Fatal Frame’s Movie Adaptation Is About A Strange Curse That Only Affects Girls

By Sato . June 13, 2014 . 2:41am


Tecmo Koei announced a new Fatal Frame game for Wii U a couple months ago, and while we’re still waiting for details on the game, 4Gamer shares a first look at the upcoming movie adaptation, along with a brief synopsis of its story.


The story takes place at a school dorm located in an occluded mountain town. That’s where Aya lives, a young girl who keeps to herself in her room. However, one day an incident occurred on campus…


One after another, students began to mysteriously disappear. It wasn’t long until they discovered their dead bodies, after they’ve drowned. For an unknown reason, prior to their disappearance, it was said that they heard Aya’s voice after looking at a photograph.


Her voice would tell them “please, lift my curse…” and on the photograph, was a girl who looked just like Aya.


A classmate by the name Michi steps in to investigate the matter, as she felt a strange suspicion that Aya had something to do with the incident. However, after visiting Aya’s dorm room, she finds it completely locked shut.


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Rumors began circulating that Aya was the culprit of a curse that only affects girls—the midnight curse. Michi eventually began to feel the effects of the curse. And one day…  out of nowhere… the real Aya suddenly shows up in front of her.



Lift my curse.”


Fatal Frame: The Movie will be in Japanese theaters on Spetember 26, 2014.

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  • Hmm its too bright for a dark atmospheric game such as Fatal Frame. Well I’ll look forward to it cause I love horror movies. Hmmm I really hope it doenst turn out like Sadako 3D.

    • Namuro

      You can’t judge the tone of the film from just 4 images, LOL. The curse is called the “Midnight Curse” anyhow, so I’m sure there’ll be loads of scenes in the dark. :D

      • Hahaha well usually a picture says a thousand words but yet again you could be right. Though I’m gonna judge it when it actually comes out. Like I review horror movies when its out and put 100% effort in despite being trash like Silent Hill 2. I’m gonna see how this works out though.

    • landlock

      Nothing can be as bad as the Sadako 3D movie. That was shockly, glad there going back to making Ju-on films amd forgetting all about that disaster.

      • Ya know they are making the Grudge movie into a found footage film. Its gonna be interesting to see how it turns out. Considering they’re gonna use the original director for the reboot of the grudge.

    • Juan Andrés Valencia

      Sadako 3D sucks but at least the 3D and spider Sadako were awesome :D

      • 3D eh is alright i guess. 3D doesn’t give out the immersion it was supposed to do. If anything it made it goofy. I do respect them for trying but CGI, the camera, and acting is below standard. Audition and other movies back in the day were good. Somehow I feel null from watching Japanese horrors. Well thats my gripe only

  • Go2hell66

    looking at the 1st screenshot honestly thought person on the right was a dude

  • Tom

    Sounds like it’s not close to the background of the original story. Japanese horror is full of great ideas but somehow it’s not as effective when they make it into a movie. But their video games are top notch! I really like the Siren series but the Siren movie wasn’t as good (but still enjoyable). We’ll see what’ll come out of this.

  • aizen310

    I don’t like japanese movies that much. Their acting just feels… a little off? I can’t help but think of that Fatal Frame should be better as a horror anime.

  • landlock

    I expect this film with have little nods to the fatal frame series but really be not that much like it. Much like the Forbidden Siren movie. Doesn’t mean it’ll be bad just not the same.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    The long hair girl looks so pretty.^_^

    And boy, i can’t wait for Ninty direct to announced this game here.^_^ Here trullllllly hoping that Koei won’t screw us with veryyyy buggy game again which causes we to miss the title here.T_T

  • fairysun

    Wait, why don’t they use a story from any of the game? I was hoping for Crimson Butterfly adaptation since I saw two girls as the protagonists.The Japanese village setting(and its ritual) in that game is very scary. Use the game story as base and then add a little twist so that gamers who have played the game feel surprised too.

    • Aunna Terrell

      It’s been said this movie is based off the new original Fatal Frame novel that’s going to be published before this movie release iirc.

  • pekikuubik

    So how does the Camera Obscura figure into this premise?

    Also, help. I think my yuri goggles might be too strong.

    • TrueDefault

      Girls touch each other’s faces and look intensely into the other’s eyes all the time. It’s normal… maybe?

  • So I take it this adaptation is not even close to the game itself, so you see Hollywood is not the only one that can screw up video game to film adaptation.

  • Raine

    I call that the right person is a dude.

  • PragmaticSoul

    Oh come on, how can I not make a joke about menstruation with an article title like that?!

    • Hector Velar

      “A Strange Curse That Only Affects Girls” for 400
      What is PMS?

    • darke

      I thought the title was the ‘joke’. Sometimes you don’t need to be beaten over the head by being told the obvious punchline, a good joke forces you to think it yourself without it being stated. :)

  • Learii

    this must be 1 scare movie

  • SetzerGabbiani

    Can’t wait till this comes to Netflix.

  • Eilanzer

    ok…so where in all this is the camera?…the fatal frame?…cashgrab milk yuri vibe ¬¬

  • DaDivaQueen

    Eww this movie looks and sounds really stupid.

  • kamikki

    I see the Whispering Corridors influence and that can be either awesome or terrible :) Great, either way ah

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