Wait, Hyperdimension Neptunia Re:Birth 1 Is… Coming To PC?

By Spencer . June 12, 2014 . 2:51am


Hyperdimension Neptunia Re:Birth 1 was developed as a PlayStation Vita title, but the remake of the game that kicked off the Neptunia series may be coming to PC too. The ESRB rating says Hyperdimension Neptunia Re:Birth 1 is for Vita and PC.




So far, Idea Factory International has not announced a PC version so we asked if this is the case and will update when we have more information.

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  • fyi1191

    Still, I welcome a PC version cause mods.

    • This.

    • darke

      And the ability to run at at something other then the usual terrible console resolution! Decent scalers rather then monitor upscaling! AA! AF!

      … granted I’m expecting time-to-nude-mod to be so fast that it’ll appear the day before it’s released. :?

      Edit: Fast loading times! <3

      • Guest

        and pirated copy. nice. LOL

        • darke

          Yeah, but if people wanted to pirate it, they’d have already pirated the PS3 version. It’s not as if it’s hard or expensive to get a modded console. (Plus you get to play all the de-makes that reinsert the Japanese audio to English-VA only titles! :P )

          • Erde

            Its pretty hard and expensive to get a modded ps3 as the ones that cna be modded are discontinued so most likely you need to get one second hand, which is always a big risk. Furthermore, buying a used non-modded PS3 for the purpose is also pretty difficult as most people do not report the exact model for the system when they sell it and in eBay many do not respond to questions relating to this.

            I speak from experience. I live in Europe though, so maybe things are different in other continents?

          • Matty

            No… It’s not at all hard to find a moddable PS3. Most PS3’s out there are moddable, and even the newer ones can pirate through ODE.

            Infact there are studies that are showing that PC game pirating is declining while console pirating is on the rise.

          • Erde

            Oh please. Do educate me of the SKU’s that you can order that are guranteed to be exploitable even with hardware flasher. Now that the slim line is discontinued overtaken by super-slim, its not exactly very reliable to get a slim that can be exploited. Even when on Amazon there are listings of SKU’s with certain HD size, it is common to receive a SKU which has had its hard drive replaced thus not being what you thought you were getting.

          • Landale

            And that’s enough of that. Drop this discussion now. We don’t need to be discussing how to go about pirating games.

          • Erde

            Except no such discussion was being held, but as you wish.

          • Landale

            You’re discussion is in regards to what systems can be modified to do so. I’m simply stopping it before it goes further. Precautions basically.
            Thank you.

          • Erde

            Fair enough.

        • CirnoLakes

          Who needs piracy when you have Steam?

          • God

            I do, some damn “christian church” or something is gonna leave me broke, all of their bills are charged on me, and i don’t even know they are!

      • Christopher C

        I’m pretty sure that there are nude models you can import already. I’ve seen it at work in victory.

        Also, the game is designed for the Vita originally and it’ll probably just be a port. IFI doesn’t have the money to code a larger version. Also, Neptunia have never taken full advantage of even the console. As far as I know, those “choppy explosion” effects are here to stay.

      • FitzpatrickPhillips

        Nep 1 with AA, AF, high res and smooth frame rate just makes my mouth water.

      • I see like this 。゚+.ღ(ゝ◡ ⚈᷀᷁ღ)

        I doubt this is actually happening even if it does just cuz it’s on PC doesn’t mean it’ll look better if it’s just a port everything you mentioned might back fire including putting this on big screen usually means it’ll thin out the look with lower rez and more pixly.I’m not against ports but lately there have been so many shitty PC ports I’m finicky even when I do want to buy games on my PC now.I’d honestly rather have this stay exclusive just so future games will still be as unique an so maybe HDN series on PS4. Anyways the HDN series on PS3 all run at 1080P so resolution wise it’s already fine.

      • You can already Nude Nepgear’s HDD form in Mk.2. and in Victory every other CPU.

    • John Hayabusa

      *A Nep game coming to PC*

      Am I dreaming? (Please tell me this is not a mistake/error and this is real.)

