out that they’re milking the most beloved game on the series with stupid mobile games!

  • fairysun

    This is a good game to be released on cellphone. The control mechanic and the gameplay are appropriate to be played on cellphone. I hope they improve the character model too and make more playable character, I mean seeing Aerith on motorbike? Come on, Square.
    Now, let’s see how ridiculous Square Enix will charge us for this game?

  • Go2hell66

    didn’t all the ffvii minigames come out on LG phones years ago? i remember wanting one so bad

  • As its square enix too it’ll be a stupid amount of money too

  • Monterossa

    LOL @ FF7 fans who got hyped big time for the announcement of FFVII remake and then they’re getting this LOL

    • Hiro

      Glad you’re having fun seeing people’s hope getting crushed. Hope this made your day LOLROFLMAOLOL

      Normally I wouldn’t be interested in this, but if it’s from CC2, it may just turn out to be worthwhile.

      • Ni ~Algidus~

        “people hopes getting crushed” you guys that need stop thinking that anythng FF7 related is the Remake being announced

  • Slickyslacker

    I shouldn’t have expected any more than the kneejerk “lolololo Square Enix” reaction when I clicked on this.

    It’s just the godforsaken minigame from VII, nothing more. The only reason to be mad about this is that Nomura is taking time out of his schedule.

  • Brimfyre

    I really really really wish Square Enix had released a countdown time for this with a “Big FF VII announcement incoming” banner. Just to watch people riot when it ended up being this.

  • SupaPhly

    If I remember correctly, they also released this onto normal phones many years ago along with the snowboarding game

  • Masa

    *leaves cursing SquareEnix*

  • dboyz

    RIP Cloud & FF7……… was nice knowing you guys

  • Marcus J. Hopkins

    Well, THAT’S another game that nobody wanted.

    • FallenAfh

      I want it. Good enough for you?

  • Hey! At least they are adapting something that does fit into the smartphone market.

  • PragmaticSoul

    *sees CC2 and SE working together*

    “HOLY SHIT! The combined cinematic prowess of Square Enix and Cyberconnect 2?! This is gonna be like fucking .Hack and Final Fantasy combi–”

    *it’s a smartphone version of a minigame that came out 17 years ago*

    “SQUARE Y U DO DIS?!?!”

  • Yan Zhao

    How about that proper HD remake.

  • Aunna Terrell

    Not a surprise. Final Fantasy VII Snowboarding came out back in 2005… Just took them forever to decide to do the rest.

  • That mini-game was fun the first (and only) time. Why make an entire game out of it? Oh wait, because Square.

  • Shippoyasha

    Sounds cute. Could be light fun. This is just making the FF7 remake a more agonizing wait. I still think FF17 is the right time due to the title.

  • Rundra

    Now we can play one of my favorite mini game on phone. And if they said that other gold saucer game, there is chance for chocobo to come (and stupid fighting game that rely on luck), Don’t know why so many hatred for this.

  • AndyLC

    Final Fantasy VII had almost 30 different minigames in it, glad to see S-E can adopt their old game ideas to new platforms.

    • FallenAfh

      I think a ff mini game compilation would work great for mobile and tablets

  • Zantetsuken_Gilgamesh

    Guess that new SE CEO wasn’t kidding when he wanted to focus on smart phone gaming. Yikes!

  • Ronldbx6

    Closest thing to a FF7 remake, support it.

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