Bloodborne, The Next Game From The Makers Of Dark Souls, Scheduled For Early 2015

By Spencer . June 11, 2014 . 2:15am


Sony Computer Entertainment America confirmed Bloodborne a new game from Demon’s Souls creator From Software and Souls series creator Hidetaka Miyazaki is scheduled for early 2015. The PlayStation 4 game takes place in the ancient city of Yharnam, which has been cursed with a strange illness that plagues the world.


Bloodborne is set in a gothic city and has new weapons like guns and saw cleavers to use when fighting mobs. The PlayStation 4 game will have online features, but Sony has not detailed those yet.


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  • Ethan_Twain

    I was super excited to see what was next from the mind behind Demon’s Souls, but this trailer and these screens, they do not entice me. I just do not deal well with ultra-violent visual design. It holds no appeal for me. No, it’s beyond just “not appealing” to me. It repels me. It’s icky and I don’t like it.

    Dark Souls was about as far as I like to go. Yeah there were a lot of zombies and occasionally with bosses in particular art could get REAL grim (Pinwheel :( )but the vast majority of the game was covered in armor and just looked very fantasy. And there were moments of profound beauty in that world game too.

    But this looks like Dark Souls except in a gritty urban sort of environment and with the violence amped up. Even in the title – Bloodborne. No thanks, blood isn’t what I was missing in my action/RPG experience.

    • MaximDualBlade

      I know! Doesn’t it look great :D?

    • Shippoyasha

      To be fair, this is kind of From Software’s forte. Many developers just use the gritty and dark as a bullet point, but these developers go the entire yard with it. I honestly prefer cute and bubbly games as well, but I have nothing but respect for these developers for using the motif of their games so well.

      Also interesting that the setting seems to be more urban this time, meaning more striking buildings and architecture the studio does very well.

      Like with the Gears of War franchise, I actually welcome the dark and dreary and a ton of blood with the gothic tones and striking buildings and city scapes.

  • Shippoyasha

    Sounds like the point of this game isn’t to become undead/human or die and gather souls. Instead, you deal with the infection, become infected enough to become a monster, which would totally change the dynamic of the ‘defeat’ state this time around to something a lot more exciting.

    Also sounds like the game will be populated heavily by NPCs to dine upon if you get infected enough to become a monster. I really didn’t take to the Souls games feeling way too lonely and sparse (even though it was kind of the point I suppose), but it looks like this game may actually have actual denizen NPCs this time around. Ones you can feast upon to regain your humanity.

    • 9breaker

      Kinda doubtful about multiple NPC denizens and dying being more dynamic than it was before. I’m placing my bets on the city already being messed up and probably be just as lonely. But we’ll see.

      • Shippoyasha

        The premise of the game is that the town (which is actually populated) is dealing with a massive monster infection crisis and you as a protagonist can become infected and become a monster as well. And you can regain your humanity through partaking in pure human blood.

        You as a character is completely and utterly changed instead just being slightly discolored in the face or being some ghostly specter like in the past games. And of course, that means you will likely have to hunt NPCs and invade other human players to drink their blood. So it should drastically change how the PVP works and what kind of strategy becomes viable instead of the usual human vs human types of strategies in the past.

        The premise alone sounds like a drastic change from the kind of uneventful changes you go through if you die in From’s former titles.

        • 9breaker

          It hasn’t been stated that protagonist isn’t already inflicted with it but then again they didn’t say he is already either. However, surmising that the character is already inflicted at the start of the game which is the most case for all the souls game then he/she probably won’t change to the point of turning into a monster. The souls game canonically tells that the characters turn more hollow the further they die or lose their will to live but that never happens in-game except for the npcs. From the looks from the leak and the trailer, there doesn’t seem to be much of anybody who hasn’t been inflicted though this only speculations from theme anyways.

          • Shippoyasha

            There are some Famitsu leaks that actually says you become a beast, changing how you play entirely. And you need to suck blood to regain HP, but if you suck too much, then you risk becoming a beast. Meaning that even healing is risky now as well. And to revert back to being human, you need to drink fresh, untainted human blood.

            Also, it’s cool to hear this game will be more about gadgets and steam-punk style human craft whimsy (like maybe alchemy) than the pure magic of the past games.

            Sounds absolutely fantastic.

          • 9breaker

            Oh is that so? I guess I wasn’t informed about that, sorry then. I think the blood sucking sounds pretty interesting. Yeah I’m actually excited about that the most part since I liked the idea of wielding a shotgun with sword at hand. I’ll probably buy the ps4 when it comes out which is sooner than I thought.

          • Shippoyasha

            2015 is sounding really scary to me. Way too many games are pushed there including Witcher 3, Arkham Knight and Bloodborne. I am sure there are more gems coming out inbetween those.

          • 9breaker

            Yeah, 2014 put a big dent on my wallet. Considering I have the wii u already and getting the ps4 things don’t look too kindly next year lol.

          • Lan

            When you rage quit or just give up in Dark Souls that’s basically means your character hollows.

          • 9breaker

            Yeah I know that.