      • Geo Izumiya

        I know how you feel ;___;, first Fairy Fencer F for PS3 this year, and now Hyper Dimension Neptunia for PC

        This is too good to be true TT^TT

    • Joshua Myers

      Hoping for the chance at graphical settings XD

    • DaiRaiOh

      As a pc gamer, I always hate this comment. The game has to be at least a bit welcoming to mods in it’s file setup for that to work. That’s why most pc games don’t actually have mods for them, and if they do, they are very very very basic and don’t actually add or change much. And considering that they don’t have a lot of PC experience at all and honestly built a pretty meh engine for Victory (Those frame rates never stopped bothering me), I wouldn’t expect much as far as a good file setup.

      • darke

        Honestly it really depends upon how enthusiastic your fan community is. And quite frankly how geeky as well.

        It’s not technically difficult to unpack and repack most file formats, you just need a sufficiently large/geeky enough community to have a programmer/reverse-engineerer in it who has the time and ability to do so. There’s enough fan translations of eroge’s out there after all. :P

        • DaiRaiOh

          The problem is that there’s a lot lot more than just doing that. That only really works for base text translations and even then, an odd/bad file set-up can make it impossible. For full blown mods though, if a file setup isn’t welcoming, then there’s generally nothing you can do without doing something drastic that’s likely to cause more problems than anything else. A prime example is The Witcher 2 which before they fixed the cluster f*** that was it’s original setup, the developments couldn’t even patch it without the patch being a couple of gigs in size, so modding it was entirely out the question.

          • darke

            Well it does work for graphics and and models and such; but I can see your point. Plus these sort of solutions really do only allow a ‘single’ mod at a time style, rather then something like Skyrim where you can just keep tossing mods into it until the engine breaks. :)

          • DaiRaiOh

            Even for them. It’s not that simple to implement them in a game with the wrong set-up for it. I’ve had an interest in programming and modding since I was 3, and figuring out file trees for games has always been a hobby of mine, and in doing all of that, a person really learns what a game is and isn’t capable of. Some folders will just let you put in a folder with a mesh, skin, and a notepad file and it’ll work just fine. Some require you to modify a couple of different packed files. And then there’s the many that are built to make the game work right with what it has and once it has anymore or less, it just stops working because everything works in tandem, so to mod it, you’d basically have to rework literally the entire game so you can fit in a new cog to go with all the rest, and even then, the odds of any attempt at a change working would be slim. This is why a very small percentage of games get modded. It’s not because people don’t try. It’s because if one has even a little bit of skill at that sort of thing, they can generally tell whether or not anything will work within an hour of working on a game.

  • Alter

    Yeah, NO.

    • Fastchrone

      you seems mad, bro

      • Alter

        nah, just saying. They never made a pc game, so it’s VERY unlikely.

        • Zak Ledward

          Idea Factory and Compile Heart worked on Argarest War which got PC ports for the entire series (excluding the PSP game) so them bringing in the updated version of the first Neptunia game doesn’t seem COMPLETELY impossible

          • Alter

            Both Re;birth 1 & Agarest War Marriage (PSP) developed by Felistella, the odds against PC port.

          • landlock

            The developer isn’t always the same company that are responsible for a port. Idea Factory may well do it themselves or even get Ghostlights help with the PC version who knows.

          • Maria Garcia

            agarest 2 its only for ps3

          • Kaname

            It will be coming on PC as well.

          • Christopher C

            Do you mean agarest war zero? I saw that on the 360.

    • Matty

      Why are people like this? If you like a game you should be happy more people get to play it and the makers get more money.

      Seems so childish to get upset over a port.

      • Sp4rkfist

        Because they too care about their gaming platform rather than the games itself, they don’t care about the developers.

  • Ecchitori-san


  • AlphaSixNine


  • OtoriGolden

    Don’t play with my emotions, man.

