Dragon Quest XI Is In Development, And Will Be Made For Home Consoles

By Sato . June 12, 2014 . 2:48am


Yuji Horii, best known as the creator of the Dragon Quest series, previously teased a bit on the next installment of the series. In a recent radio show called Mangaku N Channel SP, he finally revealed that Dragon Quest XI is in development. Inside Games shares more from the event.


Besides a few teases, prior to this radio show, Horii frequently avoided the topic of Dragon Quest XI. After looking back at past works of the series such as Dragon Quest IV and V, they talked about the future of Dragon Quest.


According to the report, Horii announced that they’re currently working on the development of Dragon Quest XI, as the series nears its 30th anniversary (in 2016,) and he wants it to be played on the big screen.


He reiterated his previous statement that it is not being for mobile devices, but he also added that it’s also not being made for handheld consoles, but they’re currently developing it for the home console.


While he didn’t specify which console or give an estimate as to when the game might be released, we’ll likely be hearing more about it as its 30th anniversary approaches. The radio show will rebroadcast this episode on June 17, so we might get more details around then.

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  • LanceHeart

    This is great news. Hopefully it’s not an online game, since that seems to be Square Enix’s kryptonite in terms of game localization.

    • Unfortunately, nowadays everything’s kryptonite for them when it’s not related to mobile devices.

  • AlphaSixNine

    PS4! PS4! PS4! PS4!

  • Ecchitori-san

    I hope its not gonna be an online game. I hope they are like the old games (or DQ VIII)

    • Victor Wesker

      Totally agree with you, cuz I hate these online only games.

    • The Valhallan Gladiator

      It more than likely won’t be. But making DQX an online title was a smart move. FFXI was the most profitable entry in the series for Square Enix, and they intend of replicating that success with a larger, much more respected franchise. (Dragon Quest) Also, the creator of Dragon Quest had wanted to make a DQ MMO for a long time, and with DQX he was finally granted his wish.

    • God

      Not a chance, it’s too soon.

    • leingod

      Same here. DQ VIII was awesome.

  • D-Omen

    All three, because why leave anyone out? Awesome news!

    • Because the XBOX install base is practically inexistant in Japan. So it’s either gonna be a PS4 exclusive, a WiiU exclusive, or for both of them.

  • Roger

    PS4 or Wii U?
    At this point both are not selling well, but maybe in one or two years…

    • Victor Wesker

      I think they may release this game on PS4, Xone and PC.

      • Roger

        Despite being released for the most successful platform, at this time and age a multi-platform DQ release seems very likely (although not sure about a X1 release)

        • J_Joestar

          well with how easy it is supposed to be for them to stuff from the PS4 to the XBone, it feels like if the PS4 gets it, the XBO will too unless they have zero plans to localize it outside of Japan.

      • ShawnOtakuSomething


      • LightZero

        They cater to the Japanese audience

  • Alter

    Just realistically speaking based on SE past decisions: Xbox One + PS4 OR Wii U Only.

    • Kenny Loh

      50%: Wii U only
      40%: PS4 + Xbox One
      10%: PS4 only

      • TalesOfBS

        10%: Wii U only
        40%: PS4 + Xbox One
        50%: PS4 only

        • LightZero

          More like…

          50% Wii U only (due to the fanbase being on Nintendo)

          40% PS4 only

          10% PS4 + X1

          • You would know by now, it has nothing to do with the fanbase, as they’ve skipped around a bunch of times. DQ goes to the console with the most sales. It’ll most likely be on PS4.

          • James Robert Thompson

            Wii U is far more popular in Japan, like double the weekly sales the week BEFORE Mario Kart…

        • SMT

          I’d switch the PS4 only and PS4+Xbox percentages simply because it’s incredibly easy to release on both… Except maybe for Japan, I can see Japan getting it for the PS4 only rather than Xbox as well.

      • ronin4life

        I’d say
        50% PS3 only.
        25% WiiU only
        15% Wiiu and ps3
        10% PS4 only

        • born_naughty

          PS3 only in 2016? Doesn’t sound likely.

    • TalesOfBS

      PS4 and Xbox One only because WiiU can’t handle DX11 according to Square(!).

    • SMT

      Realistically speaking, DQ is always on the most popular system.

      So most likely, PS4, with an optional Xbox One version just because the hardware is so similar and it’s incredibly easy to port (Plus, more potential for the western market). And maybe PC if they really feel like it (DQX is available for PC and so will FFXV, so possibly SE want to expand their PC market).

      I don’t see it coming for the Wii U. They don’t release DQ on Nintendo systems because of a deal with Nintendo, they released them on Nintendo systems because they’re the most popular, and were cheaper to develop.

    • James Robert Thompson

      This is DQ, your FF based analysis does not belong here, as that’s a franchise designed for western players.

      55% Wii U (fanbase and greater JPN sales)
      30% PS3 (greatest install base)
      15% PS4 (only popular outside of Japan)

  • James Enk

    i don’t think we will see it on the WiiU, but i hope we do

  • I’m hoping for all three consoles but with the Wii U’s current situation they might just skip it.

    • LightZero

      Of the three system the X1 is the more likely system they skip because the Japanese doesn’t particularly like Xbox and the system will do even worst than both the Wii U and PS4 over there.