  • Altin

    If Demon’s Souls was a spiritual successor to King’s Field, then Bloodborne seems like the spiritual successor to Shadow Tower (especially Shadow Tower 2) so far.

    • 9breaker

      Yeah I would agree, it’s a refreshing change of a pace I think.

    • I know, right?! There are GUNS!!!

      I really enjoyed Shadow Tower Abyss, so even if I don’t have a PS4 and won’t for a long time, well… Quite excited about Bloodborne!!!

      I remember STA was also more bloody, and you could literally cut your enemies and amputate different parts, changing their attack patterns. I hope you can here, too.

      • Altin

        You are a man of great taste. Besides loving KF III a lot, I tend towards loving ST and especially ST2 much more. Add to the fact that both ST’s used almost no soundtrack whatsoever, making the experience of playing them even more interesting.

    • Göran Isacson

      First time I actually hear about Shadow Tower, and looking it up it sounds pretty interesting, even if it kinda feels like Dark Souls have taken a lot of it’s mechanics. If you played Shadow Tower, what would you say makes this more of a spiritual successor to Shadow Tower? Are there some mechanics in that game that seem to be found here that aren’t in Dark Souls, or is it more a general mood that we’re seeing here again?

      (also now I’m wondering when they’ll give us a spiritual successor to Otogi or Metal Wolf Chaos….)

      • Altin

        Both seem to set focus on a storyline which seems grimmer than that of DaS. In the first game, you are entrapped in a Tower, with little to no directions as to where you are supposed to go or what you are supposed to do. In King’s Field, you have a handful of NPC’s that either give you some directions or advice. In Shadow Tower, you are most of the time running solo and just rarely meet some people. Most of its story is either found via little markings on walls, depicting that you are not the only person that tried to escape from the tower, or what kind of people went in there to begin with. It’s quite a stretch to associate these aspects for a game with not much information,

        What initially came to my mind seeing the teaser and the final trailer is that they use firearms as well, just like Shadow Tower: Abyss did. Add to the fact that many scenes shown in the trailer are taken during night or full darkness, which was characteristic for both ST games as well. If you didnt play ST, I can only recommend it to you. Despite being a spinoff, I oddly found it to be more interesting and difficult compared to the King’s Field series. Just make sure to play it with headphones and not so much light. It really adds to the experience!

        I’d give a hand for a new Metal Wolf Chaos. Or a new Armored Core for PS4/XBO

        • Boebie

          I’d give a hand for a new Metal Wolf Chaos as well. I’ll never understand why it wasn’t released in the Americas.

          • 9breaker

            It was so American that your own enemies were Americans. Publishers were afraid to localize it here since the white house turned into a fortress, Alcatraz cannon , coup de’tats with your vice president might’ve made some people “vocal”.

        • Göran Isacson

          Okay, so a bit more “Metroid-y” (at least that’s where my mind wanders when I think of games that are dark, moody and when you’re all on your lonesome) then. Sounds pretty darn neat, if also pretty darn gloomy.

          Also man, a new Metal Wolf Chaos showing Titanfall where it’s at for a mere hand DOES sound like a pretty sweet deal.

    • MrRobbyM

      I hope it retains some amount of the Souls vibe though. The amazing voice work being one of my favorite parts of the games.

      I don’t know how lonely the game will be, but I could already imagine the NPCs pain and despair in their voices..

      • Altin

        Yes, I think that voices were more a problem in ST due to space limitations (Abyss only had a voiced Intro as far as I remember).

        Most likely. I also think that they might pull out a interesting dynamic if the protagonist has to feed on human blood and that the only humans in the game are supposedly also the NPC’s you interact with. Guess we have to wait for more Info on that.

  • Tarkovsky

    I’m still sticking to my early predictions that this game is not going to play like any of the Souls game and is instead going to be Miyazaki’s take on the action HnS genre with light RPG elements. Pretty sure this is going to pissed off Souls purists who want him to make a DeS II.

  • z_merquise

    One of my most anticipated games right now. I’m really liking the visuals.

    Slaying horror-creatures and infected people with some gigantic blade and a shotgun is just very hard to pass.

    • Same here. I have to agree with you that gigantic blade is just so sexy! ;)

  • Jezzy

    I hope this will have character creation and a variety of weapons/builds like the Souls games, rather than a predetermined protag lugging along his gun and bone saw all day.

  • wahyudil

    is this still as hard as demon’s soul? I cannot stand a punishable game like Demon’s Soul

    • kamiyan89

      git gud

  • All of my want for this. From Software hasn’t let me down yet, so I know this one will be nice =)

  • Kornelious

    This game looks creepy has heck……just as expected in a Fromsoftware game :)

    I hope that the game gives you the option to create your character (The guy in the trailer didn’t really seem to have a face so that’s what I’m assuming) It looks like it will be a lot different from the Souls games as well….So it shall be an….enlightining experience indeed (Evil laughter) >:)
    But man is it good to own a PS4! :D

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    I guess we play a Jack the ripper

  • ndjn3979

    Excited. I know this is gonna be quality.

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