    • Sp4rkfist

      Before confirmed with Idea Factory itself, considered this as mistake by ESRB. I myself don’t like this kind of news, potentially give people false hope.

  • GHAmer

    Maybe the developer just afraid that it won’t sell much in vita
    That’s why they do this

    • Alter

      That’s even less reason to keep making vita exclusive title, like Trillion and Neptune U. Yet they still doing it.

      • darke

        They might be using the remake to test the waters? Who knows; it’s completely surprised me and I’m one of those PC Master Race people. :P (Who also owns a couple of Vitas, PS3s, and a PS4 due to JRPG addiction. >.> )

    • malek86

      Looking at the sales for all the games up until then, they have always sold roughly the same amount, regardless of platform (PSV or PS3) and genre (main game or spinoff). Decreasing sales is probably one thing they don’t have to worry about, although it looks like they are also unable to increase them.

      (perhaps a PC port would in fact be an attempt to expand past the already existing Playstation fanbase?)

  • Keine

    Would love a PC port at least then i can play something else on the vita and not switch out games every now and then…

  • If it does happen, those without a Vita but have a PC can play it too. More platforms equals money for them. Makes sense to me.

  • Aristides

    Not sure how I feel about this…

  • ivarious

    Hype. I will probably buy Agarest this coming summer sales.

  • Pinkemon

    Uh, wow. I didn’t see that coming, but it sure would be convenient.

  • Raztune

    yeah this ain’t gonna happen

  • Monterossa

    Add a new character to represent PC the master race.

    • Just repurpose Peashy. The PC-Engine is a pretty narrow reference for her.

      • scdk

        Peashy with the overcompensating cup size, PC gamers with the overcompensating hardware specs.

      • Satoshi Ookami

        That’s it.
        P-ko is a representation of the PC.

      • CirnoLakes

        I would rather she be an entirely new character.

        I feel like every system deserves a character.

        • Victory shows they won’t go this route for *every* system, as every Sony/Nintendo/Microsoft console was repped by Noire/Blanc/Vert over the course of the game as reflected by extra sets of parts for their HDD you get between chapters.

          Meanwhile Peashy’s name fits already. You just need to give her another set of HDD parts.

          • Landale

            The difference being that they stuck with their developer regardless. Peashy does actually match up to a line of systems already. PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16, PC Engine SuperGrafx, PC Engine Duo/TurboDuo, and PC-FX.
            Just because her name is similar to PC, doesn’t necessarily mean she should be used for an otherwise unrelated thing. If they wanted to make a computer parody character, there’s plenty of names that could be used to match up to those systems or even methods of distribution among them.

          • That is also true.

    • darke

      But what would it be? Overarching god of the multiverse? It’s out-lived seven generations of consoles already and it’s barely into the 8th and still doesn’t look like it’s going to be obsoleted anytime soon. :P

      • ivarious

        1000 years old loli of course.

        • Göran Isacson

          I want to both laugh and cry because this is so likely. This is exactly what they would do.

          • darke

            … I instantly thought of Washu-chan. :? Totally an appropriate character choice; godlike, ancient, and will drive you completely up the wall. :P

      • landlock

        The character would have to be arrogant and preachy.

    • Giordan

      fuck off douchebag.

  • landlock

    Maybe they’ve been happy with the way Agarest series has perform on steam and have decided to give Nepunia a try. Since it’s the first of the remakes seems like a good place to start.

  • wat_wat

    Almost definitely a mistake on the ESRB. There’s no way there would be a PC version of this before a PS3 or even a PS4 version.

    However, I do hope IF/CH are happy enough with Agarest sales on PC that they would consider bringing the Nep series to Steam. They seem to have some kind of audience with Agarest because the games keep coming (the game isn’t my thing at all,) so it’s worth a shot and couldn’t hurt.

  • powerlessbump

    Is this because Sony has regulated the Vita to being a PS4 accessory? Either way less exclusives is always good in my book.

  • PlatinumMad

    Welcome to the Pirate Race, I guess.

  • Shady Shariest


    This could be good.