  • ChuChu

    After seeing the new Zelda trailer am really curious how quest 11 is gonna look on wiiU.

  • Ali

    Yeah…not interested. Why raise your hopes when its latest instalment AND remake hasn’t even bee localised? No thanks

    • landlock

      A remake is just that. DQIX had very good sales in the west. DQXI is pretty much dead cert though it’ll be along time.

  • Virevolte

    – Gwwaaaaahhhh !

    Raptor Jesus is pleased by this statement.

  • CozyAndWarm

    Mmmm come on Wii U. It’s currently the best-selling current-gen console over there so that gives me hope. This is great news though. And we need a localization, Square!!

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Hmmm. While i think PS4 should be the choice, the fact that Wii U is actually currently doing much better than PS4 and also DQ10 is on Wii U can become the tipping point here.

    Not to forget the most sad thing is that DQ franchise sales had the highest concentration on Japan.

    • Domii

      We’ll if they going for a world wide release like VIII they might as well release it for PS4 since it’s the console leader at this point. I personally don’t care what system they release it on as long as it’s not an online only and it comes state side.

    • SMT

      Wii U is currently doing better only because it was released much earlier, and the fact that the PS4 was released in Japan less than 6 months ago and still doesn’t have a title that appeals to the Japanese public.

      By the time DQXI is potentially released, sales are going to improve significantly for the PS4. FFXV and KHIII being set for the PS4 will make sure that the RPG crowd will go for the PS4. It’d be incredibly unwise to split the two largest RPG brands across 2 different consoles, especially since those two brands belong to the same company.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    I’m happy for this but in the name of RPG gods, don’t let this be an Online game again

  • revenent hell

    I for one am happy for the news and I think people need to chill, as in not be bitter and hateful about it yet,a bit in regards to the VII release on 3DS.

    Eventually it’ll make its way to us I believe and I think people just need a wee bit more patience with it. It’s only been out a year in Japan. I have waited much longer than that for a games release and considering how much an actual copy of the original released game is currently I don’t doubt for a second this game will come. Just may take a bit o time.

    • J_Joestar

      I think a lot of the complaining that occurs is also due to how SE saw the Bravely Default sales and were like “Ohhhhh we get it now! they want JRPGS!” and yet have shown nothing in terms of considering VII’s release.

      • revenent hell

        Yeah but SE likes to take their sweet time with things. I have accepted this.

  • Kari

    I hope its not for Wii U

    • Kaetsu

      I hope its FOR Wii U.

  • Adrian Duran

    I have a feeling it might be Wii U (because DQ is a Nintendo series basically) otherwise definitely PS4

    If SE can make FFXV on PS4, they can make DQXI on PS4

  • SetzerGabbiani

    My guess is PS3 or multiplat. I can’t see this being on PS4 or Wii U exclusively unless sales pick up on both platforms in Japan. Interesting statement, Horii-san.

  • RoyalR R.M

    Finally, a home console.
    Make it like DQ VIII please.

  • Well, at least this is good to hear.

    Too bad it seems like SE is allergic to the idea of doing any RPGs that are not FF anymore, themselves.

  • Andrés González

    Main Dragon Quest games are all ways release on the system with more sales on Japan, example Dragon Quest VIII being release on the legendary Play Station 2 or even Dragon Quest VI released on the great Super Famicom (Super Nitendo). As for me, i REALLY don’t care if is for WiiU or PS4 as long that it comes to America. NO XBOX ONE PLZ.

  • Schiller

    Oh god, please don’t be one of those announced Japanese Xbone exclusives… I don’t want to buy another console…

  • John Pena

    Awesome I just wish its not an online game, and I really want DQ VII for the 3ds it was one of my favorites in the series.

  • Suicunesol

    I’m guessing PS3 and Wii U. Maybe a PS4 release at the same time or down the line. I recall someone saying DQ always releases on the most popular console, and the PS4 just doesn’t have the numbers yet. Wii U doesn’t either, but at least it has some audience with the DQX fanbase.

  • Charmchar

    I just hope its on all the big 3, I would hate to have to buy a new console just play the next game in the Dragon Quest series.

    • Jih Gumb

      Doubt it’d be for the Xbox, they’ve never had any Dragon Quest games

  • Chris Hodges

    Here’s hoping it comes westward.

  • TerrenceEncore Jones

    Drats, no N3DS version. Guess I better start saving up for whatever platform is does get released on.

  • William Cole

    DQXI PS4 confirmed. If they want to make a splash in sales and graphics, PS4 is the obvious choice. Well, we probably won’t get it anyway so why do you all even care?

  • zoidberg590

    Firstly: Looks like I’m getting a console.

    Secondly: Why do japanese video games especially have this bizzare and unwarranted code of silence with regard to what’s in development. I guess they’d say ‘so the fan’s arn’t dissapointed if something doesn’t turn out.’ Well I tell you now. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR US TO BE MORE DISAPPOINTED AND LET DOWN THAN ZERO INFORMATION ON THE SERIES. Just tell us everything except the plot, and tell us what you’re thinking about DQX. Just be honest and open like the movie industry! jesus!

  • Kosse Moore

    2016 release? DQ XI confirmed to be about before FFXV lol

  • T-X

    Make it like Kingdom Hearts :F

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