It Looks Like You’ll Be Making Plenty Of Lady Friends In Forbidden Magna

By Sato . June 12, 2014 . 6:29pm

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We’ve already seen several spirit girls and other friends the protagonist, Lux, will meet in Forbidden Magna, and it looks like there’s plenty more to come, as Marvelous shows us some more in Famitsus latest report.




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Lux visited the island’s largest town, Elenam, where he sees a girl who was selling some crystal, a valuable resource. After hearing the townsfolk talking about this girl named Elfrede, he finds out that she’s actually a a spirit girl.




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While exploring out on a ship, Lux and the others saw a girl drowning. After defeating a monster and saving this young girl named Gabrielle, she reveals that her nickname is “Rielle-sama”.


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The above is another look at the combat and dungeon exploring of Forbidden Magna. You can get more details on that, along with some life at the inn harem, in our earlier report.


Forbidden Magna will be released in Japan on October 2, 2014 in for Nintendo 3DS.

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  • revenent hell

    I is torn..
    In general I hate the chibi style like this but the story bits that are known and art style is appealing…..
    But getting the game or not is based on localization so I probably have a lot of time to figure it all out.

  • Ritsuioko23

    Not sure Im going to like this. I despised Rune Factory 4, and I really don’t like the chibi graphics or art and character design

  • HK

    I quite like the actual in game models and art direction, but I’m not too keen on the character design. It’s pushing even more towards generic moe/harem/ecchi character designs than even in RF4, and even RF4 was kind of getting too much for me. I liked the more grounded fantasy, slightly nordic designs of earlier RF games better.

    I hope they tone it down for future RF if they are ever made :'( But I think RF developers are quite smitten with their moe…

    • Ritsuioko23

      I know the feeling man. Poor RF franchise. I loved it so much until 4 came out.. I was looking forward to that game too much I think. Cause man was it a let down. The game doesnt even come close to 3.

      • Shippoyasha

        I thought RF4 compared pretty well personally, though I do think RF3 is arguably better. Of course, if the moe element gets people hung up, then I suppose RF3 might be more to a player’s taste. That being said, I actually prefer RF4’s stories for the girls more. It’s just spaced out better in exposition IMO.

        I know there is a bit of a rift between the fandom of both games, but I kind of like both equally.

        • Ritsuioko23

          I really wish I could like 4 more, but meh. I just play it for Dolce. I think 3 was better because it had more interesting personalities and much better character designs.

          • Dream

            RF4 wasn’t good. RF1 and RFF is the way to go.

  • MrTyrant

    I think these two look more generic than the previous ones IMO. Still plenty of elves, me like.

  • Shippoyasha

    Absolutely adorable in every facet. Love the rainbow of colors in game and in character art.

  • Namuro

    The more, the better!

  • I’m just not feeling the Chibi style – looks like a generic, cheap mobile spinoff of a cutesy Asian MMO to me (Square’s mobile Rise of Mana title has the same problem). But I do like the other art, and the combat seems intriguing. I wish we could get some videos already to just see it in action.

    All these details are coming out about characters + story, but we haven’t even seen the thing move! That’s just plain backwards, Marvelous. You have to get us interested in a title before talking up world details… I’m still on the fence over whether or not I’m even onboard this thing.

  • Kornelious

    This game has taken my love for the Rune Factory games to a whole new, unexplored, fantasy adventure filled, waifu partying, level! This game’s gonna rock! =D

  • MrTyrant

    Who is paying that guy who trash BF4 everytime?

  • Wow. I never thought I’d hear people complain about Rune Factory 4 because it was too moe and then cite Rune Factory 3 as the game they preferred…because it was somehow less moe.

    Anyways, game is looking good. I adore chibi in game graphics and while I may not like the character designs as a whole they do have a delicious brown elf. A harem of waifus is always appreciated, but I think I can live with just one this time.

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