  • Victor Wesker

    Why not? Steam is good place for indie/niche games.

    • JMaster3000

      Its good for games in general :P

      • Giordan

        not always. most console to PC ports are terrible *cough* DmC *cough*

        • darke

          Yeah, but console to console ports aren’t often great either. For example, recent ports of both Borderlands 2 and God of War to Vita are bloody terrible. :(

          • Giordan

            But those are console to handheld ports.
            This is a remake of a PS3 game to the handheld. (it is a remake since it has a different combat system)
            Oh, and I hope Vita emulator never gets released. God only knows how awkward Gravity Rush will be to control.

          • darke

            So? This is a console to handheld port as well, all they’ve done is taken the combat engine from the 2nd game, and put it into the first, right? (Or rather I suspect they’ve just ported the original game’s content into the (by then) better developed and optimised engine of the 2nd game.)

            I’ll guarantee you that the PS2->PS3->Vita port of the God of War and the PC->PS3->Vita port of Borderlands 2 took just as much effort as the PS3->Vita (plus integrating mk2’s combat into 1) conversion of Hyperdimension Neptune. Probably less, since they’ll be using the same engine for two games instead of just one; essentially halving the porting effort of both.

            If those games can be ported badly, then Neptune can be too; though granted the Atelier ports transferred over pretty well, so there’s certainly hope.

          • Giordan

            Again, it’s not a port, it’s a REMAKE. A port would imply it’s the same game. Re;Birth 1 has the same plot, but different gameplay.

          • darke

            Again, you’re splitting hairs. This is the mk2 engine right? They’re porting the PS3 version of mk2 to to Vita, right? So this is just the so Rebirth 2 is a ‘port’ but Rebirth 1 is a ‘remake’? It’ll suck either way if they port the mk2 engine across badly no matter if it’s the Neptune 1 or Neptune 2 data within the engine.

          • Giordan

            actually it’s Victory’s engine, which the first game didn’t have, so yes it is a remake of the first game.

  • BillyMK

    I would even get it twice if that was the case , since I don’t own a vita YET.

  • CozyAndWarm

    This is fantastic news. Even the most niche of the niche are warming up to PC.

  • wahyudil

    wuhuuu … I hope my PC is strong enough to play this

    • darke

      Given it’d be a console port, and not a graphically intensive one at that, I would imagine that nearly any remotely modern PC would be able to play it. :)

  • Kumiko Akimoto

    More jrpgs on pc? Yes please

    • Giordan

      no please. That’s the LAST thing we need.

      • Kumiko Akimoto


        • darke

          He’s worried they’ll be nothing left on consoles except dudebro shooters and indie games if IF/CH and co realise that PC gaming is Serious Business in the west and they’ll sell as many if not more otaku games on PC then on consoles?

          … yeah, I’ve got nothing.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            Considering how little jrpgs there are on the pc compared to console I doubt that.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Mods…. *Drool* I’m so ready to make mods for this, for you guys

  • This had to be a mistake. Not that I’m unhappy that more people can play Neptunia.

  • OveReAction

    I sense total nudity…

  • TheManWithPants

    YES! Please let this be true! The mods will be glorious.

  • KazukiNanbu

    hard to belive…but Record of Agarest War was released on pc sooooo…..

  • Kaibun

    If this is true, I’m buying it as soon as it comes out. I’ve been wishing for something like this since those versions of Agarest came out for PC.

  • Guest
  • magicalfollower

    *throws money at the screen*

  • DesmaX

    Honestly, my only surprise is that it didn’t happen sooner. Agarest games did pretty well for Ghostlight

    60fps and Steam Workshop, please

    • I see like this 。゚+.ღ(ゝ◡ ⚈᷀᷁ღ)

      It already runs 60FPS on vita.

  • We are looking at either a Steam or DRM-Free release.

  • kandori

    Yes, yes, oh god yes!

  • Amber XLeonhart

    omg yes please!!

  • Pretty much feel like this is a mistake also where is that screenshot from ffs siliconera post your goddamn sources.

    • pekikuubik

      They can’t. Completely redundantly (because it’s linked at the end of the article anyway) linking the tag page takes priority!

      • yes they have an screenshot image at the end of the page but no link to the actual page where it was taken from.

  • Anesia Hunter

    i think the PC thing has to be an mistake…

  • pekikuubik

    Seems legit. It’s entirely possible that IF found the Steam moneys delicious, so now they’re gonna bypass a 3rd party publisher for even more easy money! And nothing’s stopping them from contracting Laughing Jackal again (who ported the Agarest games).

  • Takane Shijou

    Really thinking it’s just a simple mistake, but I honestly hope it’s true. Nep Nep on the PC would be wonderful.

  • DriftSlave

    I find it weird that a PC version would happen with this series…you know with all the anti-piracy overtones and all…but anything can happen in the game industry now.

  • Anything leaked from ESRB ends up true because they don’t know when to keep their mouth shut.

    • I see like this 。゚+.ღ(ゝ◡ ⚈᷀᷁ღ)

      More than likely a mistake God of war says PC an it’s said that for years.

  • Audie Bakerson

    Hmm, I guess IF saw the Agarest money and wanted it.

    I’ve heard better things about the remake than Agarest (largely because its outsourced…), though I’m not exactly going to jump on it.

  • Varnes

    I read this while drinking soda, bad idea XD

  • Kornelious

    A Hyperdimension game on the PC huh, didn’t see that one coming.

    Made me think how cool it would be if they made a character that represented the PC, It would actually be cool as a villain with all that “Master Race” talk XD

  • Phantoon

    Pururut in high resolution guys, let it happen

  • Guest

    Sounds good. I’d get it…but not because of mods. I prefer playing in it’s natural glory.

    • Landale

      Using a PC, to play a Vita game, “in it’s natural glory”. I’m not sure I comprehend this.

      • darke

        Even better, it’s using a PC to play a Vita port of a PS3 game in it’s natural glory!

        I would assume they’d be using the original PS3 graphics for the PC port, rather then the down-rezed Vita versions. But still, I’m not too optimistic as to how ‘nice’ it’s going to look. :?

        • Landale

          Re;Birth1 isn’t a PS3 to Vita port. It’s a remake, quite a bit has been changed actually.

  • Landale

    We can do without the “Vita is doomed” type comments, as well as elitist PC gamer gloating. I’ve removed the worst of it here, so let’s keep things civil and constructive from here on please.

    • darke

      Feels like some articles needs a bunch of icons at the bottom reinforcing warnings against particular topic:

      Red slashed-circle atop:
      A vita-doom-cloud: No Vita Doom topics, plz.

      An arrow pointing to a 3DS/Vita: No 3DS/Vita port begging.
      Europe+3DS: No complaining about lack-of-euro releases.
      0s and 1s: No complaining about digital-only releases.
      PC-with-crown: No MC Master Race posts.

      Something about no-whining-about-no-Japanese-VOs.
      Something about no-whining-about-dual-JA+EN-VOs. (Yes, I’ve seen this happening. :? )
      Something about no subs-vs-dubs arguments.

      I’m sure there’s more, unfortunately.

      Maybe have little counter attached, and invert their meaning, so people can register their complaints by clicking on them rather then just making yet-another-post. :P

  • Tyler Beale

    Um….I think the ESRB screwed up again.

  • crazyhunter

    A pc version? I wonder im not against it and im sure there will be mods that will make the game better but i feel this game should stay on consoles.

  • CirnoLakes

    Gasp, yes! Yes yes yes yes yes!

  • Glad to see this series finally on something other than PlayStation. It would be nice to have it on everything :P

  • Greg

    Hope it’s true, and Steam always welcome games like those.

  • HDNphr34k

    I don’t generally like console games going to PC, but if HDN gets a bigger fan base, then I’m all for it. Between PS TV and PC, there should be a lot more people buying this game, which means more will be made and localized.

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